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Ross lavished me with liquorice allsorts of sex exploration

When we got back up to our floor, Greg said he needed to take a few minutes to call home. I needed to check in with Ed too, so I opened the door to my room. He told me not to forget my little bag of supplies when I came over. I asked if he wanted me to use the enemas on myself before I came over. "No," he said, "I want to take care of that myself, just bring them with you when you come over."

I went into my room and stripped naked again. The entire inside of my skirt was soaked with our juices, so I put one more outfit in the dirty clothes bag. I was thinking that there was no way that I could take these clothes to my normal dry cleaners when I got home.

As I passed the mirror, I noticed that Greg had sucked a big hickey on my breast while we were fucking in the car. I was going to have to have a hard time coming up with a cover story for that, I thought.

I sat in the desk chair and called Ed again, my fingers running through my come matted pussy hair while we talked. We talked for a couple of minutes about how our days went, and then Ed told me that Kate had called. Kate was my best friend, and it was her story about taking a black lover that had gotten me fantasizing about doing it myself. I had sent her a text saying that I had quite a story to tell her. I told him I would give her a call.

Ed told me that he was sorry about last night. He thought about it all day and it wasn't fair for him to prevent me from experiencing my fantasy. We had been talking about doing this for years, and he had decided that he was ok with it. I told him we would have to talk it over more before we did anything that we couldn't change. I didn't like continuing to lie to him, but I still didn't want to hurt him.

Ed said "no, it might be years before another opportunity like this comes up. I want you to go ahead and have sex with your new friend if you get the chance." I asked him again if he was sure he meant it this time. He said "yes, I thought about it all day long, and I am comfortable with it now."

"So you're absolutely sure?"

"Yes, not only do you have my permission, but I want you to do it and I want to hear all about it when you get home. Actually, it turns me on so much that I've been hard ever since we first talked about it."

"Ed," I said, "I just said what I did this morning so you wouldn't feel bad. Greg's cock was inside me ten minutes after we hung up last night." Ed said he thought I had probably already done it. He knew how long I had wanted to screw a black man and he had given me his permission. He didn't think I could have stopped myself last night.

"So how was it," he asked?

I told him how wonderful it had been, how big Greg's cock was, and how much he filled my pussy, stretching me as he banged away right against my womb. I thanked him for being such a good husband, and letting me experience it. "So you just fucked him once last night," Ed asked?

"No," I said, "we made love four times last night, and six more times already today." Ed asked how we got a condom on a cock as big as I had said Greg's was. "We haven't been using condoms," I said, "You know I have never liked fucking with a rubber. Besides, his big cock is so beautiful, I just had to feel the real thing inside me. It feels so good. Is that alright too Honey, and is it ok if he comes in me too? Greg just loves coming in me, he loves pumping his black sperm into my little blonde pussy."

"This really isn't fair," Ed said, "I'm so hard it feels like my cock is going to pop and you're not here to do anything about it. You can plan on being busy this weekend."

I told Ed how exciting it was letting another man come in me, especially a black man. I described how big Greg's balls were and how much come he shot each time, and how I could feel it shooting right into my womb. "I wish you were her now, so you could see my pussy with all his come running out of me," I said. "I think he's trying to get me pregnant."

"You know you won't get pregnant.

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