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Events go out of control when the siblings' secret gets out.

After motioning me to stand, he removed my Dockers and underwear. Embarrassed, I stood in front of him with my hard-on throbbing toward it's fully erect 90 degree angle. That's when he reached for the leather strap and wrapped it around my cock and balls, tying it in front so that the knot pushed against the large vein that runs from the root to the head. In no time, my cock was engorged and purple, just like his!

That's when she reentered the room. "Ah, that's what I like to see, two hard cocks waiting to pleasure me!" She was more naked than we were! Now I could see that her years had caught up with her. Her tits and stomach sagged but she had a perfectly shaven pussy and it clearly looked much younger than the rest of her.

"I'm glad you've met my husband, Rick, he has been serving me for 41 years and I sure you'll find that he's quite adequate. His major shortcoming is his cock, which as you can see is only about four inches long when fully erect, it looks like you have a good three inches over that!"

She then motioned us to sit on the carpet while she took a seat on the barstool. "Rick has an active sex life, but his cock has not been in my pussy since our wedding night. He's become accustomed to watching others service my needs and he knows that his will be serviced, as well."

"In fact, he looks like he needs to be serviced, now!" "Rick, darling, the house looks nice and I want to reward you. Why don't you come up here and sit on the stool over here." She patted the stool to her right. "And you, you seemed to want to do me on the plane, so if you do, you will need to kneel in front of Rick and show me how well you like to serve."

"I don't think that's why I came here", I stammered.

"Then you'll have a very long week! I can see to it that your week is very pleasurable, or frustrating, your choice" she replied. "So, if you choose pleasure, then belly up to the bar stool and do what I say, you'll come to appreciate your visit."

Well, in this predicament, I didn't have many choices. They had my clothes, somewhere, they had my car keys, and I had no idea how I could get away. At the same time, I looked up at her pussy, which was spread slightly on the bar stool, and I saw that it was wet and slick. My little head took over thinking at this point.

I crawled up to Rick and put my hands on his knees. As I looked at his small, but engorged cock, I noticed that it was bubbling pre-cum at a very fast rate. The slick fluid was actually running down the length of his cock and getting caught in the minute folds of his ball sack.

"Lick him, but don't suck him. I don't want him to cum until I tell you to make him."

I started at the bottom and licked his sack, which immediately began to shrivel and pull tight. The taste of his pre-cum was familiar as I enjoy tasting my own from time to time. As I licked up the shaft and over the engorged vein structure, the discharge increased until I swore he was cumming. I had never seen so copious an amount of flow, but I began to really get excited knowing that my tonguing action was providing him pleasure.

After about 3 minutes of long tongue strokes, she told me to go down on him and make him cum. This was easy as it appeared he hadn't come in quite a while. I took him into my mouth and started rocking forward and back while continuing to tongue the underside of his turgid tube of meat. He continued filling my mouth with pre-cum and I soon felt the head of his cock begin to expand.

"Stay with it while he cums and don't lose a drop. If you want my pussy, you'll have to swallow the entire load."

By now, his hands were pushing my head down on his cock as he thrust his hips upward.

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