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Mom helps masturbating son.

"What?" I asked.


"Sounds good to me," I responded, fuckin' her.

"I like it too," Eny said.

"OK, I'm close, so let's start the game."

"Eeny!" I cried, my pelvis plowing into my wife's pussy doggie style, watchin' her half apple-shaped ass cheeks ripple with every thrust.

"Meeny!" I took my wife by her shoulders and held onto her arms fucking even harder, her plump round cheeks quaking with every shot against my pelvis, the flesh on her ass and thighs smacking harshly against me and echoing throughout the whole room.

"Miny!" I took hold of my wife by the sides of her beautiful natural chestnut-honey waist length hair and held it back with one arm. With my left hand I pulled Eny's ankle, dragging her closer to me I asked her to play with herself. I watched her as I enjoyed my wife's pussy. After going without sex for more than three weeks watching Eny's sweet little ex-model tits and cunt as I fucked my wife was a treat.

I began to plow into Paulette so hard that our tall bed began to lift and hurl itself against the wall with the three of us on it. Paulette's clenched hands grabbed at the wet bed sheets under her, holding on and moaning as I pulled back on her hair harder, watching her nose tip up in front of me as I licked up her sweaty back, her hollerin' echoing down at the three of us from the bedroom vintage bronze ceiling fixtures above.

Eny stayed the course rubbing her moist little twat, making eye contact with me. Her loose sweaty platinum-blonde streaks glowing under the light, covering her dragon eyes. Her mouth open, twisting on either side as she fervently whined and squealed like the little sex pot she was.

"Ain't gonna' last much longer girls. When I point at you Eny you say my name OK hun? I want you to jump when I say frog."

I got off my wife asking her to lie back on the bed for me, giving her heart shaped ass a powerful slap. Once my wife turned around I pushed her buck naked body back, and got on top. I loved her because she didn't mind makin' love when I didn't bathe, which sometimes happened. She wasn't a clean freak, she just always wanted me.

I continued fucking Paulette; power-fucking her pussy, her stout breasts bouncing back and forth. My hands cupping the familiar flesh I missed and cried over when she got so distant. Kneading her flesh, pinching her pink nipples with my fingers, taking them into my mouth, sucking them in. Lifting her legs I pushed em' back against her shoulders, my hands under her bent knees.

"Baby doll, I love you so much. I wanna' bang you like a screen door all night."

"I love you too Paul, my handsome cowboy," said Paulette, her natural breasts flattening against her frame, then heaving and bobbing with my thrusts.

"Love laying pipe to my little lady," as I said this, my wife sucked her lips in and I knew she was enjoying my cock.

"Am I your little cowgirl again?" Paulette asked me submissively.

"Will you forgive me?" She added.

"It ain't your wrong."

"But I hurt you, Paul."

"Baby doll, you will always be my little cowgirl. I cheated in the game. Why do you think I chose you first?" Eny looked on and they both smiled at each other as I said this. Feeling myself getting close I leaned in for some of my wife's kissin'.

"Although you're a box of assorted creams and a foxy woman, Eny. I could never get tired of makin' love to my beautiful wife," I said.

"I know. Paulette loves you too. She told me," Eny said. I felt my wife's legs cross behind me; "It's commin' in hard honey!!" I groaned as I rocked deep into her. My ultra-sensitive tip exploded, shooting potent hot streams of thick come into her tubes, over-flooding her tight snatch. I enjoyed a full, hearty, healthy orgasm in my wife's honey pot; "Moe!" Eny shouted, raising her arms in the air.

After I came I sat on my favorite stool playing my harmonica naked.

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