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Anthony agrees to give his lover, Jodi, to Liz for training.

Roonris's back was turned so she didn't see that Beverly had frozen in place at the door to the common room. Her mind a whirl of thoughts, and mistake assumptions.

"The shirt thing was an accident...but it totally changed Roonris's mind!" Beverly's cheeks flamed at the idea, her imagination having lost contact with the shores of reality long ago. "I finally got her charmed! Now I can get her help with anything! Wait....what if she tries to make out with me tonight!" Beverly's expression became chagrined at that, she remembered how Roonris had swatted her bottom, clearly an attempt by the lesbian elf to reciprocate the seduction attempts. All this shot through the girl's mind as the elf returned to her game of fetch in the yard, totally unaware of Beverly's misplaced suspicions.

Her thoughts still a muddle of imagined danger mixed with success, Beverly walked into the main room of the barracks, noting that the place was empty as she went. The combination of good weather and stuffy stone construction convincing even the laziest troopers to find better places to lounge in their off hours.

Beverly stripped off her soaking clothes, tossing them into the sack under her bunk her dirty things went into before wash day, and pulled a small towel from her footlocker. Using it to vigorously rug herself dry, starting from her feet to her head. She was so caught up in toweling out her short hair that she didn't see or hear the trio that entered the room from the other side. Coming down the stairs from the upper floor where the officers were quartered.

It wasn't until she heard a voice speaking, in a disturbing proximity that she gasped and spun. Her hands still up towel still working through her tousled bangs, her body totally exposed to the speaker and his companions. Two of which she recognized, (and agonized) about immediately.

"I was just expecting the normal weekly inspection tour Sergeant, you didn't have to arrange a show on my behalf!" Came the amused though somewhat dry comment.

Sergeant Sparkfuze stood in the center, his expression one that could be best described as paternal frustration. One hand on his forehead before it swept back allot the crown of his head in a gesture she knew well. Though undoubtedly he had the best view of her due to his position and stature.

The man standing to his right, the one whom had spoken, was tall and clad in the shining armor that fit his position. She needed no prompting to recognize the garrison's commander. His was dark hair, cut short and combed back from his face. His features tan from hours spent outdoors. His build on the heavy side of athletic, due to the weight of the armor, and sword that he wore. His grey eyes fixed with an amused, partially admiring gaze on the exposed young woman as he spoke again.

"I mean you chose well, she is quite the pretty little thing. Though this sort of show isn't to appropriate for this time of day. I find Voyeuristic teasing is better after dinner." He drawled, a half smile on his face as he watched the flustered girl.

"Ab-hweble!" Beverly helpfully squeaked as she pulled the small towel in front of her, covering her bare bosom, with just enough length left to barely obscure her crotch. Her face flaming once more, and her voice refusing to respond with anything but half words and sounds. "Oh Light! Not just Sparkfuze, but the Commander! They saw everything!" Flashed through her mind, though her thoughts stilled in shock when she noticed the third member of the trio.

The woman had fallen slightly behind the two men, her hand to her mouth as she tried to keep her laughter at the situation stifled. She was clad as if in reflection to the Commander, a slender figure obscured by dark armor plates. Her black steel clad hand pressed to her lips as her shoulders shook with mirth. As impressive a figure as she cut, clad in that fashion, it was her flaming red hair, and her pale, almost grey hued skin that gave Beverly such pause.

A thousand pulsing thoughts streamed through her mind then.

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