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How they meet.

He said it straight out, no beating about the bush. He was very......persistant." Marianne went quiet.

"And what did you say?"

"I told him I was happily married and that I had no intention of being unfaithful to my husband. Then he said he would sack me if I didn't sleep with him."


"I played for time. I didn't....I don't want to lose my job. I thought there might be....another way."

__lodie blew a very unladylike raspberry.

"What other way is there with men like that?" She caught a certain look in Marianne's eyes. "Well, is there?" Marianne looked very guilty.

"It depends what you mean by being unfaithful, I suppose."

It was __lodie's turn to look shocked. "What exactly do you mean, you little minx?"

Marianne suddenly got angry.

"Well, what was I to do? I mean, he went on and on, he wouldn't let me go. He even got his penis show me how aroused he was by me."

"Really? What was it like?"

" __lodie...."

The two women looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Look," said Marianne, finally getting her giggles under control. "You know me. I'm practical, pragmatic. What is being unfaithful? As far as I'm concerned, no man but Pierre is ever going to put his cock in my pussy. But there are other things....". More giggles. "He went on so long, eventually I let him put my hand on his cock. And it was a nice cock, if you really want to know. Long, not too thick."

"A pretty handful," giggled __lodie.

"I was still protesting, still trying to get out, but I had his cock in my hand and I couldn't help but stroke it. It's just the natural thing to do."

"Yeah, right!"

"And he was so fired up he came in my hand. Ruined my dress!"

"And then?"

"He let me go."

__lodie looked at her quizzically.

"Well, I promised I would think about it. I just wanted to get away, but of course we were on a three day trip, so I couldn't. Next day, it began again."


Marianne took a deep breath.

"Well, we sort of came to an agreement. He would keep me on and groom me for promotion and I would go to bed with him and let him do anything he wanted--except fuck me."

"An agreement? Sounds more like a business deal!"

"Well it is!" Marianne was surprised her friend couldn't see the eminent practicality of it.

"And what do you do exactly?"

"Oh, come on __lodie. Do I have to spell it out?"


"Oh well." Marianne blushed again. "I suck his cock-a lot. What with him and Pierre, it's a good job sperm's not fattening, the amount I've swallowed. And I use my hands and my breast-- even my feet, once or twice."

"And what does he do to you?"

"Well, I let him lick me. He's very good at it, actually."

__lodie snorted.

"Marianne, you do surprise me. I'd always thought you were such an innocent young woman. So, something has obviously happened to spoil this happy arrangement or you wouldn't be sitting here spilling the beans to me."

Marianne's face was serious, and __lodie struggled to keep hers straight.

"Since we have....non-penetrative sex, some lubrication is usually necessary. Well....he likes to oil me."


"It is actually. It means he can use any part of my body for his pleasure, and he has a particular liking for rubbing himself between the cheeks of my arse... that's what started it."

"His urge to fuck your tight little bum?"

"He said that if I wanted to protect my pussy, it was the perfect answer. I refused, of course."

"Of course."

"Well wouldn't you? No, I suppose you wouldn't. Anyway it is now the issue."

"Sodomy or the sack?"

"Exactly. The thing is, I've gone so far I don't know how to get out of it. I want to keep my job, and I want to keep my pussy for Pierre. What can I do?"

" Let him bugger you."

"Oh __lodie, no. I couldn't!"

"Marianne, think about it.

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