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Sister finds what her brother has left.

Washington" in the office. My current situation was likely to end up giving him an opportunity to show me the door. Several of my young staff were already jockeying for position to replace me, and were undercutting my work whenever they could get away with it. At least two of them had seen Terry screwing Chloe in my office, but neither said a word to me about what had happened, or my own shameless behavior after Terry left.

My second problem was at home. My wife knew I was lying about something yesterday, when I returned from Chloe's apartment wearing a different shirt that the one I'd worn out of the house in the morning. I'd had to sneak the piss-soaked blue shirt into the laundry as soon as I'd been able. Given more time, I might have come up with a credible reply, but my nonsensical stammering about spilling my coffee made my wife suspicious.

As I entered Mr. Washington's office, I heard him say "Thank you for calling, Malik. I'll figure something out." The only Malik I know in our company worked for me - and was one of the possible witnesses to Chloe's wild sex show this morning.

I asked Mr. Washington to help me set priorities for the next few weeks, given his order that I be seconded to Production to work on their report project. He gave me a cold, hard stare and then told me basically that I was in a jam of my own making, and he expected me to work harder to satisfy both departments. He rose from his desk, took me by the arm, and walked me towards his door. Confirming my suspicions about Malik, he moved his grip from my elbow to my ass, and said, "I hear that you've already begun satisfying the Production Department. Don't ever come into my office again with another man's sperm on your face." Then he slowly wiped his finger across my mouth and carefully pushed the finger between my lips.

There was no cum on my face - I'd spent a long time cleaning up after Chloe rubbed my face with her cummy snatch two hours earlier. Mr. Washington just wanted me to know that he knew what had happened.


When Chloe got home Monday night, her boyfriend was waiting at the door. He had barely slept the night before, after the shock of finding his beloved oriental flower pissing all over that creep-o guy from her office. He'd picked the fucker up off of the floor and thrown his ass out into the hallway, but Chloe had refused to tell him exactly why she'd debased the guy so cruelly.

"It wasn't sex, Tommy. I don't even like the old fart. He insulted me, and I put a beating on him, and I decided to humiliate him for perving on me all the time. But it wasn't sex. You're the only man I love."

Tommy Considine allowed himself to be persuaded when Chloe dropped to her knees, opened his zipper, and pulled his stiffening cock from his boxers. Christ, she loved Tommy's dick, Chloe thought. It was thick, and long, and hard as granite. Tommy could fuck all night and Chloe tested this regularly, riding him cowgirl for hours at a time. Because as strong and tough as 24-year-old Tommy was, Chloe almost always rode cowgirl. In bed, despite her tiny size, Cloe was always in charge.

As Chloe turned around and backed her pussy up onto Tommy's soaking-wet cock, she told him "Look, Tommy, I don't like it any more than you do, but I have to keep working with this guy for a few more weeks if I hope to get that promotion."

"I don't like it, Chloe," Tommy moaned, as she squeezed her Kegels on his foot-long.

"I don't either, Tommy, but I have no choice. And he'll be back here again on weekends, too, just like before, helping with the assignment."

"I'm not leaving you alone with that pervert, Chloe. I'm not gonna do it."

"No sweat, dear, you stick around and keep an eye on him. All I want from him is work. Don't let Don out of your sight, if you don't want to."

So it was no surprise, except to me, the following weekend, that Tommy caught me in the act of hamper-diving for crusty panties....

* * *

Tuesday morning, Terry Johnson called me in the Marketing office and

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