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Innocent wife discovers the party scene of drugs and sex.

I am free to tease. I am free to use. I am free to name you my lover, my whore, my slut, my girl. I am free. You have set me free.

I draw yet another ragged breath. As my heart stills and I re-gain bits and pieces of control, I wonder at our being together at all. Our history is so filled with improbability that I am in awe that we are here, in this place, in this time by the sea. The cottage that shelters us is in stark contrast to the rain and the cold pounding waves outside. Warm sensuality bathes the room, untouched by the bitter chill. Candles and heavy masculine chairs of leather furnish it. A fire burns seductively in the hearth. Everywhere I look, there are books. It is fitting, for books brought us together that day so long ago when I was looking for mystery and found you.

My attention turns fully on you. I am held captive by your reflection in the mirror. It shimmers around me, wrapping me in dark anticipation. I want you to feel easy. I want you to trust me. I need you to accept, to open your anguished, fractured soul to mine. We don't speak. My eyes hold yours. Seconds tick by. I wait. You wait. Finally, I reach out and slowly scrape my long, sharp nails over your rock-hard nipples hidden so alluringly by the silk of your chemise. Your gray eyes turn black. You breath quickens, like I knew it would. Your stiff nipples jut out and beg for attention, just like mine. I sigh and your breath catches in your throat. It is the only sound in the room, aside from the crackling fire. It is the sound I have been waiting for.

Watching you, hearing your sharp intake of breath, makes me long to feel your teeth, biting sharply, and so I take your tight nipples in my own, one at a time, through the soft silk covering them. I bite, and watch your eyes, knowing the sharp, stinging seductive pain you will feel. I know that it will hurt. I know too that my sweet, sharp bite will send streaks of fire racing down your belly and into your tight, silky panties, like your bite does to mine.

I am hungry and the need for you, my woman, is strong. I wonder, as I think about what I want, if you realize how I need your submission, how I need the woman in you, the whore, the slut. I wonder if you know how I crave the way you submit to my need, and my love. I look at you in the mirror. Your eyes are steady and black. You are watching me just as I am watching you. I smile at this and reach for the blindfold. Your eyes widen. It makes you nervous, not being able to be able to see what I am doing in the mirror, not to control. I know this and your nervousness excites me.

When the blindfold is tight, I slowly button your blouse over your chemise, flicking your stinging nipples with my nails as I go. You moan and your hands clench at your sides. I like the sound you make and so do it again, to see if you will moan again. You do and I am pleased. My own breath catches in my throat. I know now what I want in this cottage by the sea.

I feel your anticipation crawl up my thighs and I wait, luxuriating in the sensation. When I can't wait any longer, I reach for the thick leather rope and tell you to lie face down on the soft wool rug. When you do, I tie your hands with their brightly painted nails above your head, to the feet of one of the heavy chairs in the room. I have planned and prepared for you and now, now I will have you.

You are very seductive, lying there face down on the rug in front of the fire.

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