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I meet Sandy, but tonight it is all about Martha.

For some reason, I walked over to the headboard and picked up the candle that was closest to me. I got my lighter going and touched the flame to the candlewick. It sputtered a few times and then started burning with a low soft flame. I set it down and then lit the other candle as well. Katie watched quietly as I did this. I finished getting undressed and I turned off the bedroom light.

After I got on the bed I crawled between Katie's legs. She lifted them up high and crossed them behind my back. I leaned forward and kissed her. As I moved in close to her, the tip of my cock found her cunt without using a hand to guide it, and I slowly pressed inside of her until I was in as far as I could go.

"Oh my God Tony, it feels so perfect," Katie said softly.

I replied just as softly, "I always want to make perfect for you Katie."

She said back, "I will always make it perfect for you Tony as well. Forever and ever and ever."

I started making love to her and it wasn't very long and it wasn't fancy. But as Katie had told me, "It's not the quantity, it is the quality that really matters," and this time we proved that saying right. We had made love like this before with me slowly screwing her until we both climaxed at the same time, but this night it was more intense than it had ever been. Not only were our bodies joined but finally our hearts and souls were as well. And through all of this, as our passion built, the candles got brighter as well. We reached the point where we were both fighting hard to hold back our climaxes, the feelings were so powerful that we didn't want the moment to end.

Katie said, "I love you Tony," and she started to climax and when she did, the room flooded with light.

I said, "I love you Katie," and as I let loose with my first shot of sperm, the room again got bright.

I looked at the candles and as my cock throbbed and released, the candles quickly flared up. Katie started to climax again and looked at the one candle as it fired up into the room as well.

She said, "Oh my God, it is like they know what we doing."

I said, "Yes it does."

Katie pulled her arms tighter around me and wrapped her legs tightly behind me as well. We kissed and kissed and kissed some more. As we lay there, the candles slowly got dimmer, until the light in room was the same as when we had started. Katie brought her hands to my face and gave me one of those special kisses. We hugged for a while and I moved off of her and on my side. She rolled over to face me, and the kissing and the hugging continued.

I said, "I really meant it Katie when I said that I never want to let go of you."

She gave me a kiss and replied, "And I meant it too Tony. Forever and ever and ever."

We kissed again and I asked, "What happened on Tuesday night? I am guessing that is has something to do with all of this?"

Katie got this scared look on her face and it looked like she was going to start crying again.

She answered, "Tony, I don't want to keep any secrets from you and one day I promise that I will tell you everything. But I will do it tonight if you really want me to."

As much as I was curious, I could tell that this was going to be painful for her and I didn't want any more of that tonight.

I said, "Tell me when you are ready Katie. I love you and that is all that matters now."

"Thank you," she replied and we kissed again. She said, "This feels so good."

We kissed and lay like that for a long time. After a quick bathroom trip, we went back to bed for a long session of foreplay with our fingers. Katie climaxed a few times as I played with her cunt and clit and each time the candles got very bright.

I was going to move down and eat her pussy but she said, "Get on your back," which I did.

Katie climbed on top of me and started sliding her cunt up and down my cock.

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