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Emily asks her new lover if she can give her a trim.

My spine tingled not so much with fear anymore, but an intense excitement, and my pussy was instantly soaked with what could only be pleasure. I tried to block my mind from noticing this, tried to tell myself that I wasn't enjoying this physically any more than I was mentally, but when my dad drew his cock back, presumably to begin stroking into me, I instinctively pushed my ass back against him.

Not yet having seen my father's cock, I wasn't sure if he was very big, if I was very tight, or if it was a combination of the two, but the sensations of his insertion spread throughout my entire body as he spread me and slowly drilled deeper into me. While the lube had helped at first, the deeper he went the wider my ass spread, and the more discomfort I initially felt. I whimpered into the gag, and I was aware of tears streaming down my cheeks, though I knew them to be more emotional than from physical pain. But I knew from his initial drive into me that I would grow accustomed to him, so I didn't fight to make things worse. I kept as still as possible, wanting no sudden movements to cause me pain, and my dad seemed to be on the same track as me, because he, too, was careful. Apparently he knew, or at least suspected, that this was Jen's first anal experience.

Though I couldn't deny how my body was responding, I still felt awful. How was I going to face my father after this, even if he left without ever knowing it was me? I loved him so much, but I knew I could never be comfortable around him again. And how could I speak to my mother and keep it to myself that she was being cheated on, and that her husband had done it with, of all people, his very own daughter? Just at the worst possible time, when I was about to lose my husband to a messy divorce, I was also losing my best support system. My tears kept coming, going down my face and mixing with the saliva that ran down my chin from under the ball gag.

I was near the edge of a total breakdown. I was ready to start sobbing, and had I considered the effect that might have made on my dad, I might have tried harder to actually do it. But when my father pushed as deep into me as ever and then started to actually fuck me, his daughter, in the ass, an explosion of pleasure overtook me. I know knew, as tight as I felt, that my dad must've been huge, and his cock made me feel so full and satisfied, yet I wanted only more of him, and for him never to stop. I wished it wasn't him. Even as he fucked me, I thought of dozens of other specific men I'd rather have do this to me, but it all came back to me that, whether I approved or not, this was my father, and it was quite possible no one else could fill me so perfectly.

The sobbing stopped before it even began, replaced by a whole new sound as I grunted from my father's thrusts. I was still breathing rapidly from fear and arousal through my nose, unsure of how I should be handling this, but at least, I thought, it wasn't all bad. I was already climaxing from my first round of anal sex.

I shook and shivered and drove my ass against my dad, moaning into the ball gag as he pulled back and shrieking into it each time he slammed back into me. I gripped the dowel of the head board that I was handcuffed to and braced myself against it as I received his pounding, and my skin popped with goose bumps when at last he began to slap my ass hard every few seconds. I was so overwhelmed that I had even more trouble breathing than I already had with the ball gag, and apparently hearing this, my dad took it off of me. I sucked in air, and while I was telling myself to scream out "Dad! Stop! Please!" the words that actually came out were much different.

"God! Fuck! Yes!" I cried.

My mind knew it was betraying me, because now I was sobbing again.

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