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Jessica is taken into the Dungeon by Adrian.

slurred "Oh, a threesome - how nice!"

I sat up and on the edge of my desk facing him, swinging my legs and flirting by twirling my hair. I had my hand extended and my index finger was tracing a line up and down his chest and fat belly - as if! Still, I have to admit that being naked with my husband and a man I normally found repulsive was actually a turn on.

I cocked my head and looked down at the bulge in his pants and said: "The girls told me about your crush for me, is it true?" He laughed, but didn't answer. He looked at my husband as if expecting a joke, but hubby had taken a seat and was obviously enjoying himself. Hubby said, "She gets like this when she's drunk, and she's already had a half a bottle of Tequila by herself tonight."

My finger tracing had gotten lower and lower until I finally cupped his bulge in my hand and squeezed softly. He took half a step back but stayed within reach, and I asked him, "Are you scared of me John?" Again he laughed and didn't answer, but stepped back to where he was before. I knew I had him by a leash then.

I unbuckled his utility belt (which by the way, was a pain in the ass), and let it drop to the floor. I then pulled him to me by the waist of his pants and parted my legs so that he could stand between my open legs. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off him, exposing his oversized belly and hairy chest. He had a smile on his face like he knew what was coming, so I just gave him my usual bedroom eyes and a smile, all the while thinking that he probably weighs three times as much as I do.

I finally got his pants unbuttoned and let them drop to his ankles. Underneath he wore a pair of shorts and his cock was already poking straight out of the slit. I reached down and took hold of it and stroked it two or three times softly. I then got off my desk and kneeled down in front of him. His cock hit me in the cheek when I pulled down his shorts and it sprang back up. He was above average in size, at about eight or nine inches, and as thick as my wrist. I held his shaft in my left hand and ran my nails up and down the underside of his cock and balls. He took hold of my head and was running his fingers through my hair, while gently prodding me to go on and take him in my mouth. I gave it one long lick from the bottom to the tip of his cock, then slowly continued the lick over his navel, over his belly, up his chest, and finally to his open mouth.

I stuck my tongue as deep into his mouth as it would go and French kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss even more passionately. He placed his hands on my ass and gently but strongly kneaded my cheeks while slowly working his way lower and lower until his fingertips were exploring my pussy from behind. He lifted my right leg around his waist to get better access, and his other hand went to my breasts. He lowered his mouth to my breast and started to lick and suck on the areola, while his hands found my pussy again. His big hands were pulling my pussy lips apart and his middle finger made its way inside me slowly.

I let him have his fun for a few minutes then I kneeled down in front of him again. I gave the tip of his cock a quick flick with my tongue then ran my tongue from the bottom of his cock to the tip again, but this time when I reached the tip I let it slip inside my mouth. His thickness filled my mouth nicely as I twirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. His hands were wrapped around my head and he was eagerly shoving my face onto his cock.

He soon started to tremble and moan loudly and said he was going to come. He wasn't kidding. When he came he came and came and came some more. We hung around together a while longer and he watched me get fucked by my husband, and within a week I found another job and haven't seen him since.

Confession 3 - His Dad: This one isn't a sex story, so all the incest pervies can get their minds out of the gutter now. It was totally accidental but I guess if I'd worn panties it wouldn't have happened at all.

My father in law was visiting us for a week a few months ago.

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