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Sister gives up her brother's ass to her boyfriend.

I easily blocked out my familial audience and concentrated on fucking Kelly, it becoming my sole purpose at that moment and nothing else mattered. She seemed to have the same idea as her legs drew my even further and I was soon balls deep inside her, my cock straining to it's full extent. It didn't seem to count what we were just that we were caught up in our passion and unquenchable desire. It was raw, it was intense and grunting and gasping we came to a tumultuous climax almost simultaneously as I pounded into her and then fell gasping and shattered on top of her, feeling my dick pulse and shoot another (though this time noticeably smaller, runnier) load deep into her cunt. It was all to much for me and I collapsed on the bed, shattered from all the events of the day.


I don't know how long I was out of it or if it was natural or in some way induced by Marcia and Denise. I think I suspect the later, especially with what occurred then. However long I had been out, when I came to it was to find my arms being stretched out and Marcia making the final touches to tying them with some rope to the end of the bed. I struggled against it but she just finished in time and gave me a wicked smile as she stepped back, I tried to move my legs but found them similarly tied to the headboard - I was tied, spread eagled, still stark naked on my stomach on the bed and the knots were surely tight. I tried to free myself but every move I made just seemed to tighten them further and I gave in to demand that Marcia release me. She just told me to pipe down and wait a moment because Denise was seeing my guest out. My guests!

Then it all came flooding back to me like a vicious tidal wave. What had we done? How could we have done all those things to and with each other? Marcia held up the video camera to show me and even more of the perverse details came back to me. What had been wrong with me? Was I that sick? Yet the faint stirrings in my loins told me I had been and that whatever I might tell myself I had fully enjoyed it, more even.

I lay there trying to piece everything together, how I had arrived it this situation, all that I had done and felt and everyone elses role in it. Then I heard our front door slam shut and presently feet stamping up the stairs, I looked up from my uncomfortable position to witness my wife march into the bedroom looking as fierce and dominant as ever, still clad in her black, leather dominatrix outfit and with the strap on dildo still pointing out from her crotch. She smiled at her mother upon entering and tested my bonds, making sure they were inescapable.

"Well that's been an interesting day, hasn't it dear?" she asked in a mock/sweet voice.

She took the video that Marcia held and watched some of the action through it's viewfinder.

"Some really good stuff here too, you can see everything so clearly."

I had had enough and snapped.

"What the fuck is going on Denise! Release me this instant! And what the hell have you been doing to my mother and sister? What the hells going on here?"

This seemed to amused mother and daughter no end and Denise took her time ruffling my hair before answering, her voice merging again into the hard, harsh tone I had heard her use with both my mum and sister earlier.

"It's simple really, dear.

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