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Hotwife Madison tortures lunch companion. Slut Power.

Caroline woke and saw what was going on. She kissed me deeply as her mother continued to fuck me. Before long I emptied myself into Rachel's clasping vagina. She clambered off of me and told Caroline to clean me off while Rachel made breakfast.

"Bill and Lily are coming back to see us next Saturday, and it seems as if grandchildren are the motivating factor. So why don't you see if you can get another load out of him for insurance. Later well go to the drugstore and we will both get an E.P.T. (early pregnancy test)."

Breakfast was cheerful and the food was great. The women wanted to be accepted by my parents, and they both wanted to have my baby. They were both pretty sure they were pregnant but they wanted to make sure. They both insisted that I go to the mall with them to buy the E.P.T. test. They wanted everyone to know that I was the father of both babies.

When we got to the drugstore, they led me to the family planning section of the store. They asked for help from the pharmacist who was on duty. He was a rather young man who was impressed by the 2 beauties I was with.

Rachel spoke.

"I know this is and unusual request, but we are practicing Mormons (not true), and we want to see if our husband has gotten us both pregnant. Which would be the best test to take?" The young man stuttered and explained that "Clear blue Easy" was the easiest to use. That the only thing the woman had to do was urinate on the sponge tip and recap it. If a line appeared in only one window then she wasn't pregnant. If a line appeared in both windows she was. She then asked him to read the results he would then inform and them at the same time. She led him to the bathroom and went into the stall with him right there. She closed the door and we could all here the tinkle into the bowl. She flushed, came out and handed him the test. Then Caroline repeated the procedure. He looked at the tests and said to me.

"It looks like you are going to be a both these women's children."

Both women kissed him and thanked him for reading the tests. The they each took one of my arms as we left the store.

Rachel said. "You are going to us for our first obstetrical visit aren't you?"

"Well..." I hesitated.

"You had better unless you want to spend the next 9 months celibate" Caroline interjected.

When we got home, Rachel called the obstetrician, explaining our "Mormon beliefs" and making sure the obstetrician would examine both women at the same time. Then she requested that Caroline call Sheila. Telling her that if Caroline didn't want a threesome with Sheila that she would join Sheila in rewarding me for a job well done. Besides that she liked girl-girl sex.

The women had made an appointment for their first prenatal exam for the next morning. Things were kind of hectic at breakfast as we prepare to go. I had no idea what the girls had planned for the doctor's office. All I knew was that they intended for everyone to know that I was the father of both of their babies.

When we arrived for our appointments, they spoke to the receptionist and giggled as she got flustered.

"What did you say to her?" I asked Rachel.

"Nothing, except, that I'd like to be there, with my daughter and her husband, for the first examination."

Then I looked at Caroline.

"What did you say to her?"

"I told her that I wanted to be with my mother and her husband for her first examination. Then she asked which ones were our husband and, we both told her you were." The doctor called them in separately. A few minutes later the nurse came out to get me, telling me that my wife was ready. Then she whispered under her breath.

"Both of them!"

I watched both women get examined separately.

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