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Groom gives in to seduction of maid of honor on wedding day

His beard tickled her. She moaned and pushed herself against him, a light, airy moan left her mouth. The sound of it kicked it's spurs into his excitement. His hands slid further under her plentiful ass and he lifted her up so he could kiss down her neck, along her collar bone and down to the sweet tender flesh between her glorious breasts. The cold air kissed her wet skin, but she scarcely noticed. She wrapped her arms around his head, enveloping him in her flesh. His tongue drifted onto her left breast tracing lazy circles around the nipple without touching it. Several times he would let it meander so close, and she would tense in expectation, then his tongue would wander away. She liked to be a point. The tip of his tongue flicked over her stiff nipple just barely grazing it and suddenly his mouth was at her other breast, where he again taunted and teased with the promise of taking her nipple into his mouth. Suddenly he did. His lips formed a circle around the nipple, he sucked only hard enough to draw it into his mouth where he pressed against it firmly with the flat of his tongue. Rolling it, massaging it with the rippling muscle in his mouth, sucking at lightly. Her head rolled back and she inhaled slowly and deeply, exhilarated. With one hand she reached up to pinch and tweak her other nipple, rolling it between her fingers. He kissed his way from one side to the other, she moved her hand to allow the welcome sensation of his skilled mouth enveloping her other pert nipple. He carried on for some time, one side and then the other...sucking, licking, teasing, flicking with his tongue. The more she enjoyed it the greater his intent to keep going. Pleasing her was his drug and he was greedy for it.

Once again she pulled his head back by the hair but more gently this time, he looked up at her, his lips still suckling her rosy flesh not wanting to let go. She looked at him dreamily and smiled, she was lost somewhere within herself between gentle euphoria and raw lust. She insisted and he relented, tipping his head back so she could kiss him. They pulled each other close again, kissing wildly, she ran her hands over his neck and back. He suddenly shifted his hands from holding her up to caressing her back and she slid down his body and all the way back into the tub. Suddenly they both froze as the tip of his rigid cock found it's own way into the welcoming folds of her eager pussy. It was a sensation like no other and he lacked the words should he be required to describe it.

"Not yet," he smiled, wanting to prolong things as long as possible.

She looked deep into his eyes and one slow, agonizingly wonderful millimeter at a time she pushed herself onto him and he was helpless to stop her. He was inside her as far as their position would allow. She wriggled a bit and ground herself into him, wanting absolutely as much of her man inside her as she could get. Enveloped in her wet, silken warmth, the well trained muscles of her heavenly sheath milking his hard cock as she clung to him all but motionless, she was in control. His mind told him to stop but every primal, unconscious instinct set his hips gyrating. But very, very slowly...fighting for control of his own body. Her mouth next to his ear she emitted a long, low, whispered "yeeessssss" as she started to move to match his impossibly slow mini thrusts into her aching sex.

While he fought for self-control she insistently sought to rob him of it. Her undulations remained slow of pace but tight grinding was slowly evolving into longer thrusts. There was a shudder in the light moan that he emitted as he lowered his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sliding back and forth on her man's cock she exhibited great control of her urgency as well as her body. Through some effort, she managed to maintain the glacial pace of her pelvic movements and use the velvet walls of her pussy contract more tightly around his shaft on each inward stroke.

She knew his wish to stop had nothing to do with lack

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