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Don's daughter Dani shares Samantha with her Daddy

He'd seen a white band of skin on her left ring finger of a very tan hand. It put his dick in the mud, so to speak.

That's about right, married-a forbidden juicy peach.

Damn good morals, it wasn't fair. He never touched married women now, not since his hard lesson in being a backdoor man when his father had a sit-down with him, telling him how disappointed he was in Ryan. His parents had divorced for the very same slimy reason he indulged. The divorce had been an especially nasty one involving a considerable fortune to split, scandal and a bitter child custody battle, all of which resulted in deep depression for each parent. His mother committed suicide a year later.

Sucking down his beer, he listened to his friend's spiel and sulked. It was a speech he heard many times before as Scott always tried to get the ladies to drink his tequila and ultimately bedding them all. It was a routine, a boring one actually, since he'd seen it so often. He stared darkly, his mood plummeting to the floor. He needed another beer.

Scott was a slick fucker, a true player, always getting what he wanted with a little bit of manipulation here and there-with his help of course. One dark-eyed beauty, now quickly revealing that she was an 'easy ass' on tequila, flirted outrageously with Scott and mentioned they were out celebrating Kristina's soon-to-be-changed marital status, earning her the title of 'divorc__e'.

Yes! His mood soared.

Ryan brightened then happily poured a drink for Kristina. Also looking relieved, she gave him a sexy smile that had him horny for her all over again. She shot the celebratory tequila, took Ryan's beer out of his hand and downed the rest of it.

"Looks to me like you're in the need for another one of these," she said huskily, giving him an instant erection.

"Yep, looks it," he laughed, trying to hide his erection from her as he went up to the bar to order another beer.

As he stood at the bar, he felt soft female hands reach up under his shirt, stroke his back and circle his waist. His breath caught in pleasure as he felt her long fingernails dig into his belly.

"I'm wanting you in a desperate way Ry," the sexy Peach whispered.

Grinning confidently, as he now knew for sure that he was going to get laid and it was such an especially sweet thing because of the long stay in hell at his uncle's place. "Why baby, we hardly know each other'," he teased.

"I don't need to." Kristina pressed against him, caressing the hard bulge that formed under his fly. "And it feels to me like you don't need to either."

"Ya, you got that right," he glanced over to Scott and the other girls. All three of them were grinning back at him goofily. "Hmm, all right then Peach," he said then took her hand and led her outside into the rain, where they were instantly soaked to the skin. "Well, my Jeep is full of water now since I took the top off my car. There's nothing like wind blowing through your hair to get rid of the stink of bad luck, eh?" He shrugged, laughed, knowing she hadn't a clue what he was talking about. "Trust me, it does good thing."

# # #

"Then I will," she smiled, a bit bemused.

Saying that was just appeasing him; she really didn't care much about his bad luck since she had a more urgent need to be quenched. She was so ready to fuck him right now that nothing was going to get in the way of doing it. That moment earlier where he seemed lost to the spark and the dirty innuendo that passed between them nearly put her in a panic, left her wanting to know whether her instincts were wrong. If a woman didn't have intuition about men then what else did she have?

It's been so long, too long, dammit.

Nothing else was on her mind since laying eyes on him the second he walked through the door. Sometimes that just happened to a girl-the crzy-mad lust feeling of wanting it now. Determined, as she was to satisfy the ache between her legs, she wasn't going to let the rain stop her. Him either, for that matter, which was all moot now with him nearly running to the door.

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