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Very ready.

Once they were both completely naked, he took her by the hand and led her through the house. He had planned on fucking her on her marital bed, but as he passed Stacey's room, her daughter's room, he suddenly had a better idea. She resisted him as he pulled her inside, so he had to wrap a hand around her waist and pull her in forcefully. He shoved her face down onto her daughters bed.

He didn't know his step-sister's friends very well, but he had seen them for years. Stacey was a super slim blond with perky tits. She was too young for Jason, she was 18 true, but and way too immature. That was made clear by all of the stuffed animals. The bed was horizontal against the wall, and the entire far side of the bed was lined with stuffed puppies, cats, and rabbits.

Jason took in the odd decorations for a full ten seconds before he shoved his hard cock deep into Stacey's mom. "Oh my God!" Donna yelled.

She was not as tight as his previous two fucks, so he slid straight in allot faster than he had intended.

"He can't help you now Mrs.Rhea, Your mine Mrs.Rhea." Jason started fucking his married conquest on her own daughters bed.

Unlike the first two times Jason had fucked, this time he could tell he reached his first climax pretty quickly. He didn't feel any obligation to impress Donna, so he had been focused entirely on his own pleasure. It was an overconfident mistake. "Are you close?" he asked her as his own climax approached. His own pride would keep him from cumming before Donna.

"Are you kidding?"

Potentially insulted, Jason spanked her harder than he meant to. The impact felt good on his cock. Too good. "Answer the question!"

"I've cum twice!" she screamed!

He wasn't sure if he believed her. He didn't notice her climax. Moreover, if he came too soon he was not guaranteed an invite back. Having lost easy access to both of his prior conquests, at least temporarily, he needed to make an impression.

"Don't cum inside of me!" She squealed. That was disappointing. He had assumed that he could, since she was an older woman.

"What makes you think I am close?" he bluffed.

He pulled out of her pussy and hopped up on the bed, sitting his bare ass sitting on the pile of stuffed animals facing Donna. He pulled her by her hair as he guided her head back onto his cock.

After climbing up onto the bed in a kneeling position, she sucked the hell out of his cock, assuming he was close to climaxing. He was, so her was trying to put his mind on anything but the epic blowjob he was receiving. This was difficult since his hands had a mind of there own and were giving her boobs another once over. He tried only focusing on the sensations from his hands, but the damage was done. His only reprieve were the three times she choked on his cock from taking him in to deeply, but each time she caught her breath and went right back to it. He had gotten too close to soon. He needed to cum.

He held her head down on his shaft as he hit the point of no return. She started gagging almost as soon as he started cumming, and cum shot back out of her mouth over his cock and balls and onto the stuffed rabbit and pink comforter. She tried to get up but he held her down as he continued to cum down her throat. She swallowed quite a bit. Jason was impressed.

When he was finished he let go and she looked frantic. "I have to get your cum off of the comforter before it stains!" She beckoned him to stand so he would not soil the bed any further. He stood slowly, but had no intention of letting her clean up just yet.

"What makes you think I am done fucking you?" Slowly her eyes drifted down his pecks and abs and locked onto his still hard cock.

"Oh my God." She said, backing up slowly, and she started to back away from it like it was a snake. Jason stepped forward, matching her pace.

She backed into Stacey's computer desk, stumbling over a chair so that she was almost sitting on the keyboard.

"You have been saying that allot today.

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