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Laura offers to fuck her way out of trouble.

"I'm going to suck you now baby" She said softly.

Without waiting for a reply, her lips slid over my bellend and down over my shaft, taking the first few inches before pulling back until just the tip was between her plump lips. I looked down and saw smears of her lipstick along my shaft. It looked so sexy. But even sexier to me was the contrast between her skin and mine. Her fingers still toyed with my balls as she pushed down on my cock again, this time taking all of my eight inches into her mouth. I gasped in ecstasy as she expertly deep-throated me, and as she pulled back from my dick, I joined her in panting hard. A thin string of spit and pre-cum connected my cock to her lips still, and she stared up with me with lust-filled eyes.

"This is one good cock honey. I'd love to keep sucking, but I'm so fucking horny. I really think it needs to be inside me; what do you think?"

I moaned in agreement and pulled her back to her feet. Audrey ran her fingers up my body as she straddled me again as her mouth found mine. As she pushed her tongue back into my mouth I realised I could taste my cock on her lips. This only turned me on more, and I sucked on her tongue as she dug her nails into my back. My hands slid up the back of her smooth muscular legs, and one hand pushed under her skirt. As I pushed the palm of my hand against her panties, I felt an unexpected bulge, and my fingers froze. Audrey pulled away, a look of concern falling over her face.

"I thought you knew?" she whispered.

"No..........No I didn't"

"I thought everyone at the gym did? I thought I was the local freak everyone gossiped about? I..........I thought you didn't mind?

"No one told me Audrey.........."

She looked crestfallen.

"We..........We can stop. You can leave if you want."

I said nothing. After considering it for a second, I leaned in and softly kissed her again. As I did, I gave her bulge a soft squeeze. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she sighed softly before returning my kiss. It was soft at first, lips brushing against one another; our tongues darting out quickly before returning just as quickly. But soon she increased in ferocity, pushing back against me as she wrapped her arms around me. I kept my hand between her legs, rubbing softly and feeling her grow. She pulled away once more, biting my ear as she growled in pleasure.

"Do you want to see me? All of me?"

I nodded, apprehensive and excited.

She reached down and slowly pulled her skirt up over her hips. She was wearing a hot pink thong that matched her tank top. My hand was still cupped over it, and I moved it to the side to get a good look. I could only see the outline, but it looked impressive.

"Let it out baby" she whispered.

I pulled her thong to one side, and gasped in surprise. My fingers instinctively traced down over her growing shaft, and Audrey purred in delight.

"Mmmmm that feels so good baby."

As I stroked, she reached her full hardness. Her cock was as long as mine, and even fatter. In contrast to her chocolate skin, it was as dark as night, and her head was already glistened with precum. I couldn't help run my fingers along it again, marveling at the hardness.

Audrey moaned softly in my ear "So what do you think lover?"

"Its perfect. Everything about you is bigger and better, isn't it Audrey?

"I'm glad you think so; so you really had no idea?"

"Not at all. But it's a pleasant surprise; it's always been a fantasy of mine."

"What? A big black bodybuilding shemale? That's fairly specific honey!"

"Just the shemale part.; the big black bodybuilder bit just makes it better"

She grinned in delight at my answer, and crushed herself against me again. Her fat cock rubbed against my belly as we ground against one another, and I felt her reach around to press my throbbing dick between her ass-cheeks.

"I meant what I said baby. I want you inside me. I need it"

"I want it too. I need it too"

She kissed me deeply as my cock rubbed against her tight arsehole.

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