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Her boyfriend hates her flirting ways.

She is in front of me. my mercy. But I can't take what isn't mine. She has to be mine for the day. I move behind her again, and run the tendrils of my flogger across her nakedness. I run it across her face, so she can smell the leather, and across her nipples. She feels the first stroke of the lash across one cheek...then the other. I see her wince but know she needs to understand. I caress the cheeks for a minute, before delivering two more strokes, a bit harder than the last two. I caress her ass again. Running my fingertips across the smarting flesh.

I tell her of my expectations...that her body belongs to least for now. She is to give herself to me...completely and willingly. Her mouth, her tits, her ass, and her pussy...all her holes...everything...all mine. She has to understand I will do whatever I want with them...for as long as I want. She will lay there for me and do as I say...nothing more...nothing less.

I ask her if she understands me. She nods her head in agreement. I kiss her mouth again and tell her how beautiful she is...and how I love kissing her. She feels two more strokes of the lash on her thighs...then two more on her cheeks...just for good measure.

I ask her again if she understands. She begs me to believe her...pleads with me. I do believe her...that I can have her the way I want her. I reach up and lift the bindings off the hook, and untie her wrists, then her ankles. I tell her to put her arms around me, hold me close to her, and kiss me just like she loves me...even if she doesn't.

I feel her warmth close to me...her nipples rubbing up against me. She kisses me like no other has kissed me before. I feel her warm lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth. Her arms all the way around me...just like I wanted them. I take her by the hand and lead her upstairs to the bedroom and lay her down on her back. I kiss her more...all over again. She has never been kissed so much in her life. I spread her legs. And kiss her up and down her slit. Her juices are flowing out of her...making a wet spot on the bed already. I stick the tip of my finger up her...just the tip. She is drenched. She is so hot right now. I ask her if she is ready to cum for me. She tries to grab my head and pull it closer to her pussy, but I say not yet...she will have to be patient with me. She wants to cum so bad I know...

I turn her over again on her stomach and start massaging her still smarting cheeks. My touch is so gentle...soothing the hurt. I kiss them one by one. I love that ass of hers. I can't get enough of it. I have to have it. It has to be mine. I ask her if it is mine. She says to take it. Do as I please. She pushes it up in the air a bit for me. She wants to feel the sensations.

I kiss her asshole a bit more, then start to fuck her ass with my fingers. I listen to her gasps and moans as I penetrate her. She is so tight...and so warm. I want my cock up there so bad...but not yet. I tell her to get up on her knees, with her head down. I start to eat her pussy from behind. She moans and whimpers for me. She thinks she is in heaven...but she in on my bed. I lick her, kiss her, and fuck her wet hole with my tongue. I start to eat her ass again. First one hole...then the other. Switching off over and over. She is so ready for me...

I take my thumbs and spread her cunt open. I work her clit like a madman. It doesn't take long. I feel her tense up, and taste the juices flooding her cunt. She arches her back, I see her toes curl, and her teeth clench. Her pussy explodes in my face. She gasps...screams out.

I stand up behind her and ram my stiff cock up her throbbing hole.

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