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Cassia offers her anal virginity.

"Well then, stand up and come by my desk." Jeff opened the drawer, hopefully searching for a ruler while Lucia moved to the side of his large, dark wood desk.

"Put your hands by your sides," he stated, and Lucia quickly complied. Jeff pulled out a cloth measuring tape from his desk and pretended to measure her skirt, as well as check where her fingers lay along the sides.

"Lucia! This skirt is at least three inches too short. I don't know what you were thinking. You do know what the punishment is for this sort of behavior, don't you?"

"A spanking, sir," she meekly replied, getting slightly wet at the thought.

"Speak up!"

Lucia lifted her head and looked into Jeff's eyes. "A spanking, sir," she said quite clearly, making sure that he knew what her intentions were.

"That is correct. Please face the side of the desk."

Lucia turned and looked at his desk. She realized that the leather blotter was completely clear on this side. From the front of the desk, she had noted the slight indentations in the blotter, always thinking it was to keep pencils from rolling or something like that. From the side of the desk, though, she realized that there were two indentations, as if made to set her arms in. How long had he been thinking of this, she wondered.

"Bend over," he demanded, interrupting her thoughts. She wordlessly bent over the desk, placing each of her arms into the indentations. It was a perfect fit. She laid her head over her arms and waited.

"As this is your first violation, we'll start with five spanks over your skirt. But don't think you're getting off easy!" Jeff stated, slapping her ass before she had a chance to respond.

"Ow!" she involuntarily yelped, not expecting the first blow that quickly. Jeff landed four more blows over her skirt, which stung slightly, but really didn't affect Lucia much.

Jeff stopped for a moment. He was enjoying spanking his wife, but what he really wanted was to feel each of her orbs while raining down blows with his hand. He wanted to see if they would change color, like in the videos he had watched over and over.

"Lucia, I just noticed that there is a buckle on your skirt. You are aware that is not allowed. I'm sorry, but this calls for a more severe punishment." Jeff flipped up her plaid skirt and gently brushed his open hand down her white panties. When he reached the top of her thighs, he put his hands between them and pushed so that her feet were at least a foot apart. He could see a slight damp stain spreading across her panties and realized that this was a fantasy of hers, too.

"I am going to remove your underwear now. No complaining!"

"Yes, sir," Lucia meekly replied.

Jeff moved his hands up to the thin waistband of Lucia's soft cotton panties. He slowly ran his fingers beneath it, and then placed one hand on each side of her body. He took the panties in both hands, moving them over her hips, exposing her behind. He reveled in the curves of her backside. There was a slight trace of pink from the first spanking. He moved the panties lower, revealing her pussy, which was glimmering wet. He inhaled, and then quickly pushed her panties to the floor.

"Please step out of your underwear." Lucia complied. Jeff picked them up and threw them on to the chair.

"Lucia, this may hurt, but you need to understand the severity of your misbehavior." Jeff stated, still trying to act as a headmaster, and lifted his right hand up to begin spanking her again. SLAP! The noise echoed slightly in the office. Lucia flinched a bit, but was expecting this blow and didn't cry out.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Jeff continued spanking her, moving in slightly widening circles upon her right cheek until it turned bright pink. He then moved to the left one, doing the same. When both were bright pink, he stopped to look at his handiwork.

Lucia was breathing hard, bent over the desk, ass lifted into the air.

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