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Brother moves to farm with family starts the crops.

Her soft belly tensed as the tendril drew further up her leg with dreadful inevitability, her hips bucking out of instinct to avoid the heathen god's lustful invasion. It was all for naught. She let out a deep sigh of resignation and excitement as the tentacle teased her heated cleft. She involuntarily widened her legs, letting its thickness sink into her moist folds with agonizing and intimate slowness. Livia felt every bit of its exquisite girth as her traitorous body welcomed the intruder into her depths.

"Nooo..." she gasped, feeling her inner vaginal walls mold around the intruder's phallic head. We are connected, mortal. Soon we shall be one. Livia shuddered to the god's telepathic message, her tight cleavage jiggling to her excitement. Join my daughters on the bank. Give in to me. "Ohhh... gods help me..." she moaned, pleasure rose up her heaving belly and her blood raced with fresh longing. Embrace the Change.

Her tight, pink lips clamped down around the shaft to his words, her body obeying the commands her mind was slowly bending to. She unconsciously pumped herself on it, up and down, the sapphire lights penetrating her mind, urging her to ride its tendril even harder. The more it commanded, the more aroused she became. Her heavy panting slowly turned into husky moans, her stomach shuddering from her intense breaths as her thighs began to shake, straining from the constant thrusting.

It was then the being took over. It sent its other tendrils into action, pulling her away from the priestesses and down to her knees while her wrists were dragged behind her back. One final tentacle snaked between her heaving breasts and up into her mouth, her lips eager to make love to its phallic shape. Her sex gushed love juices down her toned thighs, her excitement near breaking point.

Feel my power build inside you... become it... lose yourself in my majesty.

Her eyes widened to his words. Ride my offering, break yourself upon my will... and know joy everlasting. A throaty and muffled moan echoed out of her occupied mouth, overcome with the sheer power behind his command, how the velvet lined voice forced her to gush all over his thick organ, her mind hanging on by melted threads, on the precipice of total surrender.

She milked the thrusting tentacle, trying to grip and hold it tight within her inner walls, needing to feel the organ as deep as possible for as long as possible. The being's pace had picked up, as had Livia's, her hips bucking to meet her impaler with each new thrust, her loud moans ringing out across the lake. Her perky breasts began to wriggle free from their silken confines. Her lustful spasms slowly gave way to a more naked body.

What you are will be washed away... what you will become will be stronger than steel. The voice was deep and possessed a quality that made her want to hear it more and more, slithering into her soul, opening her mind, laying claim to all that was inside. Her barely contained cleavage bounced to her thrusting, her drool slick mounds glistening in the night light as the tendril in her mouth had its way.

Within the pale moonlight, her body twinkled like a beacon among the sparkling wet sand, her white robes drenched and soiled with dirt as her new master prepared to do just the same to her very soul, enslaving her forever. It is inevitable... it is your destiny.

Livia convulsed, her stuffed womanhood flooding with her arousal, her supple breasts spilling free of her tatters. Elation tinged her loud moans while her body swayed in ecstasy, her half open lips spilling strings of warm saliva over her creamy bosom. You cannot resist this. She gasped sharply to his words, their very sound setting off another detonation of pleasure within her core, sending her thighs into powerful spasms. She was lost and she knew it. Her mind and soul could not hope to fight this creature, which only incensed her desire to submit.


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