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While the cat's away...

Sherlyn writhed on the table again as her pleasure radiated out from inside her lower tummy. Spasms rolled up and down her vaginal canal, instead of making the whole structure clamp down like earlier. The orgasm was much lighter, but it was much more enjoyable for the girl.

Sabastian positioned his mouth to catch her cum.

As Sherlyn was still wriggled and writhed on the table, Bass moved back up her body and gently massaged her quaking tummy, feeling the tremors and spasms coursing through her abdomen. The older man loved watching a woman cum, whether it was the lovely girl in front of him, or his dear wife at home.

Feeling Bass's engorged penis against her side again, Sherlyn pulled her arm up and reached out grabbing her masseuse, putting the man in a cock lock. Her hand surrounded his hard shaft as she gently started to work her hand up and down his length. Bass sighed and said, "Ah, that feels really nice, Sherlyn."

Sherlyn, who was regaining control or her body, tugged on the man's hard shaft, pulling him towards the head of the table. She looked up at Sabastian and announced, "Now, it's your turn, tiger." She giggled.

She quickly rolled on her side, facing the man standing at the edge of the table. She lifted her head, and brought the soft end of his penis inside her mouth, wrapping the head of it in her soft full lips. The man pushed his hips up against the side of the table as Sherlyn began to gently suckle him.

Sherlyn took her free hand and started to massage the man's testicles as she sucked on the head of his penis, twirling her tongue around his mushroom shaped flange. Then she took a finger and made small circular motions as she massaged his bottom, the place just underneath his scrotum, the perineum on a man was much deeper.

Bass arched his hips forward, giving Sherlyn as much access to his cock as possible. The massage was over, and it was time for nature to take its course.

Sherlyn sucked Terrance's penis, her boyfriend, several times since the first time in the Sorority's 'sex' room. She loved it when Terry would get off inside her mouth. He would moan and tense as he found his release. Then he would smile down at his girlfriend, expressing his gratitude and pleasure. To Sherlyn it was like she was taking a part of him into body her by swallowing his cum.

But, sucking this new guy, Bass, was different. It made Sherlyn feel naughty, and oh so aroused. She was being such a slut by sucking the penis of a stranger. She felt wicked as she grabbed him and pulled him to her, demanding that he give it to her. She decided she was going to suck him and he had nothing to say about it. It was apparent that Bass wasn't complaining.

Sebastian began to fuck Sherlyn's face. Arching his hips towards her mouth as she slurped on him, taking him deep into her face, sucking him like she would her large lollypop prop. She was taking him as deeply as her gag reflex allowed. On an occasion or two, just a bit more. She was applying a steady suction as she teased him with her tongue, trying to get the man to cum in her mouth.

The man pulled his hard shaft out of her mouth and Sherlyn gasped out, "Hey! What are you doing?!"

He chuckled, "Sorry, sweet, I want to have my first climax up inside you're lovely pussy."

Sherlyn scooted her bum all the way to the end of the table and pulled her knees up against her chest. She pouted and told the man, "If that's what you want. But I wanted to taste your cum."

With her lovely pussy served up to him like an Easter feast, Bass slipped his wet, hard cock into Sherlyn's open vaginal canal. Once inside her opening, he pushed himself all the way up inside the girl. She was so wet from cumming, and he was wet from her lovely fellatio, he felt little resistance as he impaled the girl.

Sebastian stared down at the girl. His hips pressed up against her wet bottom. Her long hair was splayed out on the table behind her head, she had a look of pure lust on her face. He started to rock his hips.

Sherlyn was delighted in the feel of the man up inside he

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