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Sex and the hypocrisy of a woman in need.

After a couple of seconds, Mike realized she was grinding her cunt on his desk. "I'm desperate, Mr. Baker. I'll do anything for extra credit."

"Anything?" Mike swallowed audibly and slowly reached into the bottom drawer of his desk.

"Anything, Mr. Baker." Tabitha pushed herself down harder on the desk and moaned.

"Would you," he swallowed again and looked around the room as if afraid of discovery and continued in a hushed voice. "Would work?" He drew a sheet of paper out of the drawer and handed it to her.

Anger and confusion twisted her features. Her ass stopped moving. "What the hell is this?"

"That, my dear, is an extra credit assignment."

Sighing, she gripped the paper and read. "Blah. Blah Blah. Five pages defining non-Euclidean geometry and discussing its use in the works of H.P. Lovecraft, complete with APA citations." She stared at it a moment before glaring at him. "A fucking research paper? This is math, not English."

"True, but they're always encouraging cross-curricular assignments, and you did say that you would do anything."

"I did, didn't I?" She set the paper on the desk and leaned back in. "But I was thinking of something a little different. Something we would both enjoy." She licked his ear and leaned back on her elbows, head down slightly, gazing up at him with the sexiest pair of bedroom eyes he had ever seen.

Some of the little girls do play better than others, Mike thought. "Tempting, Miss Miller, but I think I'll pass. It's not worth my job, much less a prison sentence." He started to stand, but she stopped him with a bare foot pressed against his chest.

"I'm 19, Mr. Baker." Her toes slid up and down his shirt, teasing the buttons along the way. "Perfectly legal."

"Not by a long shot." Mike chuckled, and Tabitha looked at him with a puzzled frown. Her toes stopped moving, although her foot remained on his chest. "I don't care if you're 20 or 21. In the great state of Texas, it's a felony for a public school teacher to have sex with a student regardless of age."

To her credit, Tabitha only paused for a second before her smile resurfaced and her foot resumed its caresses. "No one has to know." Her foot slid lower, almost to his crotch. All of a sudden, she bounced to her feet and clasped her hands together. "I know! I'll do another logic chain."

"Tabitha, I don't think --"

She cut him off with a finger on her lips. "I call this 'If I See a Hot Teacher.'" She reached under her shirt and squeezed her tits. "If I see a hot teacher, I'm going to get horny." She pinched her nipples, drawing out a moan. Her left hand left the T-shirt and slid under the waistband of her pants. "If I get horny, my pussy will get wet." The thin fabric at her crotch bulged rhythmically as she pumped a finger in and out of her own wet snatch. "If my pussy gets wet, I'm going to want to put a cock in it." She added another finger and groaned. Mike could hear the digits moving in her dripping cunt. He smelled her arousal, just like he had on his fingers but much stronger. "If I put your cock in it, you're going to want to cum." She pulled her hand from her shirt and placed it on his thigh. "If you cum, you'll feel great, and if you feel great, you might want to give me a better grade." Her hand slipped further up his leg. "And chances are," she whispered, just inches from his lips, "if I get a better grade, I'm going to get horny."

Tabitha yanked her hand from her pants and shove the fingers that had been inside her straight into his mouth. Mike sucked on them out of reflex and barely had time to think She tastes good before her other hand reached up and grabbed his hard cock. "Oh, wow," she gasped.

No! I can't do this. Mike shoved his chair back. "I'm sorry, Tabitha. We can't do this. If you weren't a student, maybe it would be different." He barked a laugh. "Then again, if you weren't a student, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me."

"Oh, I don't know, Mr.

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