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He tries to find a way to get together in bed.

Would you...ummm...try some of them? Could we?"

Andrew thought this was absolutely the best request he had ever received in his entire life. Would I? Could I?

"Yes. Ohgaaawd. Yes. I would love to. Sarah, while I was in the shower I was imagining you there with me and, well, you touching me and me kissing you and....mmm....Sarah it was so hot." A big smile came over his face. "And what the hell, we're here to study biology so let's make it real!"

They both burst out laughing.

Sarah was the first to own up. "Drew, I, well, (biting her lip), I'm, I mean I've ...ummm...." Her voice trailed off as she finished her sentence. "I need to tell you that I am not very experienced. Well, I mean I've had sex before, sort of, but only once."

Andrew smiled and reassured her, "Sarah, I'm sure we'll be able to figure this out together. And, hey, we've got this magazine as a guide so I think we've got it covered." He put his arms around her waist and looked into her eyes. "Sarah you're so incredibly beautiful-I would love to make love to you. I've been fantasizing about something like this all year. You can't imagine what I've dreamed of us doing together."

And so the real life biology exam began.

Andrew leaned forward and placed his mouth on Sarah's full lips. Hers were trembling and unsure-his were warm and soft. He slipped the tip of his tongue between Sarah's lips tracing her upper lip and then the bottom. This sent delicious, tickling shivers across her lips. Her tongue willingly met his. Nothing else was touching but their mouths and tongues; it was a kiss created from pure innocence and raw lust. Andrew pulled away from the kiss to look at Sarah's face and watched her break into a slow, luscious smile-her eyes closed.

He whispered, "Sarah, I'm going to take off your clothes now."

Without opening her eyes, she nodded, and let him undress her.

He slowly pulled off her tank top to discover she was not wearing a bra. Sarah had small, firm, milky-coloured breasts with nipples a slightly darker shade of pink than the surrounding flesh. The first touch was with his tongue. Lightly flicking and sucking, his tongue played with her nipples, encouraging them to become erect. Sarah whimpered-eyes still closed.

His hand slid up her tummy and traced the outline of each breast. She wanted more than his gentleness and begged softly, "Pinch them. Pinch my nipples hard." Andrew placed a nipple between his thumb and finger and rolled it firmly. "No. Harder-rougher," Sarah moaned.

Her eyes were now open and she was watching his fingers at work. She arched her back and ran her tongue over her lips. The roundness of his shoulders and well developed arms made her ache to feel his body against hers. Her eyes hungrily stared at his naked chest and rock solid stomach. She imagined the feel of his skin sliding against hers as beads of sweat trickled down their bodies.

Andrew eased Sarah down onto the bed so she lay on her back. Placing her hands above her head, he asked where he would find some body oil. She said there was a bottle in her medicine cabinet and Andrew quickly returned with the oil in hand.

Sarah gasped as he drizzled the cold liquid directly onto her breasts-it took her breath away. His fingertips gently massaged the oil into her swollen breasts, intentionally avoiding her nipples. She gasped again, as his delicate touch changed. Her nipples were once again between his thumb and finger but the pressure and twisting motion he was using was painfully sweet. She heaved her torso upward moaning softly.

"Yes, this is what I want it to feel like. Just like that. Ohgawd it feels so good Drew."

He bent down and took a nipple between his teeth.

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