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The Further Adventures of a Traveling Man.

When he didn't move to drop his jeans she finally tore her eyes away and looked at his face. He was smirking at her. Smirking! Damn arrogant man! She smiled at him and moved toward him. She turned as if she were going to use her bound hands to free him from his jeans, at the last second, she rammed her shoulder into his ribs. She knocked him off balance and ran past him.

He was off balance but not knocked down so it took him no time at all to catch her. He tackled her to the floor pulling her on top of him rather than landing on top of her. She still fought trying to get away. She squirmed but he held her tight. Finally, out of desperation she turned and bit him hard on his peck.

"Damn!" He shuddered and jerked and she released him. He pinned her to the floor straddling her waist and holding her shoulders down. "Hellcat." He growled. Before she even realized what he was going to do he forced a ball between her teeth and secured it behind her head. She screamed at him through the ball gag but it was less than satisfying. She bit the gag but that was less than satisfying as well.

Damon sat back on his heels his legs still spread over her waist and smiled. She couldn't go anywhere and they both knew it. He pulled his long jet-black hair back from his face and secured it with a tie. Then he leaned over her.

"I don't want to have to gag you, Baby. I like your mouth, love your mouth but you have to play nice." He ran his tongue up her neck and sucked her earlobe and she tried not to squirm. "Are you aching as much as I am. I'm like a starving man and you're a feast. I just don't know where to start." He slid his hands up her torso and cupped her breasts in his big hands. She closed her eyes and his mouth closed over one nipple. She tried to gasp, but it was difficult with the ball gag. She couldn't move her hands either to push him away or pull him closer. She was completely at his mercy and she was aching.

He switched to the other nipple and she pushed into his mouth. He lifted off of her and moved back. He spread her legs and moved in-between. He draped her legs over his spread thighs so she still couldn't do much with them.

He gazed down at her and ran the tip of his finger over her clit, just barely touching. She whimpered and squirmed, but it didn't help. If she managed to get closer he just moved away. That tiny touch was like a sharp electric charge, intense and yet not enough to make her cum. He moved his finger down and slid it deep into her.

"Oh God, Jo, you're so tight and wet. I want to be in you so bad." He added another finger and slowly stroked in and out when he began to scissor them her breath caught. She shook her head no and growled at him.

"You sure?" He asked and she nodded. He withdrew his fingers and pulled back. He stood leaving her on the floor and she watched him. He was looking down at her. Watching her eyes as he kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans. He stood there stroking his cock as he stood over her and her chest felt tight. Slowly he lowered himself back down to the floor. He resumed his position and draped her legs over his. Instead of his finger, he used the head of his cock, he rubbed it back and forth slowly over her clit and then once again he moved down.

It had been a while and he was so big but she wanted it, needed it.

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