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Birthday celebration opens new world for couple.

She curses herself and realizes that he may have recognized her toenail polish from earlier in the night. She curls up in her bed and says, "I am tired. Let's talk in the morning."

He grabs the blanket and starts to pull it back to get a second look at her foot. She quickly pulls her foot away from him and says, "What the hell are you doing? Quit being such a perv."

"Whatever!" her brother responds as he stands up and starts leaving the bedroom. Just before exiting the room he turns around, "Are you sure you just made it back into town?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?" she quips back.

He doesn't answer and simply leaves the room. As he is lying in bed he thinks back to earlier in the night and swears that his sister is wearing the same nail polish as the girl he enjoyed in the back of the rave club. He can feel his dick starting to get hard as he thinks about his doing his sister. He pulls his dick out of his pants and starts stroking it.

She does her best to avoid her brother the next couple of days by visiting her friends in town. Tuesday afternoon she returns to her parents house to change clothes and take a shower before going back to the rave club.

She has changed her toe nail polish from blue to black and wears nothing but a black short dress to the club. Making sure that she is not recognized by anyone in the club, she takes the back road and pulls into the worker entrance in the back of the club. She is excited about making twice the money tonight, knowing that she will have enough to make rent and have gas money for a few weeks. The thing she is worried about is whether or not she will be able to walk after four hours of sex in one night.

At five til 7 the men are escorted out of the back room so that the women can change shifts anonymously. Unbeknownst to Melonie, her brother has followed her car to the club, trailing far enough behind her that she would not recognize his vehicle. When he saw her pull into the club parking lot his suspicions are confirmed. He parks around front and enters the club then heads straight for the back room. He tells the bouncer that he wants to make sure he gets to pick the woman he wants. The bouncer tells him that the first man in line gets the first choice and that he can have the second choice.

He is unhappy with the scenario, but hopes that things will work out for him. When the door opens up he quickly looks at the three women to decipher which one is his sister. He hears the man in front of him point to the woman on the far left and say, "I want that one."

Her brother looks over to the woman on the far left and is certain that it is his sister. He says, "I want the woman on the far left." He looks at the bouncer and says, "I will pay twice or three times as much to have that woman."

"What is your problem man?" says the man who was first in line.

The bouncer tells him that the rules are the rules and the first man has made his choice. Melonie's brother walks up to the man and says, "Hey, I will pay you $100 to choose one of the two other women."

The man replies, "Get out of here man. You are wasting my time with this girl. Go fuck another woman."

Melonie is secretly cheering for the first man from inside her box. She doesn't know why her brother is doing everything he can to have sex with her. "Does he know that she is the person to the far left?" she ponders to herself. "Is he doing this so he can intentionally have sex with her?"

"Look, I will pay you two hundered dollars to choose someone else!" he begs.

"Get out of here." the man says as he drops his draws and begins stroking his penis to make it hard. "Bouncer, get this man away from me."

The bouncer walks over to Melonie's brother and tells him to choose one of the two other girls or he will be escorted out of the room. Dejected, her brother chooses the girl in the middle. He puts on a condom and starts fucking her hard, letting out all of his anger and frustration. It kills him to know that someone else is fucking his sister right next to him.

When the fifteen minutes is up, the man to his left

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