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As if my body has a mind of its own, I start to move closer, crawling on my knees to the foot of the bed. I feel his breath on me, as he examines me. For the first time all night, he touches me. His arm wraps around my waist and pulls me in closer. He smells me. First my hair, then my neck... I know by now he's aware of the effect he is having on my lower region, as I can smell myself between us. He looks into my eyes. He knows. "Do you know why I'm here?"


He grabs my hair, and pulls my face to his. His kiss is hard. I try to keep up, but I am unable to predict his pattern. My lips feel bruised from the pressure and the biting. "Mmm.. Please.. Please stop." I spoke, but he doesn't seem to hear me at all. His other hand, comes up from the small of my back, after tracing the tattoo there, and rests on my breast. He caresses it, then, without warning, he pinches my nipple. Hard. I yelp in pain. Then again- in pleasure.

He breaks the kiss and pulls me off the bed. He sets me down on the other side of him, and he rests on the bed. I take him in. Broad shoulders, well built. He removes his shirt, and then, instructs me to "Take off My shoes".

I do.

"Unbutton My pants."

I get nervous. "Please, anything but that. I.. I can't. Please, look, I have money, and you can take anything you want."

He smiles, it's sadistic. "I want you."

I feel the tears rushing from my eyes. I know there is no way out of this. I have no phone, no weapon. I step closer and unbutton his pants. I pull them, and he slaps me across the face. I cry out, and I feel the stinging burning sensation mingle with the warm tears still lightly flowing. "Why?"

"I did not tell you to take them off. You will learn to obey Me. Do only what I say." I stand there, holding my face.

He stands, and removes his pants, and his boxers too. He stands in front of me, now naked but for his socks and a chain around his neck. From it, hangs a key. A skeleton key. I wonder for a moment what it belongs to, before he drags me to my knees. "Suck," he says, "and don't bite."

I take his semi erect cock into my mouth. "Good girl" he says. I slowly take more of his cock into my mouth, trying not to go too far. I feel his hands upon me now. He pinches my nipples, then take one hand and puts it behind my head. "I am going to fuck your throat." I panic, try to get away. He holds me still and says, "Don't fight Me. I'll start slow."

His cock is now thrusting into my mouth. The length of him starting to become more than my mouth has ever known. And then, deeper, and deeper, until he's in my throat. I shift to get a better angle, and I feel the wetness on my thighs. 'Why am I so turned on by this stranger?' I let my hand down to touch myself. The other, I brace on his thigh. He shoves his entire cock into my mouth. I begin to gag. I can't breathe. He holds it there, and I start to feel light headed. 'He's going to kill me.'

"Don't touch Me, slut. You only touch me when I say you are allowed." I nod my head, and he removes his cock from my mouth. I groan. Partly because of the pain, partly because I want his cock back in my mouth.

He picks me up, and only then, do I realize I must have fallen to the floor. He cradles me like a baby. I must look like one too. My 5'2 body being held by his gigantic frame. He must be at least 6'4. He sets me on the bed, and says "I am sorry, pet. But you must be disciplined." I'm lying on my back, and now, he hovers above me. I know what's next. He spreads my thighs, and takes his hand to my sex. "You're so wet. Did you enjoy sucking My cock?" I nod, and he spanks my clit.

"I didn't hear you."

"Yes," I breathe out. "I did."

He spanks my clit again, "You will call me Master. Or Sir."

"Yes Master."

His fingers explore me down there.

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