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A new life.


She laughed. "Which beauties do you mean, my tits or my pussy?"

"I'll start with your titties and then we'll see where we go from there." She walked over to stand between my legs and I got a good look at her shaven pussy. "I think I'm going to enjoy the whole package." She bent forward, presenting her tits to me and I eagerly took one in my mouth while cupping the other with my right hand. I reached around her slim body to cup one of her butt cheeks with my left. Both her hands cradled my head as I suckled.

"Do the other one, honey. Make them both feel nice." My right hand joined my left on her butt as I switched from one tit to the other then back again. "Ooo baby, you're making me hotter. I think you ought to try sucking my pussy too." She straightened up, releasing my head and reach down to spread her pump pussy lips, revealing her pink cunt, topped with her prominent clit, still hidden in its hood. As she thrust her hips forward, I leaned down and ran my tongue over her clit.

"Ooo yeah, baby, that's good. Suck on it." Doing as she asked, I glued my lips around her clit and gently sucked. As the little nub emerged from within its hood, I teased it with the tip of my tongue. She grabbed both my arms for support as she humped against my face. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop, man, don't stop!" Seconds later she leaned back against my hands, her head fell back and she moaned loudly, her body tensed and she thrust hard against my face as she came.

For a full minute she stayed like that then, with a loud exhalation of breath, she completely relaxed, almost falling, with only my hold on her ass cheeks holding her up.

After about a minute she seemed to regain her strength and, leaning forward, planted a kiss on my upturned face. "That was very nice. My man won't suck my pussy like that. All he wants to do is put his cock in me and fuck till he cums. Then he goes to sleep and I always have to take care of myself."

"Jeezus" I said to myself. I hadn't given a thought to the possibility of her having a man. Now what? "Isn't he going to wonder where you are?"

"Screw him. I'm spending the night here. We're going to fuck all night and I'm going to enjoy myself for a change." Then, "Now, get up on the bed. I'm going to give you a treat like you just gave me."

I lay back and squirmed my way to the middle of the bed, Marie following me on her knees. She bent over my stiff cock and took the purple head in her mouth. I watched as she began to bob up and down on it, stopping occasionally to take it out and lick the sensitive under side.

"Take it easy, girl. You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up too long."

She looked up at me. "So? Cum. We've got all night." She went back to her task. In only seconds I felt my ball-sack tighten. Marie must have noticed it too and sped up her bobbing motion.

I couldn't hold back. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cuuum...ugh...ugh" and my cum spurted into her mouth. Without missing a stroke, she swallowed with each spurt, until my balls were drained.

She rose up on her knees, smiled at me as she licked her lips. "Now, didn't that feel good?"

"You know damned well it did, but, look at my cock. You made it go limp."

"Don't worry, honey, it won't be like that for long. Then I'm gonna be a cowgirl and ride it till it cums again." She lay down beside me, her back to me and I let my hands explore her gorgeous body, paying particular attention to her tits. Those erect nipples felt so good against the palms of my hands.

She moaned softly as I continued my ministrations, hoping that my cock would revive quickly. I so wanted to bury it in her pussy. "You're really a tit man, aren't you. I love to have them played with like this. I know they're not so big but, they're all mine." Then, "Pinch my nips, I really like that."

"I love your tits, baby.

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