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A terrible author finally receives some fanmail.

Kimbra's fingers trailed over the back of Jessica's neck. Then, she grabbed some chocolate sauce and surprised her by drizzling it down her back.

Her lover stood up in surprise, and Kimbra took the moment to turn her around to suck the chocolate off her back. She playfully nipped a shoulder blade and her hands found their way to Jessica's breasts. She removed Jessica's sweatpants to reveal cream-colored panties. When the chocolate was mostly eaten, Jessica turned around and pulled Kimbra up to her lips so that they could meet. Jessica, knowing that her lover's eyes were closed, threw one arm protectively over Kimbra's shoulders and discreetly grabbed a spoonful of the hot strawberry sauce on the stove out of the pot and spilled it down Kimbra's arm. This made Kimbra cry out in pain as the how liquid ran down her body. She squirmed, but Jessica shushed her.

" know you like it," Jessica assured. The pain was bearable to Kimbra, and when she looked over at her shoulder, she was relieved that there were no burn marks. Kimbra shifted some, but did not protest. Jessica spilled some more down her belly and quickly followed to lick it off, kneeling so she had better access to Kimbra's stomach. Her mouth traveled over her belly and down to her wetness, latching on to her clit. Kimbra moaned softly to the combination of hot pain and pleasure, massaging Jess' shoulders and neck as her lover ate her out. Jessica heard Kimbra's stomach rumble. She sighed.

"Let's get some food in you," she decided. Kimbra opened her mouth to object, but Jessica stopped it with a kiss and set up the waffles. They ate.

"So really, where did you put the picture of me and my cat?" inquired Kimbra.

Jessica laughed at her.

Kimbra looked away.

Jessica cupped her chin so she was forced to look at her sparkling eyes. Kimbra rolled her eyes.

"I cat would be so disappointed. His picture has been replaced with a pair of underwear with your chicken scratch all over it," Kimbra retorted. Jessica's handwriting was actually quite calligraphic.

"I'm sure Mr. Nibbles would be perfectly fine as long as you re-frame it later. We can shop for a different frame today. I'll buy," proposed Jessica. She suppressed a smile. There was a pause.

Both girls held eye contact until it broke and they laughed. Kimbra picked up some chocolate sauce and, expertly aiming at her girlfriend's breasts across the table, squirted a shaky circle around her tits. She stood up and walked around the table to suck it off. She bit each nipple after licking it off. Jessica's eyes formed a glint of wickedness. Kimbra removed her underwear.

"Stop biting me. The only biting allowed is my biting you," commented Jessica. Kimbra looked at her with a hint of challenge. Jessica smiled. Kimbra giggled. Jessica picked up a bottle of syrup behind Kimbra and dribbled some over her ass. Kimbra grabbed some honey and poured it over her girlfriend's belly in revenge. The honey started slowly making it's way toward the floor.

"If that hits the floor, there will be a punishment," warned Jessica. She flashed a cocky grin. Kimbra sarcastically rolled her eyes and knelt down in between her lover's legs to lick up the honey. Her lips traveled down to between Jessica's legs to rest just over her warm, wet pussy. She took a deep breath.

Her girlfriend is so majestic, even without makeup. She has class, even with food dripping down her body. Her eyes were so...(Kimbra raised her eyes to meet Jessica's)... inviting. A hand gently guided her head to the literally dripping pussy in front of her. So she closed her eyes and took a taste.

She inhaled.

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