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Melissa walked out of the house and forgot her phone.

They are not a good law firm, they are the very best there is.

"The car is in both your names. You are both being sued for $350 million. That comes to $700 million, and before you ask me if they are joking, William Zabo does not joke when it comes to money. If the baby died, there is no telling what he would have done, or the lengths he would have gone through to get all three defendants put in jail for life.

He would have dragged you through every court in the land, including the Supreme Court, if necessary, to get a decision on the fetus. You can't possibly outspend him. He owns newspapers, and magazines, so you cannot out advertise him. No politician, who wants to get reelected, would talk against him. If he wants a piece of legislation passed, between him and his friends, it will be passed. So this is my advice to you, and if you take it, I will cut my fee in half, because my aggravation level will go down by half.

I am suggesting you make an offer of $400 million, payable within thirty days. That is a savings to you of $300 million if they take it; and that is a big if. Thomas has to get that by William Zabo, and that man does not need your money. As Tom said to me outside, he is looking for revenge because you hurt his nephew, niece, but the most important his progeny. This couple has waited ten years to get pregnant, and when they told him it happened he was dancing on air."

"I am going to have to get rid of most of my portfolio."

"What would you have to do if it was $700 million?"

"I would have to sell everything, and I mean everything."

"There is your choice. You can have something left if they take it, or have nothing if you hold back. If you give me permission to call them now, we can strike while the iron is hot and try to get you out of this thing with some money left over, and a little dignity."

Harold put his head between his hands in an attempt to think about the situation.

Maude said, "What are you thinking about, it is my money."

"$180 million was your share of the money. I made it grow to what it is today. So keep your fucking mouth shut."

"Do it Mister Purcell, do it right now. Tell them we want an answer by noon tomorrow."

"Do not do that Harold; do not put pressure on them, because they have all the leverage. Make the offer and let it sit. Thomas will do the rest."

"Okay Mister Purcell, do it your way."

"I need a room where I can talk to Thomas alone."

"The sitting room is empty. I will show you the way."


"Do you think he bought it?"

"When was the last time you haven't seen Mel Purcell slobber over the thought of money? I thought he was going to get down on his knees and lick your shoes."

"Did you see his eyes when the three of us got out of the limousine? I think his blood pressure went through the roof."

"I have a feeling something else is going on that William is keeping us from. It wouldn't be the first time he did it to us to keep us clean. Follow the law, and don't do anything outside it. This seems much too easy to me."


Thomas's telephone rang, and he thought it was the office. "Hello Elise, what's up?"

"You just left, and I have not had time to have a sex change operation."

"Did you forget to kiss me goodbye Mel?"

"One day Thomas, I am going to have you kiss my ass."

"You are going to have to wait a long, long, time for that to happen. How can I help you?"

"The Ames would like to make you a settlement offer of $400 million total. Would you run that by your clients and see if it is acceptable. Would you explain to your clients that Sandra's drinks were tampered with, and that is why she lost control of her vehicle? It is not an excuse, it is an extenuating circumstance."

"You know I cannot promise you anything Mel, but it is a generous offer.

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