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The girl slammed the door, extinguishing the cabin lights, Mr Lee sighed and fixed the image of those legs and cunt in his mind, hardly able to wait till she reached her destination and the lights could come on so that he could have another glimpse to masturbate by later that night.

"Uncle, Woodlands Ave 1 please" came a familiar voice.

Mr. Lee sat stunned for a few moments, not believing his ears.

"Uncle, Woodlands Avenue 1 please, you know how to go or not?" the familiar voice slurred slightly.

Mr. Lee turned about to peer at the hot babe seated in the dimness of the rear cabin.

"Linda? Is that you?" he asked, his eyes taking in whatever details he could in the low light.

"Mr. Lee? Haha! What a surprise! " Linda giggled. "Take me home Mr. Lee, you know where!"

Mr. Lee nodded and started the taxi on its way, adjusting the rear view mirror to see if Linda was ok.

"Aren't you a little too young to drink Linda?" Mr. Lee asked.

"Oh Mr. Lee, I just turned 18 today, my friends brought me to Mohd. Sultan to celebrate! The bouncers didn't even ask for my ID."

(Author's note: 18 is the age of sexual consent in Singapore and Mohammed Sultan Road is a strip of popular discos and pubs in the island city)

"Not surprising considering how sluttily you are dressed, the bouncers would have been falling over themselves to let you in!" Mr. Lee thought to himself.

"Why didn't your friends send you home?" Mr. Lee asked aloud.

But there was no response as LindaMichelle had fallen asleep, overcome by the alcohol. Mr. Lee adjusted his rear view mirror again, glancing at her stiff nipples and slightly parted legs everytime a street light illuminated her body.

When the taxi reached Linda's apartment block in Woodlands, Mr. Lee parked the cab and opened the rear door to wake up the sleeping beauty. He shook her gently, calling her name, but she was knocked out cold.

As he shook her arm harder, her blouse which had been gaping open fell away to reveal her braless tits and long stiff nipples. Mr. Lee paused for awhile, gazing at the incredibly sexy sight in front of him.

"My goodness! No bra and no panties! In such revealing attire! She's fortunate she flagged me down before she got raped!" Mr. Lee thought to himself.

"Linda, wake up!" Mr. Lee tried again, shaking the sexy young thing again, causing her firm teenage tits to move invitingly. Still no response.

Mr. Lee looked at the babe again, unable to believe that all his taxi driver fantasies could come true that very night. He stopped himself, reminding himself that she was underage.

"Wait a minute, what was that she said just now? Oh! She's already 18!" Mr. Lee recalled.

Just then Linda sighed slightly in her stupor and shifted her position, causing both her boobs to become visible, both her pretty light brown nipples seeming to beg for attention.

Mr. Lee lost his self control at that point at started to fondle the breasts of the 18 year old darling in the back of his taxi cab. He massaged her tits, unable to believe his luck. He grabbed the deliciously tanned flesh and moulded it with his calloused hands. When he lightly grabbed her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, Linda sighed and opened her pretty pink lips.

"Damn! I'd like to fuck that mouth!" Mr. Lee said to himself, his cock rock hard.

He continued fondling her tits and twisting her nipples, observing how her legs would spread further and further apart, everytime he played with her nipples. Her skirt by then was almost up to her waist, her pussy was glistening wet and her legs were splayed out wide.

Mr. Lee jumped slightly in shock when suddenly Linda's sleepy voice sounded. "Mmmm.. that feels good Mr. Lee..."

Mr. Lee quickly pulled his hands away and said; "Oh you are awake, come let's get you home."

LindaMichelle nodded sleepily and allowed her neighbour to help her out of the cab, not noticing that his eyes were staring at various exposed parts of her lithe teenage body.

In the lift, Linda staggered and collapsed against Mr.

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