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Muscular girl wrestles & humiliates tenants

But something about Lachlan...

"I'd be gentle, Jemma."

A deep shudder shook my shoulders then. My randy state at the current moment overshadowed any rational thoughts.

After a deep swallow, I managed to say, "Yes."

He kissed me then on the right shoulder, his hand finally moving from where it had rested on my back to brushing my hair off over my left shoulder. To my surprise, he continued kissing down my back, running his tongue along my spine.

"God, that's driving me crazy!" I gasped, biting the pillow now.

Lachlan chuckled then hummed against my skin. Once he reached my ass, he dusted kisses along both butt cheeks. Then he removed his fingers from inside me. Only to replace them with his tongue.

Holy shit! Yeah, the last guy had not done that!

Despite my surprise, my ass rose up towards him when he pulled away. Another chuckle from him, and then he was licking a path back and forth from my pussy to my ass until I was whimpering. My pussy was pulsating so hard, I thought I was coming.

"You don't have any lube, do you, sweetie?"

"What? Huh? No." We hadn't needed it before. Then again, he wasn't trying to fuck my ass. "But if you stop, I swear..."

"Okay, sweetie. Okay." His tongue continued to run circles around my asshole, dipping down occasionally to lick at my damp pussy lips. After several minutes, he whispered, "Hold tight."

I groaned at the feeling of him moving away from me. But then I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. The nightstand drawer opened then closed.

The bed shifted. A moment later, he was back. This time, the heat of his skin was palpable against mine. He was kneeling behind me. And his hands were massaging my ass cheeks again.

"Tell me if I hurt you."

I nodded and mumbled I understood.

He chose to run the tip of his cock through my swollen lips then. Back and forth several times. I wanted to yell at him to forget my ass and fuck my pussy, but I couldn't find my voice.

Just when I thought he was going to continue to tease me, he pressed his cock at my anus. My body resisted. I whimpered again, and his free hand caressed my ass and hip.

"Breathe, Jemma. Relax."

I tried. But all I could think about was the last time. I didn't want to remember that. I wanted it to feel good, like when Lachlan had his fingers inside me. Like when he fucked me. I wanted-

I let out a cry when he slid his cock against my pussy again, rubbing it against my clit. He dragged it back slowly. I gulped down air and reached my right hand back. I felt the tip of his cock-smooth, slick, and warm-before he slid it down then back up again. His thumb was playing at my asshole now, and it did help ease the tension in my muscles.

When he must have felt I was ready, he tried again. This time, the tip of his cock slipped inside. Then he rubbed my clit with his fingertips. It wasn't enough pressure to make me orgasm, but it distracted my thoughts from what he was doing at my rear end.

I bit my lower lip while he worked his way into my ass. As promised, he was gentle. It barely hurt at all. And the more he rocked, the easier it became. The better it felt.

Several minutes passed while he entered me in short thrusts. When I felt him bottom out, I dragged in deep breaths like I'd been swimming toward the surface from a deep pool. Then he was gripping my hips and holding me still while he eased his cock in and out of my ass. I heard and felt him spit a couple of times to add natural lube. The one time he removed his cock completely to gather more moisture from my pussy, I cried. I had been so close to an orgasm.

We rocked together. Grunting. Moaning. His fingers dug into my hips, pulling me back onto him. When I rose up to my hands and knees, he pressed down on my shoulders to keep my ass raised to him. With his hands holding me in place, all I could do was clutch the comforter and mewl like a kitten. It felt so fucking good!

Some time later, he eased up on my back and pulled his cock free.

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