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Two coworkers finally realize their passion for each other.

"No, of course you can't hold back. Your cock is throbbing in my hand, just waiting to come, so do it. There is no need to hold back, just relax and let it all come. Give me all your cum in my wonderful gloves. Yes that's it, you can't avoid it."

Suddenly she stopped and ask him with a whisper.

"Or would you like me to stop?"

He couldn't ask back in words, but his entire body screamed out in silence what he so much wanted to say.

"Yes, my hands are just to good to resist." she said, and let her fingers knead his shaft. "It looked so sexy to have your cock in my hand. So sexy to know that it will be giving me all there is any second now." She resumed stroking him, and even at a slower pace it was enough. Gap was snorting like a wild running horse, and looked into his captures eyes as he felt his orgasm come over him. It was amazing to feel how her hand stroked in just the right pace to send him rapidly and forcefully to a pumping fountain. His muscles pumped over and over again as her hand continued to stroke his stiff shooting cock.

"That's it, feels so good to cum in my hands. The sensation of my warm hand and slick glove is something you simply can't resist. You have to cum, your cock just has to unload as I touch you. See what you're doing. It looks so naughty, oh yeah, that's so good."

He was twitching like a fish on try land in his bonds when he began to realize that she wasn't stopping, merely slowing the pace a little. Her fingertips were sticking out of the gloves, and with the unpainted well polished nail on her index finger, she scooped up a little of his cum and tasted it.

"Mmmmm, that tastes so good. Can we do that again, please? Can you come for me again, and give me more of that wonderful cum of yours? I'm sure you can, I can feel how eager your cock is, and I promised I would keep it happy for a long, long time."

Her hand regained the quicker pace and lubricated with his own cum, he felt her warm hand stroking him furiously again, not giving him the chance to go soft or enjoy his precious moment.

"Doesn't it feel absolutely wonderful to have your cock in my hand. So warm and wonderful sliding up and down on your cum covered shaft. Oh, it feels so good in my hand, I just love the feeling to hold it, stroke it, squeeze it and make it throb and pulsate in my hand. Oh please, don't hold back, just get lost in the moment. I feel that you're really hard again, and eager to meet my stroking hand. So good, so strong and so vulnerable at the same time. The sight of your wonderful cock in my blue gloved hand is exquisite. Don't make me wait for the next load of your wonderful thick, rich cum. I have to have it, and I will have it."

Gap was pulling harder and harder, but no matter how hard he tried, he still found that he was absolute immobilized, captured in the skillful hand of this wonderful woman. He couldn't help it but lean his head back and moan as loud as he could given that his mouth was full. It had been so long since he had been with a woman, and his sexlife the last year had been nothing except for an occasional handjob in front of the TV. It was a completely different and overwhelming feeling to have this womans hand around his cock, stroking it like he never could.

"Yes, that's it. You're soon there again. Oh give it to me. Just relax and let it happen. Let yourself go in my hand again. Don't resist it, don't deprive yourself from the pleasure you are entitled to feel. Let it sweep over you like a wave of warm water crushing against a beach. That's it, it's impossible to resist. My hand feels so good around your throbbing cock, it's inevitable. You know it, don't you?"

Gap lifted his head and looked into her eyes and tried to say something as an answer with his muffed mouth, but found himself only moaning and grunting as he wanted to tell her to slow down a little bit.

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