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Shannon Barker's lust's over her Music teacher Mr Danes.

Me (21:26):


You (21:28):

I'm here, hard as hell, keep going.

Me (21:32):

Then once I'm assured that ur awake, because sometimes you groan in your sleep, I'll take you deep into my mouth and make you glad I woke you up. I would suck you to the back of my mouth and then slide my tongue out and lick whatever part of your dick my mouth isn't touching.

Me (21:33):

I'll suck it hard while using my wet fingers to roll and gently pull at your nipples then I'll use my fingers to grab hold of your hips to keep them where I want them because now your thrusting into my throat. Not that I mind but that's not my plan.

Me (21:36):

I would keep sucking all over you and rolling your balls in my mouth and then switch to just sucking on the head to tease you before I engulf all of you. I would keep playin with you like that while moaning around your dick bcuz sucking your dick makes me high. I'm wet.

Me (21:37):


Me (21:37):

Still with me?

You (21:39):

U know I'm hard as hell. Damn keep goin.

Me (21:41):

Then u might notice that I'm only using one hand. The other one started rubbing my aching breasts then slid down my belly and finally landed on my bare pussy. Swollen and slick and hot, I rub my clit in circles imagining it's your tongue and groan around your cock in my mouth. I have to stop because it feels so good!

You (21:44):

Damn tell me more

Me (21:45):

I rub that hand over my thighs and stomach and I can feel the cool air in the room dry that streak of wetness on my skin. Then I go blue-tooth style on your dick. Just like a phone. Completely hands free. All you feel is my mouth on your dick and my breasts on your thighs. Now both of my hands are free to do me!

Me (21:46):

Your eyes are closed so you can't see that I have a breast in one hand and my pussy in the other. I don't want you to cum but I'm on the edge. You taste so good and I'm so wet! It feels like I can't stop! Your eyes pop open when my mouth stops slurping. You see me with busy hands and closed eyes breathing hard.

Me (21:49):

You move my hands and tell me "No, that's my job!" You ease me to the floor and kiss me deeply while slowly pushing a finger inside of me. I haven't done that yet, I was just playin with my clit. I groan into your kiss and my eyes tear up. "Damn, that feels so good!" I love your fingers!

Me (21:51):

You can't go wrong with fat fingers, a fat tongue and a big dick that you can work!

You (21:53):

Damn right, keep going I'm into this!!!

Me (21:54):

You slip me another finger and you feel how tight it is. You're not rubbing my clit because you don't want me to cum. I need to come. I'm drooling juice all over your fingers and down my thighs.

Me (21:59):

You lay me on my back and lean over me to suck on my neck and rub and pinch my nipples. Then you start gently pulling my hair while roughly sucking and pinching my nipples. Tears roll from my closed eyes with pleasure.

Me (22:06):

I want you to fuck me so bad but I'm breathing so hard I can't say it.

You (22:08):


You (22:10):

Please keep going

Me (22:11):

I want you inside of me and I'm grabbing your shoulders trying to pull you on top of me so you'll feel the heat and the wet and push inside of me.

Me (22:15):

You understand my demand but laugh and tell me "No."

Me (22:16)

I'm about to cry.

I need 2 seconds of pressure on my clit to cum and you won't do it! You won't let me do it! You have one hand holding both of mine captive above my head so I can't even touch myself!

Me (22:17):

You lick one of my nipples and push inside of me at the same time.

Me (22:17):

I lied

Me (22:18):

I didn't need 2 seconds.

Me (22:21):

I came right there. You pushed all the way inside of me and I came all over you.




My legs locked, my belly clenched and I quit breathing.

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