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Maggie is a hostage; would-be rescuer Ryan is shot.

Imagine no one paying any attention to you as you took up those panties or held a pretty dress against you. Come on now and help me help you with this. You are a very pretty little girl... admit it," Julie said.

"I am pretty," Mark said making it a mixture of question and statement.

"I am a very pretty little girl. Say it like you mean it," Julie noted.

"I am a very pretty little girl," Mark said but in a much more subdued voice. It gave him goose bumps saying that to the image in the mirror.

"Better. By the time we finish you will be and the thought of going out shopping is not even going to be a consideration," Julie said.

"What's that got to do with marketing?" Mark said trying to tug himself back to reality. Julie talking of going out or taking his transformation beyond this for that reason made him nervous.

"Honey, you've done more marketing in these hours than days worth of surfing and reading. Do you realize that you've done most of what nearly all of those boys have done. Only you've done it in just a few hours. For some boys just doing this has taken them years," Julie said.

"How is this marketing?" Mark asked.

"If you were witnessing this and not participating and I asked you to profile this young man would you be able to," Julie asked and added, "not an analysis of your emotions but just by observing?"

"Yes, a little I suppose, but yes," Mark said.

"That's marketing... You've defined a profile and that profile is going to fit a lot of those boys you are going to be talking with," Julie noted and added in a softer voice, "and best of all, you won't have to fib because you really are just like them."

"I'm not. I mean I'm doing this but it's not the same as them doing it," Mark said.

"The reasons are different but, right now, you are the same," Julie said.

"The reason don't matter then," Mark asked.

"Honey, take your skirt into your fingers and hold it out a little. You know what I mean, you've seen girls do that so do that," Julie said.

Mark took up his skirt between his forefingers and thumb knowing exactly what Julie meant as he said, "Now what?"

"Now say I am a pretty little girl for me," Julie said.

"I am a pretty little girl," Mark said blushing.

"Again," Julie said but added, "but this time say it while you twist right and left a little."

Mark twisted in both directions and said, "I am a pretty little girl."

"Now, answering honestly, does the reason you are dressed like that make any real difference?" Julie asked.

"No, I guess it doesn't," Mark said still twisting slightly till he realized he was going so.

"Good. Now lets do your makeup, get some pictures taken and do a little on-line shopping," Julie said.

"So what are we shopping for?" Mark asked.

"My little sissy baby needs a couple of baby dresses, a pretty pair... maybe a couple pair of cute plastic lined ruffled panties and some very thick cloth diapers," Julie said as she added, "I like keeping my sissy babies in very thick diapers."

"Oh," Mark said with a sense of giddiness flowing over him.

"Would you like to try on a pair of panties again?" Julie teased.

Mark, feeling himself almost as excited as he'd felt earlier, realized he had already dampened his diaper. He also realized he would be right back where he was when he first wore those panties. Right now the diaper was a good thing as he said, "I'd better not."

"Didn't think so," Julie said.

"So what was the point in asking?" Mark asked.

"Just to make another point," Julie said smiling mischievously.

"I'm feeling very weird about this," Mark said.

"You'll get over it. Now come on and lets see just how pretty you really can be," Julie said taking Mark's hand to walk him out of her bedroom. They moved to the kitchen table after stopping in Mark's room for his makeup kit.

Julie brought her own makeup bag with her and a round makeup mirror that could stand on it's own.

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