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Luke & Dakota lay the floor.

I'm 5'4", about 145 and all of my weight sits in my ass and my breasts. My hair is golden and curly. It's long and falls down to the middle of my back, though at the time it was just a couple of inches past my shoulders. The color of my eyes changes with the light- anywhere from dark blue to grey to green. My lips are full and pouty. I keep myself well-groomed: eyebrows diligently plucked, pubes diligently shaved, and legs smooth and touchable.

At this moment, I had my glasses off and I was waiting for directions from Ryan.

"Deya, lie down on the tape," Ryan had already laid down long strips of the electrical tape on the black curtain that he had smoothed over the cement floor of his basement, which also seconded as his photo studio, as is obvious from the scene I am describing.

I obeyed, lying down in the middle of the tape. "Ryan, are you sure you just aren't using this as an excuse to tie me up?" I asked him.

He grinned at me as he moved closer. "You got it. Dave, go upstairs. Come back down in about an hour."

Dave laughed a little, crossing his arms. "No way in hell, Ryan."

"C'mon... I'd be good to her...,"

"Umm... not that I don't mind lying here, but its cold, so could you hurry it up a bit?" I broke in.

"I'll warm you up," Ryan came over, still grinning, and started winding pieces of the tape around my body. Gently. Avoiding my hair. Asking me if the bonds on my wrists were too tight. Asking me if I felt "comfortable".

Comfortable? Too comfortable. Way too damn comfy in these bonds... feeling this helplessness. Feeling the cool sticky tape strangle my skin. "I'm fine," I kept telling him, trying to keep my voice calm and my pussy clenched tightly.

"Okay, Dave, your turn," Ryan said.

My master came over to me, smiling down at me. He disrobed, showing off his huge balls and half-hard thick cock. I didn't say anything; I didn't need to. He could read me well enough to know how much the sight of him there turned me on.

He kneeled down, then rested his body on top of mine; chest to chest... his cock resting against my upper thigh.

Ryan wrapped the long pieces of tape up over our bodies, and used the excess to wrap around our limbs. We were given just enough leeway to move slightly. "Okay, I'm going to start shooting,"

I hadn't said a word to Dave. I didn't trust my voice and I sure as hell didn't trust my body. He shifted up a bit- just enough that his head was slightly above mine. He held himself on his elbows and kept smiling at me. I smiled back. We remained like that for a few moments while Ryan took his first couple of shots.

That was supposed to be all. More should not have happened. I was not prepared for more. I was not prepared for Dave, when he dipped his head down and kissed me. He kissed me hard, deeply and I, reluctant only for the first moment, gave myself up to the kiss.

Ryan said something, but I don't think either of were paying any attention at all to him at this point.

My arms, I found out, were taped trapped wrapped around Dave's body. Ryan had given no room for them to move at all. My master nibbled on my lips, pulling on the lower one, pulling it up while I gasped helplessly. His tongue drove into my mouth, dancing over my own, pulling it deep into his mouth. I opened my eyes and found his own me, watching my every reaction.

Again, I thought that this was all. Again, I was ever so wrong. I had underestimated my master.

Somehow, while we were making out in the tape on the cold basement floor while Ryan was eagerly shooting pictures, his body had shifted up enough that I felt his cock rub a little against my pussy.

He broke off the kiss with a gasp and looked down at me in surprise. I flushed. I knew why he was surprised. I was soaking wet; dripping down the indent to my ass. I could feel my juices slowly leak down. And his cock had shot from half-hard to rock hard in seconds.

He took my mouth again, harder this time, bruising it while he rubbed his cock over my lips, grazing

my clit with it, stretching our bodies against the tape.

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