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Priya realizes what had happened that day.

She dumped its contents on her bed and rummaged through it rapidly. She snatched a business card off the pile of junk and held in shaking hands.

US Marshal Darnel Anderson. She grabbed the phone and started dialing.

"How the fuck could they let this happen!?!" she exclaimed. Then she heard Dante's voice in her mind, "Remember Jerome?"

She hung up the phone. She was afraid of what Dante and his posse could do before the police could stop him. She collapsed to her knees and prayed for the first time since the night she decided to betray her first husband and send him to prison.

"What am I going to do?" she asked herself. The money was the easy part. She had more than that in her personal bank account, but getting it out would be more difficult and might take time. She could not think of any solution or way out of this nightmare.

Marla was a hysterical mess by the time Osgood came home and found her crying on the bed. He asked her what was wrong and she lied, telling him that her favorite aunt had died. He tried to comfort her, but she couldn't be consoled.

Marla could see the concern on her husband's face, but all she could think about what how he would look at her once he learned her truth. "I just need to be alone, honey. I'm sorry, please give me some time."

Osgood kissed her softly and left her to her thoughts.

Twenty-Two Years Ago

Liz watched her man, Dante cut a pile of cocaine up into a series of little rows of white powder. She felt an immediate craving in the pit of her stomach and licked her lips. He rolled up a hundred-dollar bill and handed it to her, raising the small coke-covered tray to her. "Here you go, baby, I know what you want."

She took the "Benjamin" and sat forward on the sofa, leaning over the tray. She looked up into his eyes, a naughty smile on her face, "Thank you, baby" she purred. She held the rolled-up bill to her right nostril while pushing her left closed with her index finger. She inhaled sharply through, dragging the tube along a row of the white powder, sucking it up into her nose.

She leaned back, pinching her nose and rolling her head, moaning softly. "Ohh, yeah, that's what I needed." She leaned back on the couch and handed the money back to Dante. He took it and snorted one line, then a second. He passed the tray and the hundred-dollar bill off to Jerome who sat in a chair, anxiously waiting his turn.

"That's some fresh shit," Dante said as he felt the burn of the cocaine in his sinuses. It had that distinctive scent of ether and gave an immediate burn, followed by a rush, then a slowly mellowing as the drug numbed his nasal passages, sinus tissue and throat. "Just got a kilo of that shit from that dude down in Miami. Fresh off the mother fucking boat. I can step on that shit three times, and nobody would know."

Liz sat up, putting her arm around Dante's shoulder. She reached over with her other hand and grabbed his cock through his jeans, as she kissed his neck. "I love how it makes me feel, baby. I want some more," she purred.

Dante took the tray back from Jerome. There were only two lines left. He snorted one, then held the Benjamin for Liz, who grinned and snorted most of what was left. Dante scraped up the remnants into a little pile and showed it to Liz. "You want what's left?" he asked her, teasing her with it. She was hooked on the shit, and he knew she'd do about anything to get it.

She reached for it, but he pulled it away. He moved it closer to her, and she reached for it again. Just before she could touch it, he pulled it away. "Don't be mean, baby," she whined.

"I got a better way for you to get this," he said, winking at her. She knew what he had in mind and giggled playfully, then stood up.

He was wearing a pink tube top that hugged her full tits, a tiny, pink micro-mini skirt, and a black lace thong.

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