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Joe meets a woman he doesn't remember at a party.

From its location, she thought she knew what it was for, and hoped she was right. When she felt his hands on her ass cheeks, she knew she was right, and thrilled at what her master/boyfriend was about to do.

That was to slide his head between her thighs. Wanting him to be comfortable, not because she was an obedient ponygirl, but because she knew he would be able to give her much more fun, she held the pillow in place while he nestled his head in it. She also spread her thighs more, taking extra delight in the way the butt plug attached to her tail moved inside her ass when she did. This put Randy's face perfectly in position, and he started licking up all the juices that had dribbled down her thighs. Ripples of pleasure flowed through her body at the touch of his tongue, and she started cooing, a sound the bit in her mouth did not prevent.

Nothing kept her body from reacting either. Her hips and legs began to writhe in bliss as Randy's tongue traced a path up her crotch, sluicing all her fresh juices into his mouth. He had eaten Clarice's lovely pussy many times, but her nectar seemed to taste better that day. Her outer lip felt better to his tongue also, as he started caressing her there. She had shaved that morning, partly because she wanted her pussy to be sensitive as possible, and partly because she knew Randy loved eating her out even more when the skin was smoothly shaven.

Slowly, with his hands clutching inside her ass cheeks, his tongue traveled up to Clarice's Mount of Venus. He kissed her there and brought his mouth down to start at her crotch again. The first thing he did was to devour the delicious fresh juices his ponygirl had just produced and, when he had relished and swallowed them, he started licking her other outer lip. This one was treated to the same long, slow strokes, and he finished by kissing her mons and bringing his mouth back to her wet, pink hole again.

Clarice was almost going wild from the excruciating pleasure she was receiving form Randy's tongue and lips, and her whole lower body was rocking from side to side above his face. Wanting to get the full contact with Randy's mouth, she spread her legs farther, lowering her body so she was almost lying on top of his face, and ground her pussy against his mouth. During the time she was being steered around their apartment by the reins in her lover's hands, Silver had reveled in her subservience but, when it came to sex, Clarice wanted to take as much pleasure as possible, and give as much as she could.

Randy felt the same way, because he knew the more fun she had, the better it would be for him. Slowly, wanting to build his lover up to the highest level of pleasure he could before bringing her to an orgasm, he licked between an inner and an outer lip. Everything about eating the pussy above his head was truly a delight, the visual beauty, the aroma and flavor of her nectar, and her cooing and moans of pleasure the bit could not muffle, but the best part was the texture. Her outer lips had felt like warm satin pillows, but vibrant and alive, and her inner lip was swollen and spongy with her lust. He licked slowly between the pair of lips until he reached the end of the inner one, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood.

With his hands still gripping the cheeks of Clarice's ass, Randy inspected the precious morsel that had crowded its way out from under its protective hood. Her clit was even more swollen than her inner lips, and looked to him like a beautiful pink pearl. He could have brought her to an orgasm then by licking and sucking on it, but he wanted to first bring her to the absolute apex of sexual excitement before letting her climax. He gently stroked his tongue across the top of her clit hood, but did no more than that before bringing his mouth back down to the dripping hole that was producing her juices.

After devouring all the freshest of her nectar, Randy's tongue treated Clarice's other pair of inner and outer lips the way it had

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