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A soldier with incestuous desires becomes a superhero.

Susan inched them down her long toned legs and while on her knees Susan realized her face was just inches from Christine's pussy. She could smell the sweet aroma of her sex and couldn't take anymore. She turned slightly and realized Christine's pussy was clean shaven and was beginning to glisten with her love nectar. Christine stepped out of the thong and picked up Susan removing her dress at the same time. Susan stood wearing only her bra and nothing else. She reached behind her back, unhooking the clips allowing it to fall to the ground leaving her naked and released in front of Christine.

Christine stretched her hands to the ceiling and Susan reached for the base of her sweater and lifted skyward, removing it in one fluid motion. Christine was already without a bra and stood naked in front of Susan. Susan soaked every inch of this angel in front of her in. Her curves were majestic and her skin color was natural, or maybe she just tanned nude. Susan didn't care, she wanted to be taken now.

"I've never....." she quivered.

"I know." Christine took her over to the bed and laid her down on her back gently.

Christine and Susan began to explore each other's bodies, entwining in the other's embrace. Susan lips found Christine's and her tongue thrust into her mouth exploring, reaching for hers. It danced around and felt so great. Their breasts were pressed together and they were practically one. Mark couldn't believe this. Susan was so into this. His cock was rock hard and he just had to stroke himself. Christine looked over.

"You like this?" she asked.

"Oh yeah! Make her cum." He begged.

Christine knelt between Susan thighs and began to trace the folds of here womanhood until she encircled her clit, pressing gently with her left index finger as right index finger entered into her now dripping pussy. She entered slowly and only a few inches, putting just enough pressure on the mound above Susan's hot cunt. Susan was quivering with each stroke, pushing her hips forward. Her moans were becoming screams and Mark could see her core beginning to tighten. She was close. He knew it, he was too so he stopped stroking himself hoping to save himself in case his presence was requested. Susan felt like she explode she couldn't hold it anymore, she threw her legs into the air spreading herself wide as Christine frantically rubbed her g-spot and teased her clit. She start to cum, spraying into the air, hard, every convulsion was joined with a scream of pleasure.

"Oh GOD!! Yes right there. Don't stop. Oh fuck me...Harder oh God."She screamed as her core tightened with such intensity that it caused her to throw her cum against Christine's chest.

"I can't take anymore....Please stop!" she begged gasping for every breath.

Christine obeyed and held Susan in a gentle embrace. They kissed gently as Susan came down. She was dripping cum down her ass crack and felt so dirty and yet so pleasured at the same time. She felt her juices on Christine's breasts and smiled.

"See what you made me do." She giggled.

"Yeah it was fun." Christine smiled.

They kissed again and Susan began to trace the contour of Christine's body from her neck to between her perfect round globes and soon found her hard erect nipples.

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