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Two coworkers finally realize their passion for each other.

"Well, we'll soon see about that!" She reached behind her neck and began to untie the string holding her bikini top up.

"I have to ask," Randy said, looking directly at her mammoth breasts. "Just how big are your breasts, anyway?"

"36DD," she said immediately.

"I thought so. And I bet you have big nipples, too," he said.

"Huge," she said, "which you're about to see for yourself!" She let the bikini cups fall away from her big, full breasts, exposing them to him for the first time.

She was right; her nipples were huge! The areola surrounding them must have been at least three inches across, and the nipples themselves were the size of pencil erasers. Her breasts were full and round, sloping gently, and they seemed even bigger now than ever. She pushed her arms together and made her breasts bulge out at him, the hard nipples leading the way. Before he could reach up for them she moved between his knees and spread them apart, then knelt down in front of him. She grabbed his cock with one hand and his smooth-shaven balls with the other and firmly tugged on both, looking at him with a gaze filled with pure lust.

"I've waiting so long for this!" she said breathlessly. "I don't know who's going to enjoy it more, me or you!"

Before he could reply she lowered her head down to his cock and slipped her mouth around it, sliding her lips all the way down his shaft to his balls in one long, slow stroke. He was amazed at this, and watched in fascination as she took all his length in and out of her mouth several times, sucking on it hard. He had never felt a woman suck his shaft this hard before! After a few more long strokes, she slipped her mouth from around his shaft, looked up at him and spoke.

"Oh, yeah, I can deep throat, too!" she smiled at him, a wicked, evil smile.

"You don't say!" he said, his cock twitching as she engulfed it again with her vacuum-cleaner mouth. She tugged and pulled on his balls as she sucked on his shaft, pulling the precum from him in torrents. She did this for several minutes before slipping his shaft from her mouth and speaking again.

"Gotta get that precum flowing!" she said, pumping his shaft with her hand. "That's what I'm gonna use to make my tits slippery for your cock!"

"That's not going to be a problem," Randy said. "My precum flows like a river!"

"So I see," she said, watching as a very large drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip of his cock. She leaned forward and pointed the head of his cock between her large breasts, rubbing it up and down to spread the slippery liquid around. Then she sucked on his cock some more to keep the precum flowing, pumping it out with her hand and then spreading it between her tits again. She did this several times until the insides of her breasts were slick and shining with his fluid.

"I think my tits are ready for your cock now, don't you?" she asked rubbing the head of his cock between her massive mounds. Then she leaned forward and wrapped her breasts around his cock, squeezing them tight around the shaft and began sliding them up and down. His precum continued to flow, and every time she slid her breasts down on his cock it spread more of the slick stuff around.

"I can't wait to feel you cum!" she said, looking him in the eye as she continued to fuck his cock with her breasts. "I've been waiting so long to feel your hot cum on my breasts!"

"Your wait is over," he replied between clenched teeth, "because I'm getting ready to cum!"

"Oh, yeah, baby, cum for me! Cum all over my big tits!" she said squeezing her tits harder around his cock and moving them up and down faster.

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