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She tells about her first group experience.

"Tell me you want it as much as I do Mom." Tim said softly, running his hand gently up and down over her back. "Tell me you want us to keep fucking, making love, however you want to put it. I want to hear you say that you feel the same desire for me that I feel for you, that you want me to be your lover, the man of your life, the most important thing in your world..."

"You are the most important thing in my world." Carla whispered as she pressed her body against his. She had to stifle a giggle as she felt his stiff cock against her leg.

"And I do want those other things too honey." She said, looking up at him as she eased away, dropping to her knees in front of him.

"I want you to keep fucking me, and letting me suck your magnificent cock." She purred as she pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang up, and she wrapped both hands around it, staring at it in wide eyed wonder. "I want you to be my live-in stud, giving me this big beautiful cock whenever I want it."

Even with both her hands covering the shaft, more than half of his cock stuck out over them. She moved her hands slowly up and down over the long, thick shaft, then lowered her head as she opened her mouth and took the swollen cockknob between her lips.

She moaned as the thick knob filled her mouth, and started moving her mouth up and down slowly, using her hands to work on the shaft. Warm spit drooled from between her lips, coating his cockshaft, easing the passage of her hands as they stroked up and down.

Tim smiled down at her, bring his hands down and wrapping his fingers in her hair.

"Make me cum Mom." He grunted as he humped his hips forward, forcing more of his cock between her lips. "Make me cum in your hot fucking mouth and show that you want to be my mommy slut."

"Fuck my face." Carla grunted, pulling back and letting his cock slip from between her lips. "Use my mouth, and make me your mommy slut. Cum in my mouth, and all over my face. If you want me the way you say you do, show me. Mark me...own me...make me yours."

"Suck it slut." Tim growled, tightening his fingers in her hair as he forced his cock back into her mouth. He started moving her head up and down as he thrust his hips forward, feeding his cock into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Carla choked as his cockhead drove into her throat. She fought back the gag reflex, breathing through her nose as she moved her hands, bringing them higher on his cock to control how much he could feed her on one stroke.

Her tongue lashed and swept around all over the underside of his cockshaft, and when he pulled back far enough, she would slash it all over the fat, dripping knob, poking it into his piss slit to gather up tangy droplets of pre-cum.

Tim groaned, marveling at how eagerly his mother was sucking his cock. She was working her hands, lips, mouth and tongue in such perfect syncopation that he could already feel his balls swelling as his cum filled them.

"I'm gonna cum soon mommy slut." He grunted as he started fucking her face harder and faster. "I'm gonna shoot a big load, and I want you to show what a good little mommy slut you're gonna be. Get's almost time..."

"Mmmppphhh...mmmppphhnnn...ooh ittt." Carla grunted around his throbbing cockshaft as she sucked it as hard as she could. Her cheeks moved in and out like a bellows, puckering in as she sucked.

She looked up at him, her eyes running with tears from the way he was abusing her mouth and throat. Tightening her hands around his cockstalk, she started moving them in time with her mouth up and down over the length of the throbbing shaft.

"Get ready...oh yeah,!" He shouted as he felt the first fiery slugs of cum surging up his cockshaft. Seconds later, thick, sticky spurts of cum sprayed from his piss slit, filling his mother's mouth to overflowing.

Carla choked when the first jets of jism splashed onto the roof of her mouth then poured down her throat.

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