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A secret code leading to sex in the boss' office.

"Alice, I never intended this to happen, but I think I'm falling in love with you."

"Diane, my darling woman" Alice smiled at her and confidently continued, "I am already in love with you. I can't wait to consummate it, but not until you want to"

Diane did not know whether to laugh or cry. "You are a bitch aren't you, you've turned the tables on me. All I have wanted to do since you started here is get into your nickers and now all I want to do is make love to you."

"Well you are not getting in to them today" Alice said turning the door handle, "I'm not in any." She opened the door and passed through it to attend to what was now a queue waiting at the desk.

The queue had been dispersed by the time Diane had composed herself and returned to the desk. Alice was sorting out the returned books in preparation of returning them to the shelves. Diane picked up a couple she had apparently missed and went over to give them to her. "That makes two of us hussies darling" she whispered, "and you missed these."

"No I didn't, look at them."

Diane saw that they were lesbian stories, in fact they were by the same author as the book and she had read them. "Ah" she murmured, "do you want to read these, I can recommend them. The curiosity got the better of her, " Who returned them?"

"Are you getting predatory already, you've got me to bed first." Alice couldn't blame her because of her own reaction when she realised what the books were and who had returned them. "The college girl in the "Women's Interests" section. I know her, she was in my Sunday school class a couple of years ago."

"Don't worry lover" Diane whispered placing the books back on the desk, "but if I've read you right, there is more than a glimmer of interest in your eyes." "Guilty!" Alice laughed, loud enough for the nearer patrons to turn and see what had amused her. "I'm going that way, I'll check her out for us." With that parting shot she gave the trolley a shove to propel it toward the stacks. Diane had to stay to attend a borrower who had just approached the desk.

Alice felt exhilarated as she walked toward her task. As she disappeared into the first set of shelves, finding nobody there she pulled both ends of her dress zipper and took a couple of books from the trolley and proceeded to Women's Interests. She found the girl scanning the shelves as if looking for something specific. Alice had not particularly noticed before what a beauty she was. Blond shoulder length hair, about five feet ten with a gorgeous figure which her bulky tracksuit failed to smother. Alice was immediately reminded of the Cindy character in the book and felt a flush of excitement at the implications of her thoughts.

"It's Susan isn't it? Sue Clark?" Alice made sure she was bent down to give the girl the best possible view of her tits.

"Yes, but I don't think I know -- oh my God! Mrs Scott! I didn't recognise you." Alice was pleased when she saw the girls eyes fasten on her cleavage and stay there.

"We're not in Sunday school any more Susan, so it's Alice." Alice now stretched up to a higher shelf, holding on with one hand so that she could stand on one foot and lift her free leg out in a balancing action, thus opening the extended slit in her skirt. Again Susan's eyes took in what was on show and this time it was more that she had intended, reaching up had lifted the hem of her dress as well. Susan had a clear view of what was by now an extremely damp pussy.

"Jeese Mrs -- sorry -- I mean Alice, you sure are one funky lady!" Susan was smiling. "You were always so reserved, so plain."

"Came with the territory didn't it" Alice stood on two feet again facing the girl. "Now you seem to be looking for something specific. Can I help?"

"Well I don't know ...."

Before she could continue Alice interrupted "I saw the books you returned, remember. Now don't worry, what are you looking for?"

"I honestly don't think it will be here, it's a bit -- shall we say -- hot?" Sue sort of looked sideways at Alice as if frightened of her reaction.


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