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Hermaphrodite learns there's no reason to feel ashamed.

"I wish to join the League," Sara gasped.

Ra's Al Ghul looked at the two women skeptically. "This is a farce, and you know it," he said, his attention returning to Nyssa. His gaze switched to Sara. "Why are you interested in becoming an assassin.

Nyssa began to speak, but Ra's held up a hand to silence her. "I don't want to die," Sara whispered.

"That is an excellent start, but not enough. Kill her," Ra's said dismissively.

Sara gasped.

"Father, wait! You have nothing to lose by giving her a chance. If she is not worthy to join, the training will prove it. She is not a threat."

Ra's was silent. "I'm not worried about her so much as how soft you are, Nyssa. I've raised you better than this." Nyssa hung her head. "You are right, however. She will begin training tomorrow. You may spend today showing her around the island and familiarizing her with her new life. But Nyssa? This is the last time I shall indulge you like this. Do not expect future "guests" to our island to receive such favored treatment. Regardless of how you feel toward them."

Sara almost bit back an angry retort, but stopped herself. She looked at Nyssa...was she blushing?

Nyssa kneeled and bowed her head. "I live to serve," she said solemnly, then got up and gestured for her to follow. Sara reluctantly did so, recognizing this woman seemed her only hope for survival.

Sara was silent as they walked- partially to observe her surroundings, but also because she was bitter over Nyssa's betrayal. Nyssa seemed to pick up on this, for she spun around when they were alone and hissed, "You should be showing me some gratitude for saving your life!"

"Saving my- you lied to me and brought me to a den of killers!" Sara shot back.

"There is no means off this island not controlled by my father. Some initiates into the League of Shadows get cold feet and try to leave. My father has always found them- and their deaths are by no means quick and painless. You can hate me all you want- but your only hope for survival is to learn to become an assassin, however appalling you find the idea."

In one fluid motion, Nyssa drew a knife and hurled it. She shouted something in an unknown language, and a figure dressed in black stepped forward, clutching the knife. He responded in the same language, bowing reverently, and Nyssa reluctantly took the knife back, not looking happy.

"What's going on?" Sara asked worriedly.

"My father ordered one of his men to keep an eye on us," Nyssa said sourly. "There is nothing I can do about it. I suppose I should show you around."

"What language were you speaking?"

"Arabic. It is the official language of our organization. It will be one of many things you will be required to learn."

"In addition to how to kill people, I presume," Sara said bitterly.

"Eventually. However, you have a ways to go before you have to worry about such things. Initiates start off doing chores for the League members- sharpening weapons, preparing food, cleaning the floors...nothing you should find morally apprehensible."

"Why did you become an assassin?"

Nyssa gave a bitter laugh. "I am the Daughter of the Demon. I was never given a choice in what my future held. You should be grateful you have had even a taste of freedom, a chance to choose your own path in the world."

"That's...I'm sorry. I had no idea."

"We shall speak no more of it," Nyssa said brusquely as they left the darkened confines of the stone temple and ventured back into the sunny outdoors. "Most of the island is forest." She pointed toward a helipad with a chopper on it. "Like I said, there are only a limited number of ways off this island, and my father controls them all. This is one of them. Can you pilot a helicopter?"

Sara reluctantly shook her head.

"It's just as well.

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