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A "how to" be the only woman your man wants.

Taking a deep breath, she slipped the first nipple in to the ring, working the bar into the holder. She was panting by the time she'd finished her first nipple, the bar was being held almost a full inch from its normal resting place. The skin was so taught, so sensitive, the merest touch was both too much and not enough.

Once she had them both done, squeezing her breasts into the rubber hoops wasn't too bad, apart from the fact that the straps that the rings around her nipples was almost too short. They bit into her skin, making her abused breasts swell even further. Letting out a long, slow breath, she brought the ends of the lock together, and almost without thought, she pressed the lock closed.

Looking in the mirror she took stock of her breasts. They stood up, proud on her chest, not the slightest hint of droop. Her nipples were like two dark beacons atop her pale flesh. Her skin was flawless, stretched taught and way too sensitive.

Next out of the box were two small halves of a ring, lined with soft rubber. They obviously snapped together, and upon closer examination, she saw they were similar to the lock that now held her bra closed. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realise that they were meant to be clipped around her clit.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened her legs wide, and slipped her trembling hands between her moist lips. She wasn't surprised to find that she was incredibly horny, but she decided that she'd complete her exploration of the boxes contents before finishing herself off.

Her fingers eagerly sought out the centre of her pleasure, and before she could think about it, she carefully centred her clit between the rings, and snapped them closed. There was a quiet little click, and it was done. She could feel the exposed part of her clit swelling, throbbing with an increased lust. She knew that if she were to toy with it, even for a moment she'd cum so hard, but she relished the feeling of being so near the edge, so eager to make it, she stopped herself, but only just. She loved the way she felt right now, eager, desperate even, but knowing that she was in control of her desires.

Next were two garters. She looked at them, trying to understand why they looked so different, and with a flash she realised that they had way too many clips on them, too many by far. Sliding one long leg into one, she arranged the clips around her thigh, not too surprised to find that there were three spare ones, lying along the inner part of her thigh.

The clips were almost, but not quite long enough to reach her labia. Knowing that this was going to hurt a bit, she worked the garter a little higher, and then attached the clips to her lips. The pull on them was firm, not too strong, but strong enough for a full days wear. Once she'd done her other leg, she realised just how open and exposed she was. She seemed to feel every little draft, every breeze. The feeling of exposure was incredible. She felt so wanton, so sluttish; it was an incredible turn on even in her already aroused state.

Last out of the box were three weights; she hefted them in her hand, trying to judge just how heavy they were. Only a couple of ounces each, but over a full day she knew they'd be feeling like they were pounds.

The first two clipped to her nipple bars. Taking a deep breath, she started to attach them. She almost dropped them when she realized that they were little bells too. Oh My God she thought, if she wore these she'd have to be careful about walking, so as not to make any giveaway noise.

The weight from her nipples wasn't too bad, even if they hung down a little. The stretching, the weights pulled both her breasts and nipples in very interesting ways! She thought she'd love this after all.

The one for her clit however, it's attachment wasn't so obvious, not at first.

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