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A silky/Silkeon Fantasy.

He slips His finger out of her and up to her now very swollen clit rubbing it hard in small circles. Unable to hold back the pleasure He brings to her body she lets out a soft desire filled moan. He smiles softly bringing His slick finger to her lips smearing her nectar over them. She opens her mouth sucking His finger into the hot confines rolling her tongue over it being sure to clean all of juice from Him.

He watches her tongue run over her lips as he withdraws His finger from her mouth. Smiling He leans down and kisses them softly. His hand finds her firm breast yet again as He cups it giving it a gentle squeeze, "You are a very willing whore aren't you." He whispers His voice husky and deep. "Yes Sir." She replies softly. "Tonight My slut, I'm going to break your will and take you make you Mine for good." He growls in her ear lightly slapping her very hard nipple with his fingers. She swallows hard letting out a soft whimper knowing He has already done so yet she still denies Him. Her denial is due in part to the fact that she's never given herself to anyone the way He wishes her to do. The way a slave gives themselves completely to a Master or Mistress. He has already worn her will to fight down to barely nothing knowing that she too desires to belong to Him. He has taken His time with her more so then He would have with any other toy. Yet how could He not? He is drawn to her more then He has been to anyone in a very long time. His need of her not only coming from her submissive nature but also the love and tenderness she shows Him. Moving His hand up over her shoulder gently pushing down He commands to her, "Remove My cock from its restrictive enclosure." She quickly drops down to her knees leaning forward opening His pants with her mouth. Tugging each flap open slightly as she nuzzles her mouth into His pants. Her eager wanton mouth finding His already hardened cock as she sucks it between her lips milking the head briefly as she pulls His cock free. He winds His fingers into her lavish red locks pushing her forward, "Suck Me slut." He says. She purrs on His cock as she begins to stroke it with her mouth being sure to get Him nice and slick. His hand comes down hard forcing her to take Him into her throat. He moans hearing and feeling her gag as He begins to fuck her mouth faster and harder. She gags at the sudden force of His massive member being shoved down her throat yet swallows hard only wanting to please Him. Suddenly He pulls from her mouth looking down at her He says, "Not yet whore, it's too soon for Me to cum, now offer Me both your ass and pussy." She whimpers softly, "Yes Sir." As she turns around getting on all fours rolling her hips up so her back is arched. She leans down slightly on her elbows spreading her legs far apart so that He gets a good view of both her tight holes. "That's a good little slut." He says as he kneels behind her.

He pushes the head of His swollen cock against her clit rubbing back up the crack of her tight ass the back down slowly.

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