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Saurian plan concludes.

It will take you two hours and I need you fresh in the morning." Obviously amused by the look on her face, he said "I know where you live and how rough an area it is. Besides, you will find I take very good care of my employees, my possessions, and my pets."

Sarah as comforted by his answer, although a little uncertain which category she fit into.

Arriving at her building, Stone emerged from the car holding a walking stick. Sarah was uncertain why he would carry it since he was obviously in very good shape. He then proceeded to walk with her up the three flights of stairs to her floor. Sarah had never been out so late in this neighborhood and so was comforted to have him with her. Even more so when she reached her floor to find two scary looking men standing just outside her door. Spotting her but not Stone, they quickly separated so that one was on each side of her. The one on her left said "What have we here? A little something to make this boring night turn fun?" The other man sniggered but that sound was quickly cut off as Stone grabbed his shoulder from behind, swinging him around where his fist met the man's jaw. As the man dropped to the floor, the other man pulled a knife out of his pants and waved it at Stone. Sarah hurriedly put her back to the wall, getting out from between the two. Suddenly, Stone struck the man with his walking stick, first in his balls and next on the top of his head. As quickly as it had begun, it was over.

"Sarah, it won't be safe for you here now. I have a small apartment at my house that I lend to friends. You can stay there for now. Quickly, gather what you need for tonight. I will have someone come get the rest of your things in the morning."

Still shaking with fright, Sarah scurried into her room and quickly gathered up a few things in a small bag. She then followed Stone back to his car where she huddled up next to him, taking comfort in his commanding presence. She'd never felt so small and helpless in her life.

The ride took almost an hour before they finally arrived at the gates of his estate. It was well outside of town with no nearby neighbors and the places nearby were also owned by wealthy people. The car pulled up in front of the largest house Sarah had ever seen. Upon entering the foyer, it was all Sarah could do not to stare at the sumptuous d__cor.

Stone immediately led her down a flight of stairs to a door which he opened to show her a small living room with a kitchen off to one side and another door which she assumed led to a bedroom. "Here is where you will stay for now. Get yourself settled in. I expect you to be ready for breakfast at 6:30. You will have showered and put on your undergarments but not your dress. I do not want it to get soiled during breakfast. You will find a robe in the bedroom closet. I expect you to wear the clothes in the bag and nothing else. Failure to do so will result in punishment or dismissal." With that, he turned and lef t the apartment.

He mused to himself, "They fall for that every time." He'd have to give Joe something extra. He hadn't meant to hit him in the balls. He'd employed them in his barn ever since he started this game. They loved the side benefits. He let them use the ponies and occasional leftover from his other games for sex. Besides, where else could they get a job fondling beautiful women every day?

Sarah set her meager belongings and the bag containing her outfit for tomorrow down.

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