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Newly widowed woman discovers there is a sexual undercurrent.

Then he was Ashley, going down on Sierra. He wondered which girl his wife was pretending she was, as his cock already began growing again, preparing to give her the greatest fucking she's had in quite some time.


Work the following day was the usual mundane shit, except for the few distracting moments he thought about his daughter and her friend, and the text message from his attractive wife;

"Last night was nice. Sorry I'm such a perv. Kind of embarrassed about the things I said." She really was a wonderful woman herself, it's no wonder she gave birth to a minx. The things she had said made him realize he wasn't the only one with lusty thoughts about these young hotties. Fuck, she had even admitted to fantasizing about her own daughter having sex, like he had started to. He found himself logging on to her site again, and she was somehow live, when she is supposed to be at school. He saw the view is just her phone looking up at her from a desk, while she appeared to be listening to her teacher intently, looking very beautiful as always.

There were actually a few people watching the stream, she seemed to have made over a hundred bucks today just doing this. He was actually proud of her in this moment, taking peoples money while she sits in class, doing nothing wrong at all. He impulsively typed in the chat box. "Are you thinking of Daddy?" She looked down at the phone with a smile and licks her lip in a not overly obvious way, and nodded slightly. He felt a tinge in his pants, and quickly logged off.

It took several long nights of patience but it all payed off one night when his wife was out with one of her girl friends, the one she usually stayed out late with, sometimes even spending the night. He was pretty sure she was having an affair with her and had been for years. He mixed a few strong drinks and waited until his daughter was home from practice. She came and sat on the couch after eating some leftovers, recently showered, wearing pajamas.

"How come you go to bed so early honey? Don't you ever wanna spend some quality time with Dad?"

"Of course I do, I love you daddy. Since you've obviously had a few drinks, tonight may be a good time to talk about this. I'm usually in my room cause I'm working. I'm a streamer. I'm sure you've heard of YouTube, maybe twitch. People pay you just to watch you do whatever. Play computer games, artwork, I even have followers that watch me do almost nothing at all, they just like looking at me I guess."

"Huh really? That's interesting. What site are you on? I'll have to check out your show."

Her face turned instantly red, she swallowed hard, and he could almost see the wheels in her head spinning faster and faster, starting to smoke.

"Well I, uh, I switch up sites a lot cause I wanna be safe, you know stalkers and what not, they can figure out where you live with time-zones, maybe you wear a college sweatshirt by mistake, they look up year book pictures and stuff, who knows. I like to jump around a bit."

"Well say if you were working tonight, what site are you on right now?"

"I'm not sure actually, I kinda just pick one when I sit down to stream."

"Well maybe you should just stick to one and be careful. That way you could develop a following and word of mouth gets around how beautiful you are you could be internet famous, maybe even become an actress." He wasn't sure where he was going with this, but it sounded to him like what he would say if he were oblivious to her actual "job" maybe.

"Daddy! You really think I'm beautiful?!" She jumped up and pranced over to hug him by the neck and planted a rather sloppy kiss on his lips, maybe realizing he's half drunk, but it seems like genuine love to him.

"You know I do Sierra, you will always be Daddies Baby." When he said it he felt a bulge start to form against her, and it was so ridiculously fast he needed to evacuate the situation asap. "How about mixing Daddy another drink?" He held up his glass and clinked the ice around. She lingered, grinning.

'God don't kiss me again, please don't.

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