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Coed decides that mature cock is needed.

A little under a year later, I posted another ad on craigslist looking for someone to mutually jack off with. I was kind of out the the little dick sucking, 69 phase I had I had my friend Rob (who is mentioned in my other stories) to play with at the time, but he had been busy a lot around that time. So I couldn't wait anymore and found another person to hold me over. I got a response to my ad, and this guy lived in the same area I had met Mike a while back. I thought it might have been him but wasn't quite sure. I left my house and as I got closer I realized it was Mike again...

I arrived and he let me inside. I told him that I remember coming over before. He said that he recognized me. We both sat down on his couch, close to one another. He grabbed his laptop, and started searching for some porn. He found some compilation video of a bunch of different couples having sex, set his computer on the floor and got ready to go.

He pulled his pants down and started playing with his dick. I just rubbed mine through my shorts briefly. Then I couldn't wait any longer, so I pulled my shorts down to my feet. He looked over at my dick to check it out. He complimented me on it. Seems like everyone really likes my dick! I asked him if I could play with his a little bit, he didn't care, so I grabbed it and slowly played with and stroked it. He reached over and played with mine as well. Then we both went back to our own cocks.

At one point, he suddenly leaned over and swallowed my dick. It surprised me, but I couldn't complain. It was fantastic. He really sucked the hell out of my dick. He swirled his tongue around my whole dick, with quite some force. It was so good, another one of the best blowjobs I've had. He asked me if I wanted to suck his but I didn't really want to. Then I felt kind of bad so I licked the underside of his right below the tip. He loved that! Then he asked if I wanted to try fucking his mouth, I'd never done that before so I said I'd give it a try.

I stood up on the couch right in front of him, he opened his mouth and I guided my cock inside. He swirled his tongue and started bobbing his head a little bit. It felt really good, but I actually wanted to try fucking his mouth. So I slowly started to thrust back and forth. Soon enough I was straight up fucking his mouth. It didn't last long and I was on the edge about ready to cum. It had only been like one minute so I pulled my dick out so I wouldn't be done yet. He said to cum in his mouth, but I wanted more pleasure before I actually came.

So I sat back down on the couch for a minute and stroked his dick until I was ready to fuck his mouth again. I got up, out my dick in his mouth and started going at it. It was one of the most incredible feelings I've ever had! I was about to cum and he changed his mind about swallowing my load.

He went and grabbed some paper towel from his kitchen so we could both cum and clean up. He finished himself off, then I was ready to shoot. I turned over so I was facing him, kind of on my side. He held the paper towel under my dick when I told him I was cumming. I started shooting, my first squirt missed the paper towel and landed on the couch. The next couple landed on the paper towel, then another squirt missed and landed on his shirt. I cum wildly! Lol! So, I thanked him for the blowjob and having me over, and was on my way home.

While I was at his house, in the middle of our play time, Mike had been telling me about some "bitch boy" that he met with every other week or so. He said he would drive about 45 minutes to pick him up and head back to his house with him. When they got back, this 19 year old dude would suck Mike's dick for a while then Mike would fuck him in the ass. He showed me a few pictures of the action. I mentioned that I'd be interested in joining the two sometime and he said that would be cool...

So Mike and I kept in touch and tried to find a good time to meet up over the next few weeks or so.

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