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The brothers make love.

I shook hands with Vance as he came inside the house, and told him to make sure Sabrina enjoyed the workout before I left for work.

I came home later that afternoon, and found Sabrina sleeping. I kissed her and she woke with a smile. "Hello, baby," she cooed as she kissed me again.

"Hi sweetie, how was your workout?" I asked

"Ohhhhh, mmmmmmm," she stretched the sleep out of herself. "It was wonderful," she kissed me again.

"Good, I'm glad you liked it, you think you are going to stay with Vance?"

"Mmmmm hmmmmm, most definitely," Sabrina replied. She kissed me again, and got out of the bed. I was a little surprised to find her completely naked, and the workout definitely made her appear even sexier. It had been two weeks since we last had sex, and I really wanted her. I started to make my move on her, and she responded.

Sabrina became very aggressive after a few minutes of kissing, and threw me onto the bed, climbing on top of me. She reached down and unbuckled my belt, undid my zipper, and unclasped the button of my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down in one movement to my knees, and climbed over my hard cock. She was so wet and slick, more wet than normal. I could tell she missed me too.

Unfortunately, because I hadn't cum in so long, I didn't last long. About a minute later, I came inside my fianc__e. I knew Sabrina was a little disappointed that I didn't last longer, but she just kissed me and got off of me and into the shower. I thought I could hear her moaning in there, but I didn't check in on her.

Over the next week, Vance met me every day at 8:00 AM before I went to work. Every day that I got back, I would find Sabrina exhausted and naked in bed. She would try to make love to me, and the days I would comply with her, I found her extremely wet and slick. But the thing that struck me most was that she seemed a bit distant.

One day, I got to work and realized all my appointments had been cancelled and rescheduled to a different day. I decided to go home and take Sabrina out to lunch and some fun in the afternoon. I got home around 10:30 AM and knew her workout should be just about finished. I decided to watch the stretching in secret, because I knew she was so limber.

I snuck in the back sliding glass door, and I could hear Vance and Sabrina in the exercise room. I walked as quietly as possible, and began to overhear them.

"Yes, that's it, baby, feel the stretch," I heard Vance's voice. "Baby?" I thought to myself.

"Good, good, that's a girl." I was getting closer. I could hear Sabrina breathing loudly. I reached the doorway and looked inside. Both of them were facing away from me, but I had a perfect view of the action inside. My fianc__e was kneeling, completely naked, in front of Vance, who was also completely naked. Sabrina still had her large diamond engagement ring on her finger, which was wrapped around Vance's humongous hard cock, at least 10 inches long. The head and several inches kept going in and out of her mouth. Sabrina was fingering herself with her free hand as she was doing this.

I knew I should have said something, I should have barged in and kicked both of them out. But I couldn't. Instead, I quickly found myself naked, stroking my hard cock, watching my soon-to-be-wife sucking on a huge black cock. Just then, Vance picked up Sabrina as he would a doll and made her stand. He then pushed her lower back until she was bent down and holding her own ankles. I saw him move behind her as his cock was rubbing against her obviously wet pussy. I was standing in the doorway, masturbating quite furiously, and didn't realize that Sabrina could now see me in between her and Vance's legs. Vance grunted as he plunged his cock deep inside my fianc__e.

Sabrina's eyes were locked into mine as Vance fucked her hard.

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