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What's a little romance between friends?

I figured it had some metal reinforcement in it. Twenty seconds. Nicole and I were each on our third clip. Our ski masks and helmets were keeping our identities safe I thought. Twenty five seconds - "GO!"

We jumped into the whole and I got a bead on the size of the stash. Then we were in Switzerland again. This was a second bank and they were ready for me as well. This haul was a full three tons. I asked for a few gallons of refreshment before we left. We hydrated ourselves and got ready for the third target.

We made this jump closer this time. We were on the outside of the room. The guards were surprised to see us and more surprised when we killed them. Meister ripped the door from its hinges. We hurried in and blipped ourselves and our loot to bank number three.

Last target and in we went. These guys were ready for us. They must have gotten wind from one of the other hits. We were in the room with about twenty armed guards. We opened fire on them just as they started shooting at us. The firefight lasted about three minutes. Without the armor it would have been over in three seconds. We killed all of them and I had the pile sized. This was the largest pile of the four. We shimmered into bank number four. This one in the Cayman's. It weighed in at five and a quarter tons. We estimated combining all four we now had approximately six billion dollars. The banks put all the cash into accounts and then fed some US banks accounts money as needed. We also were going to take a billion or so and convert to precious metals.

We went back to Meister's office and returned all the gear. I held out my hand to shake his. "Meister, we couldn't have done this without your help. Thank you very much! I want to wait for the hornet's nest to cool down a bit. Everyone we hit today was in Mexico and South America. Next week we'll hit Southeast Asia. Thanks again! We're heading home now."

He shook my hand. My hand looked like a baby's hand in his. "Kid, like I said, I got the better end of this deal. I can't wait for the second round with your sister!" He gave her a kiss on the top of her head. And then we were in our bedroom.

I powered up our laptop and began shifting money from accounts to other accounts. I put a sizeable amount into my contractor's account with instructions to begin work on the fortress. Work was to commence and go 24/7. I put in orders for equipment, vehicles, weapons, defensive systems, you name it. In less than three hours I spent over three billion of our loot. Most of what I was paying for was secrecy and keeping my purchases off the radar. It was worth it.

When I was done I found Nicole working out in the FROG. She was only wearing a g-string. I watched her wiggle and sweat. "You're doing that on purpose." I told her.

"You caught me. My whole workout program is designed to make you horny." She told me sarcastically.

"You're starting to get a six-pack," I observed.

"Yeah, I know. You like it?" She was huffing and puffing.

"I do. But stay toned, not bulked. You're a goddess sexy toned, but I don't want you looking like a man." I offered. She stuck her tongue out at me and stood up. She flexed a few poses. "You're absolutely perfect. You've got such long legs. Your boobs look a little bigger, too." I told her.

She squealed in delight and bounced over to give me a big hug, "You noticed!! I'm so impressed!! My C-cup bras which I never wear are a little tight now and the D-cups which I never wear aren't as loose. I may be a full D-Cup by graduation!"

I got on my knees and licked her sweaty tits. She scolded me, "Uh uh. We're going out tonight. By the way Vince has a new squeeze he wants us to meet soon. Guess I'll need a new fuck toy. Got any suggestions? Someone with a massive cock who can fuck me senseless while you watch? Hmmmmm?"

I licked her nipples and stood up, "You are an awesome slut wife."

"I know.

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