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There's always a surprise waiting for him at home.


She smiled, then stood up and unfastened her skirt. Then she threw it over a chair, covering two cushions and thus reducing the volume of pink in the room a little. She ripped off the short black woollen socks she'd been wearing under her boots, so now she was stripped down to a large pair of plain knickers. She scowled at me again, but kind of ruefully, then turned her back to me and pushed them down.

"Nice," I said again. She turned around, with her arms folded over her breasts -- but this was a weirdly defiant sort of pose, because it left me feeling obliged to stare further down.

"Oh, right," I breathed.

"What's the big deal?" she demanded, "You've seen pictures, I'm sure."

"Yes," I admitted, "but I guess -- well, I guess I wasn't expected you to have shaved. Not there."

She shrugged. "Tried it as an experiment, a while back," she admitted, "and then, this evening -- well, it seemed right, somehow." With two steps, she was beside the bed, her pussy on a level with my face. "What do you think?" she demanded.

I moved my face to look closer. (No, there were no piercings.) "I think that I could learn to like it," I said, and leant forward to plant a kiss.

Nina jumped back half an inch, but then she relaxed and stepped forward again. "You'd better," she said, "because you're going to have to pay it some attention."

She clambered a little clumsily onto the bed, and lay beside me again. I caressed her breasts once more, cautiously -- I wasn't sure if I was falling in love with her, but I was going to love them forever -- but after a moment, she grabbed my hand and guided it downwards. So for the first time in my life, I felt those odd little folds, nestling within the shaved area which still had a little hair where her electric razor had missed or she'd been understandably cautious.

"Feel that?" she demanded.

"Yeah," I said. "Excuse this, I'm still... That's the clitoris, right?"

"Yeah. And it likes being touched, thanks, but treat it nice, don't just maul it, okay?"

"Treat your clitoris nicely. Right. Got that." I nodded, and tried a few careful caresses, but she still had hold of my hand, and now she guided it a little further.

"And that's my cunt," she said. "Go on, feel it -- it doesn't bite."

This was all completely new stuff to me, but I did my best, probing the entrance with my index finger. I was pleased to discover that the stuff about women becoming damp and lubricated was all true, and when I looked at her face, I saw that Nina was even smiling a little, so I probed some more. Tentatively, I added a second finger, and as her grip on my hand relaxed a little, I used my thumb to brush her clitoris. She gasped slightly.

I paused, and looked at her face. "You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, fine." Mostly she was looking thoughtful. "Don't worry," she said, "I've had three fingers in there before now."

I guess that I looked a bit nonplussed at that, and she glared at me, but not too angrily. "Look," she said, "I assumed that somebody would pass the test, one day, and I didn't want to have to put up with any sort of bullshit about either of us getting hurt. So I've tried to make sure I'm as ready as I can be down there, okay? Anyway," she allowed herself a smile, "I had to have some fun while I was waiting."

I didn't complain, and I continued to probe; the good thing about her no-bullshit attitude was that she told me exactly what was working and what wasn't. But by now, all this was having an effect on me.

"Is it okay to go on?" I said, cautiously.

She smirked. "Yeah, I guess we'd better," she said.

I got off the bed and hastily pull off the last of my clothes. My hard-on was really straining by now, strange to say, and I turned back towards Nina nervously.

"God," she said, "will it really fit?"

"No need to overdo the flattery," I said.

"No," she said, "I'm serious." The attitude had slipped now; she was staring at my cock with what looked worryingly like horror.

I lay on the bed beside her again.

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