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The trial lawyer and the exchange student.

I had expected to be alone. I hoped whoever was in the tent would be gone tomorrow. Besides, I had heard that it would rain heavy tonight before clearing in the late morning. Maybe the rains would drive them away, and I could enjoy my solitude.

I entered the tent, and zipped it up in preparation for the inclement weather. It was cooling off in the tent, and I was quite happy to slip into my warm sleeping bag. I always slept naked, and enjoyed the freedom from clothes when I camped. That's why I had picked this remote location. To be alone, naked, and one with nature. I was soon asleep.

I awoke to the flash of lightening and crash of thunder. The winds had picked up while I slept, and I could hear their howl outside the tent, along with the rain being driven against the stout sides of the tent. I was glad that I had pitched the tent well away from the trees, and staked it down securely. As I lay there, listening to the wind, rain, and thunder, I thought I heard a woman's voice crying. Soon, I felt the tent shake, and a voice cry out "Hello, in the tent! Is anyone there?"

I unzipped the door, and peeked out into the vestibule. There, before me, stood the most pitiful sight I have ever seen - a young woman, wearing a thin nighty, soaked clean through, her hair in wet knots, and standing in muddy, bare, feet.

"Can I come in and dry off?" she asked. I could hear her teeth chattering, and noticed how cold she must be by her distended nipples - pushing against the thin fabric.

"Oh, my!" I remarked. "Just a moment!" I turned, and rummaged in my pack until I found the large, fluffy towel I had brought. "Take off those wet things, and leave them on the ground." I ordered. "Then, take this towel, and dry yourself off while I prepare something warm for you." I said, as I handed her the towel. I watched as she reached down, and stripped the nightshirt up over her head, baring her body to my gaze. She was nicely shaped, with adequate breasts and a nice trim waist. I could see she worked out, as her tummy was nice and firm.

Taking the towel from me, she began to dry herself off. I turned, and fired up the small cook stove, and soon had a cup of hot water ready. I dumped in a cup of instant soup, and invited her in, handing it to her. "Here," I said, "drink this." I watched as she took the cup from me, and sipped the soup carefully. "What are you doing here?" I asked as she drank.

"I just finished my junior year in college, and wanted to get away for a while before school started up again in the summer." she explained. "I didn't realize how much trouble it would be setting up a tent and trying to stay dry in a storm." she continued. "When the rain and wind started up, it just blew my tent away without a warning. I guess I should have used the tent pegs that came with it, huh?" she observed.

Smiling at her, I remarked "Uh, huh." She was shivering uncontrollably - probably from exposure. "Give me that cup" I said, taking it from her. "Now, take off that towel, and get under this blanket." I ordered, lifting the cover off the sleeping bag. I was naked, and so was she, but I was more concerned about her possible hypothermia then to worry about clothing taboos at the present time. I rolled on my side, and pulled her cold, naked, body close to my back. "Wrap your arms around me, and go to sleep against me." I instructed her. "You will warm up inside from the hot soup and outside from my warm body next to yours." I explained. I closed my eyes, and listened to her breathing, against my neck. Finally, her shivering stopped, and her breathing slowed as she fell asleep. I soon drifted off to sleep myself.

Sometime in the night, she stirred and left the tent - probably to answer a call of nature.

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