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"See you soon." they said to each other and then kissed goodbye.

Then April drove off.


Part three
(Deja v__)

He went upstairs to wash up and get dressed. As time passed he was getting more nervous. He decided to focus on the date. He ended up looking for inspiration in one of his favorite soundtracks and dressed in his dark gray suit to the sound of "license to kill". Then he looked in the mirror and had a deja v__, as he pretended to shoot the man in the mirror and then blow the smoke off the barrel of his finger and bury it in his jacket pocket.

"Right!" he smiled to the mirror, and then rushed downstairs.

"Bye mom, don't wait up!" he said hastily, and before his mom could say anything the front door slammed shut.


He hopped in his mustang and checked the rear view mirror, the sun was setting and the skies were painted in a pinkish hue. He backed down the driveway and vanished in the evening traffic.

He drove up to April's parents house, it was a private condo, and he stopped at the front gate.

"Good evening. Who are you meeting?" the security guard asked.

"Good evening. I'm meeting April O'Neall, I'm her fiance." he answered.

"Oh, I see. Can I see some ID." he stretched his hand.

"Here you go." he gave him his license.

The security guard went into his booth and called the girl to tell her that her fiancee had arrived. Once he got permission he opened the gate, and went to return the document to the young man. "She'll be right over, you can park right by entrance."

"Thank you." he collected the card, and drove up to the tower building, parked right in front of the entrance, and waited.
About 5 minutes later she emerged from the glass doors, and it was a familiar sight, she had her prom dress on. He looked at her and felt immediately drawn like a moth to a flame. That beautiful red dress looked like a bush fire, vibrant and hot. From the collar descended two pieces of sparkling cloth covering only her two pomegranates. They formed a narrow V cleavage, and flowed down to her waist and around it. The bottom was a red shining fabric that flowed freely, hiding her beautiful legs, which stood on 5 inch shiny red stilettos. She also had a cute red clamshell purse. The vision was burned in his retina, and he would remember it till the day he died. She was simply irresistible.

Her hair was dark brown, with locks of copper, and was long enough that it almost reached her big round breasts in front and in the back fell in waves that went from the back of her head down her shoulders and covered almost half of her bare back.

"Hi April!" he said, as he waved to her.

"Hi Zach! Can't wait for our night to start!" she shouted and giggled as she approached the car.

He had already seen this movie, and knew the lines by heart so it wasn't a surprise when she shouted those words, but it wasn't a good sign either. Everything was unfolding just like in his dream. Her hair flowing in the wind, her hot skin, the wetness of her pussy (he couldn't resist sticking his finger in to check since she didn't wear any panties), if she was acting she would get an Oscar, but this was really happening and it was like he was watching it all in slow motion. He had a finger in her pussy, but he couldn't enjoy it cause he knew that it was to good to be true, something bad was going to destroy this perfect scenario and bring the end of the movie. Still he followed the script, and parked the car in the garage, and then both rushed to the elevator.

When they entered the elevator he pressed the button with a (P), she was lascivious and was climbing on top of him, kissing and licking like he was a popsicle she wanted to taste all the way and then suck the stick. At this point he could help but drop the inhibitions and let his dick do the thinking. He grabbed her buttocks, and started to hump her, while reaching for her nipples with his tongue. "OH GOD, I want you, so BAD!" he gasped.

Suddenly the doors

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