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She hopes for another lesson in etiquette but gets much more.

Her cheeks clenched and unclenched uncontrollably, feeling the fullness deep into her bowels.

Nick pulled his fingers out, seeing her asshole stay open, the dark mysterious hole slowly closing after his fingers abandoned it, the outside glistening with the slick Vaseline that coated it. Ready for the butt plug. He flipped her over onto her back, ready to fuck her as soon as he had her impaled on the butt plug. She looked at him, a blankness on her face as she realized that she had no control over her body any longer. It was Nick's for the taking.

Nick pulled her legs open and back until she was almost bent in two. His two powerful hands held her ankles together, Monika watching as he picked up the thick, black butt plug, the shaft glistening with the Vaseline. She trembled when she saw it disappear from her sight, shivering as the cold Vaseline coated butt plug pressed against her anus. "No, please don't" she begged one last time, Nick's cock jerking back and forth, rubbing against her skin as he grew more excited. "OOOOOHHH," she felt the pressure as the slick, black head began to open her up, Monika's anal ring forced open as the slick, round head of the butt plug began to enter her. It didn't hurt at first, but then the thick head began to stretch her more then she had ever stretched before. In spite of the rounded head and the thick layer of Vaseline on it, her asshole was still too small and virginal. She felt the stretching as the butt plug became thicker, opening her up, the head of it now an inch inside her with lots more to go.

Her asshole almost seemed to be swallowing it up, Nick pushing harder as her ring stretched tightly around the black shaft, highlighted by her pink skin wrapped so tightly around it. "Never had anything that big inside you before Monika," he teased her, pushing harder. "Just a bit more Monika, take a deep breath and try to relax." Nick had over an inch inside her, the next part sliding easier, two inches now, her ring stretched tightly around the shaft. He gave it one final shove, the thick part suddenly popping inside her, her ass ring quickly shrinking back down and gripping the smaller shaft.

How could she relax when a giant log was being shoved up her ass? "EEEGHHH," she gasped, suddenly finding her asshole stuffed full of hard, butt plug. She didn't think she could stretch anymore when Nick shoved hard, shoving the butt plug in so far that it passed over the thickest part, her asshole closing around the thinner trap, a fat lump of butt plug inside her, stretching her from the inside.

Nick watched the tiny spasms in her asshole, still stretched around the small shaft, the thick plug at the end covering it as he gave it a final shove to seat it deep into her bowels. He released her ankles, Monika groaning as her legs came down, the butt plug moving inside her.

When her legs went down, the butt plug bent in a way that stretched her guts from the inside, pressing hard where it shouldn't press, cramping her stomach. It was as though she had eaten a big meal, her stomach feeling full. Nick spread her legs to the side, kneeling between her legs, hefting up his cock. She hated to admit it but it felt good when he rubbed the thick head up and down her slit, quivering uncontrollably when he ran the hot flesh over her swollen clit. Monika grew aroused. She was going to be fucked in both holes at the same time. Nick wasted no time, pressing the giant head of his cock into her tight hole, stretching her until it devoured it, pulling it in. "Its so bigggg," she cried out as he impaled her on his cock, the head of his cock popping into her pussy with a suddenness that forced her ass into the mattress, Monika pushing back as the butt plugged was forced in deeper.

Nick began to fuck her, taking short, jerking thrusts into her pussy, fighting her tight muscles as his cock began to open her up to deeper and harder thrusts.

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