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The Further Adventures of a Traveling Man.

The shell made it hard by starting to spin like a top, spraying the goop outwards in a rising and falling hemisphere of liquid. But Dey got beyond the area of effect, scrambling back to her feet as the liquid ballooned outwards into thick, foamy cushions.

That's a gloo shell! Hey, at least they want both of you alive, Loki said.

[Wooo,] Dey deadpanned as she saw Xee's arms cartwheeling. She was trying to not go over the edge.

More mercs were on the roof now. More gloo shells were landed around them.

Dey caught the Huntress in the back and took them both down over the edge of the roof. They fell - and then she snapped out a counter-gravitic field. Their progress slowed and they hung in the air between two buildings.

"You're amazing!" Xee said.

"Thanks," Dey said, snapping out her arm. Her grapnel went through the window of a building and then she and Xee went tumbling into the living room of a young man whose head was surrounded by a heavy helmet that looked like it was plugged into a modem. The man yanked the helmet off of his head as Dey let her feet settle on the ground.

"Got any K2s?" she asked.

The man gaped at her, then stammered something in the Creole, pointing towards a personal solar power generator/battery combo. Dey fished in her pocket, tossed an Obama at him, then leaned out the window. She chucked the K2 from the generator up and onto the roof of the next building over.

That K2's still got it's safeties, Loki said.

[They don't know that,] Dey said, grinning. Then she nodded to the man, headed to the front door, opened it, and dragged the still stunned Xee into the corridor beyond. As the door closed, she heard distant shouts of alarm and cries of warning. The narrow corridor beyond was filled with the heat of the day, with several open doors leading into other flats. The scent of cooking food filled the air and an alien vine crawled along the ceiling - the leaves spreading wide. Something about what the plant did actually seemed to keep the air cooler than it should have been.

Then a drone came through the window at the far end. Its machine pistols opened up and Dey lifted her hand. Rubber bullets rebounded into the walls and ceilings as Dey drew her M2 and shot the fucker in the center of mass. But the drone jinked at the last second, darting back around the corner.

"Come on!" Dey said, grabbing Xee's hand. The two of them sprinted towards the nearest grav-shaft. It was one of the bizarre facts about a world where a lump of room temperature superconductors could warp space time: Elevators required winches, pulleys, weights, counter-weights, and a series of complicated pieces of engineering. A grav-shaft required a DV emitter or two and an empty space in the blueprint.
Course, if an elevator failed, you weren't going to splat on the ground.

Dey sprang into the shaft. Xee hopped with her. Together, the two started to swarm down the walls of the shaft, Xee panting heavily.

"We just need to get to the port," Dey said.

"How are we going to get there?" Xee asked.

"Undercity," Dey said, nodding.

Behind them - above them - the drones came in for the kill. They had been hastily modified. The one with the machine pistols still had machine pistols. But the other one had one of the shotguns literally taped into the side. The shotgun boomed inside of the grav-shaft, the sound reverberating with eardrum rattling loudness. The gloo shot thudded right into Xee's belly. The Huntress made a low woof noise and coiled around the shell. Dey snapped her hand out and threw the shell back as fast as she could. A snap of a warp field sent it into the shotgun wielding drone. The drone tumbled backwards, taking the gloo-shell out of the grav-shaft before the goop started spraying everywhere.

The other drone opened fire.

Dey kicked off the wall.

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