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A slave's first experience with gasping for oxygen.

Having secured me, my wife did a lovely slow strip tease, which got my cock hard. Once naked she sat on the bed next to me, and started to gently stroke around the head of my penis.

"So my love, it's time for a little chat."

"Oh, ok."

I was in heaven with her stroking, and struggling to concentrate.

"So, we did all of your 'willing to do' fantasies last weekend, and I've just added in bondage, as a free bonus, what do you say?"

"Thank you my love, thank you very much."

"That's good, but now it's time to discuss the three fantasies that you weren't so sure about actually doing, don't you agree?"

"I suppose so my darling."

"There's no suppose about it. You've had everything you could have asked for, now it's time to move on in our relationship. So, let's discuss the final three. Name one of them."

"Me watching you flirting with a stranger, like you did at the dance."

"Right, well, we will do that again, but I'm not sure I want to be a tease like that the next time, which brings us on to the second one, which is?"

"You having sex with another man"

"Quite right my love, and that is going to happen, but not tonight, and you are away from tomorrow morning for nearly a week, so that leaves us with?"


I had a cold feeling in my body, as she reached into her bedside drawer and brought out a metal cage, with a padlock attached.

"I bought this during the week from the pampered diva website along with the cuffs. I know you've tried the plastic one, but now I need something more secure."

"But you said we would be having sex this evening."

"Yes, my love, we are going to have the full sex I promised you, but afterwards I'm going to lock you up."

She put the chrome cage on my chest, next to my face, and climbed on top of me. She stroked my rampant cock a little more then slid it into her warm and slippery pussy. As she started to ride me with long sensual movements she explained my immediate future.

"I'm going to fuck you like this until you fill me with cum. Then I'm going to climb onto your face and you are going to give me a series of fabulous orgasms with your tongue, swallowing all of your gooey cum in the process. Ok so far?"

"Yes, my love, very."

"Good. When I'm completely satisfied I'm going to wash your deflated penis, and lock it in this cage. Do you understand?"

"Yes my love, but I'm away early tomorrow morning, so it'll only be on for a few hours."

"Don't be silly, it's going to stay on for a week, at least."


"You heard, next Saturday we'll discuss the possibility of you getting some relief, but we will also be discussing the final fantasy, and your attitude to that will have a big impact on my decision. Do you understand?"

"Yes my love, I understand perfectly."

"Good, so let's get you milked, so I can enjoy your tongue. You can fantasise about being a cuckold locked in a chastity cage for the last time, soon it won't just be a fantasy. Enjoy your orgasm in my pussy, it's going to become a very rare treat for you, and I'm going to be trying out lots of different cocks."

Everything happened as she predicted and Sunday morning I found myself driving up the motorway towards Birmingham, with a metal cage locked onto my private parts, wondering how I could possibly last a week without an orgasm.

Sunday I was busy all day at the exhibition, so I hardly noticed the metal cock cage locked on my genitals. In the evening I had dinner alone, and quite a bit to drink, so I fell asleep without any problem. In the morning I woke quite early, due to a pain in my cock. At first I couldn't work out what was wrong, but then I tried to touch myself, and remembered that I was locked up.

I got up, showered, had breakfast and went off to the exhibition again, thinking that the cage wasn't so bad, it was only for a week.

By Monday evening my cock was starting to twitch, especially when attractive women were about, which at that show was a lot.

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