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Orgasms at High Altitudes.

Mom and Aunt Marie laughed. Aunt Marie hopped up. "My bath's been ready for a while. I hope it didn't get cold."

Mom was stretching. "I think I'll join you. You can wash my back."

Aunt Marie jogged on her tip-toes into the bathroom. "No way, Sissy. You can wash mine."

I left them to their play, and went down to make sure breakfast hadn't exploded.

They took longer than I expected, but it was easy to keep the SOS warm over the burner on low, and the toast and eggs were in the oven staying warm. Dad was the first one down. I could see he was starting to move better. "Smells good," he said, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

Even though he was the first one down, he was the only one fully dressed. Prepared for work, I suppose. If so, he was going in late. It was after 9:00. I heard the Mom's moving about, laughing. I poured them each their coffee, and had Colin put the mugs on the table. We brought the food to the table. "Get their drink orders," I told Colin, as I brought out the huge pan of SOS.

The moms were almost dressed. Shorts and dad's shirts. I recognized that Aunt Marie was wearing one of Mom's shorts. I got a kiss on the cheek from each of them as they sat down. I ladled the creamed beef onto Dad's plate, then about a half serving to Mom and Aunt Marie. The eggs were getting passed around and Colin was setting out juice and water for whoever wanted them.

"What's the occasion?" Mom asked.

"Best Mom's in the World Day," I told her. "You're always waiting on us, I figure we can return the favor every now and then, right Colin?"

The mom's sat side-by-side, opposite Colin. Aunt Marie was at my end again. Dad was grinning at me. "What?" I asked.

"You're in a good mood today," his eyes glanced over at Aunt Marie.

"Oh, and you're not?" I pointedly looked at both of the sisters.

The moms put their heads together, whispering, giggling.

"Hey! No fair, Mom. No secrets at the table. It's your own rule."

She gave me a grin. "She who makes the rules, decides who breaks the rules. The rule still stands, except it doesn't apply to siblings. I thought that part was obvious."

Aunt Marie looked across the table at Colin. "Plans for this afternoon?"

He shook his head, shoveling eggs into his mouth.

"Good. You need to go by the house and pack up some things. You can't wear the same shirt and underwear every day."

He turned red. "How much?" he asked.

"Most of your clothes. I'll give you some boxes and bags for your stuff. I want you to get started right after breakfast. Alice and I will head over later to get my stuff, and to take care of whatever's in the fridge."

Mom looked over at me. "How about you?"

"Penny this afternoon. That's about it."

"Good. We have some chores for you as well. You need to get some of the boxes out of the attic. I'm pretty sure we still have a couple of those wardrobe moving boxes up there."

Dad chuckled.

"Laugh it up Dad. Very funny. Ha-ha," I said.

The attic was our disaster area. For a family that believes in a place for everything, and everything in its place, the attic was the exception. It was impossible to find anything. In mid-summer, it was like 140 degrees up there.

"You might try looking for my left-handed smoke shifter, while you're up there," Dad teased. I'd already chased that mythological item once as a Tenderfoot in the Scouts.

"No problem. I'll leave it with your Bosun's Punch. I think Uncle Harry said you'd found one of those."

"Smart ass," Dad replied, but at least he was grinning.

"The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree," I reminded him.

It was pretty clear we'd lost the rest of the table by then, and things got back to normal.

Mom got up to clear the table. "We've got this, Mom. This is your break day," I told her.

Colin gave me a bit of a glare, but the moms seemed happy.

By the time we had cleared everything, put away the leftovers and washed the dishes, Dad had his laptop out, checking his email I suppose.

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