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Total success with total massage.


When I felt it ready, I pushed my wet pussy against his cock, feeling it in my folds.

"Is it too hairy?" I asked suddenly, ashamed.

"What? No." He smiled, exhaling and running a hand over my mound. "I can shave it for you, if you like," he offered.

"Oh," I replied, and I felt my ears and cheeks burn. He noticed that, and chuckled, saying in a husky voice, "I love the things you do."

But, you'd never say 'I love you', I thought sadly.

It's the same fucking thing, insisted his voice in my brain.

I sat up on my knees, pulling apart my hips to feel the head of his cock enter my folds. I moaned, slowly relieving the pressure inside myself, and grinded against him.

"Fuck, this is excruciating," he moaned. "Are you sure you're trying to pleasure me?" He rested a hand against my hip, and beckoned me forward.

"Listen, put a pillow under us. I can help you." He sounded calm, but his eyes looked wild.

"No," I replied stubbornly. "I'm doing this. I can do this."

He let out a moan, and whispered, "Come a bit forward then, I want to- do something-"

That I obliged, bending slightly to land a nipple into his mouth. I guided his hand toward the other one, which he immediately started rolling between his fingers. I placed a pillow behind his head, so he wouldn't strain himself.

He murmured in ease as I did that. "Anything for you," I whispered into his ear.

I settled back onto his erection, sliding slowly at first, trying to build up speed. I felt him try not to push up, try not to grab my ass and force me on.

Finally we got to a good pace. I was on a high already, but I refrained from stimulating my clit, and instead let my movements do the job. He had let go of me, now breathing heavily. My breasts bounced as I slid up and down his cock, both of us moaning and writhing... Finally, I felt him stiffen, and I felt the warm rush of cum shooting deep into my pussy.


I came just after that, and fell onto his body, shivering, trembling in my ecstasy. He moved me, making me lie on my side, cradled in his arms. I felt him shaking as well, he swung one leg over my hip, pulling us closer together. His hands moved gently against my folds again, and I felt his cock trying to enter me.

I felt dizzy, and I wondered if doing this was bad for the baby. For the first time, he didn't try to push inside me again. I just felt his hands caressing, the tip of his head gently moving up and down my folds, and with his gentle touches I drifted off to sleep while he whispered in my ears...

The rest of the night we woke up several times. We talked, touched, moved, slept.

"Did you like it?" I asked.

"Of course," he replied.

For the first time, I felt nearly equal in our relationship.

I knew it wasn't me who went up a notch, but that he who came down one. Still, I was grateful.

When the first rays of sun fell on our bed, I felt him get up. I moved to pull him back down, but he stopped my hand.

"Sleep," he said to me.

"It's not until this afternoon," I complained.

"You know I won't hang around doing nothing until this afternoon. I have an image to uphold, remember?" he said, smirking.

It's too early in the day to think up a good counterargument, I thought groggily.

"Liam..." I said after a while. That was all I could manage.

I heard him exhale. "I'm bored, little rabbit. Bored of waiting around... Just let me do what I want to."

I sighed deeply, and closed my eyes. "Go."

Cut your nose off to spite your own face, I thought, half angrily. What do I care...

He got up, and I heard him open the window. A cold gust of air came in, and I smelled the smoke from his cigarette. I pulled the blanket over my head.

"Ah," he intoned. "Wind's coming in the other way."

"Shame. Now you have to light it again," I mumbled.

"That's not the problem."

I thought for a while, then smiled.

That evening, he came home happier than I had ever seen him. As I opened the door, he pounced on my lips, and pushed me to the bed, snaking his hand between my legs.

"Don't deny me to

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