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Jessica is chaperoned at the office.

She asked me to have a dance with her and I held her loosely in the semi darkness, her belly and thigh discreetly joined to mine, I felt my cock harden within seconds. Every time we turned she would use that opportunity to briefly press hard against it.

"Somebody seems to be mighty happy to be playing in his accustomed playground," Jana whispered.

"Really, what do you mean?"

"I know of your likeness for big girls, it's common knowledge. Everyone was surprised when you hooked up with Mira. You must really love her to give up all this forever."

She pressed her body hard against my passion filled cock. I was glad I was wearing an un-tucked sports shirt of good enough length to hide my embarrassing bump. We danced two consecutive songs and I let her know in a jovial manner it was our last for the night. She said that she understood.

A month into Jana's stay Mira started experiencing labour pains and we took her to the hospital on a rainy afternoon. Later that night after reading our son to sleep I told Jana I was retiring to bed earlier than usual because I intended to be at the hospital as early as visitors were allowed the next morning. She smiled sweetly and said that she would take a shower and do the same. I lay in bed trying to read myself to sleep while at the same time thinking of my sweet wife and hoping her delivery be problem free.

Heavy rain was pounding the rooftop and I barely heard the knocking on the door.

"It's open," I shouted.

My heart pounded uncontrollably in my chest. Sensing the inevitable was about to happen and not really sure whether to be happy or sad I resigned myself mentally for whatever played out. Jana pushed open the door and stood still for a moment in the doorway wearing a short, sheer, black teddy nightie, the open front of which failed to even attempt to cover her stomach and everything else lower down.

Her sunken belly buttons stuck between two slight rolls of soft white dough seemed to be winking at me and the tiny bit of nicely filled, black glittery thong looked back at my widened eyes daringly, instantly shattering any real or imagined inclination to resist the obvious offer.

"Can I come in, we need to talk."

"Sure, you're already in."

She smiled and walked slowly towards the bed, hesitating only momentarily before sitting on the edge, one heavy leg drawn up, and a smooth knee resting against my thigh. She turned and looked me in the eyes, melting my morals but hardening the man flesh between my legs. She took my hands in both of hers and rested them on the knee, a little smile on her plump pouty lips, her green eyes flashing.

"I want you to know I'm happy things turned out the way they have; you make Mira happy and I know you love her as much as she loves you. I have not a single feeling of animosity or jealousy."

"I know that."

She looked at me a little uncertainly and with slightly trembling lips said:

"But I'm here to collect on a promise you made me five years ago."

"Me, a promise, what promise?"

"You remember that first day you met me in the caf__, before Mira showed up. That was the day you made me a promise. You were going to fuck me. It said so in your eyes, in your tone of voice, in your body language; you even took my number. Then Mira showed up and all was forgotten. You never called. You may have seen it as the cancellation of a game already in progress. To me it was only a postponement."

She reached out and placed her hand between my legs, gently stroking the hard cock that was tenting the pajama.

"The time has come to restart the game; please keep your promise, even if for one night."

I remembered the day she was talking about. I'd been sitting alone in a little downtown caf__ about a mile from the university I was attending in the USA. She'd walked by my seat, big, fat ass jumping joyfully under a short, sleeveless sun dress barely covering the sumptuous cheeks, leaving a lot of heavy thighs and shapely calf exposed. I am a chubby lover, so one glance at all that and my cock swelled.

She took a seat facing me thre

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