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I help my girlfriend cope with loss.

Martin will be the father. We're a family, just a little unconventional."

"A little! We don't want people to gossip. You never could keep a secret." Sally was not happy about Crystal revealing their lifestyle.

Crystal kissed the top of Sally's head. "She's Daniel's friend. I'm sure she understands people like us. She'll keep it a secret."

"Sure." Mary feigned an acknowledging nod and smile. "I'm going to get to work in my studio." She walked over to the bed and shook hands with both women, while ignoring their seminude state. "It was nice meeting you both. I'll keep you posted on the progress." She wave to Daniel who winked at her. Blood rushed to her face, once more.

Minutes later, sitting on a stool in her unorganized studio, Mary wrestled with what to do first. Her mind kept wandering back to the two women, kissing. What must it feel like? No whiskers, soft skin, a totally different sensation than she knew. How did Martin fit into this triangle? Were they all sleeping in the same bed already? Crystal said Martin will be the father of her baby. Will he have sex with Crystal, or will it be by artificial insemination? She didn't know Martin, but in her mind's eye, she pictured him having sex doggy style with Crystal while Sally kissed and fondled them both. Was Sally still able to have an orgasm?

Mary jumped when someone knocked and said, "Good morning." Jennifer stood grinning in the doorway. "I heard you moved in already. I came to take a look at your studio, and say hi."

Feeling like her dirty thoughts were printed on her face, she stumbled from the stool, and began to unpack a box of acrylic paints. "Good morning, Jen. How are you?"

"By the look of your whisker burn, not as good as you last night. Or was it this morning?"

Mary ignored the comment, but her face heated. "What brings you here, another photo session for your website?"

"No, Bruce had to work. I'm just out looking for something to do. Can I help?"

"Um, sure. The stuff in that box can go on the shelf over there." When Mary pointed her hand shook. She quickly sent it back to unpacking.

"Okay. Glad to help." Jennifer went to work and remained quiet for a few minutes. "I saw the pictures Daniel took for your painting. Those women are hot, don't you think?"

"They are very attractive," Mary conceded.

"Have you ever painted sexy pictures before?"

"Honestly, no. I have painted nudes in college, but nothing... erotic."

Jennifer walked over close to Mary, and whispered, "It turned you on, seeing them like that, didn't it?"

Mary pulled things out of the box and carried them to the shelf, just to create space and time between herself and Jennifer. "Their affection for each other was very heart warming."

Jennifer laughed. "If your heart is between your legs. That was no sisterly kiss. Not with a handful of boob."

Mary kept busy.

"You have a lot of sunlight in here," said Jennifer, walking to a sun drenched patch of floor in the middle of the room. "Where would you want your models to pose? Here?"

Mary looked up. Jennifer stood with her eyes closed, face to the sun, arms outstretched. Her white blouse became transparent, the shadowy curve of her breast obvious.

'I'm a professional, act like one,' thought Mary. "Yes, that's where I would have the model sit, and I'd spin them around, depending how I wanted the shadows to fall."

Jennifer grabbed a stool, placed it in the sun, and sat down. "I want you to sketch me. It'll be a surprise for Bruce."

"I have a lot to do. I don't think..."

"I'll pay you a hundred dollars, cash." Jennifer pulled the bill out of her jeans back pocket. "I was going to go to Victoria's Secret, but this will be so much better."

One hundred dollars for a sketch -- Music to Mary's ears. Then it dawned on her. "What kind of sketch?"

"Nude, of course. You need the practice, and I want a gift for my man. Timing couldn't be better."

As she thought it over, Daniel walked in.

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