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Meri joins the puppy slaves.

Either way we've never really explored the kinkier side of our relationship that I know she's definitely aware of. I've really regretted that. Obviously, it was still fun to feel demeaned when she would talk about her boyfriends doing things that I never could, but I wished that I could just be with her.

As many amazing memories I had with the two of us laughing, playing, and enjoying life with each other that I wouldn't trade in for a million lifetimes, were also times that I wished I would man up and push our relationship into that unchartered territory.

These thoughts weighed heavily on my mind when I was standing there at Jenna's door, and she was motioning for me to walk inside. We talked a lot that day. Well Jenna talked a lot, and I listened to her, while offering a few brief anecdotes or words of support. She was playfully resting her feet in my lap while we sat across from each other on the floor, and I had jokingly grabbed her feet claiming that I got to have them now.

It was like heaven to me, and I can still remember that visit with a warm haze lightly blurring everything in my mind. It was the time that things were finally going to escalate, she was trying on different shoes and asking me what I thought. Jenna knew that I loved her feet, somehow, I suppose it was all the compliments I gave them. She also loved to get attention and flex her dominance. Being in control was her natural state. It was so fucking sexy.

Time flew by too quickly, however, and it was time for us to hug goodbye and leave for college before I even really grasped the situation. That day would not be the day that we would finally be able to just fully open up with each other, but it was one thing that I thought about often at college.

We talked a lot on the phone and made sure to keep in touch about everything academically, socially, and any other way you can imagine. Jenna never failed to tell me about whichever guy she was currently with and to probe me about what girls I had been having a good time with. I'm a really good-looking guy and I work out incessantly, so it really wasn't difficult for me to find girls to mess around with, and I think Jenna was glad that I was having fun. Besides, it also seems like telling her that kind of stuff reinforces the idea in her mind that we're some pretty cool best friends.

During winter break, we were both home from school and absolutely needed to visit with each other. Originally, we planned to go visit the high school together since the nostalgia would almost indefinitely inspire a great time not that we really ever needed something to be happening for us to have fun. Those plans changed when Jenna texted me that she was way too tired to go out. I would never make her go out if she didn't want to. She followed up with a text saying that she had to work all during break and her feet were already tired. Almost instinctively, I sent her a sympathetic reply, and then realized it was the perfect opportunity to offer her a foot massage.

I sent a message saying, "Somebody better massage your feet soon because I won't stand for you being upset."

"Well you're the only person who cares whether or not my feet hurt, so I guess that somebody's going to have to be you."

I got rock hard just thinking about rubbing those cute little feet. The whole walk over to her house, I couldn't get her perfect feet and toes out of my head. Once I got to Jenna's house and she texted me to just walk up to her room, I knew her parents were at work because they always got upset if people just walked in the house without knocking. I got to her room, and Jenna was lying in bed with her shoes and socks still on. She had probably just gotten home and been too tired to do anything but lay down.

I got on my knees next to her bed, which wasn't even weird since she knew I liked being on the floor, and I was there to rub her feet after all.

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