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Making friends and influencing people...

Then as she turned, two hands brazenly grabbed the waistband of her chain-mail pantalettes and jerked them all the way down to her knees! There were suddenly so many rough strong hands on her now bare skin: pinching her bottom, roaming across her thighs, fat orc fingers poked between her legs as she twisted to break free. Loola's eyes went wide with fear as she contemplated what would happen next. There were simply too many orcs to fight off; they had her arms and legs stretched out so they could grope her helpless body as she struggled.

Then, as often happened with orcs, a fight broke out. Loola fell on her back as two jealous orcs battled for the right to claim her. Loola knew the fight wouldn't last long so she scrambled to her feet, hoping to draw her sword whist they were distracted.

The biggest orc, who had quickly knocked the other unconscious and bit off his right ear, grabbed Loola's wrist before she could pull her sword free. She struggled with his grip and the orc shoved her backwards to the ground.

The big orc growled deeply and stepped astride Loola's hips; he bent forward with his slimy purple tongue hanging out of his mouth. Hot orc slobber dripped on her uncovered midriff as he eyed her hungrily.

Loola took advantage of the orc's distraction; she reached up quickly and gripped the beast's dangling tongue with both leather clad hands then tucked her knees into her chest and landed both feet in the orc's belly. Strong leg muscles flexed, she yanked the tongue and kicked hard, sending the beast flipping overhead.

The orc howled in pain and landed in a heap clutching its poor stretched out tongue. Loola sprang to her feet, yanked up her chain mail pantalettes and drew her sword. She dropped into a fighting stance, daring the other mercenaries.

"Hmm impressive... that's enough." The paymaster seated behind the desk motioned for her to step forward. "You're hired." He dipped his quill into an inkwell and looked up expectantly. "And so... what is your name miss?"

"Call me Loola." She relaxed and sheathed her blade. "Now when do I start?"

"Loola... hmm... alright..." The paymaster copied down her name on the scroll. "Sign here and here."

The paymaster stood and extended a hand. "Welcome to Bloodhex Family Enterprises. Um... it looks like you're the last... uh surviving recruit so let me get on with the orientation."

"Orientation?" Loola asked.

"Well of course." The paymaster proudly asserted. "We may be a group of cutthroats and malcontents but this organization takes great pride in our professionalism. An army is only as good as its members, after all, so we strive to keep our workforce motivated and focused. Here we emphasize attention to detail, self-improvement and..." He looked expectantly at a couple of the camp's Orcish guards. "And?"

The warriors grunted: "Ed-U-CA-Shun."

"That's right!" The paymaster proudly replied. "Education is critical for all of our members."

"Wait a second," Loola stiffened. "I didn't sign up to tutor some smelly orc; I thought we were going to war against the King."

"We will, we will. Don't get me wrong we can loot and pillage with the worst of them but this group has become so much more than a band of ruffians. Please let me show you an example; let me introduce you to perhaps the one member that I am proudest of. Drugguck?" The paymaster turned to his Orcish assistant. "Could you fetch Gruk for me, I would like him to meet the new recruits."

A couple minutes later the assistant came stomping back toward the paymaster with a beast that stood a couple heads taller trailing behind.

"Gruk here," The paymaster gestured to the hulking green-skinned ogre. "Came to us just three years ago, at the time all he knew how to do was smash his enemies with a club, but now he's found a new calling in life. He's the organization's head cook. Isn't that right Gruk?"

"Gruk cook heads last night!" The ogre wiped a huge callused hand across his sweaty brow. "No more heads, Gruk cook feet today!"

"No, you misun

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