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Here’s to first beers, fun, and no bad news.

O/our lips met many more times this time around. Mine, full of hunger, wanted to be kissed the way a woman is kissed before a man slips between her thighs. But He had a lot of patience, and I hated Him for it. He was so soft, steady, and calm. It irritated me. I wanted His lips on my neck, on my breasts and between my thighs. I wanted His fingers to grip more than my hand.

W/we needed to find a hotel room. W/we went down to the subway and waited for the train to arrive. He pressed me up against the support beam and kissed me hungrily for the first time. He forcefully grabbed a fistful of my hair and brought His lips to my neck, pressing His body hard up against mine. I felt Him growing hard against my waist and kissed back, needing to taste Him. His hand trailed up under my shirt, so slowly and cautious that no one could see what He was doing. As quickly as He pressed against me and kissed me, He halted, stepping back.

"O/our train is here." He said extremely coolly. I smiled softly and boarded with Him.

On the train, He slipped His arm around me, and I rested against Him. The comfort level with Him was enormous and the combination of His arms around me and the constant rocking of the train was putting me asleep.

W/we searched for hours for a hotel. It didn't matter to me much. I was so happy, I didn't pay much mind to my feet aching. He held my hand as W/we walked block by block. By the time W/we came across the last hotel, I didn't care much, so long as it had a bed and clean sheets. That's about all it had. I think the small room did have a little charm. I have always been a sucker for optimism. W/we crawled into the bed, and I laid my head upon His chest. There wasn't any cable, so W/we looked on at the mundane cartoons. Both of U/us, seemingly interested. He ran His finger through my hair absent-mindedly. And even through all the pent up sexual frustration, I couldn't think of anything better to do then lie there in His arms, watching cartoons. I told Him how happy I was, and He kissed me. His lips upon mine, needing me, needing everything I had to offer. In a matter of seconds, the perfectness of being in His arms wasn't enough. I needed more, much more.

His hands were roaming down my body, cupping my breasts in His hands, trailing His tongue down my neck, before sinking His teeth in hard. My whole body jerking with raw passion. My back arching off the bed and I flipped and got on top of Him. Spreading my thighs open wide, bending down, bringing my lips to His mouth again. Tasting Him, trailing my lips down a little bit, lifting my hips up, before sinking down on His cock. I started grinding, fully impaled on Him. My nipples were hard and my clit was on fire. I started to ride Him hard and fast. My juices came rushing forward and the sounds of the wetness filled the room. The room reeked of sex. I fucked Him raw. Rocking my hips back and forth. My body bouncing up and down. His hands found my hips and gripped them tightly, rocking them. He held my hips down as He thrust up, hitting deep inside of me. I squealed and bent over as another wave broke through and I soaked Him again and again. He pushed me back, and His fingers found my clit. He was rolling it between His fingers. My hips were bucking wildly. He sat up and thrust me onto the bed. Slipping between my thighs, He brought His mouth to my breast, sucking the nipple in as He pushed His way back inside of me. He spread my thighs wider, forcing me to take all of Him. He started off at a steady pace. I was writhing underneath Him. Then He picked up the pace and starting in roughly. He was taking me for all I was worth. I legs locked, my back arched and my nails clawed at His shoulders as I screamed my release. His hand quickly clamped over my mouth as I screamed louder. He kept urging me to quiet my screams which was the most absurd thing I have ever heard as He kept pressing on harder and faster deep into my pussy,

He turned my over onto my side and put my leg on His shoulder.

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