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Brothers and sisters take chicken to the taboo limit.

Needless to say, she was desperate for me to take her as my slave after a month."

"Wow," was all I could say. "A month?"

"We are wasting time talking. Get me off and you will not have to worry about that... Yet."

Moments later I felt her pussy brush against my lips again. This time she wasn't holding my head. She was just standing in front of me in position where I could choose or not choose to pleasure her. I stuck me tongue out and leaned forward just a bit. I then took a big lick as if I was being to enjoy a lollypop.

"That's a good girl," Miss Viv exclaimed. Slowly she continued to speak. "Start slowly... Get to know my flavor... Savor my juice... Inhale my scent... You live to please me... Let Miss Viv take care of you..."

Each word drew me deeper under her spell. It was like she was hypnotizing me, although I knew that was not possible. She spoke in low, slow, monotones. I began to explore her folds pushing my tongue inside her. I wished my hands were free so I could explore her more deeply. She continued to calmly urge me on and told me how rewarding serving her would be. "My pussy and its pleasure will become the center of your world... Your own cunt will exist only to please me... Your orgasms will be gifts that I get you... They not longer are under your control... You will not cum without permission... You will fuck when I say fuck and you will fuck who I tell you to fuck..."

Her statements about no longer controlling my own orgasm and needing to ask her for permission to climax reinforced my mental excitement surrounding her description of edging. I did not understand exactly what she was talking about in practical terms, but it was tremendously exciting. I now wished my hands were free so I could touch my own pussy. Actually I craved touching myself at that moment. I had not realized it until then, but her simple action of cuffing my hands behind my back was her first action to control my pleasure. That realization drove my arousal higher and caused me to focus on my task of bringing her pleasure so I would earn my own reward.

I had never eaten a pussy, but that didn't mean I was totally ignorant of the mechanics of how I liked to receive oral. I didn't concentrate of any single action for more than a few seconds. Long slow licks along the length of her pussy became short quick licks of her clit and then loving kisses against and strong sucks of her love nub. Based on her sounds of pleasure having replaced her training banter, I assumed I was having the desired affect on her and the amount of fluid flowing her pussy to my mouth confirmed I was on the right track. Juice flowing from my own pussy, I still hated the word cunt although when she said it I did get excited, and wetness flowing down my thighs even though I wasn't touching it demonstrated I was where I belonged.

I continued to work on her delicious, delectable pussy. I didn't know how long it would take to make her cum or if there was something else I could do to hasten that outcome. All I could do was my best. I was 100% focused on the task in front of me, although the ache in my loins from its own need did distract me every 30 seconds or so until I beat my own needs down from my conscious mind so I could once again focus on Miss Viv and her needs.

Several time I thought I had her ready to pop only to be disappointed that her moans and ragged breathing did not herald the arrival of her orgasm but simply the futility of my inexperienced tongue to satisfy her.

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