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Close friends get closer, together.

I turned on my CD player and as the eastern tunes of Bitstream Dream flowed softly through my room I sat back down on my bed, still in my jeans and tank top. My hands almost shakily put the batteries into the vibrators base. I turned it on and ran it slowly over my denim clad thigh, feeling the small tingles through the fabric. I sighed softly and laid back on the bed, placing my bare feet to rest near my thighs, spreading them slightly wide. I ran the length of the toy up my legs and over my stomach to gently tease my nipples and even through the small layers of fabric I could feel them tighten in response. Small sounds of happiness were coming from the back of my throat and I couldn't help but unbutton my jeans.

I just left them gaping slightly open as I ran the vibrating toy back down my torso to quiver slightly on the waistband of my underwear. My own skin shook in return. Even now I could feel wetness building between my thighs and it felt pleasurable. I ran the vibrator over my thighs again and it made my hips involuntarily rise. With one hand I slid my jeans off slowly while the other still held the toy. I let the head of it follow the outline of my low-rise string bikinis, making me moan slightly louder. With my free hand I felt the puffiness of my outer lips through the sheer fabric and I smiled softly at the wet patch that followed up the line of my lips. I teasingly ran the vibrator along this line, making my hand grip the flesh of my thigh gently. I felt my body shudder softly. I felt the vibrations reach through my lips to my nub and I cried out softly.

I suddenly had the urge to be naked on top and I stopped teasing myself to throw my tank top over my head, baring my breasts. I ran the vibrating toy over my breasts gently, making my nipples tighten and puff up in response. The smooth and gentle pulses felt wonderful on my skin. I flicked my wrist and the vibrations got suddenly deeper. My clit pulsed in response and I wasn't even touching it. My nipples were erotically and painfully erect, but it was the pleasurable kind of pain I enjoyed. I teased them slightly still before I ran the length of the toy down my stomach and stuck it in the waistband of my underwear, just laying it there for a moment. I moaned softly and lay back staring at my ceiling and letting the vibrations sink into my skin. My clit throbbed angrily at the lack of attention and I could feel its beat harsher than my own heart.

I grabbed the almost forgotten bottle of lube, just in case I would need it. I hooked my fingers into the band of my underwear and slowly slid them down my thighs. I lay on my four poster bed, gloriously naked. The toy still lay halfway on my abdomen and halfway on the outer lips of my cunt. I picked it up and pressed the head of it into my lips, against my clit. My hips jerked in response and in the back of my throat I cried out. I felt the familiar wetness rush between my legs. My head pressed back into the pillow as my body moved as if on fire.

I picked up the lube, not taking any chances that could be painful, and spread some over the head of the toy. The cold slick feeling of lubricant against my clit aroused something deeper in me and I had the sudden urge to ram the toy home, but didn't. I let the slick head roll over my clit and dip slightly into my opening, in and out. I felt the lube warming up to my body heat and it felt fantastic. I rolled the head of the toy, making my fingers twist and turn. It rolled in slow circles in my hot wet hole. I felt myself tighten up slightly in a rejecting response before I opened up and allowed the hole head to be sucked into me.

My back arched slowly and I felt my hips rise of the bed as I slipped another inch into me, the veins causing an oddly sweet sensation.

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