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She was sad but most of all she was empty.

As Rachel watched they settled quickly and began to oil their bodies. As Rachel walked slowly back to her towel her gaze lingered long on the bodies near her.

The man looked lean and muscular he had a body that was like those of professional bicycle racers. His dark hair was cropped short and when Rachel darted a quick glance to his cock she saw that he was shaved and circumcised, in fact his body was completely hairless except for that hair on his head. She then shot a quick look to the woman next to him and saw the blonde streaked hair, the hairless pussy and large nippled breasts. Both were as deeply tanned as Rachel.

Making her way to her towel she decided that she would also like to be naked and stripped the wet suit from her body. It felt so liberating to be naked and she rubbed the lotion into her body. As she did so she thought of the couple only six feet away from her and she felt a curiosity about them and also she had to say an arousing of her body. She hadn't felt as aroused as this for such a long time.

While she thought of the man and woman naked she imagined them fucking. She caressed her breasts and pinched her breasts as she imagined their bodies touching and his cock deep in her pussy. It felt so good to touch herself and she parted her legs and placed her hand between them. She felt the wetness of her pussy and touched the swollen crinkled lips. Closing her eyes she rubbed up and down the blood-swollen lips and felt them part allowing her to thrust a finger into the wetness inside.

"That's really hot."

Rachel's eyes shot open and she pulled herself up to see the girl from the other side of the rocks looking down at her. Rachel saw a look of sly lust cross the woman's face and she knelt next to Rachel. She opened her legs wide allowing the woman to see her shaved pussy. Rachel found that she looked at it with interest and felt the juices of her pussy flow strongly. The woman felt an intense attraction to the younger woman next to her.

As Rachel looked at the woman's pussy she wondered what it would taste like. Though Rachel had only ever made love to men she wanted to make love to this woman. Realising that she was staring at the woman's pussy she pulled her eyes away from the smooth lips and into the face of the woman next to her. The woman looked at her and licked her lips suggestively and then smiled at Rachel.

"Why don't you join us?"

Not even waiting for an answer she lifted Rachel to her feet and led her around the rock to her partner. As the woman followed her she carried Rachel's clothes and towels with her. The man looked up and smiled curiously at the two of them. Without a word the other woman lay the towel between her towel and the mans and she pushed and guided Rachel onto the cloth. As she did so she whispered some words to the man who smiled broadly and made room for her.

"You must be very hot, let us help you," the woman suggestively said.

While she spoke she pushed Rachel onto her back and squeezed lotion onto the woman's breasts. Fingers quickly followed and began to rub the lotion deep into her skin, then Rachel felt a second set of fingers on her breasts and she looked as the man began to play and tweak her sensitive breasts concentrating on the nipples. They pinched and expertly played with the flesh that rose and swelled with the pleasure that they were bringing to her sex-starved body. As they watched Rachel she began to squirm sensually at their tender touches to her body.

"There that is much better isn't it?" the young woman said and bent down to take the nipple into her mouth.

Rachel groaned with pleasure as she felt the tongue play over the hard flesh and she felt her pussy grow wetter with each lick.

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