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It occurred to Astrid that Elizabeth was acting far too familiar with her, but nudity and bodily functions were not private matters in the Old Way. She grabbed her makeup bag and proceeded to the bathroom. She started to close the door, then thought it would make no difference to the ghost. As she sat on the toilet to relieve her bladder she asked "So, Liz, did you come to help me change or do you have another reason to be here?"

"Correct again, dear," said Liz. "I've come to give you an assignment. I'll wait until you come out to tell you.

Astrid washed her hands and face, dried them and stepped back into the bedroom. Liz had put away the suitcase and everything except the lingerie, tartan dress and Astrid's white squaw boots. She rolled the teddy in both hands and held it up. Astrid put her arms and head through it and closed the crotch herself, tying the ribbons in neat bows. Liz wrapped Astrid's garter belt around the priestess' hips and stood back to let her put her stockings on. As Astrid clipped the second stocking to the belt Liz knelt in front of her and put the squaw boots on her feet. Then she stood, picked up the tartan dress and held it up for Astrid.

Wrapped in the warm dress over her most sexually provocative lingerie, Astrid sat down on the bed and asked "So what have you come to tell me?"

The ghost sat next to her like a sister or best friend might.

"Do you remember Katie Boudreau?"

"I remember the name," Astrid replied. "Philippe Trufont's former girlfriend, really sad situation."

"Terribly sad situation," said Liz. "You must reach out to her."

"I... I've never met her."

"Tell her we were friends."

"Were we?"

"We are," said Liz. "I usually see only possibilities of the future, but in Katie's case, I have been allowed to see what MUST come to pass. She will eventually recover her sanity if you bring her into the Sisterhood."

Astrid was offended. "The Sisterhood is no place for mad women! Our faith is as real to us as yours is to you!"

"Exactly my point," the nun replied. "In order for her to complete the Master's plans she must meet Him through the Old Way. I'm sure that sounds strange, coming from me, but I have been enlightened since we last met."

"Enlightened?" Astrid asked.

"Allowed to see what would have happened to the six women Lucius and Philippe killed. Next time I see Lucius I will apologize for my anger last time. Their executions were entirely appropriate."

"I never discussed that with Lucius..." Astrid started to say more but couldn't find the right words.

"I'm sorry you had to forego a true bridal trip, dear," said the ghost. "Make up for it tonight. Say nothing to Lucius of this conversation until you hear from me again."

Liz placed her hand over Astrid's heart. A warm, happy feeling washed over the priestess, but she managed to stammer "T... two questions..."

"Go ahead dear," said the ghost.

"You and Lucius....?"

Liz smiled. "I didn't realize that even though I was still a 'technical virgin,' as the girls say today, that I had given him my heart when we joined our bodies. But darling, I'm dead now, and in this life YOU are his soul mate. Be happy with him." She kept her hand on Astrid's chest.

"Will... I... have... his... children?" Astrid stammered, almost loosing consciousness.

"It is a possibility," said the ghost. It was the last thing Astrid remembered for the next few hours.

Astrid was curled up on the bed in her warm dress when Lucius woke her with a kiss and a soft "Hello, Sleeping Beauty."

Astrid wrapped her arms around him and wrestled him down to the mattress. She smothered his face with kisses.

Lu was surprised: Astrid was not usually so aggressive in the bedroom as to judo-flip him into the sack. One of her hands held his neck so he couldn't avoid her kisses. Her other hand fumbled with his shirt buttons. When she broke to take a breath, he managed to ask "May I take my shoes off?"

Astrid responded by rolling down to his feet.

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