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Mel was basking in that contented feeling.

gh, too, as we realize we want to make him WORK for anything he gets from us!

We pull each other into a close, hard embrace and teasingly kiss, barely touching our lips, brushing our cheeks, and oh, so slowly tasting each other's tongues. You run your hand slowly down my spine; I lean in and kiss your neck. Your hand alights on my butt cheek. I pull you close and feel your breasts press against my chest; you pull me close and grind your groin against mine. You drop to your knees and grab the zippers at the waist of both sides of my pants. You slowly draw the zippers down to the floor, and my pants fall away. You grab my bare ass and pull me close to your face and bite the head of my cock through my mesh thong. I lean forward, strip your top off, and run my hands from your waist, up your back, and grab your hair at the back of your head. I roll your head back sharply, drop to my knees, and meet you with a powerful kiss.

On your knees, your legs are wide open. I grab each side of the slit in your skirt and rip it from your body. I reach forward and feel the heat rising from between your legs and the pressure rising between mine as my cock hardens and strains against my underwear. I drop my hands to your thighs and run them slowly up your body, feeling your smooth, inner thighs, then the neatly trimmed hair and soft, swollen lips of your pussy, your strong hipbones, the inviting velvetiness of your belly, the luscious underside of your breasts. I lean forward slightly and, as I start to stand, my hands press tightly against your breasts and ribcage to pull you up with me. You resist and, once I'm standing, you dip the tips of your fingers into the waistband of my thong and ease it to the floor. You dip your face between my legs and take one of my balls into your mouth, sucking gently and running your tongue across the smooth, freshly shaved skin.

As I moan and feel the hum from your mouth reverberate through my body, we both notice the others in the room that are closest to us turning their heads to watch. By now, they are mostly naked, too, a few tiny triangles of underwear remaining to cover a very few of the more compelling parts. As they look at us, their hands slide across their own and each other's bodies, tracing the smooth lines of the muscular legs, the entrancing curves of breasts and butts, some stopping at the hot hardness of aroused nipples and stimulated cocks and moistening pussies. Seeing them playing with themselves as they watch us does nothing if not turn me on more. With the tip of your tongue, you gradually taste the underside of my cock from my balls up to the ridge around the head, sliding the length of the shaft fully between your lips as you look to each side and see the eyes of those beautiful people watching you, naked, pulling my hard, naked cock into your mouth. You reach around me and put your hands on my ass, pumping me slowly, steadily, as your mouth moves up and down on me.

As good as it feels for you to suck me that way, and what an unexpected thrill to have the others watch, I push your head away from me, and pull you to your feet. I grab your shoulders, hold you still and trace my tongue around the edges of your lips, building to a kiss, a slow, all-encompassing, impassioned kiss, a mixture of release and restraint. I see such titillation in the eyes (and on the bodies!) of the others-and I feel it myself throughout my body. I turn you around to face the others. From behind, with one hand on your belly and one between your shoulder blades, I lean you forward at the waist, your ass high in the air and your hands wrapping behind your calves. From above, I slap your ass cheeks with the end of my cock, stiffening myself and beginning to turn your cheeks red. I slap each cheek with my hands, and grab you, spreading your ass cheeks apart, revealing your sweet, tiny asshole and luscious, swollen pussy.

With all eyes on us, I press my cock flatly between your cheeks and draw it slowly down, past the Y that your ass cheeks from, past your asshole, and very slowly to your pussy, whic

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