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Paula saves a man's life, and gets a professional pounding.

I opened my door, and closed it, without getting out, making you think I had. Then I opened the sliding door remotely, and she climbed in. She had already removed her panties, and as she climbed in, she hiked up her skirt so that she could climb right onto your face. My plan has worked perfectly I know, as you were clearly not expecting someone else to enter the van, let alone another woman. but it doesn't take long for you to adapt to the situation and start licking and sucking on her pussy. You don't know who she is, or anything about her other than the smell and taste of her pussy.

From the front, I look back, in the rear view mirror, and what I see is quite the sight. The waitress has removed her shirt and bra, and is kneeling above your face, her hands spread out holding onto the handles on either side above the doors. Her eyes locked onto me, while your tongue moves in and out of her pussy. Now your moans are muffled by her body, and joined by her own moans that start within a few short moments. Next, as I turn out onto the road, I turn on the DVD player in the back, and a Porn flick begins to play. I have a couple of disks in the system, and the one I chose to start with was all girl on Girl porn. It seemed appropriate, and the look on the waitresses face says she likes what she sees. I also make sure that the DVD screen is tilted at the right angle that if you look up, you too can see the movie playing.

And with that, I simply continue driving around for a while. I have a destination in mind, but I am not quite ready to go there yet. I want to make sure that when I do get there, I am fully ready to go, so I am giving myself some recovery time, and allowing you and the waitress to enjoy each other. It occurs to me that anyone that looks in through the windows as I drive down the street is getting quite the look at the waitress, and I smile. When she sounds like she is getting close to cumming, I reach back and hand her the remote for the vibrators that are still going inside of both your pussy and ass. After she takes them, I take the opportunity to pinch each of her nipples before returning my hand to the wheel, and my attention to the road.

Before long your moans become louder, and hers begin to turn into screams of pleasure. A look in the mirror confirms that she is not only screaming, but clearly she is cumming. After a few moments of that, she carefully gets up off your face and crawls down to the back of the van. She pulls the panties down just a little. not enough to remove either vibrator from you, but enough to expose your clit to her. And without warning, she clamps her mouth down around your clit and begins to suck and nibble on it. Almost immediately you are screaming and cumming harder than any other time so far this night.

When she had started to cum, I finally began to head toward our final destination for the night. And by the time you are done cumming, I am pulling into the parking lot of a hotel. I tell you both to just sit tight, while I go inside and get the keys to the room, and with that I get out, and walk inside. After getting the keys, and directions to where our room is, I return to the car. Knowing that it is late, and no one is around, I hit the button on the keys to open the back of the van remotely as I exit the building and walk toward it. As it opens, I see that you have been untied. the waitresses skirt has been removed leaving both of you completely naked. And you are sliding a vibrator in and out of the waitresses pussy as I reach the car. You look up with a smile as I get there and just watch for a moment.

I explain to you each that our room is just 15 feet from where the car is parked, and that you are to walk there (not run) just as you are, no clothing allowed.

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