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Teri's new friends come for a massage.


"Yeah, I've been busy with work and all. But I decided I needed a break and brought a new toy to play with."

"Well, she certainly looks nice and such a lovely color too."

"Yes, she is. Here let me show you. Hold your arms up." With that she deftly slid the dress up Brooke's arms and off her body leaving her naked.

Brooke could feel her face blush as the elegantly clad woman walked around her appraising her body with eyes and soft touches.

"Oh, yes, I think she'll fit in nicely. You know those nipple piercings are so pretty, but I have a little something extra for them. Do you mind?"

"Of course not, Lady, Whatever you like?

"Now where did I put those bells? Ah, yes."

Brooke just stood still and watched as her breasts were squeezed and pinched. A little piece of string was wrapped behind the nipple jewelry and a loop hung down that was tied to a small silver bell. Her other breast was done the same way and she had to admit the little extra weight hanging from her nips was nice.

"Yes, much better and I think everyone will be amused by her tinkling when she moves. Do go on in."

"Thank you, let's go." A tug on her leash moved Brooke forward to a large expansive room that apparently covered the entire top floor of the building. Her eyes widened as she entered and looked around.

To her right was a long dinner table that seated about a dozen people. A variety of naked women was serving them food and beverages. She could see a bare naked ass peeking out from under the table and one gentleman was lounging back obviously enjoying his cock being sucked.

Another girl was bent over holding a serving platter while a man picked through h'ordeurves and a scantily clad lady smacked the poor girl's ass with her bare hand. Judging by the redness, this had been going on for a while.

To her left a naked, chubby blonde with large breasts was working over a griddle frying up something and gasping from the hot grease that spattered her bare chest. A man behind her was admonishing the woman to not burn the food while he punctuated his words with a flogger across her back.

There were more scenes of the same throughout the room, but Brooke was open mouthed enough at what she could see so far. She had definitely stepped into another world.

"Come over here and make yourself useful." Marica tugged her over to the buffet table and unhooking her leash told her to take plate of food over to the man in a blue shirt on the far wall.

So Brooke did as she was told carrying the plate over and listened to her tits tinkle as she did. The man was grabbing a redhead by her hair and admonishing her for not obeying properly. Brooke heard Marica behind her whispering that she needed to kneel and present the plate for his approval.

So she did and as he looked over the fruit, he commented on her good looks and adornment.

"Thank you, Sir."

"Don't speak unless you're given permission. Come a little closer."

She scooted on her knees closer and as she got close enough, she felt the toe of his shoe make contact with her glistening cunt. "Spread your legs apart more."

She could feel him rubbing his shoe around her hard clit and then he lightly smacked it. Her gasp made him smile and he continued that for several minutes. Then he stopped and told her to back up some.

Pushing the redhead's face down, he ordered her to lick his shoe clean. Brooke watched in amazement as the girl did just that; using her tongue to complete lick the toe of the patent leather loafer until he was satisfied with the shine on it.

"Come on, you need to make the rounds with that plate and show your ass off."

So Brooke did just that walking around the room and offering food to anyone that paid attention. Not that many of them did considering what they were doing. In one corner a young man was sitting on a leather clad woman's lap obviously riding a dildo in his ass and fucking it furiously as she stroked his rigid cock.

Near them a skinny blonde was tied to the wall and a man was using a long single tailed whip across her chest.

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