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Coed learns the ropes of being a bisexual femdom.

I took a photo. It placed my feet apart as far as I could on the floor and took another. It turned sideways and took another. I lifted one droopy breast and took another. Finally I turned away from the mirror, spread my legs and bent over. This was awkward but I managed to take the last photo of my privates exposed in the mirror.

Not wanted to lose the moment, or the buzz, I went downstairs in just my dressing gown and created an account on the site I'd been on earlier. Connecting my phone to my PC I transferred the photos and looked through them. I was horrified by what I saw -- a fat, old ugly woman exposing her body fully naked, but with her face obscured in all of them. Before I lost my courage I clicked upload and sent my pictures into the world. I disabled other people from commenting on them though as I didn't feel like reading crude unwanted talk about me. And with that they were out there for the world to see. I spent the rest of the day buzzing and went to bed that night with my head still in a spin.

Next morning I check my photos online again. There were still there and the page they were on had been view 16 times. My face flushed red with embarrassment as I realised that 16 people had now seen me naked and exposed. More tellingly though was that my heartbeat had started racing and my breath caught in my chest as I suddenly realised that these 5 photos of me were simply not enough. And I knew what I had to do. I went upstairs and got dressed into my walking outfit. I was going back to the park.

I headed through the main gates and past the empty football pitches. The park was a lot quieter today than at the weekend. Up ahead I could see some mothers with their children in the play area but I had no interest that. My mind was racing thinking about what I was about to do and I could feel my stomach churning. The last time I'd been here I had the benefit and feeling slightly drunk but this morning my head was clear, although you'd not be able to tell from my lack of ability to focus around me. I walked on further and entered into the woody area towards the top of the park. After another few minutes I saw the grey building up ahead. I felt slightly panicky but something within me at a lower level was driving me on. I turned off the path onto the track that led up to the ladies toilets and headed in through the door.

The harsh fluorescent light lit the toilet far brighter than I had realised last time. Perhaps I was subconsciously aware of wanting to hide in the gloom but I tried to dismiss that as I headed down past the first two open stalls to the cubicle at the far end. The only sound was my breathing and the gentle slap of my trainers on the floor. I stepped in through the door, closed it behind me and considered what I was about to do. With slow deliberate movements, almost to stop myself from bolting out the door, I first placed my phone on the top of the cistern. Then I closed the toilet seat and sat down and pulled off my trainers and socks and placed them on the floor. Standing up again I pulled off my sweatshirt and pulled down my jogging pants, folding these carefully and placing them on the closed toilet lid. Realizing my hands were shaking I spent a minute of two just standing still and calming myself down although I was starting to feel a little sick with nerves. I fumbled with the catch on my bra trying to opening it before I also pulled that off and added it to my pile. Lastly I pulled down my pants and stood out of them one foot at a time. I was shaking now even though I'd already been here before undressed last Saturday. However this was different as what I was about to do to was completely and utterly wrong. What if someone came in and saw me? What if I fell over and knocked myself out only to be found naked on the floor? Too many what if's but I tried to focus on why I was here. There was a mirror above the sink outside and I wanted to take a photo of myself reflected in that.

I picked up my phone and turned to face the cubicle door and with my other hand I slowly slid the

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