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Susan and Charlotte Ann are away, and Miri makes a discovery

I ran my hands down the front of her and brushed lightly over her pussy. She leaned her head back and let out another moan. I continued to move my hands over her body. "Oh my! It feels wonderful." She gasped.

I directed her toward my couch and as we walked to it, I was impressed that this woman's body was in such good shape. The extra weight she carried was evenly distributed. Reaching the couch, I asked her to sit down. Claire sat and lowered her head, afraid to look up at me. Standing in front of her I reached down and pulled her head up and as our eyes met I asked her if she was ready to suck my cock. Claire merely shook her head as I pulled my sweats down and freed my cock. "Oh my!" Claire said with wide eyes.

Claire reached out timidly and touched the swelling head with one finger. She ran her finger over the head and down the thick shaft. In a nervous voice she said. "It feels so hard."

"Wrap your hand around it and feel it get harder." I said while moving in closer to her face. Claire gingerly touched my cock. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around it and as it stiffened in her hand I moved closer to her face. I thought I was going to have to tell her I want to watch her take my cock between her lips. I was wrong. As I stood, looking down at her hard nipples she slowly guided the head of my cock into her mouth. She started out with very little lip pressure but within seconds she transformed into a thirty year old "cumslut." As she worked my cock in her mouth she began moaning. I resisted the urge to pound my cock in and out her mouth. Instead I took the opportunity to pinched and pull on her large, hard nipples. With Claire's legs spread and me standing over her I was able to look down. She still wore the pantyhose and the spot where her pussy touched the couch I watch a wet spot form. The more she sucked my cock, the more she moaned. The more she moaned, the more I pinched and pulled on her nipples. The wet spot between her legs was getting larger and my cock was getting harder. Without thinking about what I was doing. I was now slowly thrusting my hips back and forth, trying to time the motion of her mouth. Claire let my cock fall from her mouth and wrapped her fingers around it. Her left hand came up and she cupped my balls, squeezing them she said, "I was afraid I may have forgot how to suck a dick. I can't wait to feel it between my legs."

"First you are going to taste my cum. I hope you like to swallow?" I answered while pulling on her left nipple. "Your pussy is getting very wet. I will have to clean my couch when we are done here. Are you a squirter?" I asked, as I continued to play with her tits.

"What does that mean?" She asked.

"It means, does your pussy get so wet, juice comes running out of it." I moaned while she gave the head of my cock kisses.

"I guess so. We will find out soon. I am close to an orgasm now" she replied right before sucking the head of my cock back into her mouth.

I lost control at that point and I felt my balls tighten up and knew I was going to shoot my load. I pinched and pulled on both her nipples as I began thrusting my hips harder and faster into her face. "I'm going to cum," I grunted between clenched teeth.

Looking down I felt the first squirt of cum shoot out the head of my cock. I pinched and pulled on her nipples harder, right before the second squirt and grabbed her head with both hands. Claire moaned loudly and her body began to shake. It was only four squirts from my cock but with each squirt she moaned and her body shook. While I looked down to watch her swallow my cum I also noticed the wet spot on the couch grow three times larger. Claire continued to suck my cock until it was as limp as a wet towel.

She let my cock fall from her lips. Looking up at me she asked, "Will you have intercourse with me now?"

"It's called fucking. Say it. I want to hear you say it!" I answered back.

"Will you fuck me now?" Claire asked.

"Sweetie, I'm not twenty five.

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