Funny Double toying Porn Videos

A man makes a sex toy for some friends that helps turn.

Pulling back, her chest heaved with excitement. She looked down at his pants, and deftly began to remove his belt. For someone who'd never done this, he was amazed at how fast his pants hit the floor. She pulled off the shorts and watched his rigid member spring proudly outwards before her. Slowly she lowered herself in front of it, opened her mouth, and tongued slowly from the head down the shaft. Her eyes found his, and she gave him a look that only made him hotter. She burned with a desire to suck that cock as if it was the most important thing in the world to her.

Her full lips slid back as her tongue continued to touch every sensitive part of him. Her mouth opened and she slowly slid him in, inch after inch. His cock was completely engulfed by her mouth. She closed her eyes, and moaned softly around the thick shaft.

He felt her tongue do impossible things as it licked around his erection. She began an insistent suction around the shaft, her head beginning to bob back and forth as she watched his reaction. Her talented tongue was everywhere at once, running over every inch of him, as her wet mouth pistoned back and forth. Every nerve of his cock was screaming in pleasure, and a low moan escaped his lips. She smiled around his hardness and began to move more quickly.

Jer didn't know how much more of this he could take. He felt the gigantic tits rub against his legs with each stroke, bobbling and moving with a liquid motion that was impossible to ignore. Her rock-hard nipples dug into his thighs as she ministered his rigid shaft, her eyes speaking volumes of lust as she went down on him.

He had to sit down or he would fall over. She leaned forward and licked the precum juices from the head of his organ. The trickle of fluid made her hungry for more. He knew this wouldn't finish until she had drained him dry.

Already his hips were swinging back and forth, trying to fuck into her face, and she was encouraging him for all it was worth. His balls seemed to grow larger and he listened to each slap of them as they hit her chin. She was moaning around him, licking up his preliminary secretions as she begged for more. A few more strokes; that would be all it needed. He felt her finger slowly travel down his perineum to slide between his asscheeks, and enter him from behind. She began to massage him from the inside. It was all he could do to stay on the bed. He felt his nuts draw up, and the boiling feeling of an incredible climax as his cum start to leave them.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna come." he cried.

Her eyes caught fire with anticipation. It was impossible to hold back any more, and he felt her suck even harder at it, until he exploded into her mouth.

"Oh yeah. Suck it, suck it, suck it!" he growled.

His shaft swelled out more than it ever had, his come rocketed up through his body into her waiting throat. The effect on her was electric. He could feel her grabbing his shaft and milking every drop into her hungry gullet, wave after wave of sticky come sliding past her tongue and down her throat.

"I can't believe how much I'm coming!" he groaned, as she fisted the last remaining drops from the end of his cock. She looked at him with the lewdest expression as she kissed the tip gently, and sighed.

"Not bad, not bad at all. I like that. I think I'll have to do it again, soon."

She started to fondle his balls. He reached down and took her hand, and winked as she looked up in surprise. "Again?" she asked.

"Hon, I don't want to give you false ideas about what men are capable of. They may be able to go on one right after the other in stories, but even real men need a bit of rest. Why don't I return the favor? Show you how a man can please a woman the same way you did for me"

She nodded quickly. "Yes, I'd like to experience that. Please do that for me".

She sat down beside him, and dragged his hand over her now-swollen tits.

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