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Her darkest desires finally become her reality.

She was about 5'4", maybe around 115 lbs., had dark blond dreads, and bright blue eyes. Her breasts were a full "C" cup, and the firm round forms that sat proudly on her chest were each centered with tight, dark pink circles, surrounding small, erect nipples that were proudly pointing slightly upward. I was concerned that I might be staring too long at her breasts, so I forced my eyes to continue down over her smooth, evenly tanned torso, finally stopping just under the small "pooch" of her belly. It was there I found a full, triangle shaped patch of dark brown hair that was keeping the soft folds of her pussy both hidden and warm. I enjoyed taking in the naked beauty of her unfamiliar body, and when I caught Jade blushing while checking out her companion, I was sure that she was enjoying it as well. He had nothing to be ashamed of. His almost 6' frame was covered with lean muscle, his dark eyes had an inviting warmth, and his thick cock showed no reaction as it transitioned from the hot water to the cool air, never retreating as it hung low between his legs. I was briefly distracted when I began to imagine the four of us swapping partners, and being able to fuck this sexy hippie while watching her partner sink his shaft into Jade. Jade's sexuality is a little more one-sided, and I imagined that she would prefer that I just stayed close by while she had them both to herself, possibly even allowing "single guy" to join the fun. Trying to refocus, I moved my eyes from the naked couple back to our tub, and I noticed the stream of hot water still spilling in. As I reached over to close the valve, I felt a slight nervousness when I realized that the full tub meant that it was our turn to feel the cool breeze against our naked bodies before concealing ourselves in the warmth of the waiting bath.

Done with our introductions, we moved back to the bench to finish undressing. I knew that standing next to Jade, my nudity would go almost completely unnoticed, and that everyone's attention, including my own, would be focused on her. I removed my pants and stood in my boxers as I watched Jade lift her shirt over her head, leaving her standing in her sheer white bra and matching lace panties. I couldn't believe the excitement and thrill I felt when, for the first time, I was going to witness Jade completely strip in full view of an audience. The couple glanced over and smiled at us as they sunk back down into the warm water of their tub. My attention then turned to "single guy", and my heart began to race as his unblinking stare watched her unclasp and remove her bra, exposing her instantly erect tits to everything, and everyone around. Before my own stiffness could set in, I quickly removed my boxers. Expectedly, no one seemed to notice as I walked over to our tub unclothed and slid myself into the almost too-hot water. Four sets of eyes were now focused on Jade, and in a moment of shyness, she reached her arm across her chest and took two steps toward the tub. Then she stopped, looked me straight in my eyes, and then hooked her thumbs in either side of her white thong, before sliding it past her hips and down to the wooden deck. She then quickly bent over, picked up her panties, and turned around to place them with our other clothes. She then turned back to face us, and I became rock hard as we were treated not only to the sight of her perfectly extended nipples, but also to the beautiful pink folds of her pussy, left totally exposed after the clean shave she gave herself earlier that morning. Feeling their stares, her eyes began moving from each of our companions to the next, and they all kept watching as her naked body made its way over to our tub. Startled by how hot the water was she took her time as she slowly eased herself in, allowing her most sensitive parts to get accustomed to the intense heat before continuing.

Like our neighbors, we sat at opposite ends of the log, and faced each other as we leaned back relaxing.

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