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Jack comes back into Andy's life.

But this was a game that two could play. With gentle pressure on her shoulders the girl's movements suggested to Emma that she should kneel down before her. It was no pressure at all and before she could think she was on her knees, her mouth at the level of this girls crotch. She unbuttoned the skirt she was wearing to reveal the full splendour of her legs. At the top was a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, she too hadn't worn anything beneath her skirt that evening. But the lips of her cunt were engorged and prominent, deep red with lust. The girl's fingers traced their way slowly down her body and into the crevice between her legs. She rubbed two fingers across her pussy and Emma could see the moisture from the young girls cunt coating her delicate hand. She felt the girls other hand cupping her head and then this stranger forced her juice covered fingers into her mouth. The aroma from the gorgeous young tramp's sodden cunt became intoxicating and she moved forward to start using her tongue against the strangers pussy.

At once the girl fell onto the bed spreading her legs wide to reveal the pink flesh of her fuck hole. The young stranger pulled the lips of her cunt wide and Emma had no hesitation in going down on her. What should have felt a strange experience was nothing of the sort. Her head rested against the softness of the youngster's legs as her tongue traced the insides of her cunt. "Lick my clit, I want your mouth on my fucking clit" the girl urged and Emma responded. She felt the small bud of flesh with her tongue and started to flick it with rapid movements. But she was taking in the feel of the juices pouring from this girls cunt. She knew she was turned on and she wanted to exert her power by bringing her to orgasm. Emma climbed on to the bed, her small tits brushing against this girls body as her head moved down towards her slit. Emma quickly started again on the oral treatment to the younger fuckers clit but also started to wank her, two fingers sliding easily into her sodden pussy. She could feel the heat from the girls body and sensed her lifting her arse off the bed to meet the thrust of her own fingers as she continued to finger fuck the girl.

As she did so she realised that her own cunt was being fingered but not just her own fuck hole. She looked round as the girl sucked her own fingers and then moved to gently probe her virgin arsehole. She'd never experienced anyone with any interest in her other hole but the tingling sensation coming from between her legs suggested she was about to find new sexual pleasure at the hands of this dark haired beauty.

Emma realised she was being turned on so much that she was committing herself to greater acts of wanton and lewd behaviour. This had turned from the sensual and exotic to lust fuelled exhibitionism. She couldn't tell where the ideas were coming from, some dark recess of her sub conscious she had never explored, but now she was desperate for greater levels of wicked sexual acts and excitement. Her body craved greater stimulation and as a start she moved her hand back between the cheeks of her arse. First she forced the hand of her young female assailant against her bum forcing her finger deeper into her rectum and then she pulled her cheeks apart exposing the fine wispy hairs round her sex and the clean smooth skin of her arsehole, now being roughly penetrated by the finger of her sapphic lover.

She bent lower down, her bum more exposed than ever as the girl started to move her finger out in ever more rapid motions.

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