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An erotic Victorian escapade.

ex I had worked my way down about half the length,

His hand was massaging my balls through my jeans and he began working my pants over my backside, which was pointed out the window. Thankfully no one drove by and saw, and he managed to get his hand under my waistband. There was a sudden pressure from behind and I felt his massive finger pushing it's way into my ass. At first I winced from the violation, but I quickly came to want more and pushed back against Tom's palm. As the resistance gave way I felt a rush, and his finger was deep in me with a slight pop. Lust overtook me and I started to piston my head up and down, impaling myself further onto him. Within minutes I had gained a few more inches. I felt like his inhuman shaft was going to reach my stomach. With every last bit of willpower to think straight I had left, I fought the urge to choke and forced myself even lower onto that magnificent cock. As I struggled and my throat constricted, I felt Tom add another finger to my stretched anus. He was moaning and pushing up into my mouth, his balls radiating heat and beginning to swell.

As he turned his wrist and pumped his fingers deeper into me I lost all control over myself and somehow kept creeping farther down his pole. I have no clue how large it was once fully erect, but I was determined to take it deeper than anyone had before. Slowly I crept along, sweating and tearing up. He gave a tremendous gasp as my tongue brushed his balls. Without warning I forced the last inch in and as my nose ground into his pubic bone I heard a roar trying to escape his lips. I say try, because it never quite escaped as the force of his load erupting into me pulled everything out of him. I could feel the seed shooting down my gullet, but he was lodged so deeply I couldn't even hope to taste him. There was no spit or swallow decision, I could just wait for the spasms to subside and his dick to shrink enough to dislodge itself.

I knew at that very instant that I had to have this man inside me again, but next time I wanted him to take my only remaining virginity. I was desperate to be fucked and used by the greatest cock I had ever seen. As he gingerly pulled himself from my mouth I asked when he would be free without a pesky roommate at home.

"You are insatiable!", he laughed as he slid his fingers from my ass.

After everything I was too worn out to even care about getting off. We made plans to meet the next week, on what ended up being my 21st birthday. I got up that morning and, after a quick birthday call from my parents, headed out to meet Tom. We didn't bother with our plan for coffee and a stop at a nearby porn shop, instead rushing to his house. Once on his couch I tore his pants down found his cock encased in a leather bondage pouch. Playing along, I asked if I could please unfasten it. With his ok, I popped the snaps with my teeth, allowing his length to spring out and slap my chin before falling against his thigh. I ran my tongue from tip to taint, happily finding a cockring squeezing the base.

I preceded to tongue bathe his heavy testicles. He had shaved them clean for the event, and I was all too happy to search the entire surface to test the smoothness. I picked up where I had been the week before and started to work his round head deep into into my mouth. He didn't wait long, though, and with a pinch of my hardening nipple asked if I was ready. I knew I couldn't wait a minute longer. I had practiced for this with butt plugs, but had never tried something half this size. I lubed us both up, and at Tom's suggestion tried to lower myself onto him while he sat on the couch. But I found that I couldn't prop myself on top of his mountainous dick, and we gave that up. I got on my knees and lowered my chest to the floor, spreading my ass wide. I felt the front of his legs touch the back of mine and his balls swing into mine as he stroked his cock behind me.

"Here we go.", he mumbled and pressed what felt like an apple made of flesh against my backside.

Tom began to lean against me, putting his weight into trying

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