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Conclusion for Matt and Jennifer.

Do your boobs turn red too?" Sylvia, one of her friends from coffee group, said laughing at her discomfort.

"Okay, okay. I'll go. Heck, it will be fun and I can't mail the letters to Pat until Monday anyhow. But, I don't like beer, only wine. And no! My boobs don't turn red when I blush. Do yours?" Katie smiled at her friends as she said this and then the group broke up for the night with Brad walking Katie back to her dorm.

Katie got to the party a little earlier than everyone else and was the only girl there for about a half-hour.

"Let's go up to my room and hangout till everyone else gets here." Brad said to Katie.

"When is everyone else supposed to be here? Am I that early? Katie asked.

Brad looked at Katie and said "It's not a problem; we have about a half hour before the rest of the coffee crew gets here. Let's go hang out and let these guys get everything else set up. Here's a beer."

"I don't like beer, do you have any wine?"

Brad looked at Katie and said "Oh yeah, I forgot you said you don't like beer. Yup, we have several bottles of good wine. Is red okay?"

"Yes, red would be fine." replied Katie.

They took their drinks and as they started up the stairs Brad reached back and took Katie's hand.

She looked at him and said,

"This is not a date."

"I know. I just like holding your hand." replied Brad.

While they were waiting for everyone else to arrive, Brad kept trying to kiss Katie.

"I am not going to kiss you, Brad." Katie said as Brad tried to corner her.

"No Brad, I am not going to kiss you." Katie said again, this time with a giggle in her voice as Brad tried to corner her again.

"Well, maybe just ONE kiss." Katie said as she gave in and kissed him once.

"Umm, your lips are soft", Katie whispered through their gently touching lips.

"I have never kissed anyone but Pat, and I think your lips are softer that his." She whispered to him as she slowly pulled away from his embrace.

"You know you liked kissing me, why not just give in and do it again." Brad said to her.

"Maybe it's the wine, but I liked kissing you and I will let you have one more before we go downstairs. But don't expect any more tonight."

As she said that, she placed her lips on his and they kissed for at least a minute. Brad slipped his tongue into Katie's mouth and as it touched the tip of hers he slid his hands up, cupped her breasts, and gently squeezed them.

"I told you that I am engaged!" Katie said to him, rather angrily as she pushed away from him saying;

"You men are never satisfied! I kissed you because I like you and am having second thoughts about whether I should be engaged and contemplating marriage. I am having fun with you, and you try and push it to something more. Damn it! Why did you have to do that?"

"I am sorry; you just taste and feel so damn good. I know I shouldn't push things, and I am sorry. I won't do it again, unless you want me too."

Brad said back to her, but he was thinking that she was a tease. She kissed him, and then hid behind being engaged when he tried to take it to the next level. He had decided that she was a tease months before, when she started letting him hold her hand, but wouldn't do anything else. Now he was sure that she was a teasing little bitch and he would have to teach her a lesson.

Katie held him at arm's length and said;

"Okay, fine. I accept your apology, now let's go down stairs. You keep your distance the rest of the night." Katie told Brad when they got downstairs.

"I would like another glass of wine, please." Katie said as she handed her empty glass to one of the frat boys behind the bar. He couldn't help but notice that her nipples were sticking out and he smiled as he stared at them

"What's up with you and Brad?" a friend asked Katie.

"Oh, I let him kiss me when we were upstairs in his room, and he squeezed my breasts. Men are such pigs! Why do they push things when they know they shouldn't?" Katie responded.

"I am really angry at him.

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