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A new vow.

I long to feel that, to have her tease me with that silky hair! Drape it up and down my naked body while the blonde holds me down. Tickling my pointy nipples until I am almost coming from that alone. I have, you know...come only from nipple stimulation, that is. Mmmmm, I remember it well.

I was alone at home, sitting in front of an open window, my perky titties hanging out in all their glory...I had just gotten a new blanket, one of those ridiculously soft furry ones. As soon as I got it home, I knew I needed to see what it felt like on my sensitive nips. OH. MY. GOD! Let me tell you, I was addicted to that blanket for several weeks...several times a day!

Now that I am thinking about this, my nipples tighten under my tight top. They are tingling and I just know they are sticking way out. I know, because I didn't wear a bra today! I never do on mall days. I am always hoping some sexy girl catches me looking at her and sees my hard nipples and my wet camel toe. I guess today is my lucky day, because both these hot girls are looking at my rock hard nips now.

I shift in my seat again. I needed to feel the movement on my clit. It is throbbing so intensely now, I just had to rub it on the seat beneath me, feel a little delicious pressure to release some of my pent up horniness.

They giggle and whisper to each other, and then the brunette shifts in her seat and the blonde takes a manicured hand and gently-excruciatingly slowly-pulls the brunette's legs apart. Right in front of me!

I am about to CUM hard...she has no panties on. None. I look. I can't help it. I want to but I can't. I am so hungry to eat pussy, to feel a hard, puffy clitty bumping, rocking, grinding against my own...I swallow down the lump in my throat. This is actual torture. I swear. I am rocking slightly in my seat now, I almost don't care who sees me. I NEED to cum.

The blonde leaves one hand on the soft skin on the inside of the brunette's thigh and uses the other one to ease her skirt a little higher. It is now that I see for sure that the brunette has a completely shaven pussy. That's the shit! I can see the puffy lips protruding around her swollen clit and all I want to do is suck that thing into my mouth and dance my tongue all over it until she is writhing against my face.

I love watching women cum for real, I don't so much enjoy the fake ones on some porn sites...I can tell the real ones. I love to see a close up of the pussy clenching, combined with her soft moans and grunts. Pan up to the beautiful face as she squeezes her eyes shut in pleasure. Pan back down to the sweet pussy. If I am lucky a little drop of sticky white nectar will slide out. I want to eat that so bad.

Now, the blonde darts her eyes around to see if anyone else is watching. She must decide there isn't, and she slides her finger in and out of that pouty mouth and then strokes it right over her friend's clit!

Now, I am so torn, I want to keep watching but I also want to head to the bathrooms and yank my dripping panties down and finger myself hard. Sometimes I leave the door unlocked to the stall, hoping that someone pushes it open and sees me at it! Today, I want to do that. Oh how I want to be caught masturbating in the public bathroom at the mall. I fantasize maybe she'll be turned on and join the very least I just KNOW she'll go home and diddle herself to the image of me...several times maybe. I'm not an arrogant girl, but I know I am hot too. Men and women alike stare at me, I have had women come up to me and tell me they liked my body...I know the lucky woman that catches me with my fingers in my dripping pussy will love the sight of it.

I look at the two girls in front of me, trying to make my decision...should I stay or should I go?

The brunette is squirming a bit after her friend toyed with her slippery clit.

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