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Meeting for the first time and living out fantasies.

On the monitors he saw the flash lights at each other coordinating the attack. It was weird watching a battle in space, because there was no flash of light, noise or explosions, just metal being ripped apart and debris floating away. The second the attack began both planes began evasive maneuvers.

All the Venus personnel had avoided the tough heat shield below and were ripping into the thinner metal behind the cockpit. It didn't seem to take very long before everyone was inside the ships and John assumed that fighting is taking place inside the ships.

John saw some thruster's fire as one plane went into a spin, but almost as quickly the thruster's were shut off. The plane continued to spin until the boarding party entered the plane and stabilized the spin. The main engines on the other plane fired and it roared off into the darkness, with just the glow of the main engine telling him where it was. Moments later he breathed a sigh of relief as he heard communication from that boarding party that they had captured the plane and would be returning as soon as possible.

John turned to look at Lisa and saw a momentary grimace of pain before she tried to hide it from him. He quickly walked over to her and gingerly pulled her into his arms. He gave her an admonishing look as he began to carry her out of the conference room. He took her to the makeshift triage area and settled her on a mattress. John knelt beside her, kissed her forehead in a very strict tone and said, "Don't you ever try to hide your pain from me. I need to know what you're feeling so I can take care of my wife. You belong to me and it's my job to protect you. Do you understand my love?"

Lisa looked at him a little sheepish, but that quickly converted into love and adoration as she painfully whispered, "Yes Master, I understand."

John kissed her lightly on the lips then he backed away to let the doctors tend to her. John kept backing up until he could keep one eye on Lisa and the other on the monitors in the conference room. The doctor's examination proved that nothing had been torn during their run from the hospital, but Lisa was still in pain. The doctor gave her a shot of pain killer and John watched her eyes drift shut as the drugs took effect.

John kept watching as the pain faded from her face and that serenely beautiful look she gets during her sleep returned. He only turned away after the doctor looked at him and gave him the thumbs up. John turned his attention to the monitors in conference room just in time to see his partisans take out a group of the mercenaries. Their improvised weapons were amazing effective in the close quarters of Venus' corridors and two of the mercenaries were down.

John watched in the surveillance monitors as another group of mercenaries took out a group of entertainers. Other than that, their rescue mission seemed to be going well and many people were being saved. John thought their defense was actually going fairly well, but he felt like the other shoe hadn't dropped yet and something was coming.

Chapter 37

Communication techs rushed into the room, flipped a couple switches and suddenly the captured space plane was online. John heard a garbled voice crackle over the speakers. "John, John can you hear us?"

John stepped closer to the screen that was showing the external view of Venus. John cleared his throat and asks, "We are on our local communications? I wouldn't want the Council to hear anything that we have to say." The technician nodded yes and John turned to address the voice from the plane, "Yeah, this is John. What's the status out there? Were there any casualties?"

"Yes, John this is Steve and for the most part the two planes are secure.

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