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Mother's ordeal continues with her unrelenting son.

"They're helpless, but they can still understand every word we are saying."

"What are you doing?" said Darren as Tish began working at his belt buckle. He tried to push her away, but his arms felt heavy and his head felt dizzy. Soon she had pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He muttered as he felt her fiddling with his testicles. She took his shoes off and pulled his pants and boxers off. He looked over and saw that Fallon had done the same thing to Manny.

Fallon lifted a piece of string in the air, right in front of Manny's face as Tish did the same with Darren and started talking.

"See the strings, Darren and Manny? These little pieces of string are going to help Fallon and I finally get payback for what you two did to us. In college, you two had the world on a string, but tonight the strings are around our fingers.

"We attached the strings around your jewels with a slip knot, sort of like a Yo-Yo. The strings are thin but very strong. They'll remind you to do to do everything we tell you to do. Do you feel it when we tug them a little, like this?"

"Hey," said Darren. Manny looked at Fallon with his mouth open.

"Good," said Tish. "You'll feel it even more as you start sobering up. If you don't do what we say, we'll tug on your string. If you still don't do it, we will pull it very slowly, like we are doing now. Look down between your legs, boys. Do you see your balls coming into sight.

"We're slowly pulling them away from your body. Soon this will start to hurt a little. Oh, it does now? Okay, Fallon, let's let the strings fall loose again.

"Do you see how this works? If you don't do what you're told, the string will keep pulling. Of course, eventually something will have to give, and that's why we want you to know that Fallon and I had some serious discussions about the strings.

"You see, if you ignore what we tell you, and the string keeps pulling, it will eventually pull your balls right off of your bodies. We'll get you to a hospital right away, but if the balls roll under the furniture, we may not be able to find them in time to save them. I understand they don't last long once they are detached.

"Without balls, you'll be less macho and not as interested in sex, and your personalities will become more submissive, so you'll do what we tell you. We like you the way you are, but we decided we'd be willing to accept the consequences.

"You guys are smart, so I'm sure it won't come to anything like that. The only reason I'm telling you is so that you remember to respond when you feel the tug."

She looked over at Fallon and winked. The look on their husbands' faces showed them that they had swallowed Tish's warning and wouldn't try to call their bluff.

"You boys should be proud of us," said Fallon, "because we did the same as you. We've been doing research and comparing notes and making plans, just like you did. Now we're going to use our knowledge just like you did."

The two women took the shirts off their husbands, who stopped trying to interfere after they felt a few tugs on the strings. Then the women led the naked, staggering men to the family room, where furniture had been moved and the plastic wading pool filled most of the space. Beneath it was a thick layer of springy rubber padding.

"Let's sit down next to the pool," said Fallon. "That's where Tish and I will be watching you compete. Those cute girls in the bikinis over there are Lita and Lila. They're twins, and they are professional videographers. They've set up these lights so we can see all the action. They also set up the networked video cameras to record everything, and they will be using hand held cameras for close-ups.

"Next to them is Fence Post. That's not his real name, just his nickname. He's here as motivation and as a backup, in case he's needed."

Fence Post began taking off his sweats as the two couples watched him. All their mouths were wide open with awe by the time he was naked.

"See why he got that nickname?" asked Fallson.

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