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Eve's boyfriend decides he's bored of her, but wants a hucow.

He still had to be pestered by Gav, his only mate in the class, constantly asking him about what he was going to do at the 'Torium. Gav was the youngest guy in the year and wouldn't turn eighteen until next year, after school was finished.

The real problem, which Jim could see coming from a mile off, was Mr Harvitz's history class. Harvitz was a real pain, a big fat balding guy who liked to pick on students and generally be an asshole. It was only made worse by the fact that he brought his girl Skye into every class. Skye was a statuesque brunette with a beautiful, haughty face and a perfect hourglass figure. Harvitz always had her dressed up in figure-hugging dresses, except for one amazing day where she came in tall black stiletto heels, a black g-string and two black things, like suction cups, one over each nipple. Harvitz had spent that class firing questions at boys and penalizing them for being distracted. Skye always laughed with Harvitz's bullying, which only made it worse.

Everyone piled into class and found their usual seats. Harvitz and Skye hadn't turned up yet. Jim always sat up the back with his friends Tony, Liam and Hapreet. None of them were eighteen yet and whilst they didn't go on like Gav had, it was obvious they were crazy with awe and jealousy.

Also in the class was Rod. He was the only guy in the class who was eighteen already and he pretty much always brought his girl to school. She was an athletic, doe eyed brunette called Renee, who Rod seemed to like to dress up in shorts and midriff tops that showed off her nice abdominal muscles. Rod was much more popular than Jim, so he didn't speak to him, but someone had told Jim that Rod's girlfriend said that Rod liked to cum by getting himself to the limit and sticking his dick in Renee's navel. Apparently Rod would fuck his girlfriend - a pretty girl called Lara - then pull out and fuck Renee's navel until he blew. Lara apparently didn't like it too much.

Jim thought he'd like to give it a try himself.

He was pulled from contemplating Renee's ab-cunt by the entrance of Mr Harvitz. He slouched through the door as usual, the bottom crescent of his gut visible from under the edge of his greasy polo shirt. He was grinning, which didn't bode well. Then Skye came in behind him.

A collective gasp came from the boys.

She was wearing black boots that looked like latex, that reached right up to her thigh. A black g-string, also of latex, then a bra that was also of black latex and seemed too small, so that her big firm tits bulged out around the stretchy material. Her skin was perfectly fair and smooth all over. Her eyebrows arched as she looked over the class, a superior half smile on her dark red lips. She stood next to the desk as Harvitz sat down. Jim wondered if he might come in his pants.

"Okay, Mr Jim," Harvitz announced, making Jim start. "I hear it's a big day today."

"Yes, sir." Jim managed.

"Not going straight to the 'Torium today, then?" He sneered.

"After school, sir."

"What a pity," Harvitz grinned. Skye laughed softly. "I think maybe you need some help today. Would you, Skye?"

Jim stared as Harvitz's girl stalked towards him, her boots loud on the carpet, flesh of her breasts wobbling around her latex top. His dick felt like it might explode out of his pants. He heard Liam swear under his breath.

Skye leant forward onto his desk, showing her amazing cleavage right in front of him. Her dark confident eyes looked into his face and she smiled at him haughtily. Looking over her shoulder, he could see the curve of her ass sticking up.

"Now any time you need a pen or something, Ms Skye will assist you, Jim." Harvitz said, giggling. Skye laughed quietly at him, her breath smelled like mint and honey.

The class was total torture.

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