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Rodney plans a very special evening for John.

Looking at her, Gwen wished, for a moment, that Anna was a complete bitch. Then she could have said no. But, as it stood, she was a wonderful woman, wife, and friend, and she deserved this chance. Even if that chance came from her brother-in-law's testicles and cock. Sure, they could have used a test tube. But why, when the freshest source itself was so close at hand and less expensive for this couple who had already spent much of their life savings on fertility treatments to no avail? It was a shame, however, that her husband wasn't in a condition where he could appreciate the mature, blonde beauty who was about to impale herself on his hairy, thick cock in a cornfield at five in the morning -- a mature blonde beauty who was so imminently and eminently fertile that it wafted off her in fragrant waves that made Gwen herself dizzy.

Gwen stood in front of Ed and pressed on his shoulders, convincing him with physical encouragement to lean backwards. He pressed both hands to the ground behind him, and his cock stood up from the horizontal to a forty-five degree angle as he reclined. Gwen was tempted to sit on it herself, so heady was the wash of fragrance from Anna, but she resisted the momentary urge and, almost straddling her husband's chest, eased herself down onto his chest until she could bodily press him to the dry, tilled soil. She sat on his chest then, naked thighs pressed to his powerful pectorals, his coarse, black chest hair tingling against her thighs, and looked down at him, gently stroking his face, while Tony and Anna whispered quietly and calmly behind them.

Gwen spoke over her shoulder to her sister-in-law.

"I'll stay right here if that's okay with you, Anna. I'm not sure where Ed is right now, but there doesn't really seem to be anyone home at the moment."

She reached behind her with one hand, searched gently for his cock, found it, and gave it a quick squeeze. It was rock hard, and ready for Anna.

"He's ready though. I suppose he doesn't have to be fully conscious, does he?"

Anna stepped past Ed's head and stood in front of Gwen, looking down with some concern.

"Is he okay, honey?"

Gwen looked up at her and smiled.

"I'm sure he will be. Go ahead dear. He's ready for you."

Anna seemed confused, looking at the arrangement with some hesitation.


Gwen considered their position for a moment.

"If you put your hands on my shoulders and straddle him behind me, you should be able to do it. Where's Tony?"

Anna looked down at her with a soft, sad smile.

"He's not sure he can watch. He wants it this way, but isn't sure he can watch."

"Are you sure you want this?"

Anna looked over Gwen's shoulder at Ed's thick, hairy, vertical cock with purpose and looked back at Gwen with resolve.

"God yes."

Gwen smiled up at her with honest encouragement.

"Then get to it."

Anna grinned, bounced once in childish excitement, and disappeared over Gwen's left shoulder with two quick steps. Gwen couldn't help noticing, as she passed, that Anna's nipples were profoundly erect. It wasn't just the semen that Anna was to going to enjoy. If promises made had been kept, it had been eight years or more since Anna had taken another man's cock into her cleanshaven, enthusiastic vagina. It was unfortunate that Gwen didn't have the same need, or the same remedy, that was about to serve Anna so well. Nonetheless, she would stay at her post on her husband's chest while Anna milked Ed's cock and conceived her first child. Just sic hours ago, before they went to bed, a thermometer had confirmed she was ovulating.

Gwen felt Anna's left hand alight on her left shoulder, quivering, and felt it twist as Anna stepped across Ed's prone body.

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