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Couple creates their own private sex machine.

"What...? Abby sweetheart, what are you doing?" he rumbled in confusion and she noticed there was no trace of sleep anywhere in his tone or his eyes anymore; his predicament clearly jolting him to full wakefulness.

"I'm sorry daddy but I need this, I need your cock inside me," she pleaded with him to understand.

"What! No Abigail, get off me right now," he growled but she just shook her head no.
"Please daddy, I'm so horny. I can't stop thinking about it, about your big cock," she moaned and grinded her clit against his cock that she noticed had softened in his shock and so she continued to glide her soaked pussy up and down his length.

"Christ!" he growled at her, unable to help the hardening of his cock from her actions. "Sweetheart please, daddy can't help it so you need to stop, this isn't right."

"I don't care. It's either this or I find some older man to take my virginity and I don't want to do that but I'm sooo horny daddy. Please!" she whined.

"You better not find some older man," he warned her, his eyes flashing in anger making her gulp and her clit throb, and she grasped the end of her nightie and pulled it of her heated body and threw it on the floor.

"Baby," he groaned and dropped his head to the pillow before looking back up at his daughters blushing naked skin. Her generous breasts were mouthwatering and he noticed her hard-pink nipples were the perfect size and when he looked down and saw her little pussy with a small thatch of red hair rubbing against his leaking cock in need he whimpered -- a sound Ethan had never heard himself utter before. "Fuck, baby please. I'm too big for you, it'll hurt. Can't you just read a smutty book and touch yourself or something," he pleaded.

"I have, it doesn't help daddy," she whimpered, "I need you." She sat up and grasped her daddy's cock and lined it up to her little virgin hole and tried to relax her muscles.

"Wait wait wait!" he begged her. "You're gonna hurt yourself baby, stop," Ethan stated in his commanding voice making her halt with wide innocent eyes. "Just untie me and--"

"No," she interrupted him with an adorable scowl on her pretty face.

"Abby," he growled dangerously. "Only one hand so I can help."

"Uh uh," she groused. "You'll get free and punish me."

"Oh you're definitely getting punished baby girl, there's no doubt about that." Her daddy locked his hard eyes on her own and she gulped in fear at his threat. "But if you stop now, the punishment won't be as severe than if you go through with this." He stated and she knew he was telling the truth. Abby seriously considered it for a second because her daddy could be scary sometimes but she knew he would never truly hurt her so she shook her head at him before grasping his cock and lining him up once more.

"Abby please, fuck!" he growled as her tight heat strangled the sensitive tip of his cock as she pushed down onto him.

She whimpered as she braced her hands on his muscled chest and slowly lowered her little pussy onto his cock. "You're so big daddy," she gasped as she pushed his cock head into her tight little hole. "Ow!" she cried as her walls were forced to stretch around his thick girth. "It hurts daddy," Abby whimpered, her eyes misting in pain as she continued to push down on his throbbing cock.

"I know baby girl, you gotta stop. Daddy doesn't want to hurt you." His wrists jerked against the restraints.

"No I don't wanna." She shook her head. "I need it daddy, I need your cock real bad," she whined as her face scrunched up in pain.

"Okay, okay!" Ethan gave in with a growl knowing she was determined, and he didn't want her first time to be so painful, he didn't like seeing his little girl hurting and he especially didn't like that it was him hurting her.

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