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An erotica writer reacts to a message from her reader.

I know this is wrong. But I also know the growing reaction isn't just from the direct stimulation of the groinal flops. The pain, gently and lovingly applied though it is, is adding to it. As I tighten my muscles and squirm about with each back sting, I'm adding to a growing sense of my impending orgasm. In a way, that was always the fantasy; maybe even more so because I never imagined Adam could achieve what he is with the grional flops.

He adds a breast flop into the rotation; interspersing them randomly into what is for the most part still alternate back and groin strokes.

The front and crotch of my bikini is now covered in chocolate. It's sticking to the whip like you couldn't imagine. Adam scores a particularly effective stroke that wraps right through my crotch and up my butt. He jerks the whip; pulling it back without achieving any release of it, just pulling everything up into my crease and sliding it against a very swollen bud.

I squirm about with the agony of an orgasm that's nearly there but can't quite get out. He jerks again and I feel ready to explode. With the third jerk I find my release, crying out louder than I would have if hit full on with a real whip while initially throwing my hips forward but ending up lifting my legs off the ground and swivelling my bent knees from side to side as I hang by my arms. He pulls the whip away, causing a momentary jolt of extreme stimulation that sends me into another spasm.

I've barely got my feet back onto the ground before I call out for him to whip my back.

"But you've already been whipped 34 times. You were only meant to get 30."

"It was only a guideline, just do it."

He decides not to argue about movie quotes, stinging my back. I exaggerate the pain, sending a wave of tension down into a groin that still feels full and wanting more even if my clit feels incredibly sensitive.

Twice I call "Again." Adam's detected a certain manic need in my voice and might even be hitting a bit harder. As I arch forward wincing with the third stroke, it suddenly turns into another orgasm, the "Arrr" of exaggerated pain suddenly turning into a prolonged moan of pure bliss.

Finally I'm left dangling and momentarily weak. I'm not satisfied, nothing like it. But in my original fantasy the whipping was mere foreplay. I couldn't have imagined it would be anything like it was; but the best should be yet to come.

Adam detected the moment had arrived to put side the whip. As I hung there I suddenly felt his presence against my back, his tongue licking up some of the chocolate spread across it. He worked across and under my right arm pit, heading towards my breasts; becoming more fastidious about clearing the skin of it as he approached the right orb.

Ignoring for a moment the nipple jutting out and intermittently brushing against the skin of his lips he cleansed the orb; circling the nipple as he did a pretty good job of sucking up the mess. Only then did he address the nipple and the surrounding areola, assaulting it with a vigorous sucking and tongue action that leaves me squirming in heightened pleasure against him, smearing chocolate against his chest.

He repeated the action on the left breast, circling around the orb before attacking the nipple; except this time I came with almost the first contact on the nipple; pushing my hips against his chest as he knelt in front of me almost trying to rub my crotch against it as I groaned in pleasure. Unlike he does with my clit, Adam was unrelenting in continuing to stimulate my nipple; prolonging the orgasm as I writhed against him. Only when he'd cleansed it did he stop.

It was my first ever nipple orgasm. I'd read about them, but until today didn't think they were for me.

Deep in the recesses of my mind I had this uncomfortable feeling that I'd entered into some Faustian Bargain.

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