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Mike makes his waitress work for her tip.

name, don't you?

Several moments of silenced passed.

Kajura is my name my love. At least, i use to be Kajura. When day and night were in the sky so long ago. I have not been called Kajura since the start of the eternal darkness.

Mark had figured that must have been tens of millions of years ago.

Kajura... What a beautiful name. Mark thought with a smile.

Kajura said nothing but simply hugged him reassuringly.

Mark glanced down.

We will need to stop for fuel before we get back.

Ok my love.

A few minutes further Mark pulled off the road but pulled up short before stopping next to the bowser.

Mark hesitated. Erm.. I cant get fuel with you looking like this, the attendant is going to get freaked out.

Hmm we could always inprison them too...

Mark sensed a devilish cheekiness about Kajura as she spoke.

Somehow I don't think that would end too well.

We will see... hmm.

Mark sighed, trying to figure out just what he could do since Kajura had shredded his clothes a while back.

Hmm. What to wear.

Kajura was only too happy to a solution though.

Mark watched as his sentient prison reformed herself around him. Slowly the tentacles around his legs flattened out and changed colour, forming into a pair of jeans. The latex around his feet turned into socks and sneakers, while his torso morphed into a simple sleeveless t shirt. His skin, once a gloss jet black, slowly morphed into his natural skin colour and tone. Even is latexed hair slowly changed into a baseball cap with a closely shaven scalp. Despite the appearance of loose clothes, Mark still felt the tightness of latex around him.

Wow... I should have expected that.

You are my love. I would do anything for you. But I don't like looking this way for you, I do like you exposed, where I can feel every millimeter of your body within me...

It's only for a few minutes. Mark answered with a mental smirk.

He drove forward as Sarah's prison extended a tentacle to recline the seat. It then slowly morphed into a colourful blanket draped over her still sleeping form, her natural tanned skin tone returned.

Mark stopped the engine and got out and proceeded to nervously fill the tank up.

Erm are you sure this is ok...?

Of course my love. There is no one around to see us.

She was right. Mark only now noticed there were no other cars around. Turning around he looked inside the building to see the attendant, seeing a single female face with blonde hair.

Mark bit his lip and waited for the tank to fill before realising there was an issue. He kicked himself.

Wait, I don't have any money.

Uh oh. What are we going to do?

I don't know! Mark felt his panic rise.

Wait! I have an idea.


Lets go and see who is inside first.

Ok. Mark waited till the tank was full then replaced the nozzle and headed inside.

Upon the doorbell ringing when he went in, he turned to look at the person behind the counter. She was actually a very attractive young woman and greeted Mark with a heart melting smile.

"Hey! How you going"

"Erm, G'day" Mark felt his cheeks redden somewhat at the awkward greeting. He moved to grab a few supplies from the shelf.

Oohh she is HOT! I want her...

Mark tried his best to ignore her.

Ok. Whats your plan Kajura?

I have it! We will imprison her.

Mark groaned a little.

Any other ideas?


Me neither. He paused for a few moments to think. Well... how are we going to do it?

Simple Kajura said. We go to the toilet, I divide myself and leave part of me behind. She will then be invited back to us so we can capture her cute little butt. And while she tries to escape, we do a runner.

Wow. So simple. Mark thought with a hint or irony.


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