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A biology lesson for two.

When I think about it, they were all like my ex, except older. I was sitting in a booth, adjusting my levels of liquid courage when my old nemesis here slides into the booth next to me."

D: "It was literally my last shot at her. If I failed to score when she was drunk, divorced and depressed, it just wasn't meant to be."

FI: "Jasmine, did he come on all smooth and talk you out of your thong?"

C: "I don't wear a thong, I wear boy shorts, and no, I didn't give him a chance. He been hitting on me, I just assumed this was a continuation of the last. He asked me if I was having fun and I said no. He asked me if I wanted to have some fun and I said no. I told him I wanted to get laid and I pointed out the three that may get lucky tonight. Then he said, 'What about me, if it's cock you need, I've got plenty."

FI: "This is hot, then what happened?"

D: "I thought it was more white girl bullshit, but she started stroking my cock under the table. Then she started scraping her nails up and down the shaft after she got it hard. It was fucking insane. We both gathered up our things and left, didn't say shit to anyone. Everyone we work with knew where we were headed and what we were gonna do, but she didn't seem to care. I know I wasn't ashamed."

MI: "Let me finish the story; You two headed off to a seedy motel where D here fucked you all night and you've been a convert ever since."

D: "Not even close. She looked at me and told me she was ready for me, right then and there and I said 'Let's go."

FI: "Let me finish; you went back to your place and he fucked you all night in your own bed, is that close?"

C: "Not even close. I wanted it right then and there. We headed to the parking garage and chose his car. I drive a BMW; he drives a Ford Flex, much more room to stretch out in his, so we used his. We eventually found the backseat and started making out. He assured me the windows were dark enough so no one could see in, but I didn't care, I wanted to fuck. I would have fucked him on the hood of the damn thing."

MI: "Then you fucked her good and made her your personal whore?"

D: "Sorry, wish I could tell you otherwise. I'll let Jasmine here finish our tale, I still find it too embarrassing to talk about."

C: "We kissed a bit, real wet, real sloppy, and that was real hot. Just look at those lips! By then his cock was out and I was working on that. I would stroke it a little, then take some of the slimy stuff that leaked out and smear it over the head of his cock. The poor fucker didn't know what hit him."

D: "I really didn't. This bitch was killing me. I pride myself on my sexual control, but she had me at the brink in about two minutes, and just with her hand. Then she went down on me."

C: (big grin on her face) "I had to clean up the mess I made."

FI: This is too fucking sexy, this isn't on tape, is it?"

D: "No, and if it did exist, I would have destroyed all copies. Let her tell it."

C: "I cleaned the head up, but it was clear we were ready for the main event. So I sat back and asked him to get busy."

D: "Hold up! You are leaving so much out. You make it sound like we were eating lunch at the deli. If you're going to tell a story, tell it right."
FI: "One of you finish, I'm losing it here. To help my mental image, who was where?"

C: "We're still in the back seat, I'm sitting and he's kneeling on the floor."

D: "She didn't tell me to get busy, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. She said, in a real low voice, 'If you want some white pussy, take mine. Do you want to feel me around your cock?' I kissed her again and reached up under her skirt. I slid her panties off, you have to realize that up to this point neither one of us has touched her pussy, her panties came off and the whole vehicle smelled like her. In a good way. The skirt had to come off, too. We wriggled her out of that, and there it was. The sweetest, pinkest pussy in the world, there for the taking."

MI: "Shaved?" D: "Not at that time. It is now."

MI: "So you took her half a dozen times and now she can't live without

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