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Younger meets Older and both get a whole new life

Only Ryan lays back long enough to pull aside another friend whispering to him the situation. He trusted "Eddie".

Time ran out as the bell to begin the next class rang. Eddie dashed about on his mission.

Ryan entered the restroom to find Monica already topless. Toby held her shirt while she loosened her jeans. Discarding her tennis shoes she slithers out of her pants and stands only in her thin white bobby socks that were ankle high.

The crowd voiced their approval in whispers. Everyone there commented on her sexy body. Swirling in step she was now able to let them see all of her. Her perfect ass was hidden earlier. She looked over her shoulder and patted her ass cheeks. Taking the time to bend over and pry her cheeks apart for a sample view of her clam shaped pussy and adorable anal cavity.

Rearing erect she bounces mid turn to let her monster tits jiggle until her hands crush them together. Lifting her left breast she swirls her tongue around her areola. All the while eying the audience. They were all mesmerized and touching themselves.

Ryan made his way around her and steps close enough to add fuel to her fire.

"I dare you to let everyone touch you while you masturbate."

She huffs blowing at her long brown hair and moves closer to her congregation. Surrounded she rubs up against Toby her ass over his crotch. She then takes his hands and brings them up to squeeze her tits.

Feeling his warm exhale on her neck made her close her eyelids and enjoy his kneading fingers on her tits. After a moment to give him his chance she peels away and glides across from him into a boy named, "Carson". She hugged him, pressing her chest into his. His palms trailed her spine until he could rub and squeeze her ass.

Breaking away with an erotic wink she moved on from boy to boy until all of them had a caress of her at the very least.

Reaching Ryan's friend "Shane" he took the initiative to lean in and kiss her left nipple. The reaction made her squeal. Patting his cheek she points her index finger at him to behave.

Ryan literally punches Shane in the bicep to get him to stop.

Easing away Monica goes to the sink which was a counter with three water basins. She eases up to sit on the counter itself. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Planting her feet on the ledge she fans her knees wide to expose her vibrant pussy.

Fingers tease her clit and pry her labia wide to let them see her tunnel of lust in all of its pink beauty. Eying each of them with glistening eyes that reveal her inner thoughts she begins fingering herself. Her gaze never left theirs.

The deeper her fingers entered her the messier she got. Moans escalated. Shrill whimpers left her lips as they trembled.

Ryan stepped into her space and gently brushed her black strands of hair from her eyes. He then caresses his knuckle along her cheek. She drifted attention toward his tenderness while her fingers continued in and out of her pussy succulently.

"Look at them." Ryan encourages her, "You want them to want you. Don't you?"

With a fevered nod she doesn't even think about her answer, "Yes."

"You want to drive them crazy horny. Don't you?"

Whimpering her answer she feels her orgasm brewing, "Yes."

As her brain loses all reality the bathroom door eases open. Silently friend Eddie leads "Holden" and four others inside. All blended in to watch. This meant twenty sets of yearning eyes.

Ryan's caress leads to her trembling lips. His thumb gently pressing at her bottom lip. Without any thought Monica began sucking on his thumb. He hadn't anticipated that. Still he watched her.

"You want them to imagine your lips around their cocks. Don't you?"

Nodding with tearing up eyes she concurs.

She was close to climax.

Ryan looks toward the tormented gathering. They wanted it all. He could tell.

"You want them to show you how badly they want you. Don't you?"

His thumb leaves her mouth as her expression misses it.

"Yes." She quakes.

Toby leads the charge.

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