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Ariana goes out with Chad.

They're edible and will sustain you, but gourmet food they're most definitely not.


It took a while to suit up in the extreme weather gear needed to survive the low temperature outside, but it was time well spent. At minus sixty degrees Celsius at wind speeds consistently higher than twenty knots an unprotected human would go into a life threatening hypothermic shock within a few minutes.

But as Marsha helped Frank adjust the front buckles she noticed a bulging hardness under the thick layers of thermal insulation. Maybe they weren't completely done yet.

"Sorry dear, but I suspect that you still have something of mine inside your pants. And I want it!"

He didn't protest when she undid the buckles, zippers and Velcro-seals and pulled down his pants. She hadn't been wrong; Frank's cock was ready for action again.

She closed her lips over the head and tickled it with her tongue. Frank groaned and she felt his heavy gloves on the back of her head pressing her into his groin. She had never liked that gesture; it somehow degraded a blowjob to a skull fucking. Nope - wouldn't happen this time. She interrupted the blowjob, got up and pulled a zip-cuff out of his pocket. She moved behind him...

"You are hereby under arrest for interfering with me sucking your cock in a proper manner. Surrender and give me your hands."

He smiled and obediently put his hands behind his back. Marsha zipped them together.

"You are now at my mercy, and I'm not stopping until I get my protein shot," she said smiling and commenced licking and sucking his cock in every way imaginable.

Frank was doing his best to prolong the enjoyment, but when Marsha suddenly deep-throated him, he finally gave up the fight and accepted the inevitable. His eyes rolled back with pleasure as his pulsating cock began shooting off in large spurts down Marsha's throat. In the moment of ejaculation she took him all the way inside her mouth and made sure that not a single drop was lost.


"What do you mean, there are no pliers?" Franks said angrily. "What about a fucking knife then?"

"I'm sorry Frank." Marsha said sheepishly. "The tool cabinets are locked and sealed after the winter inventory. I didn't think..."

Frank sighed, "... no you obviously didn't. It's ok though. Just hook me to the safety line. I can walk seventy meters with my hands cuffed behind my back. No problem."

"Or you can wait and I'll go get a knife?" she suggested.

"No. It's no biggie. But lets get going Marsh. As much as I love being out here with you I don't think I have the stamina to get caught out here for an extended period. Looks like we may have a full-blown whiteout coming soon."

Marsha giggled and opened the heavily insulated door and stepped out into the icy winds of the cold polar night. She hooked first herself and then Frank to the safety-line and they began the slow walk up to Entrance Alpha at the main complex. Marsha took point given that she had her hands free and could fend off flying debris, in case somebody had left a crate or something outside. After five minutes they had conquered half the distance and she decided to stop for a minute. She turned around and froze: Frank wasn't there.

Worried she strained her eyes and spotted a vague silhouette on the snow about twenty meters behind. She backtracked as fast as she could. He was still connected to the safety line, thank god. She couldn't see his expression behind the face protection, but he sounded desperate.

"There's something very wrong with me Marsh. My legs suddenly got weak and now I can't move them at all. I can't even sit up! Oh fuck! This is bad!"

"Oh, don't worry so much about that dear," she said with relief in her voice. "That's just the Bendriazolphine. You should be back to full strength in about forty-five minutes. I'll be back with the medics to pick you up long before then."

"Bendri-whatdafuck?" Frank enquired puzzled. "And how the hell did I get in contact with it?"

Marsha smiled comforting behind her facemask.

"It's a

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