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Mom and Kyle continue to try to make a baby.

It had been a long day and everyone was tired, and so sleeping arrangements were made. The Master and Kayleigh shared the bed, while the now dry case Stef had travelled in was opened and blankets placed in each side which Stef and Chelsea would sleep on. They had nothing to cover themselves with. However Stef and Chelsea slept soundly in this way, and were only disturbed by the sound of the Master making love to Kayleigh, when he woke during the night. When the next day dawned everyone woke feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


Chelsea woke with a strange feeling in her neck, she felt it. The satin chocker had gone, replaced by a choke chain collar. She smiled, it was not permanent, that would come tonight, but it fitted her status until then. She looked up and saw her new Master. He was once again in his dressing gown, and was putting something together on the dresser; Chelsea heard movement next to hear as Stef sat up expectantly. Chelsea looked at Stef puzzled; Stef beamed a smile back at her, and whispered "Breakfast". Chelsea nodded and smiled back, licking her lips at the thought of what she might have.

"Hmm" their Master mused, "only enough milk for one."

The Chelsea and Stef looked at each other and sighed.

"Kayleigh" Called the Master

"Yes sir?" Kayleigh's voice came from the bathroom.

"How are you doing?"

"I was just about to ask permission to use the toilet"

"Good, come here"

Kayleigh emerged from the bathroom, "Yes sir?" she gave a quizzical look then bowed her head.

"Chelsea needs something on her cereal, warm it up"

Stef gasped, Chelsea smiled broadly, Stef was not too keen on this idea, but it played into Chelsea's fantasy. The Master put the bowl on the floor and Kayleigh squatted over it. They all heard the sound of liquid hitting china, over flakes. When there was enough, the Master told Kayleigh to stop, and then told her to wait.

He picked up the bowl and Stef's and placed them in front of them.

"Tuck in" he announced.

Both girls bent over and started to eat. Stef enjoyed her milk and cereal, as she always did, especially eating it this way. Chelsea was a little embarrassed and did make a funny face eating her pee and cereal, however the humiliation of this turned her on, and she was soon felt very wet. Both girls ate with gusto, and ate everything, lapping up all the liquid.

While Stef and Chelsea ate, Kayleigh was given permission to finish off on the toilet, and then Kayleigh and the master got ready for their breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. They both wore simple jeans and t-shirts. Kayleigh's jeans were tight fitting as was the t-shirt, which exposed her midriff, she wore no underwear. Master wore loose jeans, boxers and a Newcastle United shirt, as it was a Saturday and they were due to be playing.

They both had an English breakfast; Kayleigh the full version, the Master held the egg, tomatoes and mushrooms. Kayleigh used the informal atmosphere to ask about his plans for the day. The Master explained that Chelsea would be working most of the day (her last day at the sex shop) but she would return to the hotel after her shift to prepare for the club tonight. For the morning Kayleigh would take Stef shopping to get outfits for tonight, while He was going to check the arrangements and sort one or two surprises out. Then for the afternoon He and Stef (as long as she behaved herself) were going to the football as Newcastle were playing Tottenham at White Heart Lane. As Kayleigh had no interest in football, she would be given some spending money, again as long as she deserved it, and would be free to enjoy herself. Kayleigh was very happy with this arrangement, and thanked her Master for being so kind and generous.

When they returned to the room, Stef and Chelsea were waiting in the case, bowls empty, ready for what the Master had in store for them. After greetings, he gave all three girls a small egg vibrator, which he instructed them to put in their pussies. They all did as they were told.
He then gave Chelsea her uni

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