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Gwen needs more than her little hubby.

"Ern?" Ernie says, "Have you been talking to my high-school buddies? Ern is for burial. You can call me Ernest or Ernie or..."

"Ernest Ernie?" Snookie smiles, checking to see just how much of a reaction she can get from this calm boy.

Ernie smiles. It is a gentle alert smile, one that acknowledges struggle but steps away, gliding effortlessly left or right to the unseen flow of what is comfortable and at ease, but not always easy.

Snooki watches that smile and responds with a light pat on Ernie's hand, "OK, no more teasing about names. We will certainly think of a good nickname for everyone we meet, but," she pauses and pats Janie on her butt, "only for those people we like."

"I can't wait." Ernie says, watching as Janie smiles at Snooky.

"Careful what you wish for around hungry girls!" Janie says, her eyes smiling.

Ernie's space is a lot neater than theirs. It is huge, with lots of old furniture arranged in a rough arc like an impromptu conversation pit. The row of three north facing windows are free of the clutter that still plagues the girls' apartment. They gaze about them admiring the possibilities of how they can transform their own space. Jane is catty-corner to Snooky and has put a mildly provocative ankle across Snooky's thigh as she talks to Ernie. Ernie smiles and smiles, at ease in the comfort of their attention even as he suspects the girls are teasing him.

"When will the other kids arrive?" Janie asks, wondering if they have time to relocate the tons of stuff in their room.

"I hear Mr. Matterson is a little selective, so maybe there won't be anyone else. Guess you have a few boxes to move, huh?" And laughs as the girls roll their eyes at him.

"Yes, we are trying our feminine wiles on the one person with the muscles to help us...this person having contributed to our overcrowding."

"No need for wiles--feminine or otherwise--I already volunteered. Anyway your lavish, I hope, real comments about my spaghetti sauce surely are thanks enough. Let's hope I can get the same response when we start school."

Snooky laughs, "Would I trick a sweet boy like you? Just to get more of that great pasta? Hmm...maybe but it's still a real compliment for your good cooking, chef!"

Ernie blushes. To be called 'chef' by this blond-haired nymph who has suddenly come with her heavenly sister nymph to live but a few feet from his once lonely door, is more than he can hope for. The girls watch him blush and almost as one untangle themselves to sit on either side of him, pressing their curvy bodies close, giggling, as they reach out to savagely tickle his lean body and its over exposed ego.

"Chef! Chef!" they say, "Bring us an appetizer!" Ernie giggles almost like a girl as he tries to hide from their nimble fingers.

After a while they settle. The girls tell him about the Bella Rosa Bakery and the people they love there. They tell him that sometime this year, he'll probably meet Nellie and Irma. That he'll drool at their beauty.

"Irma and Nellie are so hot!" Snooky says and then looks at him with a playful smirk, "Irma will stop your heart but never touch your body. She and Nellie are a couple."

"Like you and Janie?" asks Ernie.

Janie laughs. Snooki giggles. They turn to watch him as Janie says, "Maybe! Does that shock you, Ernie?"

"Nope! My cousin Julie says she's a lesbian, at least she was last year when I saw her in Wyoming. When we were growing up, she was a kissing cousin. Now, she flaunts her beautiful untouchable body just to tease me. Like you two."

"We are too dusty and raggedy to flaunt, Ernie," Snooky says, mischievously. "But we could start!"

Ernie watches, wide-eyed, as Snooky reaches across him, her chest pressed against his arm to undo Janie's blouse starting at the bottom. She begins to narrate, her eyes dancing between their startled faces:

"This little button down by her flat belly is like an appetizer, some chips on the table, celery sticks, or whatever, just a little low-cal nibble."

Next, she pauses, now draping her body over Ernie's lap so th

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