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Busty Juanita meets Mr. J.

-that- jealous!

Mahir didn't look to Keru, "I think you meant to speak to me. What do you need?"

Ashlyn's mouth dropped open and she bit Mahir's collarbone lightly in her outrage. What was he -doing-?

Keru blinked and his ears lowered, "I just thought, Ashlyn, maybe you might want to go look for shells?" A passive aggressive attempt to extricate her from Mahir's grasp. A rather poor one, since it was night.

"No Keru, please make a place to sleep for Yayshah. Thank you." She looked at her husband over her shoulder, her tone bland and her expression speculative.

Keru bowed his head a little, "But Ashlyn. Um. Well. I'll be right back."

Ashlyn's fingers tightened, and she wondered just when her hand had come to rest on Mahir's cock.

Mahir let out a little sound and shifted his hips and breathed deep of her scent, then said, "You've got me." He leaned back a little to look down at her tits, "Keru didn't try very hard. I don't think he's jealous enough yet, or else surely he'd have stopped you."

"Truly?" Ashlyn wasn't sure and cast a glance over her shoulder to see what her husband was doing. Then she felt it. His hand cupped one of her tits. "They're bigger than Isadora's," he said, as if he were comparing gardens. "Heavier. I like it. You're, really beautiful." He rolled her nipple as he groped her chest, and watched as her eyes closed in bliss.

"Does he do everything you tell him?" Mahir was surprised, "Isadora and I are more of a, um, partnership."

"He does, yes." Ashlyn's hand moved up and down Mahir's cock in leisurely caresses. "He always has."

Mahir glanced over to Keru, who was watching them as he spoke to Yayshah in soft tones. "He's watching, but, hasn't left her yet. Maybe he's too afraid." Mahir's eyes flicked to Ashlyn's, "The others are watching too. I think the men smell you. I do. It's. It's intoxicating."

"I might be near my season of heat," Ashlyn confessed. "We were going to have a vacation on the island and if I were to go back home with a swelling in my belly, well then all the better."

Mahir let out a little growl of pleasure, then pressed his teeth to her neck. "Then we need to be careful. I'm worried, I might become overwhelmed by a desire to, to take you." His admission was embarrassing-- that he would lose control, but he had to be honest.

"Mahir, don't," Ashlyn shivered, and her hand stopped moving on his cock although she didn't remove it altogether.

"I think I have an idea to prevent me from, from sating my desire on you." Mahir looked into her eyes, and continued to grope her breast. Keru pressed a kiss to Yayshah's forehead, bu-t still he watched the pair.

"You do? What is it?" Ashlyn wished her husband would come up, right then, and press his cock into her. She was so aroused, it was difficult not to simply shift a bit and sit on Mahir's lap.

"You said Keru would do anything for you," he said. He wasn't sure why it seemed so natural to suggest, but he said, "You could tell them to sate me himself, you know, so that I'm not overtaken by my lust for you."

Ashlyn watched Keru dubiously, not sure what to make of that suggestion. Without meaning to she drew Keru to them with her glances. Yayshah was safely asleep and within their sight, and Ashlyn moved so that Keru could clearly see Mahir's cock for a second before she drew him to her and pressed his head against her bare breast. "Keru," she whispered to him, "Keru I can't stop him, I don't want him to give me a baby... I want -your- baby. Please, if you make him cum then he won't cum inside me. Please don't let that happen."

Keru stared at his wife, "Ashlyn," but then his eyes fell to Mahir's cock. Images of it penetrating his wife sent bursts of jealous rage into him. "You want me to stroke him? Can't he do it himself?"

Mahir said, "If I do it myself, it'll be inside her!"

Ashlyn looked helplessly between them, then at Keru.

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