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Cox; he was close to Sarah's age, but still old enough to grow facial hair. His mustache was thin and lined neatly in the style that was popular with black twenty year olds. His hair was short but not bald, an inch or so higher than a fade. Mr. Taylor started the introductions, first by welcoming Mr. Cox. "I'm so glad you were able to make it out here Sir-Sarah fought the urge to gag, he actually made his employees call him sir-I believe you remember my lovely wife Meredith." Mrs. Taylor curtsied lifting her edges of her mid-thigh length dress just slightly and bowed. "And this is my lovely daughter Sarah."

Sarah waved and smiled like she'd mentally practiced, a humble display hiding the fact that she wanted more than anything to kick both of the big niggers out of her house.

Mr. Cox was next to make introductions, though his was for just one person. "Meredith, Gerald, I'd like you to meet my son Kyle. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor took turns greeting him, Mr. Taylor with an enthusiastic handshake and Mrs. Taylor with a hug, just as bubbly as her husband. Shortly after they became acquainted Mrs. Taylor went to the kitchen to get drinks and snacks, for the men scotch, for Mrs. Taylor a dachery, and for Sarah a cup of soda. As the "adults" chattered away and sipped there alcohol Sarah sat, angrily sipping out of her sprite. It annoyed her that her parents wouldn't allow her to drink, especially since she's had alcohol plenty of times at the parties she went to with Brian, her boyfriend. Of course her parents didn't know about the parties, nor the boyfriend. As typical old-fashioned parents would, they forbade her from drinking or dating until after high school. She smiled contently to herself, thinking of the things she'd done behind their backs. For all they knew she was still a virgin.

When the snack tray had been emptied and the drinks consumed Meredith excused herself to check on dinner. As she scooted from her chair to the kitchen she felt a sharp pop on her behind. Mr. Cox's hand lingered inches from her butt even as she released an unintentional moan. A brief gaze back at Mr. Cox was all she allowed herself before hurrying back into the kitchen. Sarah who was sitting across from Kyle missed the loud moan her mother had made, too shocked by the fact that the nigger actually had the audacity to slap her mom's ass.

Mr. Cox noticed the distasteful look in Sarah's eyes. They made him smile all the wider. "You know when I was young I hit that quite a lot actually. Meredith was always my favorite piece of ass." He flashed a grin. Sarah's face no longer hide her disgust but before she could speak her mother was already back in the room. "Well dinner's going to be a while longer. I know it's a little early but maybe we should go ahead and let the kids get started."

Sarah looked at her mother puzzled. What did she mean get started, how could they start dinner if it wasn't ready.

"That's a great idea Mr. Cox said. He looked over at Kyle who in turn looked at him. His eyes were anxious, nervous, very different from his fathers commanding demeanor. Before Sarah could put the situation together her parents had each taken one of her arms and pinned it down to the couch. "Hey what are you doing? Mom, Dad!" She wiggled but could not get free of their hold. Frustrated and confused she continued to thrash until she felt something touch against her thigh. Her body went eerily still as she looked down. Kyle sat at the base of the couch between her legs. His fingers gently touched her thighs, carefully stroking them as he wondered just how he was going to do this but not from lack of experience.

Growing up in the Cox household meant becoming familiar with sex at an early age. He lost his virginity at a very young age and through all of his 23 years of life he'd never found himself longing for a woman. This was different however.

As was a custom in some of the more private and extremely wealthy families like the Cox's it was not so uncommon to pay off peoples debts and make them what their social circles like to ref

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