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Everything was all packed.

I knew it. She is a little fucking queen. I didn't say anything to her, I'm just staring, watching her, seeing what she'll do next. She widens her legs, spreading them even further apart this time, pulling up her skirt to her hips, I can see her panties, creamy ivory lace. Sweet and innocent. Next to her sun kissed firm thighs, her skin is glistening.

Still watching.

She hops down from the countertop and turns around. She sees me in the reflection of the mirror and motions me to come closer to her. She grabs the edge of the countertop and bends over sticking her ass out toward me. I stand there for a moment, admiring her trim ass and tight thighs under her skirt and then I grasp her hips. I lean in close to her, pull her hair away from her ear, and whisper,

"I knew you were a little fucking slut."

She looks at me in the reflection, grinning and biting her lower lip, wagging her hips back and forth. I bounce her hips off of my pubic bone a couple times and run my hand up her back, grabbing hold of her shoulder to pull her down firmly on to my imaginary cock. And then grab her at her hips, holding her there, rocking her hips up and down on my pelvis. She looks at me in the reflection, pouty faced, yearning for more. I have this little fucking queen panting. Perfect.

"I think you should come over," I said to her.

"Yea," She nods her head up and down in silence.

We couldn't leave together though. I didn't want anyone to see us. So I gave her my address and I left first. She said she would be right over and she was. I no sooner set down my purse and slipped off my heels and my buzzer was going off. I buzzed her up and met her at the door.

"That was quick."

"I know...I had somewhere to be," she flirted back.

I looked her up and down as she stood in the doorway. Such a sexy little frame, wow. I took her by the hand and lead her to the kitchen, I poured her a glass of wine and we strolled back to my bedroom. She immediately set her glass down and began pulling down her panties, letting them fall to the floor, then stepping out of them. I stood there for a moment, watching.

I walked toward her and stooped down to pick up her panties from the floor, and put them up to my nose. My eyes locked on to her, breathing them in, their moist. I feel the dampness next to my lips. She's smells like a rose.

"Yummy," I said, as I raise my eyebrows in pleasant delight.

She climbs into my bed, making herself comfortable, stretching out, hair, falling down around her. She's so fucking young. She has to his playful quality to her, wide eyed and adventurous. I climb onto the foot of the bed, her feet near my waist, perpendicular to her. She pulls her legs up, and crosses one over the other, skirt falling down her thighs. I can see her sweet little sugary pussy. These beautiful full ripe lips. Clean-shaved, and tight. Jesus Christ.

She's swinging her crossed leg up and down, bouncing and rocking the bed a little bit as she swings her leg. Taunting me, as if to signal, come and get it. She's really fucking cute, and not shy at all. But just really, really sweet. I dig it. She's not some overanxious, bouncing off the wall, overzealous, premature ejaculation, dude; she's a smooth operator, well beyond her years. I can't stop staring at her well-manicured pussy. These bulging flushed full lips. I look up at her and she's staring at me. She caught me.

"Yea I'm staring."

A huge smile stretches across her face and she giggles. I'm big on boundaries and respecting a person's body. I would never take liberties with another person's body, not without their permission, especially when it comes to a woman's womb, this is sacred ground, you don't play games here. So I ask her permission.

"May I...?"

With a naughty smirk, lifting up her chin, she grants me permission..."Yes."

I can't wait to taste that sugary sweet pussy. Suck on those full lips, pluck that sugary little clit. Taste her. Fuck her. Jesus, God.


I inch up the bed closer to

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