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Janet and Lisa get a wild night with 2 guys.

In back, they'd dropped halfway down her crack.

I'd caught brief glimpses Patty naked or nearly so in our apartment, but I'd never got a good look at her ass. I'd always seen her butt covered in denim or corduroy or a bath towel-heavy fabrics that kind of hides it and can even make it look a tad thick -so I was, frankly, surprised, very pleasantly surprised, that her ass looked so good: muscular, round, smooth, young flesh. Those jiggling buns were every bit the equal of her superb tits!

"Whip It" is a very short tune, so the fun was over quickly. At the end, Patty froze in a pose with one hand crushing a boob and the other squeezing a bun, shooting the DJ a distinct I'm-done-now-gimme-the-money look. I can honestly say that Patty's performance rivaled those of the very best exotic strip-tease dancers.

But before making the award, he said, to make it fair, he needed to get one final reading of each contestant on ye ol' applause meter. So, the DJ paraded the original three chicks back onto the bar top to join Patty, poured one more pitcher of ice water over the tits of each, and asked the crowd to applaud each as he did so to determine the winner. All of them must really have wanted to win that five hundred, as each, in turn, danced from one end to the bar and back, and, Patty having established that topless was the rule, stripping their wet tees off. The petite, little-titted nippley one even shucked her wrap-around mini-skirt to reveal a tiny, taught ass even better that I'd realized. The French-cut panties barely concealed her crotch. We made good eye contact several times, and at the end, seeing me applauding more enthusiastically than anyone, she gave me a big metal smile.

As I mentioned before, the three original contestants were good-looking and sexy. But it was really no contest. This was a tit competition, and though the original three chicks all had hot bodies, Patty had the best tits, was a tremendous dancer, and was the overwhelming favorite. Big boobs bouncing and wet panties barely holding up, she made one final strut up and back the bar top. From the sound of the applause, you would have thought our football team had won a bowl game. She held out her hand, and the bartender pulled five C-notes from the register and handed them over to her.

Though Patty was the winner, I was determined to be a winner, too. You see, the losing chicks were all bummed, but especially the super-nippled cutie with braces, who, with the smallest titties, had gotten the least applause of all in the final round. At any rate, she was MY fave, and I fought my way through the crowd to get to her before anyone else did. On the way, I noticed the other two chicks were being swarmed by horny guys.

She and I finished off a pitcher together over in the corner in no time as I consoled her and told her how hot and sexy I thought she was, that she got my vote for winner. She'd not bothered to put the skirt back on, and someone had apparently collected her own shirt as a souvenir, and so had slipped back into the bar-logo wet tee and was now obviously freezing from the blasting A/C. I put my arm around her to warm her up, shortly before slipping my arm up under the shirt to "accidentally" trap a pencil-eraser nipple between index and middle fingers with no hint of protest. Her name was Nancy, who I dubbed Nippley Nancy.

Reciprocating, she slung a slender leg over mine, warming up to me right away.

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