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Dave considers possibilities of sex with a man.

My fingers keep the pressure on her nipples as the begin to roll between my fingers. Lexi's breathing is increasing even more and her thrusts are more rapid, trying to keep rubbing her clit against my nose and fuck my tongue.

I feel her pussy tighten up and start to spasm on my tongue as my fingers are now pulling on her nips as I pinch them between my fingers. Lexi lets out her low moan as she starts to cum on my tongue. I can feel her pussy griping my tongue and the flow of her juices as she cums hard on my tongue. I love the taste of her as she cums hard for me. Watching her arch her back, trying to push her chest into my hands more and her pussy into my face at the same time. My nose still pressed firmly against her clit, and my tongue inside her as far as I can get.

She grinds herself against me causing a second orgasm to hit on the heels of the first. This time her moan is louder. I pull one hand down from her nipple, as I pull my tongue from her sweet wet hole. Moving up quickly, I use my lips to push her hood back so I can access her clit directly. A long drawn out moan reaches my ears as my tongue and teeth attack her small clit. I use a single finger to slide inside her and curl back searching for her gspot.

I use my teeth to bite down on her clit, holding it in place as my tongue flicks over it. My finger is moving slowly but purposely in and out of her in very short strokes. The tip of my finger rubbing her gspot on the strokes in and out but also inside her when its not moving.

"Oh god Daddy don't stop. Make me cum again." she tells me.

I have no intention of stopping as I continue to eat her sweet pussy. Her juices are now flowing freely. The smell of them very intense to my senses, which are becoming overstimulated as my desire rises even higher. My left hand is still rolling her small nip between my fingers. Pinching hard then letting up on the pressure as I work on it.

Her hands are moving now as I am flicking her clit. One hand descends to my head, her fingers sliding through the short hair on the top of my head. Her other hand has moved to her other tit and started to play with her nipple. I notice as she pinches it really hard then tugs on it like she trying to pull her nipple off her chest. Watching her play with her tits and nipples is having a very strong effect on me, completely unbenouced to her. Lexi has both of her eyes closed as the sensations her body is feeling race thru her nerves to her brain.

The moaning is starting again as I speed up my pace on her clit and add a second finger. I decide to try teasing her other nipple like what she has been doing. I pinch it extra hard, to the point im pretty sure it is painful. She moans even louder when I do. Then I pull on it, causing her tit to rise up a bit as I suspend her tit from just her nipple with my fingers. Once again a big moan is her response. I continue to work her nip over like that as I start to finger fuck her sweet pussy faster. Both of my fingers curled to hit her g-spot.

"Yes Daddy, just like that. Fuck me harder."

I start to pound her sweet pussy with my fingers, my knuckles starting to hit her lips with some pressure. Lexi starts to almost pant in time with the pace that my fingers are setting. I continue to flick her clit in time with my tongue. After seeing that she likes it a bit rough with her nipples I decide to try something.

I increase the pressure on my teeth that are holding her clit in place. As I feel the pressure has increased quite a bit I notice that she stops her movement and holds in place. Its almost like she holding her breath. I pull my fingers almost all the way out, leaving just the littlest bit of the tip inside her lips, lined up for a straight shot inside. My teeth are keeping a constant pressure on her clit. My fingers once again have her breast being held up by her nipple. I think I can get her to have a very huge orgasm if I can do it all at once. I know, judging by her body that she is right on the edge of a huge one.
So I do several things all at once hoping to make her explode

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