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Ruby loses virginity to mysterious man on Halloween night.

'He's someone who's grown accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle,' she thinks.

She hands him the bathrobe and he asks where he can remove the rest of his clothes.

"Right here if you want to" says Kelly smiling devilishly. The words are out of her mouth before she even realizes what she's said. Her face gets flush at her boldness and her pussy gets wet too. "Um, I'll be right back" she says.

Kelly leaves the room as he undresses and puts on the bathrobe, unaware that she's peeking at him as he strips. She goes to her own room and removes her wet clothes as well. She decides he's not getting out of this house until she gets a little something for being his heroine.

Kelly finds her favorite sexy outfit, a lacy blue teddy. Its underwire lifts her breasts, while its thong panties perfectly part her shapely ass. She puts on another bathrobe, goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses. Upon returning to the living room and her guest, she sees him looking at her book collection and knick knacks atop the mantle.

"You have a nice home," he says, without turning to look at her.

"Thank you." she replies, adding "Would you care to share a bottle of wine with me? I think this storm is gonna last for awhile. This might help the time pass." Her cheeks feel flush as she speaks.

Taking the hint, he reaches for the bottle and pulls the cork.

Kelly jumps as the cork pops.

He reaches for her glass and pours a small amount of the wine, repeating the process with his own glass. He then twirls the velvety red liquid in his glass allowing the wine to breathe, sniffs it before taking a sip and lets the red fluid swish around the tip of his tongue before announcing, "Very good."

Having watched him, Kelly takes the offered glass, sips the wine and decides it's a good bottle too before downing the rest.

"This is becoming a good evening after all," he exclaims. "Not at all what I had originally planned."

"What were your plans, if I can ask?"

"I was on my way to a client's house. Just a small money issue," he replies casually.

He leans in and takes her in his arms and kisses her on the lips. Stunned slightly at his aggressiveness, Kelly hesitates momentarily before her mouth parts, accepting his. Tongues twirl, hands roam, and minds race with thoughts of pure lust. Any thought of his previous plans are gone from her mind. She wants him now! Her hands reach up to his waist as she pulls the tie apart. The robe falls open and her hands reach for his already hard cock.

"Hmmm, nice" she says, "it's already so big and hard."

His hands reach to open her robe. It falls to the floor revealing the blue teddy. Kelly's nipples are hard and protruding, her pussy wet with desire. He looks her up and down and smiles. "Spectacular," he pronounces.

His hands reach for her shoulders, removing the thin straps from them. His mouth presses against hers again.

'God, he's a great kisser', Kelly tells herself. She melts into his arms, letting his hands touch her body, hoping that he's as good as she's imagined.

His hands reach for her breasts, his mouth lowers to her nipple, taking it in and licking it, sucking it, biting it gently. Kelly's hands hold his head as hers tilts back slightly, the sensations of his mouth on her nipples make her knees weak. His hand plays with her other nipple, tugging and twisting it.

"Yes," she whispers, "That feels so good." Her hands let go of his head and reach across his back, "Hmmm, you're making my pussy so wet."

"Good!" he says, "I wanted you from the minute I saw you open the door."

He stands up, turns Kelly around so that her back is against his chest. His hands reach up to take a breast in each hand as his mouth kisses and nibbles her neck and ears. Juices flow down the inside of her thighs as she succumbs to his touch. Their bodies are silhouetted on the walls from the light of the fireplace. She watches as his hands caress her body, casting shadows of their play.

She pulls him to the couch where he tells her to sit back and spread

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