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A surprise celebratory birthday present for my Bitch.

Anyway, I literally sprung off the toilet seat and grabbed my boxers to cover myself.





"Oh, yeah, sorry." She shut the door.

I couldn't believe it! I got caught jacking off by my sister! My once-hard penis was now completely limp. It was like jumping into a freezing-cold swimming pool. I put my boxers on, washed my hands, and left the bathroom, hitting the light switch as I left.

Now this was far from the first time one of us had seen the other naked; we had taken baths together as kids, up until I was five and she was eight; no big deal. As we got older and she started to mature, I used to sneak peeks of her under her bedroom door as she was changing. I used to look under the bathroom door, too; I was an 11-12 year old boy, naturally curious about girls, and my sister was the only one available at the time.

I went to my room, closed the door, put on a pair of sweatpants, popped in "ATLiens" by Outkast (we were in Atlanta, after all), and lay down on my sheetless bed. Right at about song 5 (about 20 minutes into it), I heard a knock at my bedroom door.

"It's Amy. Can I come in for a second?"

"What do you want?"

"Please let me come in."

"Okay, but just for a second. You know how I am when I'm listening to CD's."

She opened the door, came in, and sat down on the bed by my feet. I hit the pause button on the remote for the stereo.

"Andy, I really thought the bathroom was empty. You know how Mom and Dad are always nagging you about all the electricity you waste by leaving the lights on all the time."

"I know. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I just didn't want you to see me naked."

"I've seen you naked before, you know."

"I know, but that's when we were little kids."

"You're right. You're right. But why were you whacking off? I know you and Jenny have sex. It's not like you're a little virgin who's not getting any."

"You knew I was jerking off? Jesus Christ."

"Who cares? Everybody does it."

"But not everybody gets caught by their sister in the middle of it."

"True. Good Point."

"Any other embarrassing questions you want to ask me, Amy?"

"What were you thinking about while you were doing it? Were you thinking about me?"

"Are you FUCKING CRAZY? You're my sister! That's fucking sick! I was thinking about...I'm not telling you!" (Meanwhile, my long-lost erection was making a comeback)

"Oh, come on. You can tell me."


"Come on! I won't tell anybody!"

"Fuck no!"

"Well I guess I'll have to find out for myself then!"

Amy then did something that to this day neither she or I have any explanation for. She reached over and grabbed my now 3/4ths erect penis.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I just want to see what you're packing!" she said as I pushed her hand away.

"You're my sister! That's fucked-up!"

My penis was now completely hard and was tenting my sweats. I'm not huge by any means, none of this 8 or nine inches crap you read about all the time, but it was enough to satisfy my girlfriend at the time, and that's all I cared about.

"You know you're gonna get blue balls if you don't take care of that."

"Well I wouldn't have that problem if you hadn't barged into the bathroom! Besides, I was fine until you started molesting me!"

"I'm not molesting you. You've been 18 for 6 months now."

"But you're my SISTER!" It is too molesting me!"

"You know that's not going away, right?"

"It will once I take care of it."

"How are you gonna do that?"

"By jacking off, that's how!"

"What if I jacked it off for you?"


"What if I jacked you off. You know, gave you a handjob."

"I know what a handjob is. Jenny gives them to me when she's on the rag and we can't have sex."

"Do you want one?"

"You're my sister!"

"Yeah, I think we've made that abundantly clear. Do you want one or not?"

"Why would you want to give your brother a handjob?"

"Why not?"

"Don't you

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