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A freshman at college has his first experience with sex.



I was caught. My mouth instantly went dry, and I kicked myself for being so stupid earlier. Why was she inviting me over? Was she going to have some of her jock friends kick my ass for staring at her friend so inappropriately? Surely my stares were not warranted for such action as Marcy hadn't even noticed them. Karen had. And she wanted something or she'd tell everyone about my secret desire. I'd like to say I wouldn't care and that no one would notice, but Karen would be sure to make everyone know. She would probably tell false rumors about what she thought my fantasies were and have everyone who saw my facing laughing in front of me. I didn't want to go out my senior year that way. Whatever happened, I would find out at Karen's house.

Time passed slowly until the game ended. I didn't go with anyone. I just sat among the horde and admired Karen from afar. She looked so beautiful alongside Marcy and the other cheerleaders. The game didn't pass fast enough!

Finally it ended, and I owned up to my fate. I tried to walk casually to my car, but my nerves were shaking too much for me to walk normally. No one noticed, though.

I arrived at her house a few minutes later, but no other cars were in her driveway or in the front of the house. None of the lights were on either. No one was home yet, and I would have to wait even more until I knew what this was all about.

Her car rolled past mine and into the driveway ten minutes later. I had thought about leaving, thinking it was all just a joke or a setup, but she arrived alone. She got out and motioned for me to follow her inside. I followed behind, silently. She led me to her living room where we sat down on the couch.

"Um, no, you have to sit on the floor," she instructed coolly.

Shocked, I didn't know how to react until she pushed me downwards from my shoulders.

"There," she said as I sat on my haunches at her feet. "So I bet you're wondering why I'm blackmailing you to be here?"

I nodded my head.

"I know that look you were giving Marcy. I've seen a lot of guys giving girls those kinds of looks, those adoring looks at their legs and feet. One of my old boyfriends confessed to me this turn on of his. When I saw you looking at Marcy that way, I knew you it was your thing too."

I could only blush in response.

"But the thing is, it turns me on too. It makes me so horny to have a guy groveling at my feet, adoring my feet and legs," she said bringing her foot up to my mouth. "Now, kiss my shoe."

She didn't need to ask my again. I lost myself in the moment and began kissing the tip of her sneaker. She didn't force me to kiss the sole, but I did anyway. Kissing any part of her shoe aroused me greatly. Her soles were slightly green from having cheered on grass all night, but I didn't care. I didn't stop until every last spot of her shoe had been touched by my lips.

"Mmm, very good," she cooed. "Untie my shoes and take them off, but only do it with your mouth."

My cock was pressing painfully against my jeans, and I feared I would cum before I ever got to actually smell those sweaty feet encased in nylons. She had double knotted her laces, and they were the most difficult part. It took me a good fifteen minutes before I had both shoes laying next to me on the floor.

"Nice work, my little foot slave. I think you have earned a treat," she said pressing both sweaty feet against my face.

She had been wearing those shoes all day, plus all night at the game, which had only made them even more sweaty. I inhaled her scent deeply. My submission coursed through me, as the sign of my subjugation was pressed against my nose. Those damn, musky feet covered in nylon aroused me more than anything I had ever felt before.

"Ha!" she said triumphantly.

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