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We slowed as we fell and became feather light as we touched down silently in the snow behind the goblins. He let go and nodded at the three in the back. He was so focused on this that I was worried for him.

With more speed that I would have given him credit for he dashed up and struck to knock out not kill. When I got there he had pulled out a coil of rope from his small pack and bound them tightly. Once they were secured he stood and looked at me, a fire burning within the depths of his eyes and I knew what he was planning even before he lifted his weapon. The unusual part was how I raised my own. I was not here for blood, but I could see why he was driven. Goblins were rapacious murders hellbent on killing and pillaging anything they could. It would be doing the world a favor to rid it of a few more of them. My grip tightened and I gave a curt nod before we stealthily began picking of the back goblins one by one. His mighty ax simply cleaved them in twain from shoulder to hip. They had no chance to even cry out before they died.

I raced to the other edge to start there, my mace slamming down in the back of the skull where the brain met the spine. I would not have chosen that spot, but my mace did. It would only strike clean kills. I danced to the next kill and spun onto the next even before the body fell to the snow to leak its crimson life force and stain it. There was a time where I rolled past Jacob as we switched sides and he merely stepped over me as if he knew I would do just that. Our dance of death was silent, stealthy and working until one goblin turned his head to sneeze and saw Jacob wading through their ranks. He raised the alarm and the goblins spun far faster than I would have ever thought they could. These were no ordinary goblins, they were trained and honed to the best edge they could be. The fought as well as any human could, a feat I would have said was impossible for a goblin. Our weapons flashed in the sun and glinted off the walls. The roars of the goblins echoed around and almost covered the sound of our weapons clanging. I was faced off against five goblins and I twirled around with a kick and I slammed down the mace at the same time in the opposite direction. Two dropped, one dead the other with a broken nose, and I pirouetted out of the way of a slice.

Jacob was spinning his ax faster than any human could and he was leaving dead goblins by the dozens in his wake. I had speed on my side, but his powerful body was in top condition and he just left carnage wherever he went. He had taken a few scratches, but nothing I could see that was going to need attention. One goblin got in a lucky parry an but that only delayed the inevitable because Jacob simply brought the other side to bear and removed the goblin's head.

The canyon was filled with a loud thrum that seemed to come from everywhere. I grabbed Jacob by the shoulder and threw him to the side as a thousand arrows fell into the ranks. I joined him and sidled to the side to go tend to our prisoners. My tribe was there now and would finish what we had started. He saw that when the first ball of fire the size of a horse rained down on the foe. With a look of frustration he took a breath and quelled his temper to help me. "Your people are efficient," he said with grudging respect. "I can see why my people have feared yours for generations."
"Do you fear us?"

"By us you mean you. No, I do not fear you." He smiled as we got to our catch. "At least, not unless you have that mace in your hand." Is smiled and gave him a pat on the back that could be seen as merely friendly but he would understand was more. One of the goblins was awake and struggling. "Quit struggling or I will kill you slowly." he said in their guttural language. It only made sense he would learn the tongue, but this was his third one he knew.

"You'll kill me anyway," it spat back.

"Maybe not. You will answer my questions or I will kill you." He delivered his ultimatum with a hard voice.

"You will all die in the coming of Ingalome'stracazillio!" he yelled

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