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Stranded with a Korean "Mary Ann" or is it "Ginger"?

Every inch of him needed a good scrub. His large frame, hosting homeless-inspired muscles, was stuffed in a grimy sweat shirt under a thin jacket. He wore jeans so small that I clearly saw his large cock. Strangely, despite his illness, his light brown eyes were surprisingly clear, and his habit of looking into my eyes when he spoke made me act shy.

"I think I can eat a little of that food," he said with a weak smile and deep dimples that appeared and disappeared.

I found it difficult to help without hurting his feelings, because there was so much that he needed. But I had a plan:

"While you finish up the food, I'm gonna find you some clothes and run a bath. After that, I'm gonna tackle that hair and--"

"Hold on. Don't go changing me!" he said with a half-hearted chuckle. "Look, man, I appreciate anything you can do, but let's go easy, huh?"

"Easy," I said and stared intently at his cock's imprint.

After hungrily eating the food and drinking more glasses of water, he finally relented. "I'll take that bath, if you don't mind."

I helped him to the steamy tub and slowly lowered him. "So, what's your name?" I asked, while swabbing his back.

"Sean. Sean Anderson," he said in a low voice.

"Nice to meet you, Sean. I'm Josh Tanner," I said and we shook soapy hands.

"Why Chicago?" I asked as I moved around to his chest and middle. "No offense, but there are less hostile places to be homeless."

He rubbed his soapy beard and ignored that I had submerged the washcloth to his crotch. Gently swabbing his cock and ball sac, I felt him grow firm, and I grew along with him. He pointed out, "I didn't plan on being homelessness, but who does, huh?"

I burned with embarrassment, but he let me off the hook.

Grabbing my arm with a soapy hand to push it farther into his crotch, he said in a seductive whisper, "But I do rely on the kindness of strangers."

His cock was amazingly large; I saw its triple-barrel perfection with Braille.

"Mmm, are you taking advantage of me?" he asked with glossy eyes that stared the truth out of me.

"I hope so, or I'm doing it wrong," I said in intoxicating lust. I had never given a man a bath, at least not like this, so I made the most of it while he luxuriated.

I washed every crevice of his hairy body with a tenderness that surprised me. "You have such a nice body," I said and cleared away the hoarseness in my voice.

His body had grown solid, yet gaunt, with muscles tempered by homeless effort. His beard, no longer scruffy, hung limply to his belly which was drawn due to malnourishment. He was so weak that I had to help him from the bath and dry him, and in doing so, I could no longer resist the need.

"I feel it too," he said in an husky voice. "We both need it," he said and looked for the truth in my eyes.

With his sitting bedside and my kneeling on the floor, I placed his legs over my shoulders, lowered him to reclining, and took his cock into my mouth. I took slow and deliberate care of the steady precum that polished his deeply red head. Robust heat, emanating from his stiff cock and my mouth, collided on our surfaces and sent waves of pleasure radiating through every atom of our bodies.

I took him, deeply and relentlessly, and so tenderly, as to bring an aching to my surface. He answered with arcs, twists, and turns of emboldened pleasure that caused us to instantly feel that this wasn't just a blowjob. This was a realization that few men received.

I took all of him, took all his cum, and moved beside him to help him through the intense aftermath while priming my own instant release. And in the afterglow, we kissed, hugged, and hoped. This was instant, unadulterated love; a love that could last us for the rest of our lives. He thanked me for his release; I thanked him for the chance; and we instantly fell asleep.

I woke to my legs were being raised. Not that I ever had a problem with that, but I usually wanted to supervise the move. After a few seconds, I realized it was Sean and rose slightly to see his silhouette.

"You awake?" he asked.

"I am now," I said, as evenly as poss

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