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An 18 yr old virgin with her best friend's man.

She was showing plenty of leg, thigh and crotch. Nyoka noticed too and seemed restless to join them.

Tara suggested Nyoka go to the study with her to go through computer records to get his story straight. They returned some 2 hours later and couldn't see Seema or Teddy. They walked around the whole ground floor but could not see them. They went upstairs to one of the guest suites to be greeted by the sounds and sights of pure carnal abandon!!

Teddy X was sat on the plush leather sofa, naked except for several gold chains on his thick neck. Sat astride him was Seema naked but for her slutty stockings, red suspenders and a tiny pair of lace panties pulled to one side of her engorged labia. She gave Tara a wild and aggressive glare as she rode Teddy's long, thick, jet black cock. And what a cock!

Tara was aghast at first but their reckless and defiant lust made her giddy. And that black cock! Beautiful, long, curved, thick and coated with Seema's juices.

Tara didn't even notice Nyoka as he stripped, fully erect and strode to the copulating pair. Seema moaned out loud. "Ooohhh Nyoka yeah baby come here. Fuck me too ooohhh yeah fuck me with that big black cock too."

Nyoka stood on the sofa and dangled an even bigger black cock in front of Seema's lust fuelled face. She seemed in a trance as she licked and sucked him off while riding Teddy like a numpho. Tara watched, but with ever increasing interest.

Seema climbed off Teddy and knelt in the floor. Both blacks stood over her as she hungrily sucked them off alternately. Cooing and moaning as she devoured the pounds of black cock on offer. "Come on cuz. Join me," she called to Tara, like a siren.

"Yes, join us," called Nyoka as he waved his big beautiful black cock at Tara.

"Let me fuck you baby," called Teddy.

Tara decided to regain some control over the scene playing out in her house. "All of you get the fuck out of my house. Now!" she yelled. "You are a fucking tramp," she shouted pointing at Seema.

All three just laughed and moved to the sofa. Seema lay on her back as Teddy knelt over her and fed her his cock. Nyoka took a small bottle from the coffee table and held it out to Seema who took several sniffs. She then glared at Tara and said "Come and have some great sex for the first time in your life you stuck up bitch."

She hooked her elbows behind her knees as Teddy pulled her heels over head. Nyoka then ate her swollen hairy pussy before slowly stuffing her with his huge cock. The sex was wild as both negros spit roasted Seema's wanton Bangladeshi pussy and mouth.

Tara was human. She had never had sex with anyone well endowed. How could she being married to an Asian, and here it was, on offer from two hot but dangerous black hoodlums! She walked over to them and Teddy kissed her. She kissed the negro back as Nyoka called out "No sex, no deal," then laughed maniacally as he pounded an ecstatic Seema.

Teddy X slowly undressed Tara to reveal her tits. The Chaudhry women were blessed with big tits; Tara was a healthy 34D while Seema was a large 34DD. She pulled her Abaya to reveal a lacy white bra and frilly white panties. Teddy eased her bra off and played with her big brown tits while she stroked his big black cock. He pushed her down gently while muttering "Come on bitch, suck it you know you want it, come on,".

He was so right. His cock was beautiful. She was aching to have him in her mouth. She licked it slowly top to bottom, his balls and tip then sucked him off. She spat on it then let him face fuck her. In the background she could hear the middle aged Nyoka screwing Seema senseless. Gosh she was so loud!

Nyoka cllimbed off Seema, his glistening gorilla like physique glistening with sweat. "Come here and clean this sluts juices off my cock," he ordered to Tara.

She knelt in a trance and gave him the best blowjob she had ever given. Still wearing her niqab!!

She lay back on the sofa and spread her legs.

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