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Marie smiled and opened her mouth and I could see a large load of cum still on her tongue as she savored the delightful taste. I kissed her deeply and she reluctantly gave me a little bit of her precious treasure and I gave her some of mine. Soon Mom's tongue was in there with us and the three of us licked each other dry. It was wonderful!

It was only the middle of the morning but I was tired already what with all the fucking and sucking that had been going on. I dozed off in Marie's arms, the lovely taste of my brother's cum still fresh on my tongue.

I had a dream that Daddy was fucking Rachael in my bed. I walked into the room and turned on the light and suddenly it was me in bed with Daddy. He was fucking me doggy style and his cock was deep inside of me. Ohh, it felt so good, I just wanted to lie there forever and let him ream me.

From somewhere outside the room I could hear a voice calling me. "Lisa...Lisa..." Fuck them, I was feeling so good I never wanted to leave. "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me good!"

Suddenly I was pulled from my dream as Marie was shaking me awake. She was laughing. "Fuck me daddy? I know what you were dreaming sweet girl."

I laughed too. I knew where events were leading me but who cared? If Rachael could fuck dear old Dad why couldn't I? Daddy was still a very good- looking man and I wondered if his cock was bigger than Jason's? Well. There would be plenty of time to find out.

Mom had been busy while I napped. Lunch had been made and the table set. We were all famished. In addition Mom had been making plans of her own and she now proceeded to enlist us to help her carry them out.

Dad and Rachael were due home later that afternoon. We were all to act as if nothing had happened. "Now I mean it girls! I don't want you messing around with each other or Jason until tomorrow. Everything must seem normal to them. Now tomorrow your father has to leave on a short business trip. Then it'll be just us and Rachael." She smiled.

"Now Rachael is my daughter and I love her but she's got some payback coming for the way that she treated me. I think I've got just the way to do it. I'm going to need your help."

She outlined her plan to us and I had to admit it sounded good. Rachael would never see it coming. It'll teach her a lesson, the little slut.

Dad and Rachael arrived about four o'clock. Rachael eyed Marie enviously as we all had when meeting her for the first time. Dad was practically drooling and he had already met her. I had to laugh, if only they knew what we had been up to only hours before.

For my part I was drooling over my sister Rachael. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before but I sure was now. Her hair had grown out at college and she exuded sexuality out of every pore. She was all woman now and seemingly had left any trace of high school foolishness far behind.

Her hair had been tinted red and it looked hot on her. She had a great body and I noticed her long firm thighs under a khaki mini she wore. Her breasts were full like Mom's and I admit I longed to see them and touch them and kiss them. I practically shivered in anticipation. I didn't know if I'd be able to hold out until tomorrow.

Dad soon excused himself to pack for his trip. The rest of us sat around the table and discussed Rachael's school and the usual family things. Until yesterday, I would have been interested in all this idle chitchat but now, sitting in the same room with Rachael, Marie, Mom and Jason, all I could think of was sex. My heart was racing faster than normal and I felt flushed all over. Here we were just sitting around talking and my pussy was dripping wet. I wondered if I could sneak away with Jason for a quickie just to tide me over but soon decided it would be impractical. Shit!

After dinner that evening Rachael announced that she was going out with some friends to some clubs.

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