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Ruby loses virginity to mysterious man on Halloween night.

Wrapping her up in the plaid blanket he held her tightly against his black shirt. She could feel the muscle along his chest and across the top of his back as the girl put her arms around his neck for support. Gazing to the large ram ears that adorned his head she swallowed sharply unable to control the fear of not knowing. Not understanding. This situation she was in felt very new; doubts, distress, and dread all circled through her thoughts and emotions but we're all masked by curiosity and will to survive. Large hands held tight to her waist and rear as he began to walk out of the homely living space, the smell of smoke beginning to fade into the rest of the house.

She couldn't help but to think this as all very strange, but she wasn't about to protest agains the male who seemed to be helping her.

He carried her through what seemed like a large wooden estate. The ceilings were high and the rooms were little as they made there way down a long hallway. The female's gaze took note of the simple designs in the dimly lit home. Peeking inside the rooms that had their doors open and wondering why some of them were closed off. The male continued up a flight of stairs before turning in through a doorway full of bright white light. He set her down onto the stone floor as she gazed around the comfortably sized bathroom.

There was a large pearl colored porcelain tub against the wall with grated holes in the tiled canopy above. To the right of the tub was a toilet that her friend quickly made himself comfortable in front of as he dropped his pants. In shock, she quickly looked away and came face to face with a mirror that went floor to ceiling on the wall. She gasped out loud.


What she saw was new and familiar at the same time. This is me? Golden hair as bright as a risen sunset upon a field of wheat waterfalled down her nude body in unbrushed, bouncy waves that stopped just above her thin waist. The female's golden eyes glinted in the bright white light of the bathroom, their honeyed luminous matching in sync with the bountiful strands on her head. Her eyes scanned the peach-tinted skin of her reflection.

There were scars all across her frail body; branding symbols and gashes, these white lines of imprinting decorated her lean frame. She was shocked at what she saw. Reaching a hand up to the middle of her chest she followed the motion in the mirror before resting her palm at her sternum. Her delicate fingers lightly touched at the protruding black diamond that was embedded in her chest. A gem that must have been forced into her skin for a reason she didn't know. The feeling of it didn't cause her pain or discomfort, but the sight was most peculiar to look at. However, nothing was more gasp-worthy than her vulpine extremities.

The girl's hand was more shaky now as she made a grasp up to touch the slender fox ears upon her head. They lightly flicked against the touch and she began to breath deeply in confusion. She was amazed with herself and what she was, fear also starting to sway in her thought. I.. I don't understa-. She cut herself off looking down at the voluminous tail that began to flick behind her with her rapid thinking. A giggly laugh erupted from her as she stroked at the matching extremity, overwhelmed and trying to process all this unknown information.

Feeling faint she began to stumble backwards but suddenly she felt a brick wall behind her, quickly turning she noticed it was her male friend. He looked down at her with concern, understanding perhaps she had not known what she looked like. The golden fox girl swallowed hard and took a step back, her mind fuzzy with what to do with herself.

"I am Drakari Tygeran.

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