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Meeting boys while on holiday.

She was obviously enjoying it because I did hear her yell out, "Yea! Lick it good you wuss!"

One of the other girls approached to cramp herself in the cubicle to get a better look, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see the pajamas were the Mini Mermaid design. Undoubtedly the same girl who left her bra in her. I confirmed this in seeing the strap tied around her waist; the bra tied to her backside. I laughed in spite of myself.

Then Christen pulled away. "Something funny, Nate boy? Well tell us all about it! We don't get any guys in here an I'm gonna see to it you kiss every girl's ass in here before I let you go! Then we'll see how much you laugh." she snickered to herself at that prospect.

True to her word, she raised up slightly and made a quick motion to the others, "Line up!"

I could only stare in fascination at her perfect bare heart-shaped ass as a crude line formed outside the cubicle. I could see that Sharon was already rubbing her crotch in anticipation.

But then the voice I recognized as Stephanie's spoke up, urgently. "Shit! It's the ol' Jarvin! Scram!"

The girls all ran out in a flurry, with Sharon running out, the bra still tied on her tush making it hard for her to run. All except Christen who piled in with me and shut the door. Echoing footsteps and the door outside the restroom opened. "Who's in here?" said a much older woman's voice.

Christen took a deep breath, "Just me, Christen, Miss Jarvin." she said in a timid voice.

More echoing footsteps. "Well finish up in there! You've got soccer practice tomorrow!"

I peered out of one crack in the cubicle and saw her wash her hands and fluff her hair up and leave.

"Listen Nate. I gotta go." and she started to leave but then something clicked in my mind. "Wait a minute! Have you ever heard of a PrimRose? Have you heard of her off of the Internet?"

She got up to adjust her panties and thought for a second. "Hey yea! Shit, I forgot all about that, her and her boyfriend were gonna come visit - oh damn, you're the boyfriend. Oh shit. Oh fuck! Listen, like listen OK? I was just having fun, like OK? I didn't mean anything. I just gotta keep those girls in line, OK?"

I looked up into her crystal blue eyes, no longer the abusive young girl I met earlier but someone much sweeter. "Don't tell PrimRose about this okay? She really likes me and I don't want her to know about this okay?"

I smiled at the hear in her eyes. "Ok, will do, lass. But, while you're here, would you like to meet her in person? She's down at the whirlpool now. Bur first, lemme finish some business here and I'll be right with you."

"I can't do that! Shit. I'm not wearing diddly - "

"Well neither am I." I interjected. "And neither is she. After all we are going to the pool. You look just fine."

She bit her lip for a second. "Really?" Then went over to the mirror to straighten her hair. i closed the door and did my business. Ihad half almost expected her to run off while I did so, but she was still there. I quickly washed my hands and face too, cupping my hands in the water, drinking, and spitting, considering what I just did.

"Can you lead the way to the pool area from here?" I asked. "I've never been here before and I think I got kinna lost."

She puffed up her chest making her breasts stand out stoutly against the bra and tried to appear more adult than she already was. "No problem! You follow me!" And with that, we both opened the door to check around. Apparently Miss Jarvin had gone off to bed.

We skulked in the corridors a moment longer and then entered the pool area where I saw Rosa drying off. "I was just getting ready to look for you!" she said exasperatedly. "Who's your friend?" she said and motioned to Christen.

"This is Christen, the girl you've been chatting with on the internet!"

"THIS is Christen? You are the one that gave me the key and access to here?"

Christen puffed up again, "You betcha! There's lots of things I do here that aren't exactly, umm, level.

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