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Wife's enjoyment of cat play leads to greater delights.

It goes on like this for stroke after excruciatingly arousing stroke.

At first, I try to stifle my moans, but as her fingers began to actually reach along both sides of my balls and squeeze softly, I exhale with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Su-Yun responds by focusing her touch exclusively on the ultra-sensitive skin of my testicles and perineum, with the entirely predictable side-effect of producing a raging erection. Which means that yet another erogenous zone, my cock head this time, is within range of her talented fingertips. But she wouldn't actually touch my hard cock, would she?

Apparently, she would.

At first her fingertip brushes the sensitive skin on the tip of my cock with no more force than a gentle gust of warm wind. Even so, my cock twitches slightly.

Then she touches me again, this time making skin-on-skin contact between her fingertip and my cock that sends a jolt of pleasure reverberating through my body. Her fingers swirl over me with feathery light caresses that send electric shock waves rippling through my stomach and chest.

Very gently, she brings her lips to my ear. "Su-Yun give pleasure?" she whispers, then blows gently just the way I'd taught to play barely audible notes on the flute.

"Mmmm!" A long, guttural moan is the only verbal response I can muster.

The ear lobes, I realize, are an often overlooked erogenous zone. But not for Su-Yun. She accompanies her miraculous finger work on my personal magic flute by brushing her warm lips against my ears and blowing ever so softly, as if playing an adagio passage. So intense is the sensation of her breath, that it's almost a relief when at last she pulls her lips away from my ear. But a moment later, she resumes at the nape of my neck, sending a fresh volley of shivers bouncing up and down my spine.

Meanwhile, Su-Yun is alternating between rolling my balls with gently vibrating fingertips, and swirling her fingers over every exposed millimeter of my cock. My sighs merge into long, loud groans and my breathing is comes in shallow bursts.

I hadn't exactly lusted after Su-Yun that summer. A sexy single-mother named Laura Wiggins who had moved in next door had been keeping me more than satisfied. Still, there may have been times that Su-Yun featured in my masturbatory fantasies as I visualized how her small, but perfectly proportioned body might look like without clothes.

Once or twice, I may even have imagined her tiny, virginal fingers caressing my cock and balls. That it really is happening, that this beautiful Asian girl is stroking me with such a practiced, erotic touch, is now exciting me beyond the power of any fantasy.

Somewhere in the distance I heard Su-Yun's voice.

"Lift hips," she says for the third of fourth time, removing her fingers from between my legs long enough to press upward on my hip bone.

I follow her instructions, pulling my knees closer for support until I feel my cock lift entirely off the table top, hanging free in the gap created by my elevated butt. I am thankful for the sheet, thinking how ridiculous I must look to Su-Yun with my ass up in the air and my cock and ball sack swinging free.

Except it's not free for long. Reaching back under the sheet, Su-Yun's right hand grips my cock even as her left hand resumes her methodical manipulation of my balls.

At first she strokes my shaft with her thumb and forefinger in a little "O," which just happens to be the way I prefer to masturbate myself. But as my cock begins subtly twitching and my hips began a slow undulation, I feel her grip shift.

First one hand wraps around my cock, then both. With that she begins pumping up and down in an unmistakable milking motion. In my brief sexual career, I've been on the receiving end of my share of hand jobs. But nothing prepared me for this.

There is something about kneeling in what is, in effect, a "missionary" position that amplifies every sensation.

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