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Julia's interview takes her to unexpected places.

know, okay?"

"I will, Valerie, I promise."

Valerie turned towards Sally again. "So, have you gotten any jobs yet?"

"Not yet, though I did put in bids on a few more. I'm hoping to hear back from some of the early ones soon."

"You know, my little slave. While Susan's out tomorrow, we should play," Valerie added with a smile.

"I'd love that, Mistress."

"In fact, we'll go out to Gatsby's for dinner, and then home to the dungeon."

Sally smiled and looked down demurely. "If that pleases you, Mistress."

As was their normal routine when anticipating a date with each other, Sally and Valerie spent the rest of the evening lightly teasing each other so they'd be well and truly ready for the following night. The morning passed in a blur and Valerie left for work with a sense of anticipation. As usual, June had left her late afternoon time slots open in case Val had any last minute plans. Thus, Valerie was able to leave by 4:30 to arrive to dress and pick up Sally at five (Susan had already taken a cab to the club).

"You look very delectable, my little slave," Valerie commented appreciatively at Sally's choice of clothes. Sally was dressed in a blue skirt that came down to an inch above her knees with a lighter blue blouse that was thin enough that anyone seeing her would know she had no bra on. Sheer stockings, held in place by garters, covered her legs. Four inch heels graced her feet, held on by a series of straps that wrapped around her lower leg.

"Thank you, Mistress. You're lovely yourself."

Valerie had chosen a black ankle length dress with deep cleavage and side slits up to her knees. Hoping to get some dancing in, she'd worn comfortable, but nice looking, dancing shoes. She'd put the white shawl back on once they reached the gay club. Several of their friends waved as they entered the club Once they were seated with menus, Valerie took Sally's away from her.

"I think I'll be ordering for the two of us, slave," she informed Sally.

Sally perked up at the feel of Valerie's dominance being exerted in public. "Thank you, Mistress," she answered. She took a sip from her water, her mouth having gone a bit dry from anticipation.

Their waitress, used to seeing Valerie sometimes order for her lover, didn't bat an eyelash. Valerie ordered the lobster tail dinner for herself and a chef's salad for Sally. She also ordered a appetizer plate of oysters to precede the dinner. Both had non-alcoholic drinks to go with the meal. Once their orders were in, Valerie stood and looked out over the dance floor. Seeing a familiar face, she turned to Sally (who, even after years of living with Valerie, was a mediocre dancer at best) asking, "Will you be alright if I dance a couple of sets with Frank?"
"Of course, Mistress. I love to watch you to moving together on the floor."

"Thank you, Sally. Oh, finger your nipples while I'm gone. I want you on edge tonight," with a wink.

"Yes, Mistress," Sally answered, her breath coming a little faster.

Valerie's target had spotted her as well and the best dance partner Valerie had known since her husband, Mike, had died met her in the middle of the floor. The band was just starting a waltz and the two met and merged into a moving couple seamlessly. It was mere moments before both were lost to the rhythm of the music they were molding their bodies to. It wasn't long before nearly everyone in the club was aware that they were being graced by professional level skill.

Valerie didn't notice Sally motion a waiter over and whisper in his ear (while playing with her nipple through her blouse, to his obvious pleasure).

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