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Katie talks Willie into chastity.

Can you promise that?"

"You make it sound like a super secret society meeting or something like that," I whispered as she kissed closer to my lips and then gently sucked my lower lip.

"Something like that. You do wanna fuck us again, don't you? The bedroom's right there. All we have to do is walk a little ways. That's a lot better than driving all the way across town, isn't it?" She said, pulling my hand from the steering wheel to her dress covered boob.

"Yeah, I do."

Tina opened the door and climbed out. "good, cuz I'm soooo fucking horny!"

"Fine," I said as I turned the ignition off and climbed out to follow. I followed Tina toward the door, Elena quickly catching up to me and snuggling against me against the chill as we walked. Tina opened the door and we followed inside, Elena pushing it closed behind us.

"Tina! I'm surprised! I would have thought you had taken David back to his house!" Debbie said as she walked over from where she had been sitting on a sofa in the livingroom.

"Hi Deb. No, I thought that the way you were enjoying dancing with him that maybe we should invite him to the private party," Tina said, walking across the room and hugging her tightly.

"Do you think he's ready for this? I mean this is the first time he's been out know."

"Yeah, I think he is. Sometimes it's better to dive into the deep end than try to wade in from the shallow end." Tina said, looking over her shoulder. "Besides, I kind of fell in love and figure if it's going to work he might as well find out all about me."

Debbie walked slowly over to where I was standing in shock. She stepped slowly around me, sliding a hand around me as she slowly made a circle around me until she was facing me. "Can you keep a secret David?"

"I think so."

"This is a pretty exclusive group. We don't invite just anyone. If you're going to stay you have to understand that we don't advertise anything that happens here to anyone. In today's world just being drunk in the wrong place can cause an entire company to falter. We wouldn't want anything like that to happen to our company, would we?"

"As long as it's not dangerous or illegal, yeah I can go along with that."

"Trust me. No one here will do anything dangerous or illegal. In fact, I'm pretty sure that everyone here is doing everything quite consensually, aren't they ladies?"

"Most definitely," Tina added from behind me.

"Very well. Ladies, tonight we're going to play a new little game. Why don't you have David take your panties off and add them to the bowl." Debbie said as the doorbell rang. "I'll get that if you want to let David do the honors."

Tina pulled me off to the side and hiked her dress up to her waist to expose the tiny red panties she was wearing. "Might as well take them off for me, it's more fun than doing it myself."

"In front of them?" I asked, pointing to the newly arrived middle forties looking Asian couple.

"Just adds a bit of spice." Tina answered me with a wink.

"Whatever you want," I said squatting down in front of her and reaching for her panties. I half expected her to let her dress down as I pulled her panties down to cover herself as I pulled her tiny red thong down, but she held it up fully exposing herself as she stepped out of the tiny strings that made up most of the undies. Only after I had them all the way off and was standing back up in front of her did she drop her dress down.

"You can put those in here." Debbie said, holding a large glass bowl out to me. "These are the Chan's, Suma," Debbie said motioning to a strikingly curvy Asian woman wearing a floor length white gown that looked like it cost more than I made in a month, "and Huan," she continued, introducing her husband, a slightly shorter and slightly more rotund Asian man. "This is David. He's new to our little group, this is his first party."

"Well, always interested in someone new joining the group," Suma said, stepping over and slowly walking around me as if inspecting some prize she had just won. "Very nice."

"We're going to play a new game tonigh

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