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His mind plays tricks on him, to disguise the hard reality.

r violated rectii/anii???

The Yogic answer to these two questions would have to be "The Mooladhara Chakra or the supersensuous Yogic center at the Prostate gland".

This is pictured as a two-petalled lotus flower in Yogic iconography.

When Masculine buttocks are spanked whether by women, gay men or transgender the Mooladhara chakra blooms in delight, even though the the man/ boy/ gay/ transgender is writhing in agony at the lash/ blow/ slap/ smack etc as any attention even angry attention makes it preen in delight like an attention seeking diva glows at paparazzi camera flashbulbs going off'n flashing at her!!

The Mooladhara is an energy junction which is largely ignored for most of the male's sexual life but the famed Kundalini Shakti/ Yogic Serpent lies coiled up there to arise up the Shushumna Nadi/ Spinal Cord as and when awakened!!

When a Man gets spanked, or is penetrated by a Feeldoe, finger, strap-on, dildo, vibrator or a Male/ Transgendered penis the Mooladhara lotus blooms in joy at the attention!!

When a submissive Male is given an enema up his vulnerable rectum by an attractive, authoritative Female nurse or physician the Mooladhara Lotus blooms at the ass-raped rectal attention it is garnering.

The blows to the Male buttocks by a Gay Dom or a Female Domme stimulate and excite the prostate gland but this stimulation and excitement can also be replicated by a determined Yogi who mentally visualizing a two-petalled lotus at his own Prostate gland beats/ spanks/ slaps/ smacks his own buttocks!!

That is the science/ raison de etre of Masculine self-spanking/ self flagellation Not penance/ purification but satisfaction of the Mooladhara two-petalled Lotus!!

If a Yogi visualizes the legendary two-petalled Lotus at the Prostate gland and gives himself an enema and holds it in for a significant amount of time, the Mooladhara Lotus blooms in delight!!

When a Yogi uses a vibrating Feeldoe lubed with astro-glide to stimulate & massage his Prostate gland pleasurably and gently while totally focusing on the Mooladhara Lotus, the two petalled Lotus is fully satisfied and blooms in delight!!

Many women/ mistresses/ dommes refer to Male anii and rectum as 'boypussy' or 'Male vagina' or " Masculine Yoni": it is ironic when the Boypussy is being 'deflowered' the Two-petalled Lotus flower blooms in Joy at the Prostate gland!!

The Yogi who spanks his own buttocks, massages his own Prostate gland or gives himself a Mooladhara satisfying enema[ Not cleansing/ purifying] is a Scientist not a Masochist!!

He is a guerilla fighter not a submissive slaveboy!!

The Kundalini Shakti once liberated from the Mooladhara Chakra shoots up to the base of the Lingam/ penis/ phallus[ Svadisthana chakra] & onto the Manipura Chakra at the navel & thence onto the Anahata chakra at the heart & onwards onto the Visudhdha chakra at the throat & thence onto the Anahata chakra at the center of eyebrows & finally arises upto the Sahashrara chakra in the center of the brain!!

Copious amounts of pre-cum leak out so the penile foreskin needs to be cleansed with warm water, cloth and soap but the white part of Semen metamorphs into Shakti/ energy and shoots up the spinal cord as a Needle of Pure Bliss!!

Unconsciously all legendary Femdom Artists --Namio Harukawa, Sardax, Eric Stanton , Bill Ward, Gene Bilbrew , Red Rump, Tommy all per se exaggerate the punished Male buttocks unconsciously rendering the secret mystic Mooladhara Chakra Lotus in full bloom!!

The highly paid executive going to a high society call-girl or Madam to be whipped, ass-fucked or 'enema-ed' is subconsciously reaching out to his own two-petalled, mystic, neglected Lotus deep in the fortress of his Gluteus Maximus which just wants to be adored, stroked, paid attention to!!

The super-secret multimillion dollar Pro athlete who visits a Top Gay stud to lie down stripped of all his Glory, Adulation, Fan-following get a bottom smacking, ass-reaming and a Male Phallus violating his multimillion dollar poop-chute as if he is a common whore just wants his Mooladhara Lotus

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