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As their tongues dueled and they swapped saliva, Sherry jammed her hand down his shorts to grab his leaking cock. She pushed his waistband down to his balls and held it there with one hand while stroking him desperately with the other. Likewise, with their mouths still mashed together, his hand again found her drenched pussy.

Knowing what they'd shared last night was about to happen again induced an urgency that neither could control. With a strength she didn't know she possessed, Sherry whipped him around onto his back nearly ripping his shorts as she removed them. She then pounced on him, straddling him and shoving his cock into her needy pussy. She bounced on him fiercely and he met her thrusts with the same ferocity. Intermittently, they slowed to exchange kisses, but then resumed their hectic pace.

This intense fucking nearly had him winded and he wondered how a woman twice his age could maintain such a tempo. He finally just relaxed and let her pump away. And she continued until she could feel that build-up as her body took over with convulsions that evolved into one massive climax. It took several minutes for the shuddering to subside, but she was still breathless.

However, it didn't prevent her from scooting backward to grab Rick's cock and suck all of her juices off of him. She blew him with no less intensity than she had fucked him, sliding his dick down her throat until his pubic hair tickled his nostrils. He fell back, savoring the tightness of her neck muscles grasping his rod. She pulled out and gave his balls equal treatment. He hoped for a second that she realized they were more delicate. But she obviously knew what she was doing because she maintained her fury, yet still managed to be gentle.

As she performed this magnificent fellatio, Rick wondered for a moment how she had become so adept, not only at oral sex, but all of it. Perhaps waiting for his dad to come home after months at sea caused a sexual fire in both of them that could only be extinguished with this level of copulation. Although, comments she had made last night didn't support that conclusion. On the other hand, she could be just making it up as she went. It didn't really matter; particularly since he was the recipient of the incredible love-making.

And now, Rick wanted to do for her; see if he could bring her to another orgasm before he had his own. He arranged her on her stomach, spread her legs and ass cheeks and used his tongue from hole to hole. She didn't seem to mind his tongue on her anus and he considered inserting a finger, but quickly decided it might be too soon for that-even with her current high level of stimulation. Instead, once he had her ass crack nicely lathered, he pressed his cock between her cheeks and rubbed it back and forth. Last night, he had tit-fucked her; this morning, he was crack-fucking her, if there was such a term.

He continued this, enjoying it, but on his down-stroke, she started lifting her rear as though to snare his cock in her pussy. Well, if that's what she wanted. He grabbed his dick and aimed it at her snatch and drove it home. With Rick straddling her ass, she drew her legs together creating a snug tube for him to pump. He'd never done this position, but suddenly it was his new favorite. He loved it! Loved the grasp it had on his cock.

"Oh, that's good!" Sherry cried. "Harder. Faster!"

And with what remaining strength he had left he fucked her as though he was in a movie. She was screaming and crying and cursing and yelling. She lifted her head and thrashed it from side to side deliriously. Rick almost feared that she would harm herself. But it was all the build-up of another explosive climax. She was breathing so hard and fast he feared she might hyperventilate. But it finally ended and she calmed down a little.

Seeing his mother come so intensely was joy in itself.

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