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Couple's love is still strong 35 years later.

She lathered me all over with soap, massaged my penis and probed my anus with her finger. Then she told me to sit on the edge of the tub and open my legs. I wondered what was next when she got out a pair of scissors and a disposable razor from the drawer.

"I'm just going to give you a little trim," she said.

I must have looked rather hesitant, because she assured me, "don't worry, it grows back!"

She cut off all my pubic hair with the scissors and then lathered me with shaving cream. She carefully shaved away the stubble around my penis and testicles and then had me stand up and bend over while she shaved around my anus. She removed all my underarm hair in a similar manner, and rinsed me down with the hand-held showerhead. I'd never been shaved in these places before, so the result was not exactly pretty. She hadn't nicked me anywhere, but the tender skin looked rather an angry, red, scraped mess. She rubbed me down with moisturizing lotion and said that if I shaved regularly, the skin would get used to the treatment, the same way the skin of my face had when I began shaving. I'd learned by then that Jessica's "suggestions" were really orders, so I understood that I was to keep myself clean-shaven from then on.

After my bath, I put my clothes on, and Jessica took me out to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Will, from the hockey game, was there having dinner with his girlfriend Candace, so I gave him a wink and a thumbs-up sign as we walked by on the way to our table. Jessica recognized him as one of her students, so she gave him a quick smile too.

Will just shook his head as if to say, "You lucky son-of-a-bitch!" If only Will knew what was really going on! After dinner, Jessica drove me back to the residence and gave me a long deep kiss before letting me out. She said she'd call me, and reminded me about shaving regularly.

I was so excited I could hardly stand to wait for her call. I rubbed myself almost raw masturbating. After class a couple of days later, there was a message in my voicemail saying she was cooking dinner for us, and I was to appear at her door at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

I had a quick shower, remembered what she'd said about shaving, and after shaving the wispy bits on my chin, I gave my pubic area and armpits a quick once over with the razor.

When she opened the door, Jessica was wearing a short black miniskirt and a sheer, see-through top and nylons with garters. It was quite obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

I quickly disrobed and we kissed and hugged. I poured a couple of glasses of wine, and went to sit in the living room with her. "Let me inspect your shaving job," she said, and she ran her hands all over my penis and testicles. I'd done it in rather a hurry, so it was a bit bristly in places.

"You'll have to learn to do a better job than that!" she said, with a disapproving frown.

She ordered me to turn over and place myself across her knees. As I lay there with my erect penis pressed against her thighs, she delivered ten swift sharp smacks with her open palm to each of my upturned cheeks. I hadn't been spanked since my mother last did it to me when I was about five years old, so my face quickly flushed the same bright red colour as my ass cheeks. I was so humiliated, I began to sob and sniffle. However, I found the stinging, tingling sensation and the humiliation highly erotic and my penis began to throb even more that it had before.

Jessica took me to the bathroom, lathered me up as I stood in the bathtub and gave me a thorough depilation. I'm not the hairiest guy in the world, so it wasn't a lot of work. As well as shaving my pubic area and underarms, she removed the little wisps of hair around my nipples and shaved my legs. Then she rinsed me down, dried me off and massaged me with moisturizing lotion.

Afterwards, as I lay in her arms, Jessica rubbed some lotion into my sore buttocks and told me everything was OK, she still loved me, but I'd have to learn to fol

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