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Brad gets personal with Kelly, and does a good deed.

"Mom said she did it to make sure she 'got me?'" Tim frowned a little.

"Not just for that, Daddy. Don't be worried. She also found you attractive."

"Is that all?"

"No." She smiled theatrically. "She also said you tasted good." Tim coughed, shocked, and Marie laughed heartily.

"Oh, ha, ha," he said, when he had recovered his breath.


As dinner went by, and Tim and Marie shared a bottle of wine, they felt completely comfortable with each other. They shared each other's entrees. They watched the dancing couples. They toasted Carol in her absence.

"Look at that couple," Marie said while they awaited dessert. "They're really going at it on the floor, aren't they?"

Tim looked at the loving pair as they swayed together. They were locked in a deep soul searching kiss, their mouths fixed to each other. Her hands were in his hair; he had one hand on her back, the other on her butt, pulling her to him tightly. They ground their pelvises together.

"Yeah, it can get pretty hot in here, sweetie. This place kind of has that reputation."

"Really? And people can get away with doing that sort of thing?"

"As long as they keep it clean, you know?"

Marie watched the couple in silence. It was incredibly sexy to see the two writhe against each other right there in front of her.

"Do you want to dance, Daddy?" Tim stared at her. She was entranced by the couple making out on the dance floor.

"Uh, I'm not sure that would be appropriate."

She laughed. It was a sweet trill of a laugh, girlish, delighted. Her eyes twinkled.

"My goodness, Daddy. It's just a dance, you know. Daddies and daughters dance together all of the time."

"But not usually in a place like this," he replied, intrigued now. He almost wanted her to convince him.

"I didn't think you were square, Daddy. Didn't Mommy make the reservations for us to eat here?"

"Hmmm. Yes. Yes, she did."

"And she knows it's a dinner and dancing place, right?" Tim started smiling along with his beautiful daughter.

"Uh huh. She definitely knows that."

"So she probably expects us to dance together. And if she's okay with it, why do you have a problem?"

"All right, all right," he laughed. "You've convinced me." Marie stood up and looked down at her handsome father.

"Let's go already!" He smiled up at her, and stood up to escort her onto the floor. Once there, she put her arms around his neck, and he held her around the waist. There was a little distance between them, but that would never do. She wanted the whole experience of going out to a grown-up dinner/dancing restaurant. Tightening her arms around his neck, she pulled up right against him, molding her body to his.

She felt divine in his arms, so slim, so alive. Her breasts were pushed against his chest, her hips against his. When she moved close to him, his first instinct was to move away, but she laid her head on his shoulder, and he was lost. Lost in the sensations of his girl's closeness. Her will seemed indomitable, just like her mother's.

They swayed in time to the music, the dim lights and the other couples around making them feel anonymous, alone. She pushed against him, harder. She sought something more, something to make the feeling complete. She knew deep inside exactly what that was, and how to go about feeling it.

And he wanted it as well, had been wanting it ever since the week before when he had pressed into her at the car. The feelings earlier that night when his wife had taken pictures of them simply whetted that desire. He couldn't believe that he could give into the insanity of his desire so easily, but Marie was so real, so there. How could he resist?

Her heart sang when he shifted slightly during their dancing, and then reestablished contact. There it was. The evidence of her desirability. The proof that she was so sexy she could excite even her own father. It was like a thick rod placed between them, trapped between their bodies, throbbing with his life, his arousal.

But more than that.

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