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" I don't suppose the truth is that her mom has found out that boyfriend Tom has managed to get into her dear daughters panties, is it? We women all know what boys your age are like. Wanting to ease the pressures between your legs. Get into a girls panties for a quick screw." he said. Then added, and in doing so got much nearer the mark than she realised." Mums are very protective of the virginity of their daughters, if you want to sow your wild oats I am sure that there are plenty of much older women, divorced, widowed, or some of them still married who would only be too happy to oblige such a handsome boy as you and take care of your stiff penis and aching testicles. I may be unmarried Tom but believe me I know what young men can suffer."

As she finished her homily they turned into her drive much to Tom's relief. His aunt, as he still thought of her, had got much to close to the truth. Indeed if what he had sampled with Helen Harrison was anything to go by, he had resolved to get into the pants of as many mature women as he could. Their experienced cunts would be far more exciting than the inexperienced pussies of younger women. Of course, he was not to know that his girlfriend had experienced the attentions of his own mother with her 9" dildo which had truly given Wendy experience beyond her years.

Anne's home was a one storey bungalow comprising lounge, dining room, kitchen bath/shower room including the toilet and two bedrooms which stood side by side.

Showing Tom into one of the bedrooms Anne told him that he could take a shower if he wished whilst she prepared dinner. He said that he would after the bus journey. Almost as if it were an afterthought Anne called back through the door. "Oh Tom, leave the bathroom window open would you as you shower because of the steam, the extractor fan is not working." As she spoke she deftly removed the fuse from the wall switch just outside the bathroom door before going on to the kitchen.

From the kitchen she could hear Tom opening and shutting drawers but as his mother had only packed a couple of changes of underwear, a pair of shorts, slacks and three shirts he did not take long to unpack and shortly Anne heard the bathroom door close followed a few moments later by the sound of the shower.

Quickly exiting the kitchen by the side entrance Anne silently ran around to see the bathroom window ajar. Peering in she could] d see the outline of Toms body in the shower stall. After a few moments the water was shut off and the door opened giving her the sight of her nephew absolutely naked. She drew in her breath as her eyes alighted on his swinging dick. It looked about 7" long in its soft state and as he towelled himself dry she watched it swinging around. He dried his dick and then to Anne's delight he gave it a few rubs, his cock was uncircumcised and as he withdrew the hood from the head she watch the pinkish purple dome deepen in colour as the prick stiffened. 'Oh my God' she thought as she watched, 'he is going to masturbate.' However after a couple of rubs he got out of the shower and turned towards the lavatory. Standing on tiptoe Anne watched as a stream of pee flowed from the end of the dick. She was imagining what a stream of thick 'cum' would look like and she resolved to find out before Tom returned home.

Later that evening after an excellent dinner Tom asked to be excused as he felt tired.

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