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Jealousy leads a sub to get punished.

I was going to buy them all anyway.

Party Time!

I didn't want Brad to be there at all but Tabby had insisted. I'd tried every trick in the book to no avail. She finally broke me down and I gave in. I even let her talk me into letting her use my cell to call him.

There was no resisting her now.


We raided my liquor stash and Marcus hunted down some goodies from the Heads at Peterson Square. It wasn't too long before we were drunk and stoned; dancing to country music in our underwear despite the fact that half of the Offensive Line was crammed into our room.

Marcus, Wayne, and James played Quarters in the corner ... Marcus kept stealing glances at Linsey but Linsey was too engaged in trying to get Brad's attention to notice. I laughed to myself when I imagined the mental and physical trauma his giant black cock would cause my clueless roomy if they ever hooked up.

Brad watched us intently as he chugged his beer. I had been ignoring him and I knew he wasn't happy about it ... that made me very happy.

"This shit should be online," he chugged his beer again and took a swig of Tequila from a bottle, "we could make a fortune."

"Oh, Brad!" Linsey ran to him and slowly danced in front of him, "I'll do it if you want!"

Tabby spun and fell into Wayne and Marcus laughing and holding them for balance.

"SKINNY!" She cried dramatically, hugging Marcus from behind, "We need more beer!"

He took her hand, rose from the table, and gracefully spun her like they were Two-Steppin' - Tabby fell right into it and spun him in return.

"Whoooooa!" James yelled and ducked, "Don't fucking fall on me, Skinny!"

"Damn!" Tabby laughed, "You can dance you big Lug!"

She spun him again so his back was to us.

"Get us that beer so we can finish this dance in style!"

"I'll be right back!" He laughed, "Come on guys - the ladies are waitin' on us!"

The three boys stumbled out into the hall laughing and shoving each other. Tabby shut the door quickly and spun around. She saw me watching her and shrugged guiltily.

She'd gotten rid of Marcus for Linsey. I felt a twinge of alarm, she was clever, and if anyone understood the power of manipulation it was me.

"Where's the webcam!" Linsey asked me.

"Fuck that, Linsey," I snarled, "Get your scrawny ass back over here!"

I'd smashed it a long time ago anyway. The last thing I wanted was a camera in my room - especially one connected to the Internet.

"Let her be," Tabby rubbed her breasts against mine and ran her hands sensually over my ass, "she could be useful, if you know what I mean?"

"__Mina!" I giggled.

Linsey "fell" between Brad's knees and draped herself over his legs.

"I'll do whatever you want me to, Brad," she said, "I even swallow!"

I guess getting a chance at a popular jock like Brad was something she'd never expected to happen to her and she was going all out for it.

"Go on then, Bitch."

Linsey obliged him, fishing out his little cock and going down on him expertly. He grabbed the back of her head and pumped his hips so that he was fucking her mouth. I couldn't believe Linsey was actually deepthroating him ... not that there was a chance he'd choke her or cause her to gag ... I just never thought she had that kind of balls.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," he said. "You want some o' this?" he asked us with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Tabby grabbed my arm to hold me back: "Don't waste your energy."


Tabby and I found our way to the laundry room at the end of the hall somehow.

"What're we doin' here?" I asked.

I was tanked and starting to slur now.

"Turn on the dryer!" Tabby pushed me hard and I fell over the appliance.

"Ow, Bitch! Take it easy!" I laughed and turned the dryer on.

Tabby spun me around and kissed me.

I melted into her and relished the sensation of her pouty lips and tongue.

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