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As they worked in the kitchen together I listened by way of the intercom.

Sandy said, "There will only be one Dom in our family."

"That's for sure. I didn't mean to be Dom! I just wanted him to fuck my ass, to take me..."

"No. I don't think so. You wanted to make him want you. You wanted what you wanted. Nick is about what's best for each of us. If he believes fucking your ass is good for you you'll know because his cock will be in your ass!"

"Oh, my God! You're right! I was being a Dom and a bad one! I was only thinking about me and what I wanted."

"From what I heard him say, he is so upset about needing to use the red belt that if it happens again he will send someone home, forever." Sandy said. Until lunch was ready neither of them said anything more.

Sandy came to the doorway and said, "Nick, lunch is ready. Where would you like it?"

"In the dining room, please." We went to the kitchen and I helped get lunch on the table. Ashley wasn't in the kitchen. When we had the table loaded I sat down. I said, "Find the others and tell them we are beginning without them, in one minute." Sandy disappeared and was back in less than the minute. Ashley and Laura hurried in and sat down, three minutes late.

"I know why you are late. You suddenly realized that when we ate lunch you would miss giving an orgasm to someone. You ran and convinced Laura to let you do her. Am I correct?"

They both nodded. I said, "Laura, did you think about being punished for being late?"

"Yes, Nick. But, she's my momma and I already feel so badly for her."

"At the end of lunch you will be punished. Ashley is no longer your momma. What name did your momma call you?"


"Are you Marie?"

"No. I am Laura."

"And she is?"


"Did you ask Beth too?" I asked Ashley.

"Yes, Nick."

"What did she say?"

"I don't want to make Nick angry."


We ate the salad and when the meal was done and cleaned up I sent Sandy to the playroom. She came back with a small towel folded like a package. I called Ashley to my side and opened the towel. Her eyes got wide.

"These are nipple clamps. We all know that Laura has very sensitive nipples. You will watch how I put a clamp on her nipple, and then you will put clamps on her and yourself. My intention is that they hurt. Understand?"

"They are a lever. The pain will teach us to think about what you want, not what we want." She hesitated and said, "And to remind Laura that I am not her momma."

I took a clamp in one hand and Laura's nipple in the other. I pulled on her nipple and then attached the clamp to her areola, just behind her nipple. The clamps that Sandy brought to me were the type with three plastic covered metal bars with a screw adjustment that reduced the space between the bars, clamping whatever was between them.

I turned the screw until Laura winced. The end of the screw had a small hole in it so that weights could be attached. When I put the clamp on I had the screw facing up. If I put a weight on it, the weight would bend her nipple, increasing the discomfort.

"Do you see how I want the clamps, Ashley?"

"Yes, Nick. Thank you for showing me."

I removed the clamp by unscrewing it. I handed the four clamps to Ashley and said, "One on you, then one on Laura until all four are on and tight enough to hurt."

All of us watched as Ashley did exactly as I had shown her. When she released the clamp and reached for the clamp for Laura I said, "Does that clamp hurt, Ashley?"

"Yes Nick."

I put a finger on the clamp and hooked against it, pulling it. It came off easily. I caught it and handed it back to Ashley. I showed her the small hole in the end of the screw. "If I hang a one pound weight in that hole, the clamp better stay on your breast."

She put the clamp back on and tightened it until she and the rest of us were sure it hurt. By the time she secured the fourth clamp both she and Laura were crying. They stood very still. I noticed Sandy's nipples were swollen and erect.
I asked, "Sandy, who is the Dom in our family?"

"You are, Nick."

"Beth, who is the Dom in our fami

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