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Futas flock to Linkette's massive cock, but have problems.

Where are the stockings?"

"I can't find any," the man said, shuffling through the pile of lace and silk on the floor.

"Hurry up bitch, do as you're told or do I get mean?" The knife touched her skin at the neck.

Tabby felt the cold edge of the blade. It glinted menacingly in the light now. The leader held out the dangling lace garment. Slowly she took it. Lifting her night dress in complete submission she pulled the suspender belt around her waist, clipping it on, letting the lace and elastic clips dangle down her thighs. The leader watched as she spun the suspender belt around, the little black lace bow to the front.

"One of you guys go get the lady a damp cloth. She needs to clean her cunt up a bit," he smiled at Tabby.

A man left the room, while the other continued to search through her underwear. Every now and then he would hold up a bra or panties before dropping them to the floor again. Tabby bowed her head as her underwear was paraded before her. Not finding any stockings he went to the dresser and pulled out another draw. It was full of pullovers. They tumbled out as he tipped it up off to one side from the underwear. A small white packet fell with them.

"What's this then?" the man said as he lifted the packet up. " stockings." He caressed the packet in mock passion.

"Good," the leader replied. "Get them on bitch, now!"

Just as Tabby took hold of the packet the other man returned with a warm damp towel. This was handed to Tabby as well.

"Go on, clean yourself up," the leader said giving her a little push.

All three men watched as the young girl lifted the night dress once more and began wiping between her legs. The towel felt warm and sensual on her ravaged pussy. The lips started to return to normal and the rough crust of semen was broken away. Her matted pussy hair returned to a silken look.

"Hmmm...that is one mighty fine cunt," one of the men commented as he returned to the underwear.

As she finished she let the hem of the night dress fall back into place. The leader stepped forward and grabbed the towel from her hand, tossing it aside. "Now, get in those fucking stockings," his order was accompanied by a wave of the knife.

A terrified Tabby opened the packet. A moment later she was rolling the stockings up her legs to attach to the suspender belt. Meanwhile the men had tossed a black lace thong on the bed. With only a grunt the leader picked it up and shoved it in her hand. Tabby knew what to do. The lace thong slipped into place.

"Hurry up, I'm starting to get horny again," the leader barked at the others. Tabby looked down involuntarily at these words. Sure enough his cock was rigid and standing at an awkward angle from his open denims.

"I'm going to check the other slut's rooms," one of the men said walking to the door.

"Yeah, ok," the leader said. "Just don't take all day."

"No, no, please, not my friends stuff. Please leave their rooms alone, please," Tabby started crying again. "I will do anything."

"Is that so? Hey guys the slut will do anything to keep us out of the other slut's rooms," the leader announced. "Well bitch, how about you suck me off?"

"What?" Tabby asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Ok guys, trash the other rooms and make sure you leave your mark for the other whores...they would hate to miss out on sucking up your cum from their panties."

"Ok, ok," Tabby lowered her head again. "I'll do it. Just don't hurt my friends."

"I knew you would see sense," the leader smiled. "So get to work."

Tabby sunk slowly to her knees, the dark silk night dress splaying out around her. He thrust his pelvis out toward her and placed a hand firmly on her head. She looked at the revolting cock, smelling of stale cum. Slowly she raised her hand to guide it toward her lips.

The leader laughed as she let it slip between her lips.

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