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The continued stirrings.

"Another thing I know; any where you can get in, you can use it to get out as well!"

His fingers curled roughly and exploited the nearly undetectable seam across the back that let her slip on the skin-tight suit. Each costume was designed independently so that no two had exactly the same entry. Even now, after seven years as an agent, she still found it difficult to find the seam sometimes.

Her body jerked forward at the rough treatment as he pulled harshly on the hole in her costume. Half of her back was suddenly exposed and, though it felt little different than through the miraculous fabric, she began to feel well and truly naked. This time, she didn't bother to hold back.

Two men held her arms, and the leader stood slightly off angle, so that she wouldn't be able to easily kick him in the crotch, but that was fine by Kraken. They had failed to secure her most effective weapon. Even half bent over her hair would retain its full leverage. If anything, her bowed head gave greater stability to her neck.

Four tendrils of hair lashed out as one. Two smacked her captors in the chests. The unexpected attack, and even more unanticipated strength, caused them to lose their grips and tumble against the rail of the boat. She could have continued to bash at them, and probably toss them overboard, but they were at the very edge of her reach and she was too conscious of overextending herself with the gunman so near.

A third snake of hair immediately reached for the leader's neck and wrapped tightly about his throat to cut off his air. His mouth and eyes gaped wide while his hands twitched toward the attack before he regained his composure and realized an attack would be more effective. With her costume in one hand and a gun in the other he had the potential to stop the assault instantly.

Her final tendril of hair went straight for the gun. Even as he began to swing the handgun back to aim at her head, the roped mass of hair whipped across his knuckles and sent the weapon flying. Bent over, she immediately lost track of it but remained confident it had flown far enough from his grip that it was no longer a threat. The same string of hair spun under her body and wrenched his grip from her costume and slowly fought his hand back between them.

For one timeless moment they stood there glaring hatred at each other. With his life at her mercy, however, there was no question who held the upper hand. A flare of red-hot rage made her wish she possessed the strength to snap his neck. A cruel grin spread across her face when she realized that she might not have the strength with just the little hair currently around his neck but she should if she focused all of it together.

Almost negligently, Kraken's outermost lengths of hair flicked out to smack her former captors. Already off balance, it didn't take much to topple them. A single hit to the chest was followed, almost instantly, by a sweep of their legs and over the rails they went. All the while the second strand joined the first around his neck.

The two free lengths of prehensile hair reared up like vipers. She waved them slowly, taunting him with the nearness of his death. Given the odds, no one would question if one of the criminals died while she tried to escape their captivity.

A hand grabbed each of the wayward tendrils at the same time. Before her shocked brain had time to process the change, her hair was yanked backwards. Her head snapped back and dragged her body off-balance. She refused to surrender her one advantage, at least, and the leader was yanked forward with her. She landed on her back, on top of someone, only to have the leader sprawl across her in a tangle of limbs and hair.

Feet pounded on the deck while Kraken struggled to free herself from the mess. She struggled and thrashed but the angle was bad. Whoever had her from behind didn't need to do much to keep her down. All he needed to do was keep himself tangled in half of her hair and she had no way to throw the leader off of her.

In moments, she was yanked to her feet.

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