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A college age girl has to earn some quick money for rent.

Dan adjusted his cock in his pants. "Now the pants, slut. But leave those heels on."

Again she did not hesitate to do as asked. A little shier about this part of the display, Chrissy covered herself with her hands.

"Why hide it, Chrissy? I've already fucked it! Now move your hands behind your back!"

Dan stood up and reached for the rope. He smiled as he heard his daughter inhale deeply, relishing in his absolute power. Taking one wrist, he wrapped the rope around it, then moved to the other. All the while, he talked to her. "You've been a very bad girl, Chrissy."

She barely whispered, "I know, Daddy."

"It is apparent you need to be properly punished. I may have failed in that area when you were young," he explained as he stretched her arms up to the ceiling to attach the rope to the hooks, "but I will not fail now. You wanted to be a slut for Daddy and from now on you will be."

Chrissy had to stand on her toes to keep her balance, her back naturally arching in an attempt to stop the swinging motion. Her pussy juices started seeping down her inner thighs and she blushed at her body's reaction.

Dan stood back to admire his handy work. His daughter looked absolutely ravishing like that. Any thoughts of guilt about abusing and using his daughter were long gone. This was what she had been fantasizing about after all.

His hands roamed over her body. He couldn't wait to hurt her and smacked her ass without warning. It jiggled slightly, much to his amusement, so he smacked it again. Her whimpers were like music. Walking around the front of her, he reached for her nipples. Dan gripped them tight and pulled, causing her entire body to swing forward and a cry to escape from her lips.

"Now listen you little cunt. You have been very bad! Imagine fucking another man when you are married! You need to pay for that. What kind of father would I be if I did not discipline you for your nasty slutiness?" he asked her. "If you needed to have a Daddy use your whore ass, you should have come to me, not some stranger. Do you understand?"

His hands were still assaulting her nipples. It was such an exquisite pain. "You're right, Daddy. I was wrong. I deserve to be punished."

Dan started slapping her tits. First the left, then the right. One after the other. Over and over again. As the redness grew and her crying got louder, his cock got harder. The power. He must always have the power.

He stopped as suddenly as he had started, only to continue the assault on her pussy. The fact that she was so wet only made her naked cunt sting more. Dan looked into her eyes and knew. She was his. Always would be.

Unfastening the ropes, Dan caught her as she slumped into him arms. "Do you understand why Daddy had to do that, Chrissy? It's because I love you and if you need to be someone's owned cunt, it will be as mine. Am I being clear?"

Chrissy closed her eyes. She had dreamed of being her Daddy's fucktoy since she was a teenager. Her body ached the most delightful ache. She smiled up at her father as he sat her in a chair. "Thank you, Daddy."

Dan knew if his cock did not receive some relief soon he would go mad. Slipping the loose end of the rope around the arms of the chair, he bound her wrists tightly. The electrical tape was wound around each ankle and to the chair legs, leaving her gaping pussy hanging open. He carefully attached three clothespins to each cunt lip then ran his fingers over them just to watch her squirm. Finally he picked up the spring clamps and swung one from each nipple. They pulled her tits down and made her whimper. Dan realized that there could be no sexier sound than that made by his daughter when he abused her slut body.

Chrissy wanted to beg him to stop. She wanted to tell him that the pins and clamps hurt too much, but she didn't. She knew that she deserved this and even wanted it. She knew she was a subslut and wanted to be his piece of fuckmeat. It was all she had ever wanted.

"It's time for me to feel that mouth again, cu

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