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Lizardman afflicts powerful monster huntress with a curse.

You're so sexy, honey. Thank you so much."

She reached out and pulled my cock towards her and flicked her tongue over the head, licking off the pre-cum. Then she took me in her mouth and worked my shaft with her mouth and hand. After what I'd just seen, it didn't take long for the cum to rise and I pulled out of her mouth so she could jerk me off all over her firm stewardess tits.

She keeps her eyes open when I cum so she can see me shoot and this time she saw me shoot four spurts of semen all over her. She let out a little scream when the first one hit her nipples and massaged the cum in when I was done, her nipples standing out like bullets. She looked up at me with those little brown eyes and said "I hope you have more for tonight. Now please shave my pussy?"

After taking a few minutes to recover, we went into the bedroom and I got our pussy shaving kit: a brand new Venus razor, some mild shaving gel, a facecloth, and a bowl of warm water. First, I soaked the facecloth in the water and laid it over her pussy from top to asshole to soften the hair. Then I slowly started lathering up the gel, being careful not to make it feel too good because I didn't want her hips to be squirming around while shaving around her clit and lips. Then I slowly started shaving her. Because she's pretty fit, everything in her pussy area's quite firm so it wasn't difficult to get all the hair. Once in a while I slid a finger in her soaking wet pussy but other than that, I tried not to touch her too much while I was working away on her cunt hair. With her pussy completely bald, she rolled over and spread her ass for me.

To look at it, I'd never have known that she had had a vibrator up that little asshole about fifteen minutes ago. But I also wondered how the head of my cock could ever get past that little brown ring. I shaved her bum completely bare, got rid of the rest of the shaving gel, and gave her little bumhole a long, loving lick which made her moan softly into the bed. She pulled her cheeks farther apart and I slowly pushed my tongue into her. She was so clean and I pushed in a little farther, feeling her anus close around my tongue.

She gently pushed my face away from her ass and softly said "Later, darling. Later. When is Drew coming? I need to rest for a while but then I want to fuck you both again."

I got up to give Drew a call. He said he'd be over in a couple of hours, which was fine because I needed the time to generate some more cum for he and Erika. I went into the bedroom, set the alarm for 10pm, lay down beside Erika's wonderful naked body, and had a nap.

When the alarm went off at 10pm, I awoke to find Eri gone, I guess to get something to eat or drink. I stumbled into the bathroom to have a quick shower, wrapped myself in a towel and went looking for her. I walked into the living room and saw that Drew had come over early and the two of them had gotten started.

Drew's head was between Erika's legs, slowly tonguing her bald Japanese pussy. Her hands were pulling at her nipples and occasionally pulling his head into her cunt. She had her feet up on the couch and was spreading her legs as wide as she could. He was slowly jerking his cock as he ate that pretty Japanese pussy and he was already at full hardness.

I dropped the towel and went over to sit down and watch them more closely. She looked over at me with her Japanese sex slut look and gave me a little smile when she saw how hard my cock was. I slowly stroked it as I watched Drew eat her pussy. She got up and turned around, spreading her bum for his tongue. He licked between the bottom of her cunt and her asshole, causing her to moan and coo. I watched as he slid a finger in her pussy from behind. His cock was at full attention and twitching. Fuck, he was hard. I don't know how long he'd been here, licking her pussy, but he was very obviously ready to go.

"I want to watch you two fuck", I said as I slowly beat my cock.

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