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Erotically tormented by seismic activity.

Our souls are connected with our spirits and yes, we are husband and wife. Not legally, but spiritually.

She opened her legs wider and guided my hard cock towards her pussy. I waited some time at the entrance of her pussy and we were just looking into each other's eyes during that time. I could see the love and the invitation into her in her eyes. So, I slowly pushed my cock in to her hot love hole which now belonged to me. I was the sole owner of that wonderful woman. Those huge tits, nice ass, long legs, tight pussy, they all belongs to me.

I sank my cock all the way inside her pussy and kissed her again on her lovely full lips. I felt her pussy muscles gripping my cock tightly. She was enjoying our love making at the best level and she was looking down at our sexual union. She was whispering to me, "My lovely husband, love me, darling. Love me. Make me cum and cum inside me. I want to feel your cum shoot deep inside me."

I wanted to make her cum and satisfy her at my best. So, I pulled my cock back and pushed back into her. Then I started to pound her in a slow speed with deep penetrations. I started to suck her nipples and bit them softly to heighten her pleasure. She too stated to push her hips at me and I felt her hand move down and she was massaging her clit with her fingers. In a short while, her pussy tightened and a stream of her pussy juice started to flood around my cock. This time she was very much silent during her orgasm and she only hugged me tightly during that time. I could overcome my urge to cum as I had cum some moments ago.

She was breathing hard, but still she was pushing her hips to meet my thrusts in a rhythm. I too shifted my thrusts from hard and fast ones to slow and long strokes. She finally caught her breath and started to whisper again. "I want to ride you darling. I want to ride my husband's nice cock."

Then we switched the positions and she was on top of me. She straddled my hips and slowly impaled on my cock. I grabbed her boobs and started to play with them. Then she started her movements up and down on my shaft. I moved from her tits to her ass and supported her in moving. I started to suck my right index finger and coated it with saliva. Then I tried to push the finger into her ass hole while she was riding me. She had a very meaty, fat ass and it was very tight too. I thought that this time she would give me her ass definitely. But, she pushed my hand away. "Let's finish this, my love. Play with my tits. I love it when someone plays with them."

Once again I started to suck her melons like a baby looking for milk. I sucked one and played with the other tit. This went on for some time and then I felt my urge to cum. I pulled my mouth from her nipple. "I'm going to cum in you, sweetheart. Where do you want it?"

"Cum inside me darling. Shoot your cum deep into my womb. Oh god, I'm going to cum too. Cum with me, my love."

She started to ride me faster and I too increased the speed of my upward thrusts. I felt the increasing pressure around my cock and it only made my urge stronger. I was on the edge of cumming and I was doing my best to hold it for longer until she reached climax. I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her lips. She returned the kiss and I felt her womanly juices flow in her womb around my cock. That sensation took me over the edge and I started to shoot my semen into her womb which was ready to welcome them. Both of us cried in unison. "Aahhhhh......" But our voices were muffled by each other's mouths.

I was lost in heaven where only I and aunt Sheela lived and we were kissing each other madly.

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