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An Agent must navigate a survivor's memories.

He likes to see me drip, likes to see his cum run out of me and down my legs as I walk around or sometimes pose for him.

After he's had me he likes for me to stay like that, messy, him running out of my butt staining my stockings or legs. I try to wear the cutest shoes for him just for that reason, to look super model wet and messy. Cool shoes and lace top thigh high stockings set it all off nicely. I sometimes make him lunch or serve him drinks like that after having my butt used by him, me dripping onto my kitchen floor. If he's naked he'll sometimes sit me on his lap and feel my wetness on his legs. He likes to finger me like that. I love that!! He sometimes puts me over his lap like that too, and pets or spanks me! I love the feeling of his fingers reaching down into my wet cheeks and spreading them, knowing he's looking down into my butt, inspecting my tight little wet hole, looking at the rear end he owns. And he does. The man makes me crazy when he does that!

When I go down on him I swallow for him when he cums but I always do it in a very erotic way. I don't just swallow non-stop as he spurts. I make sure some of it backs up in my mouth and runs out slightly. I like to be messy. I use that word too much, 'messy'. But it's accurate and descriptive of what I do...and am for this man. I like for him to see that. He loves to see that, when he's looking at me and doesn't have his eyes closed, lost to my mouth. I make it a show for him. And depending on the makeup, the lip gloss, I choose to wear it all is highlighted in a most erotic way.

One of my favorites is when I'm wearing a dark velour or thin tight knit sweater top to let a lot of it drip down on to the front of me. Black is best for this 'look'. I know he likes seeing me 'marked' like that. I think my favorite way to go down on him is on my knees.

And he likes to have me with my head over the edge of the bed, mouth fucking me like that. I do that for him, sometimes choking but I never say 'no'. Sometimes he pulls out of my butt when he's ready to cum and hurries up over the top of me to finish in my mouth, but my personal favorite is kneeling in front of him. I can really work him like that. It is beyond hot to me to do it for him like that, on my knees. I make a tiny hard point of the tip of my tongue and push it into the hole of his erection. I make him squirm so deliciously like that. I love to cup the underside of it with my tongue and run it over the hole, push the head of it against the roof of my mouth and hold him in place like that as I masturbate him. I'm very good at that. And when I want to make a man cum that is the technique I use to make that happen. They can't resist.

I like to be his 'eye candy' too. I go out of my way to be soft and sissy like. I want him to be hard thinking about what I'll look like for him before he comes in the door. I do all the pencil skirts, sexy sweaters and blouses, boots, shoes, and the 'big girl look', etc. But that is not my favorite. My favorite look is one many men have said they've never seen before they saw me do it. And it's a look that gives them all of me instantly. And many have said that their wives would never think of doing that for them. It's really very simple. The hardest part is the makeup. It takes over an hour to get that just right. That takes the longest to get perfect. I do this outfit in several colors but like black the most. I wear ankle boots, 3" stiletto spikes, with ruffled white sissy sox, the ruffles just outside the top of the boots to show off my baby smooth legs. I wear no panties or stockings. I wear a lace choker around my neck and a white matching lace ribbon tide around my tiny balls and penis. The ribbon is tied tight up under it all to push my little sissy thing and balls up and out in front. This puts me on full display.

My little soft pink penis is no more 2", no more than 3" erect, and this truly emphasizes what I am.

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