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They enjoy 'messing around' in different places.

I murmured, as l felt his fingers searching around in my open wetness and with my arms wrapped together around Al's neck, l was pushing my thigh's open to enjoy the rhythm of Al's fingers as he sucked deeply on my erect nipples and was slowly bringing me off as my juices began to squelch to the sounds that his finger's were making.

Hearing Jo on her seat matching my breathing and l knew that Al was not only bringing me to my peek, but was also assisting Jo at the same time, when suddenly that feeling over took me and l tensed my body and voluntarily surrendered to him, giving me the first of many orgasms that weekend. There was a close bond between us and all the time I could see in the corner of my eye Jo, slowly getting herself off to an orgasm.

With Al's erection now out and hanging free from his dressing gown it was to nice a sight to ignore and Jo must have been reading my mind as she asked me to suck on it for her. I did, and is always nice to feel that first taste of someone new and Al must have liked that feeling also as immediately l felt his hardness expand in my mouth and holding on tightly to his base was soon in my element and with Jo's encouragement was soon licking and kissing at his shiny head. "That nice darling?", l would hear Jo ask, and a little murmur of approval from him to here gave me the encouragement to carry on. Soon however, with Al starting to comb my hair with his hands l could feel his body start to tense, so slowing down now l decided it was time to feel that lovely erection of his inside me.

So putting both my knees on the settee either side of his legs l was able to feel him, his hands searching around my wetness and then that lovely feeling of his manhood entering me. With my hands firmly around Al's neck l was offering him my excited nipples to lick and suck on which he gratefully excepted. When I started to bounce up and down on his hardness it wasn't long before Jo started moaning and as if by design, then so did I and soon both of us were getting off, both noisy and both were groaning our own orgasm. At this time Al to was overdue to give me his come and Jo, no longer able to sit it out, came over from her chair and was sitting by my side while l still bounced up and down on the settee, feeling Al's hardness exciting my insides and sending shivers the length of my body.

Jo wanted to see more, and asked us to change positions, so l sat down on the settee and Al pulled my open legs to the edge of the cushions and knelling between them helped himself to re-enter me. I felt Jo's hand softly pulling me more open as her husband steadily started to push himself deep into me, with a gasp for breath felt the length of him slide effortlessly out of me. With Jo's encouragement getting louder now he was going as deep as he could and both of us now wanting to come we knew the time was right and as he started to pump himself deeper l felt his body tense and pushing himself as deep as possible in me l felt his come shooting deep into me this seemed to get Jo off again and she was resting her head on my body and l could smell her juices and hear her wetness as she fingered herself to another climax. Al seemed to come for ever, it was a mind blowing experience for me. Thinking we were calming down he pulled his body away from me and I watched in amazement as soon as Al exposed my wetness to Jo she buried her face into my exposed and sore lips and it was like two wild woman together, I was screaming out another orgasm again, this time much more louder and intense than the earlier ones, and Jo was still vigorously fingering herself and her orgasm just seemed to go on and on. This experience lasted a few minutes, l think it 'frightened me', l had never been so 'high' and in the end l was pushing Jo away from me.

Finally it was over, my shaved and wet pussy looked extremely red and sore, Al had come a lot inside me that evening and there was no sign of anything left to dribble out.

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