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Lucy is punished by her teacher.


I caught up with my friends, including Andy, the next day in the coffee bar, but I didn't tell them about the previous night. Partly because I wanted this to remain my illicit secret, but also because I felt a little uncertain how they would react; whether they would consider me a bit perverted.

I sat next to Andy and leant up against him as we continued to talk about mundane matters, looming deadlines and other fun stuff. After a while Andy put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me into his side - a lovely hug that I would normally have just melted into, except that my mind kept reaching back to the previous night and about some of my invented fantasies about my brother.

For the first time, I was aware of where our bodies touched, how his arm wrapped around me, how his fingers brushed against me......OMG! I suddenly realised what I was thinking and made an excuse to go to get something, simply to get some distance from Andy.

The distance did help, but not enough. I was feeling too frisky, so I went to the Ladies toilets and took advantage of the privacy of the cubicles and started to play with myself. Gently rubbing the outside of my panties, before pushing my hand under the elastic and, realising that this was unnecessarily difficult, I slipped my panties down, so that I could open my legs wider.

I was already wet and very excited, courtesy of my feverish imagination; my fingers on my clit, rubbing and dipping down to spread my juice upwards; my hand reaching under my top, pushing my bra out of the way and teasing my nipples, massaging my boobs....I didn't take long before I reached an orgasm with an unfortunately loud moan.

I continued to rub myself, more gently again, and bit my lip in an effort to calm down my heavy breathing....aaah, that was good.

By the time I came back, a number of my friends had drifted off and others had arrived together with the story from one of the girls, that there was someone in the Ladies toilets who was clearly frigging herself rotten and obviously having a great time of it by the sounds of things.

Kim chirped up "that sounds just like you" looking directly at me, "you and Pete normally make such a noise, that it keeps us entertained for hours"

Everyone laughed.

"Don't you have anything better to do that to listen through the walls?" I replied "poor Andy will get a complex!"

"I'm not sure that it's called a "complex", more a raging hard-on" Kim fired back with a wicked smile on her face.

"Can you two leave my hard-on alone!" Andy said.

"We didn't realise that they were both touching it" John laughed, "but it would explain that smile you've got, you lucky sod!"

Happily the conversation had moved on from the girl in the Ladies and my potential embarrassment.


My slow motion conversations now began to take a different turn. Instead to telling stories about what had happened, we started to talk about what might happen - if, what we would like to happen - when, and of course all had that sexual tinge.

I think that it was me who first started the dare game. Ok it wasn't so much of a dare, rather encouragement that Fuxhunter should try something with his sister. Initially this was just a suggestion that he should give her a hug, but he wrote back that he had done that and allowed his hands to touch the top of her ass.

My first dare was simply to sit on Andy's lap and give him a hug. For me this was extremely mild, since I was something that I was very comfortable doing anyhow, but of

course, I had to describe the feeling, whether I had been turned on and whether I could feel Andy getting hard.

When I did sit on his lap in our regular meetings at the coffee bar with our crowd of friends, I found myself getting hyper-sensitive again about where our bodies, arms and legs touched, far from being a simple matter, I found that I was getting rather excited.

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