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Lorriane does some thinking.

I was so excited I nearly fell over the seats getting in.

Bo sat next to the wall I sat next to Bo and Bill sat next to me. We all got situated just in time for the movie credits to begin. Before I knew it the screen was filled with a girl sucking a guy's monstrous cock while another guy was fucking her from behind. I couldn't believe it!!! The previews ran, one after the other. Each showing various sex acts with loud drumming music. I realized I had an instant raging hard on and sheepishly covered it with my arms. The light was bright enough that you could see pretty well. I could see several people....all men.....slouched down in seats. I could tell some were actually playing with themselves!!!! I was mesmerized.

As the movie itself started I suddenly realized the movie was gay!! I watched as guy after guy appeared on the screen. Eventually the scenes turned into sex scenes with guys kissing and jerking each other off and sucking cock like it would never end. I stared straight ahead, afraid to look at Bo or Bill.

Eventually Bill leaned over and said, "Shit Rick , I wasn't aware this was a gay flick. Do you want to leave?" Bo was looking our way, listening. I didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't stand up. If I did my hard-on would be bulging out for everyone to see. I glanced down and noticed a large bulge in Bill's pants!!!! He wasn't really trying to hide it. I couldn't help but turn and look at Bo. He had a bulge too!!!! Holy shit!!!

I stammered, "Fuck, I don't know. What do you guys want to do?"

Bo said, "Hey kid, if it don't bother you its fine with us. We see these flicks a lot. Does it turn ya on?"

I was getting scared and mumbled, "I guess a little. I liked the previews a little better though."

Bo laughed and said, "Hey kid, don't be embarrassed we all get it on every once in a while, right Bill?'

Bill put his hand on my knee and said, "Fuck Rick, the best blowjob I ever got was from a guy. Guys know just how to do it."

As he said this he moved his hand up and felt my hard-on!! I jumped and Bill said, "Whoa.....don't worry about it we are all friends here....right?"

I squirmed a little and was almost out of breath. Bill kept his hand on my hard-on and Bo joined in and put his hand on me too.

Bill said, "Hey I tell ya have been asking me for beer for weeks. If this place ain't your cup of tea let's go. I'll buy the beer and we can go to my place to drink it." He squeezed my cock as he said this.

I knew then what was happening. The problem was I was so turned on from the movie I knew I wanted to see what they had in mind......maybe they would give me a blowjob or do something together for me to watch. I stammered a weak...."OK".

With that Bill got up and led the way out of the theater by way of the side door. It was a good thing cause I could barely walk with the hard-on I had.

We walked about three blocks to Bills apartment. Bill let us in and said, "I already have some beer so sit down and get comfortable......I have some tapes too if ya want to watch em."

I sat on the couch in front of a large screen TV. Bo obviously had been there before. He opened a cabinet and selected a tape. Before Bill came back with the beer Bo had the movie running. This time it had both girls and guys in it. The men had the biggest cocks I ever saw and the girls were great!!! I starred at the large screen as a girl swallowed a monster cock. The guy was fucking her face while another guy was eating her pussy from below. Another guy was sucking that guy's cock and sticking his thumb in the girls' ass. I was getting so hot I couldn't sit still.

Bill came back with several bottles of beer and laughed at me squirming around trying to hide my raging hard-on. "Shit Rick, come on we all get turned on by this stuff....have some beer and relax. I am sure Bo will be jacking his cock any minute now.....look at the pecker tracks on his pants!!!"

I looked and saw wet spots forming at the top of Bo's obvious hard-on.

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