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Me and hot neighbor are transported to my erotic stories.

be fun if Hiroshi and Tom could see each other massaging their respective wives, fun and erotic!

We placed towels on the tables and Hideko and I laid down on our stomachs. Tom moved beside Hideko and Hiroshi moved next to me, but on the wrong side.

"Hiroshi, could you work from the other side? I want Tom to see how you massage. He may learn from you."

"Oh, of course. Good idea, and I can learn from Tom," he replied seriously, but with a smile.

The men went to work. I laid my head down and melted into the table as Hiroshi took some of the warm oil and began to massage me in earnest. I can't tell you how good his strong hands and long fingers felt caressing my body. He started at the neck and shoulders, then worked my arms. I couldn't see, but he and Tom were mirroring each other every step of the way.

When his hands reached my buttocks, I felt Hiroshi pause, then firmly rub my buttocks and knead them for many seconds before moving to my thighs.

Tom saw Hiroshi pause at my lower back. He didn't look up and decided to go ahead. He moved his big, thick fingers down over Hideko's beautiful ass and started massaging her cheeks. Hiroshi did the same a split second later.

After massaging her long, firm legs - they were longer than Sandy's and surprisingly, just as firm, Tom moved back up towards her gorgeous buttocks. He so wanted to rub his hand between her thighs but afraid that might be pushing it too far. He watched as Hiroshi reached the same point, hands at the base of Sandy's buttocks.

I felt Hiroshi pause with his hands on my thighs, right next to my sex. I moved my legs slightly apart. Hiroshi imperceptibly moved one hand into my crotch. I moaned lowly, but loud enough that everyone could hear. Bingo! He moved his other hand until both were pressed against my sex - my very wet sex.

Tom saw the movement and heard my moan. "Okay, here goes," he thought, and moved a hand into Hideko's crotch. Her body jerked a little when he made contact with her bushy labia, but he felt her move her thighs apart ever so slightly. His erection, which had slackened, twitched and started to swell. Well, Hiroshi had made the first move. He decided to make the second. Again, without looking up - he was pretty sure that it was better if he and Hiroshi didn't openly acknowledge what they were doing to each other's wives - he took his left hand and slid it up between Hideko's plump buttocks and spread them slightly then turned his right hand to cradle her furry muff and pressed his middle finger against her wet lips. He paused.

Hiroshi felt a surge of blood flood his penis when he saw Tom touch his wife's sex. He knew it was coming, he was certain that was what they were going to do, but when it happened, he also felt a surge of jealousy. But, inexplicably, when he knew that the big fingers of Tom's hand were pressing against his wife's sacred opening, his dick lurched. And he didn't hesitate. He followed suit.

I felt Hiroshi's hand press against my lips and a long slim finger invade my vagina, for the second time today.

"Mmm," I vocalized and his finger slid deeper - a lot deeper.

Tom heard me and took his middle digit and pressed against Hideko's soft lips. His finger slid right in and he just kept slipping it in till he was all the way there, buried in her. He had his fat finger buried in a Japanese woman's vagina and her husband was right there doing the same thing to his wife. Holy shit!

Tom decided, no more finesse. Up till now, every movement was subtle, almost disguised, but now - he stroked his finger back, then forward, filling Hideko's lightly spasming, velvety hole. He didn't wait to see what Hiroshi would do. He just started stroking Hideko's pussy. His cock started growing. He couldn't stop from getting erect if he had wanted to.

Hiroshi slipped his long finger all the way in my hot, wet pussy. It felt divine. Then he started stroking me, ugh, fabulous. Tom had to be banging Hideko. Okay. I wanted to get off. Now. Right now.

I spoke up, "Hiroshi, may I turn over and have you continue the massage?"

"Oh, yes, p

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