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Dinah finds her own way to escape controled reluctance.

But I think that I care enough about you even as a friend for this."

"Don't you mean my girl Friday?" he smiled.

"No," she smiled back, "I've always liked Saturdays better than Fridays."

He shook his head, "I don't like the term, not for this and not for you. I know where it comes from. I've read the book. This isn't a desert island and you're not my servant."

"I've read it too, in the library at school," she said, "And I think that I'm gonna have to be that while I'm learning everything. I don't mind, Quinton, and ..."

She looked down, "And if you find that you still think that I'm a little beautiful to you in the morning, then I think that I'd really like it if you could explain that to me a little bit - so that I can get it nailed down in my mind how that can be and then maybe I can shut up about it in my head."

He sat leaning back against the opposite wall, "Did your mother really teach you things like you were talking about?"

She nodded, smiling a little, "She told me I was useless at anything else, so I'd better learn at least one thing so I could make my way. Then she'd tell me how everything went, like it was some holy secret or something. The hardest part for me was not telling her that I already knew most of it, just not the whys and what was behind what she did, when she did it and why she did it then."

She smiled a little shyly, "I used to watch her with the men she brought home. She never knew because by then, she'd be drunked-up enough for it. I knew that I just had to be real careful that the man didn't find out. I watched from the time that that I was eighteen or so, since I figured that I'd have to know something sometime. It didn't do anything for me, I just couldn't sleep sometimes and I was curious.

Though my fascination didn't last more than once or twice. I mean, if you've seen dogs do it and cattle do it, then people just look like something in between, right?

I used to have the hardest time not laughing my head off if I imagined people getting stuck together like dogs."

She could see that he didn't like the images in his mind from what she'd said, so before she'd lost the moment, she shrugged, "Do you still think that I'm beautiful? I - I mean after what I just said?"

He nodded as he set his empty bowl aside, "Come here, Emmy. I'll try to explain it to you right now, if you want to hear it."

She shook her head with a sheepish little grin, "I'm not finished eating yet. I've never had enough food that I thought I could waste any. I've been talking all this time. I'll come sit with you in a minute, though I think that I'd prefer to hear about it while I'm lying down, if it's all the same to you."

Some distance away, another aircraft had been starting up it's engines, getting ready to leave, just like a featureless bus in Emmy's mind, bound for somewhere far away. As it taxied along to reach the end of the runway, it's navigation lights flashed at regular intervals and the glow of it came into the space where they sat looking at each other.

Quinton stared at Emmy as she set her bowl aside for a moment to rise up on her knees a short distance away from him. As he watched her appearing and then disappearing in the glow of the lights from outside, she slipped his jacket from her shoulders and let it fall behind her as she began to undo the buttons on her overalls, peeling it off her shoulders before she pulled the wool sweater over her head.

"I can show you one of the things that I learned, if you'd like," she smiled, running her hand over one of her breasts slowly. It was cool inside where they were and Emmy made use of it this way, knowing that his eyes would lock onto that hard nipple and stay there. The lights on the slowly passing aircraft outside winked off at that moment and a second later when they blinked back on the next time, Quinton was staring as though in disbelief.

She'd switched both her hands and her nipples and was now running her left hand over her other breast.

She smiled, "I love that old sweater for how w

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