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Cathy could call me dressed like that any time she wanted.

When I got to the Conway back yard, Vicki greeted me by running over to me, giving me a hug, pulling my t-shirt over my head, and introducing me (I'm not sure to whom, because the t-shirt was over my face at the time) as "Cathy's hot cousin Scotty." She laughed as she said it, but it was still nice to hear.

I met her younger brother Barry, eighteen like me, who'd been out on a date last night. I couldn't help thinking how differently our frolic in the pool would have been if he'd been around.

I also couldn't help noticing that Mrs. Conway was wearing pretty short shorts - certainly not "mom" shorts - and since she wasn't even forty, she looked damn hot in them.

And I couldn't help the fleeting thought that maybe it was her who came into my room last night: she could have gotten in as easily as anybody else, of course.

Crazy thought, of course, but koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson!

I also met a few more of Cathy and Vicki's friends, maybe half a dozen girls and three or four guys in all. More would straggle in later, and we'd probably have between twenty-five and thirty people altogether at various times.

Gail and Cathy walked over wearing long t-shirts, and they both attracted their share of attention when they took them off. Gail isn't huge on top, probably average I guess, but she's curvy, and her bikini top had a cutaway hole between her breasts that drew attention to her cleavage. Cathy, with her small breasts, wore a strapless bikini top that, while actually elasticized and quite secure, gave the impression of being both too narrow and too flimsy to stay in place - so that drew everybody's attention as well.

Shorty after dinner - Mr. Conway grilled up some burgers and dogs, then the Conways took off for Cathy's parents' place for a party of their own, after first reminding us not to burn the place down - some of the girls disappeared into the house and emerged wearing swimsuits they didn't want Vicki's parents or their own parents to know they were wearing. Not obscene, mind you, but maybe a bit risque.

It's a girl thing, I guess: I've seen Gail around school wearing skirts and blouses I knew she hadn't been wearing when she said goodbye to our parents in the morning.

Vicki had changed as well, and I don't think her new bikini top had much more material than Cathy's, for a much larger bust. If this had also been strapless, I don't think it would have stood a chance.

As the evening progressed, many of the couples at the party ended up lying next to one another, snuggling, enjoying the warm night air and the relative lack of clothing. One couple disappeared into the house for a while, and everybody pretended not to notice.

Of course I didn't know Vicki well enough for us to be a "couple," and Cathy certainly couldn't be my "girlfriend," so I mostly stayed in the pool - where there was a lot of roughhousing and

"accidental" touching, as generally happens.

I noticed Barry was giving a lot of attention to Gail, very interested in that little circle of exposed cleavage, and she didn't seem to mind his attention.

On one hand I was hoping I wouldn't have to step in as her brother and warn Barry to behave, while on the other hand I was absolutely fixated on what was keeping Vicki's top on, and hoping that whatever it was would suddenly fail.

During a free-form game of tag, I accidentally ended up with a handful of Vicki's friend JoAnne's right breast, and I kept my hand there a bit longer than appropriate and she didn't seem to mind.

It's probably only because I was an 18-year-old virgin, but all these little things were getting me to the point where I couldn't have come out of the cold water if I'd wanted to: Vanessa had a very brief nip-slip when she jumped into the pool. She fixed herself immediately, but I couldn't help noticing.

I'm not expert, but I have a feeling Susan's bikini top wasn't lined because

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