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Mutual pleasure.

d you?"

"No of course not," I managed, not knowing what to think.

"And thanks in advance for looking out for her Jack," said Oliver. "We know she's in good hands. And if any boys get frisky, don't be afraid to relieve them of their gonads!"

"Dad!" yelled Krissy. "Stop embarrassing me."

I smiled and said nothing.

"Well we'll go get her checked in and then we have to run to a show at the NAC. See you Jack and thanks again."

"Yeah, see ya," I said. I felt a slight pang of guilt but I had come to terms with banging their lovely daughter a long time ago. "I'm in seat 6C by the way," I yelled.

About fifteen minutes later Krissy came back. "Watch my bag," she said and headed off to the ladies. Ten minutes later she came back out. Now she was wearing a different blue jean skirt. This one was mid-thigh and show-cased her great legs. She leaned in, put something in my shirt pocket and said, "We should get going." She started to walk to the escalator down to security.

I pulled out what she put in my pocket and immediately shoved it into a pants pocket. It was a pair of white frilly panties that I presumed she'd taken off. Just then Krissy dropped her boarding pass. She didn't stoop to pick it up but instead bent from the waist. Every male and female eye in the place was trained on Krissy's ass. I was no different. Like everyone else, I was also trying to see Krissy's pussy. Damn that last half inch of material.

I got up to follow, strategically holding my laptop backpack to hide my hard on.

Even going down the escalator, all eyes on the upward bound side were on Krissy's legs. I smiled, looking forward to raising that skirt a bit more on the plane.

As we went through security, I could see the security personnel eyeing Krissy intently and I think they were praying for her to beep so they could slowly pass their wand over her body, especially up and down her legs. No such luck.

After a quick stop at Tim Horton's to get coffees and a donut, we headed to the gate.

"I'm in 6E across the aisle. We should have checked-in online," said Krissy. "No point in getting a blanket now," she smiled knowingly.

I'd never imagined we'd do something in our seats in a crowded plane. My hard on kept going.

It was a crowded flight so we sat opposite each other in the waiting area. The man on my right was busy reading his emails on his BlackBerry and the lady on my left was reading a book. One of Krissy's neighbours was napping and the other was typing away intently on her laptop. Therefore when Krissy started slowly opening her legs, I was the only one who noticed. She just kept talking innocuously, about the weather like a good Canadian, and I just kept nodding and adding "Uh-huh's" every now and then.

My whole attention was on the flower that was opening up to the sunshine as Krissy's thighs went further and further apart. I could see her lovely pussy clearly. I was sure somebody must notice and looked around at our neighbours but they were completely self-absorbed.

When I turned back to Krissy both her hands were folded over her lap and I thought the show was over. However, she slowly moved her right hand down more and inserted her middle finger half-way into her cunt.

I almost dropped my coffee. This crazy wonderful girl was masturbating in a crowded airport lounge. God I loved her.

She brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked it. "Hmm, this Boston cream is good," she said. If anyone was watching though they might have noticed that her donut was untouched.

I thought I might cum just watching her. Krissy smiled. Then I saw her eyes dart up to look over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a red-head young lady staring intently at Krissy. I turned back to Krissy who had an even bigger grin on her face and saw her put her finger back into her pussy. She slowly moved it around. She closed her eyes. Her thumb rubbed her clitoris. This was getting out of control.

Just then they announced pre-boarding for our flight.

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