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Turning Things On For Debbie.

It reminded me of an old movie star in black and white. The beautiful Sophia Loren. I would play with it more later.

"Where are we going, Hon?"

"I'll let you know after you've finished your training. I need to exchange oranges for fuel soon."

"Speaking of fuel, what kind of propulsion does the ship have?"

"You would call it a matter anti matter reactor. It has almost unlimited power. This ship takes a lot of energy to maintain all of the systems. The cloaking takes the most because it's a shield too. Also the Chameleon requires a lot also."

"What's Chameleon?"

"It you land on a planet it take the shape of the surface under the ship. I use it when I regen. I park on an asteroid. With the shield and Chameleon no one can see me. Sometimes I regen in the tail of a comet. It's a good place to hide. The ship does it's best to protect us but I like to be aware of the surroundings."

"Do we have a weapons system?"

"Yes, but I've never had to use it. The cloaking works so well it's not necessary. I just go away from danger. It's abhorrent to me to take a life. We aren't cloaked now. I'm saving fuel. It's quite a distance to the nearest object. The ship scanners will keep watch for us if we need to cloak.


Over the next month Hon showed me how to run the ship. It was all computer driven. All I had to do was learn to be careful how I sent it commands. There was a large data base with everything the ship could do.

The propulsion was amazing. It could cause a warp in time space and go anywhere almost instantly. Something similar to a worm hole I had learned about. It was something like in the old Star Trek series only it was on steroids.


"Eric. Now that you know how to run the ship I have something to tell you. When I was a young man like you I had the same dream. I've been places and seen things that are truly amazing. It's time for you to take over for me. I want to go home and live out the rest of my time. I want you to take the ship and go out there and see the amazing things I saw."

"I don't quite know what to say. Are your sure I can do it?"

"Quite sure. You're intelligent and a dreamer. This is perfect for you."

"I suppose some sort of thanks are in order but I'm at a loss for words."

"Not to worry. I understand. Amy, Alderon in one hour, please."

We chatted as he packed his personal belongings. He reassured me that I would be fine. I had some misgivings but my dream was calling. I felt like a teenager on my first date.

We arrived at Alderon and he took the little shuttle down. An hour later it returned. I looked around and spoke to Amy.

"Well, old girl. It's just you and me now."

"Acknowledge, Eric."

"Amy, from now on you will address me as Master."

"Acknowledge, Master."

"Amy. We need to refuel. Set a course to the nearest facility. Arrive in one half hour."

"Yes, Master."

One half hour later we were in orbit around a class M (earth like) Planet. It had a name I couldn't pronounce.

"Amy, contact the fuel depot and arrange resupply and repairs. Tell me when you're done."

"Yes, Master."

I spent the next hour reading the system data files. I thought it would be good to do a refresher now and then.

"Master, refuel and repairs complete."

They took their payment of fifty oranges.

"Thank you, Amy. Now Scan for an asteroid and land on it. Engage Chameleon and shields when we land. I need to regen."

"Yes, Master."

A few minutes later I was on an asteroid. It was rather large. About thirty miles in diameter. It would do just fine.

"Amy, Scanner in passive mode."

"Yes, Master."


All my senses came back on line and the door slid open. I stepped out and stretched. I felt like I woke up from a good nights sleep. Not only that, but I was starving. I was always hungry after regen.

"Amy, a bowl of chili number three, a glass of milk number one and some chips number four."

'Yes Master."

I pulled my food out of the processor and set it on the table. I sat and just as I started to pick my my spoon I felt a tingling.


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