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Trish makes a decision... but is it the right one?

"Maybe this would do a better job!" I said as I pulled my erect cock out of my pants.

Instantly Amy's eyes locked on my cock like it was the thing she wanted more than anything else. I was amazed out how sexually open she had become. I undressed and I watched as Amy fingered her pussy and moaned while licking her lips. I had never seen her act like this and I was not going to miss my opportunity to fuck her. I moved between her legs and stroked my cock.

"Do you want some cock?" I asked as I looked at her as she humped at the air.

"Please give me that cock! Oh Fuck! What the hell is happening to me?" she pleaded.

I moved between her legs and rubbed the head up and down the sloppy wet slit. I watched as she tried to push her pussy on my cock. I realized that she was desperate to feel a cock in her pussy but I sensed that she needed to be shown who was in charge.

"If you want my cock you will get on your knees and beg to suck my cock!" I said.

I was shocked as she looked crushed but she rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor.

"Please! Please let me suck your cock!" she begged and I could see tears in her eyes.

My hand enfolded the back of her head as I guided her mouth onto my cock, I watched fascinated as her sexy lips wrapped around my thick cock and then her blue eyes looked up at me as she began to suck my cock deep down her mouth. Suddenly I found myself wondering how one woman could be so sexy but such a fucking bitch. I watched as she swallowed my cock. I listened to the sound of her slurping my cock with abandon.

"Do you like sucking that nasty cock?" I asked as I rubbed the back of her head.

"YESSSSSSS!" she hissed as my cock slipped from her mouth for just a moment before she opened wide and took me down her throat.

"Maybe I should fuck you?" I said and her stunning blue eyes flew open.

"PLEASE! Please fuck my horny pussy!" she begged.

"Get your ass up in the air!" I ordered and watched as the sexy slut that is my wife crawled on the bed and offered her pussy to me.

I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She groaned and wiggled her ass.

"Do you want my cock you little slut?" I asked.

"Oh please! I will do anything you want!" she pleaded.

"Would you let me put my finger up your ass?" I chuckled as I knew how much she hated the thought of her ass being used.

"Anything for you please!" she begged.

I put my finger against her asshole and lightly applied pressure. I listened to her grunt and moan but then to my delight and amazement she pushed her ass against my finger and I watched as she fucked her ass on my finger.

Then I pushed my cock harder against her sloppy wet pussy and watched as my cock slid into her. I slowly fucked her as she sobbed with pleasure. Slowly I picked up the pace as I watched my cock shine with juices as it appeared and disappeared into her pussy. I had never known her to be wetter and certainly never hotter than at the moment. I could hear her breathing harder as I fucked her deep and long strokes while my finger probed her ass. My wife had always insisted that I use a condom when I fucked as the thought of my semen in her pussy made her nauseous. Tonight she would just have to take it as my balls burned with the need to be emptied.

"Ahhhhh Fuck yeah!!" I grunted as my cum started to fill her pussy.

I had never seen any woman explode with a harder orgasm than when she felt my cock erupt in her. It was like watching a volcano erupt. First she shook and then there was a deep roar from her inner being while she screamed violently. I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and dripping from my balls. Then she fell forward and curled into a fetal ball as her eyes bulged. Frankly I began to get concerned as she could not even talk but after a few minutes I decided that she was just overwhelmed the intensity of the orgasm.

I just laughed as I left her lie on the bed as I returned to the family room.

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