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Sarah meets TV vixen Tina and has her first transbian sex.

The sides had been taken off the wagon and four women, two on each side of the large wheel, were tied to the wagon. They laid waiting, breasts pressed against the splintering wood of the wagon bottom. Their ankles were also tied to something you cannot see under the wagon so that their bare asses were exposed. About 25 muscled warriors gathered around and Urnas and Sasbi entered the area. Each warrior grabbed his crotch and bowed to Urnas, their obvious leader. Just thinking about his huge cock caused your dick to start to harden again.

"See!" Sasbi motioned to your hardening manhood. "He is showing the proper sign."

"We will see... we will see."

Four women... at least twenty-eight men. Four line up behind the tied women and undo a small catch in the pant front. Their cock and balls spring out like a wild beast and without any emotion or announcement they begin to fuck the women from behind. The noise of balls slapping ass and the visual before you is almost too much to bear; You are harder than you have ever been before and it is not unnoticed.

Sasbi comes and grabs you by the arm, leading you within a foot of the rape in progress. He unties you and you get the idea... he wants you to join in... he wants you to fuck your woman in front of everyone. That, however, was not the plan. The four studs blow their loads into the women and move away, each one kneeling before the other, cleaning each other with their tongues and mouth. Your woman is looking at you through teary eyes as Sasbi says, "Fuck the redhead!" You can't believe you ears. The redhead has been a neighbor for the past 20 years. Her husband died several years ago and she has not had a man since. Her big tits have taunted you every day for all those years and her tight ass wiggled just a certain way. Your cock always grew to attention when she would walk by and she knew the effect she was having. Now, here you stood naked behind the object of many a fantasy and were being told to fuck her. Your woman just lay there watching what you would do and without too much hesitation you positioned yourself behind Ali, the redhead, and plunged your cock balls deep. She groaned with unrestrained pleasure as you reached around and grabbed a handful of fleshy tits. Fucking without reserve you notice that Sasbi was beside you now, his 9" dick buried in your woman. Not only was his cock long but it was nearly 2" wide. She moaned loudly as he pumped her violently. Two others joined in on the two other village girls and your hot load exploded inside Ali. Sasbi wasn't far behind in his deposit into Barossa, your woman. Sticky fluid leaked from each woman in abundance as two more took your places behind the raped women.

"We keep the women and everyone rapes them at least once per month," Sasbi informed me casually. "This way we are ensured of more girls to do the work and to keep the boys coming. Our society relies on having more and more young boys and men to raise into our way of life".

Every man of their troop fucked the women and they were left tied to the wagon until morning, semen dripping down their legs.

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