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His first encounter with my bi feelings.

mine, Oh, shit, Oh God, Oh Fuck!"

I will not guarantee that these were the exact words she used, as her movements and obvious excitement was rapidly driving me to ejaculation. I tried to think of other things to prolong my performance, passive though it was. I tried to think of anything else. Anything. Think of food. Sausages and chips. No not sausages. Sponge pudding with custard pouring over it. No not pouring, gushing. It was too late. I had come. I tensed myself and pressed myself up against her, trying to maintain her pleasure as my penis started to go past its best.

"Have you come, my love. Thank god. Thank you" she squealed, and she went rigid upon me, just twitching slightly externally and less slightly inside.

She collapsed on me. Kissing, hugging, murmuring. Slowly she got her breath back. Then her hand snaked between us, and she carefully held the condom on my penis while she rolled off me.

"Oh, Bob, Bob, you can't know how special that was."

I think that I did, although I did not say so. Exhausted as I was, I realised that it would be best not to discuss sex with my ex. at that moment. There had been more enthusiasm in Sally's single act that in the total of my previous experience.

She removed the condom. Then bent down and gently kissed my penis, before one-handedly tying a knot in it (the condom, that is) and dropping it over the bedside.

More hugs, kisses, and sleep.

We awoke again to the sounds of traffic outside.

When we had both realised that the other was awake, we just hugged and kissed again.

"Any chance of some coffee?" she eventually asked.

Wearing dressing-gown and shirt again we were soon sipping.

We caught each other's eyes, and after a moment, we both just said "Thank you." with the result that we both giggled.

"But this is not getting my bottom buggered, is it?" she smirked.

"You still...? Are you sure...?"

She looked sadder now. "I must. I have to."

I looked into her eyes, asking for confirmation. She nodded.

I thought about it. So did she.

"The guide suggested we start with fingers or butt plugs, using some lubrication.".

"Damn. Did we get any lube? I don't think we did."

"You're right. Too much booze. Not enough thought."

"What time is it?"


"It'll be open again soon. If we can get a bus. Hurry up, get dressed."

This time we were lucky.

"Sally," I quietly asked as we snuggled on the back seat again. "I really don't want to hurt you again. Do you think, if we sort of shared it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm not gay, or anything, but," and I moved in the seat at the memory of her touch on my anus, " I was thinking that if we sort of practiced on each other. I play with your bum. You play with mine. You know, we would have a better idea of what the other one is feeling."

"Darling man," she kissed the end of my nose.

I was glad that there was a different assistant in the shop. The guides had been insistent about not sharing toys, so we bought another set of plugs -- these were dark blue -- and the assistant helped us to a large bottle of the appropriate lubricant that was not going to rot the plugs we had chosen.

We were soon home again, lucky with the buses indeed, and were back in the bedroom with the various items out of their wrappers and lined up on the bed.

"Bob, before we start.?"

"Yes love, what?"

"Should we have some breakfast?" Was she delaying now?

We agreed. But we undressed and wore gown and shirt again. While she scrambled eggs and made toast and coffee, I allowed my hand to wander over her body, hindering her. She didn't complain, and seemed to encourage my hands to be more and more adventurous.

But we were hungry. We were not distracted too much. We ate and drank.

This, of course, started our digestive systems working, and as we took our second cups of coffee upstairs, I realised that I had to poo.

I had to wait, uncomfortably, because Sally got there first. Then we decided that having a shower might make proceedings a bit more, you know, hygienic.

This was just right.

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