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James surprises Arane with a test of their limits.

Uncle Jeff! You're home!" routine. I assumed he didn't look at those pictures every day so he was unlikely to notice that I'd been in there fooling around.

I put on my panties and then my robe and went out all ready to be "Surprised." Uncle Jeff was in his office and the first thing I saw was I hadn't closed out the driving directions. The second thing I saw was the three pictures I had neglected to shove back in the drawer! I was caught!

I'm sure I was in the process of turning beet red when Uncle Jeff greeted me. "Jennie! Great to see you honey!" He began. "How was the ride down from Eureka?" As he said it he casually packed the photos together and slipped them into the top drawer of his desk. Good old Uncle Jeff. He wasn't going to embarrass me even though he had every right to.

So I stood a silly little teenager, making small talk and all the while thinking about the awkward situation I'd created. Uncle Jeff knew I'd seen those photos and probably all the rest of them too. What must he think of me? That's the thanks he gets for letting me stay in his home? A niece that snoops around in his private stuff?

But he didn't seem mad or anything so I just sat down and continued to chat while Uncle Jeff looked for a tee time online. He was always golfing! How he ever made all this money he always seemed to have was a mystery to me. I was sitting in his recliner and it moved back a little just from my weight. I had my legs a little bit apart and, when Uncle Jeff was speaking to me, I saw his eyes look down at my robe for a brief moment.

"Why he was looking for a 'Shot!'" I thought to myself. A shot up my robe! Uncle Jeff chatted on and I found myself thinking again about the last time I visited him. He got a lot more than a shot that day!

"How do you like my new chair Jennie?" He asked me.

"Real comfortable Uncle Jeff!" I replied. He pointed to the lever at the right side of the chair and said "Go ahead and pull on that handle."

I didn't realize the footrest was spring loaded so when I pulled the handle it lifted my legs quickly up to my waist. And Uncle Jeff was treated to the shot he'd tried for a moment earlier! He saw my panties!

"Ha ha!" He chuckled. "Worked like a charm!" He turned back to the computer screen all pleased with himself.

"Uncle Jeff!" I exclaimed, trying in vain to sound indignant. He didn't buy it for a second. "Ahem." Was his only comment as he opened the drawer and briefly waved the pictures to me.

"Now we're even Jennie." He smiled. I was embarrassed but I couldn't help asking where he got the pictures of my Mom. He said she'd left them on the kitchen table one time when He and Aunt Patty were there on a visit.

"Right on the kitchen table?" I wondered. He explained that No, they were actually in one of those yellow envelopes you get at the drug store when you get your pictures developed but he helped himself to a few figuring she wouldn't miss them. I found myself thinking my Mom might have left them there on purpose. She was extremely self conscious about her small bust. She might have welcomed an opportunity to let her "Secret Pal" see her temporarily enlarged breasts. So...he was a sneak too!

Somehow, that put us on even footing the way I saw it. So, knowing I was asking for trouble, I lifted my knees up and put my feet on the seat cushion. Now Uncle Jeff could get a better look at my panties that he was so interested in a few moments ago. My robe had fallen out of the way and my brief white panties were all I had covering my pussyl

And he looked too! I had a sly little smile on my face as I showed him my panties. He drank in the erotic sight I'd presented him with and smiled back.

"How've you been honey? Everything OK?" He was just so handsome! His eyes burning into mine as he said it. I pulled the lever down and got up out of the recliner. Uncle Jeff stood up to meet me and gave me a nice hug to welcome me. A real nice hug. And considering he'd just been treated to an intentional look at my panties, he didn't just squeeze me for a second and let go.

I felt his

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