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Brother tries to seduce reluctant sister.

I could see the affect this was having on Sally. She was literally dripping. Then with one push Laura shoved the cock into her and started fucking her slowly.

As Laura started to speed up, I started getting sick. I lost it; lunch was now all over the patio the camera and me. I turned the camera off just as Sally's arms, legs gave out, and she fell on the bed with Laura falling over her. I was sure that Sally had just had a strong orgasm. I was glad I got it on tape as it would come in handy later. However, for now I decided I had better leave before one of the girls caught me.

I returned the car, hid the video tape and was just getting out of the shower when Sally came home.

"Harry, where are you honey?" she asked.

I told her I had just finished showering and that I was not feeling well and had gotten sick at my stomach. I said I would also be sleeping on the couch tonight, so she would not catch anything from me. And if I got sick, again I would be closer to the bathroom.

"In that case I think I will go have supper with Laura. Then she can drop me back off here on her way home," she said. "Do want me to bring you back some soup or a sandwich Harry?" she asked.

"No, I do no think I could keep anything down," I said.

I heard the door close and Laura's car leave. I thought now was as good of time as any to deal with the video I made earlier that day. I took the camera and tape to the computer and connected it. I started to burn the video to DVD trying to watch the computer screen. I was watching the intimate things that Sally and Laura were doing. I felt sick again.

In my gut was an inner struggle going on. I was a man; hell we all were suppose to like watching two women make love. This was supposed to be erotic, sexy, a big turn on. My friends and I had talked about it; some had watched their girl friend and another girl. One of my friends had a threesome with his girlfriend and another girl. He loved it. I should like this right.... Hell, no this was sick and disgusting. Who in there right mind would like seeing someone they loved having sex with another man or women. It is the same difference to me; it sucked big time.

Sometimes fate steps in and changes plans, mine did as the second DVD finished. The little you have just received email icon popped up so I clicked to check it out. The message was one of those spam emails, the kind we all hate, however this one changed everything. It was an add for an amateur lesbian sex site. All it said was see video clips of young lesbian lovers. I had a new plan that I would put into action first thing tomorrow.

Sally found him sacked out on the couch watching TV when she came back from supper. She sat down and tried to tell him about her trip to the mall and the great restaurant she and Laura ate at later.

"I really had a great time shopping with Laura this afternoon and supper was very nice also. Thanks for letting me go. I do hope you get feeling better soon. I want you back in our bed and well before next weekend. You might get lucky later on this week," she said.

"Sally why don't you show me what you bought, kind of give me a little fashion show," I said. She gave me that deer caught in the headlights look.

"My stuff was mixed in with Laura's and she took it all home. I told her I would get my things later," she said. "I did not think you cared about what I bought Harry," she exclaimed.

We watched a couple of shows on television, and then she yawned and started to get ready for bed. I got my pillow and some covers and fixed a bed on the couch. I knew I would not be able to sleep much but I needed to try because tomorrow would be a busy day for me. It would also be one of surprise and change for Sally.

My problems were on my mind most of the night.

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