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Bobby moves into his new town and quickly develops a crush.

" Mitch didn't even think about the request he merely followed it and since he was half-asleep, it didn't occur to him that his dick was still engorged.

As he rolled onto his back, Emily started to rub lotion onto his chest. Her hands started to work the lotion all over his neck and upper chest and then he felt her weight shift on the blanket.

He couldn't believe it but Emily, in one swift move, was now straddling his waist. Her bare pussy was literally sitting on his hard cock. He could feel her body subtly grind her crotch against his hardeness as her hands continued to make wide circles on his chest.

The sun, the smell of cocoa butter and a hot pussy against his cock was quickly becoming more than Mitch could stand but before he could react, he felt Emily lean forward so her breasts rested against his chest and with her right hand, she searched for and retrieved Mitch's stiff pecker. Then, without saying a word, she aimed it and slid it into her pussy.

Emily immediately sat all the way down to impale herself on Mitch's phallus.

"Ohhhhhhhh ....... Gawd.... On Emily, you feel soooo goooood....."

Without saying a word, Emily started to slowly raise and lower her body on Mitch's dick. This went on for just a couple of minutes and then Emily spoke, "Do you like the way I fuck, Mitch?"

"Uh huh, I sure do."

Mitch's hands slid up Emily's thighs and all the way to her breasts. He stopped there a moment to tweak her nipples and grasp her beautiful jugs. Then he moved his hands up to the back of her head where he pulled her to him and they enjoyed their first, real kiss.

Everything went quiet for Mitch. The wind stopped blowing, the birds stopped chirping and the heat of the sun was of no consideration to him. All he could hear was the sound of his tongue swishing in Emily's mouth and the soft moans emitting from both of their mouths.

Mitch's hands slid down the length of Emily's body and he found the ass he was looking for. His hands grasped and kneaded each of her ass globes. Emily cooed with approval.

Adjusting his weight while holding her carefully, Mitch flipped Emily onto her back as he started to really drive his cock into her.

"Oh yeah, Mitch. Fuck me. Oh yeah, baby. I like it hard. Yeah, just like that. Fuck my hot pussy. Emmmm......"

Mitch positioned Emily's legs over his shoulders to maximize his penetration. As he bottomed out, Emily screamed out an orgasm, "Cumming. Oh yes, I'm cumming. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Mitch felt Emily's body shake as if it were in the throes of a seizure.

"Oh fuck me Mitch. Harder. Oh yes harder!!!!"

Emily pulled Mitch's face to hers for another passionate kiss. Her mouth was on fire. Her tongue was thrashing all over Mitch's mouth, face and lips. She too, was lost in her passion and Mitch in return, was laying his pipe as deep into her hole as he could reach.

"Oh Emily, I'm close. I gonna cum."

"Cum deep Mitch. Real deep. I wanna feel you blast into my tummy!"

"Oh, Oh, Ohhhhh ....!!!!!", and Mitch did as he was told. His cock was buried to its hilt and he sprayed the inside of Emily's cunt with his seed.

After depositing the last of his cum, he rolled off of Emily and slid onto his back, exhausted.

As soon as she had caught her breath, Emily reached over to hold Mitch's hand and then she spoke, "Wow Mitch, you really know how to fuck."

"You too Emily. You too."

Chapter 8

Joe Jenkins pulled into the driveway of his home and proceeded through the front door with his luggage in hand. He spun his head around a couple of times and not seeing anyone, he proceeded up the stairs.

Since he had to stay a day longer than expected, he had to wear, "day-old" clothes home and was therefore, quite motivated to take a quick shower before changing into something a little, "fresher".

Stripping off of his day-old garments, Joe pulled a robe over his shoulders and spun to tie the knot when he noticed the Connie's old bedroom door down the hall was closed.

Joe thought, "Hmmm.

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