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The first time I remembered seeing CJ was at a club called Snoop's. I was pretty much a semi-regular, going to the club several times a week after my first marriage ended. I can still remember the first time I saw her, she had come into the bar with another couple that I knew, Rick and Stephanie. However with my low self-esteem after my first failed marriage, I was just too reluctant to approach her.

She quickly became popular in the bar with many of the regulars and bouncers. She started to go to the after hour parties with the popular crowd. It became rumored that she was an 'easy fuck'. However, I was still hesitant to approach her, but we did exchange pleasantries as we ran into each other in the club and parties and we soon began a platonic relationship.

We eventually started going places together, but it was not really what you would call a date. I would ask her to go tubing at the local river, but it was mostly with a group of others from the club. She would spend the day with me, but she also flirted openly with other guys.

I soon learned that she had become sexually intimate with at least two of the guys from the club including one of the bouncers named Roger. On one occasion I got to hear the sounds of her getting fucked by Roger coming from his bedroom as one of his after-hours party was winding down. I'll call it fucking because from the sounds it was definitely not making love. I can still remember how hard I got as I listened to her moans and grunts.

As our relationship grew, she continued to flirt and even went to some of the after hour parties without me. A good friend at the time cautioned me how she often fucked one of the bouncers at the parties and even had a sexual relationship going with a guy named Thom who was in town attending DeVry University.

Our relationship started to develop and I had been going out with her for about three or four weeks when she gave me a blowjob in the back of my van in the parking lot at the club, she is the only girl that has let me cum in her mouth. It was several more weeks before she relented and we finally had sex. I knew I wanted to marry her at that time.

Eventually CJ and I became a couple and we finally got a place together. Our relationship continued on like that for several years. In that time I continued to pressure her to marry me. Finally after being together for about six years she agreed to marry me.

Both Roger and Thom in time left town for other places. Roger returned to his family's home in California to attend school, and the other guy graduated and left town for a new job. Neither offered to take CJ with them.

Today we have two kids that are grown and out of the house. I suspect that CJ has had several adulterous relationships in the time we have been together, but I do believe both our children are my offspring.

CJ likes to tell me stories about her and other men she has been with as we have sex. After sex she laughs it off and says the stories are not true, nothing more than just her imagination intended to enhance up our sex life. Over time the stories have changed very little except to add more detail. She still likes to tell me about Roger and she has even told me he was the best and biggest she ever had. I am fully aware that in size I do not measure up to most, if not all, of her sex partners.

The reason she moved here is still a mystery. Her entire family gradually moved here also. I have gotten hints that her family may have sent her to live with her aunt to get her away from some of her activities in Milwaukee, which may have included interracial activities.

Even though CJ's sexual craving developed during her high school and college days I will start my story from the time when I first noticed her and our relationship began. I may even add in a few of the stories from her past that she has told me about her sexual adventures while in her high school and college days, which excite me and I suspect if true the reason her parents sent her here in the first place.

She has told me she gave her first blow job when she w

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