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"Jax," she says in a warning tone but I snake under to be beside her. We laugh as the canoe rocks as we adjust. I grab her hip and tilt her onto her side so I can look at her. She lets me do it for about four seconds then blushes and ducks her head.

"What?" I ask. "I like to look at you." I lean in to kiss her again and run my fingers through her hair. How do girls get it so soft? I start kissing down her neck and she says my name again. I ignore it since she isn't pushing me off and move the collar of her jacket open more.

"Jax," she says again putting her hands on my shoulders. "Stop for a second." I kiss back up to her face and whisper, "What?" into her ear. I run my hand down her side and along her hip coming around to rest on her thighs.

"I just want to be clear about where this is leading," she says ending this statement by lifting her hips towards me.

"And where's that?"

"It's just that I - I don't want things to get too far."

"You mean like sex," I say leaning on an elbow now.

"Yeah like sex."

"Alright we won't have sex then." Right now. How about now? I swallow before asking the uncomfortable question. "Have you -had sex before?"

She screws up her face, "Yeah, I mean it's just usually with my boyfriend -"

"You have a boyfriend?" I ask sitting up and banging my shoulder against the brace. I swear and rub the spot.

"No, not right now. But just in the past it was always with someone I knew."

"I see." There is no quicker way to kill a boner than talk about other men you've fucked.

"And we just - well we just met."

"Yes we did. Alright we won't," I say trying to sound nonchalant.

She sits up beside me, "Yeah? Some guys can't really handle a boundary."

"It's fine," I say sliding out from under the brace, the grit crunching under my boots.

I face her open legs and raise an eyebrow. Would this really be considered sex? A snapshot of it flashes in my mind, the taste and feel of her. The pressure of her legs on my head, how will she sound when she cums? I want to find out. I place both hands on the tops of her boots.



I slide my hands from her boots up her legs to her knees. "Have you ever-?"

She snorts, "This? Oh. Oh! Well a few times."

"Lay back."

She does sliding her hands down her thighs. I pull her forward so her hips are out from under the brace. Her jacket and sweater have been pushed up just a slit and I can see a strip of white as milk skin. Running a fingers over it her muscles jump.

"I don't remember tickling being part of the experience."

"I'll tickle you all you want," I say and lean down to kiss her there. Her breathing is tight and small. Rubbing her thighs I tell her to relax and that she can tell me to stop if she wants. She shakes her head but presses and hand to her forehead. Shit I'm making her nervous.

I know I can make her feel good, and I want her to trust me. Lifting her hips I slide a balled up blanket underneath. My fingers follow the inside seam of her jeans all the way up.

"What if someone sees?"

"Lucky for them."

"I'm serious."

Spreading her legs I settle between them, "Trust me, no one will see you. And if they do, I'll eat them." She gives a little laugh. "But it won't be as good as this." I stroke and kiss along her thighs through her jeans until her legs relax. Wrapping my arms under them I reach around and undo her button and zipper. She inhales and holds her breath. Better blow those other fuckers out of the water. Bringing her legs back together I pull the jeans down to her knees and goosebumps rise over the muscles. Tilting my head to her inner knee I kiss her softly my other hand stroking up her inner thigh. I feel her take in a breathe of air and hold it then release when I take my lips off her skin. Going to the other leg I repeat and despite the nip in the evening her skin is feverish under my fingertips.

"Just relax," I murmur against her skin, "I'm not in any hurry.

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