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Sometimes a guy can be just too trusting.

And it always tastes best from the tap.'

So the other stories were true as well. The mamono needed mana or energy from humans, and the quickest way to get it was to have sex with them. You prayed she wouldn't actually eat you afterwards or try to keep you captive when she was done.

The mucus toad kept licking your shaft gently, getting you really hard and horny in her mouth. If your hands were free, you would be able to grab her head and push it down so she could swallow the whole length of your cock and fellate it. You gasped as you felt the exquisite sensation of her tongue wrapping around your entire cock and stimulating every inch. It felt wonderful. Her tongue was indeed unique; she could curl it round and round every inch of your dick and massage it up and down like it was a warm, wet hand curled around your shaft. You gasped and swore under your breath, struggling to thrust your hips up to fuck that amazingly slick mouth, but her slimy hands had you helplessly squirming around to get your fix of a tonguejob.

'It's all right, darling, I won't stop,' said the mucus toad, her wet tongue sliding up and down your thrusting member. 'I need this as much as you do, and I can hardly wait for the first explosion of your salty cum sticking to the insides of my mouth. My pussy and mouth are all covered in sticky mucus, all the better to trap your semen with, my dear. I love the taste and feel of hot cum spattering all over my tonsils and throat, and I want you to be my first. Come on, dear, let me feel how boiling hot your semen is! Fuck my throat and send that warm spunk down my gullet! And once you're corrupted with my mana, you'll be able to hold my head and ram that meat down my throat forever without having any need to rest! Cum for me! Cum for me now, I want it! Do it for this wet tongue around your cock and balls!'

Her filthy language and encouragement were more than enough for you. You cried out as you lifted your hips and ass off the ground, trying to fuck that hot mouth with every ounce of energy you had. It wasn't working very well because her slime didn't let you have much of a grip, but damn those excuses. You wanted to cum in her mouth and you wanted to do it now.

You kept thrusting into her mouth, feeling yourself about to blow. Your sack felt warm and full with unspent seed, and your cock was a heated metal rod in a foundry about to melt. You grimaced and closed your eyes, pushing your cock into her depths as far as you could go and trying to cum just at the right moment.

'Hi!' said a cheerful, girly voice, causing both of you to jump and lose focus.

The mucus toad turned around. You tried to look past her face to see who had interrupted, since you now felt the pain of blue balls from being interrupted before ejaculation. You felt your desire ebbing away.

'What the hell are you doing here, filth licker?' demanded the mucus toad. 'You know any place near the pond is my home. Begone!'

Filth licker?

The person standing next to you looked like a little girl. She was wearing a simple robe which revealed a petite, girlish body, though her face was extremely cute. It made your heart wrench with the power of kawaii. She kneeled next to you, her eyes fixed on the mucus toad's slimy tongue throttling your member.

'I'm sorry I interrupted,' she said, flicking out a long tongue very similar to the mucus toad's, though without any slime. 'I tasted the scent of male energy and followed it here. Do you mind if I join?'

'I caught him first, akaname-chan,' sighed the mucus toad. 'Why do you always have to try and insert yourself in a threesome? You chased away the last guy I caught and I couldn't even rip off his pants! Shame on you. Even if you can't help get a man, or be a wingmamono, at least let the others have their fun.'

'But you've already caught this one and he's stuck in your slimy embrace!' pleaded the akaname.

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