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Her finger made wonderous moist wet sounds as it gyrated around the hard bud of clit, she move her left hand further down and pulled her labia apart revealing strings of delicious pussy juice strung between the lips of her cunt, I smelt the musky scent of her sex and it aroused me, my cock was already hard but now it practically strained against its own skin as if trying to escape its restraint, I continued to explain that the men were slowing moving closer that a couple already had their cocks out and were slowly wanking themselves, she had her eyes closed and started asking what they wee going to do to her, I opened the bedside drawer removed a blindfold which I then placed gently over her eyes this would help her with a her visualisation of the fantasy.

I told her that one of the guys was reaching out to pop her tits out of her bra so that they could rub the hard purple tips of cocks over her nipples, she gasped as I reached out and gently lifted each breast out of its cup, her chest heaved as she breathed deeply.

I slipped my zipper down and pulled my cock out of my trousers, it stuck out in front of me hard and veined, the purple head looked as if it would split as it was so swollen with blood, a small drip of pre-cum appeared on the end as I closed my hand around the shaft and drew it towards the tip.

I stood by the edge of the bed and pushed the head of my cock against her nearest breast, I rubbed the end around her nipple, in response Elena appeared to have been electrocuted by the touch, she arched her back and groaned aloud driving her finger harder onto her clit and the other fingers slipped into her wet lubricated cunt.

She groaned that she need cock in her mouth and cunt, that she needed to cum as well as to taste a mans cum.

I told her the men were all wanking really hard now that some of them were starting to drip pre-cum from their hard shafts, that if she wanted she could taste some.

I ordered her to turn her head to the right and to open her mouth and to accept the hard mouth fucking she was going to get from one of the strangers.

She groaned and said that I must not allow that to happen that she would stop him forcing his cock in her mouth, we had played this game before Elena fantasised about being restrained and forced to suck cock, I knew that if I played this fantasy out she would have a huge climax and I would get the opportunity to receive one of the best cock and mouth fucks going with the bonus of being the man to pump a huge wad of hot cum into her mouth.

I said to her that I would hold her head whilst the stranger pushed the tip of his cock into her mouth and that he was going to fuck her against her will.

She moaned and called out that she would not let him, before she could finish her defiance I placed my hand against the side of her face turning it to face me, she resisted sufficiently to add to the fantasy but then allowed me to hold her face towards my waiting stiff cock, I wanked my cock with my spare hand only a few millimetres away from her lips, the pre-cum was making the end of my cock slick with seed, so I moved forwards and wiped it onto her lips. She pulled back but slipped the tip of her tongue out taking a taste of seed then allowed herself to be pulled onto my cock, my helmet pushed against her mouth where I pushed it firmly against her resisting mouth, she shook her head and opened her mouth and started to speak but I quickly pushed cock into her.

Her mouth was so hot, wonderfully smooth and wet, I felt her soft lips as they moved down my shaft.

She was now frantically frigging at her juicy pussy moving her hips around, her legs were spread as wide as she could get them, I took my hand away from her head and moved it down to her waiting cunt where I slipped first one then a two fingers into her slick wet ho

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