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He wants his wife to stop seeing another man.

Leaning up I captured her left nipple, and gently bit it, then beat it up with my tongue. Between my teeth and finger, she was getting a workout she hadn't anticipated.

"Do it!" January moaned, "Just ... for Christ's sake, do it!"

"Okay," I said and rolled onto my back, my dick pointing at the ceiling. "I don't want to hurt you any more than necessary. Get on top and I'll put it in, but you determine how much ... how far."
January rolled onto my midsection, and managed to get her quivering legs under her. She lay almost flat against my chest while I directed my throbbing prick into the sopping entrance of her cunt.

I rubbed it up and down between her lips to cover the tip of the rubber with her juice, and driving her crazy with desire. Hunching back, she pushed the ring of muscle at her entrance over the engorged head of my dick and I was in.

Both of us paused momentarily to revel at the sensations. Then she slowly shifted into an upright position, the change in angle helped drive me easily into her silken channel. January held that position for a moment, allowing herself to become used to the spike of flesh that promised to fill her, nerving herself for that final, irrevocable step. Then she looked into my eyes, smiled, and lowered herself onto my belly. The hymen proved to be a non-issue. Either she'd ruptured it elsewhere, or it snapped without a whimper.

Then January's weight drove my prick into new territory, deeper and deeper, until our pubic bones were pressed against one another.

January gave a little gasp, then sat there, slowly grinding herself against me, allowing the walls of her vagina to get used to the welcome intruder while extracting flashes of pleasure from the abuse of her clitoris.

I allowed her to do the work. Soon she started to move upward, almost emptying her cunt of my cock, but not quite. Just before I took remedial action, January reversed direction, re-impaling herself, and providing the both of us with another explosion of sensation. Only this time, she picked up speed until we were moving with a steady rhythm, for I was waiting for some signal from her that I could begin thrusting too. I reached up and gave each nipple a tug, and was rewarded with a brilliant smile.

"This ... is better than I thought it would be," she croaked, breathing harshly through her nose. I went to jackhammer mode.

"Oh, God!" she announced, the litany quickly running up the scale, repeated with each stroke, "Oh, God, much better! Oh, God Oh, God Oh, God ... Ohhhh, God!"

January's orgasm went from impending to actual with that wail, and then she stopped dead, muscles locked, and began to quiver, while a massive series of fluttering pulsations erupted in her cunt.

However, I didn't stop. My continued thrusts allowed her to spiral upward into a tornado of sensations. For more than 30 seconds, her climax caused her cunt to grasp my dick tighter and tighter, until I could no longer ignore my own orgasm.

With one last pounding thrust, I buried myself in her and erupted in a torrential cascade of semen, mixing with her free flowing secretions and soaking both of us at the crotch.

Senseless, January collapsed onto my chest. I finished ejaculating and wrapped my arms around her. I thought I was too exhausted to move. We were both flushed and panting heavily.

"So," I said how did you like it?"

"Geez, I think I died and went to Heaven ... twice!" she replied.

We better get dressed and out of here. Someone's bound to see us," I told her. She needed no further prompting from me, and got dressed faster than I did. We left my room and went off in different directions.

I saw her and her sister about twenty minutes later. She must have told June what had happened, for June's facial expression was one of astonished surprise. I could make out what her lips were saying: "That good?" and went about picking up my tux for the wedding and reception later that afternoon. The following evening I was back home. I never saw the twins again.

I returned home from Cincinnati a

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