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The move continues through wetlands.

He was holding all the weight of my legs because I was gone, completely spent and shaking from my orgasm and not in control of my extremities. I didn't even realize what my hands were doing until after when I notice they hurt from the grip I had on my sleeping bag.

From the effort Todd was exhibiting I assumed he would climax any second, to join me in a perfect synched duel orgasm until he collapsed on top of me in a heap of sweat and orgasmic bliss. But that's not what happened.

"What the hell!" I voice said from outside, "Forty bucks for an empty container!" the man hollered and kicked our tent.

This effectively killed the mood and stopped Todd cold. He was pissed; I could see it in his face as he pulled out of me and angrily dug the money out of his vest. He unzipped the tent and tossed the bills out.

"Here's your money back, now get lost!" Todd said.

"Fuck you!" the guy yelled and kicked the side before dropping our tent with us in it, pulling the flexible poles out so the tent collapsed.

Todd was furious. He was trying to unzip the tent so he could get out to confront the guy. He didn't care that he was naked. I was just trying to hold the tent up off of our sweaty bodies. By the time Todd got the tent open enough to get out the guy was already half way back to his own camp. Todd cursed at him but decided it wasn't worth it. He pulled on some shorts while I held the tent up and went outside to fix it. I got dressed and we broke camp, it was time to move to the next lake and get away from this jerk.

Todd was in a bad mood the entire time we packed up and I couldn't blame him. He didn't get to cum and the jerk had made us both mad. We left and hiked around the lake opposite the other camp with the jerk in it. We hiked all afternoon and Todd didn't talk much. I could tell he was stewing and probably getting himself more pissed off.

We took a break next to a small stream and filtered some water into our bottles. It was cold and tasted wonderful. I watched Todd continue to stew and sit next to the stream thinking to himself and drinking the water.

"You okay, Todd?"

"Yeah, fine... that guy just pissed me off."

"I can tell. Forget about him."

"I'm trying but I can't."

"Maybe I can help," I said walking over to him. "You never got to finish earlier maybe a release would help."

"Yeah, maybe," he said letting me unbuckle his pants.

We weren't far off the trail and could easily be spotted if anyone happened by. Neither of us cared though and I soon had his cock out of his pants. He was very salty in my mouth and I tasted myself on him as well. We so needed showers. I soon cleaned him off as I sucked him deep and stroked his amazing cock I loved to touch and suck. The sun beat down as the sound of the small creek trickled behind me and I sucked my brother's cock. I looked up as I knelt on the grasses around the creek at his face and watched his expression as I twisted my head back and forth, sucking the tip and inhaling his full cock. It was fun to see the stress and anger melt away as the pleasure rushed into him from my talent. I loved pleasuring men and making them cum and my brother was no exception.

He was moaning quickly and swaying back and forth from pleasure the harder I worked on his awesome cock. I looked forward to the rush of semen soon to spray from his hole and sucked and stroked him determined to relive his stress.

"Man that feels good, Julie... you must love sucking cock to do it camping," he said.

I didn't bother responding, he knew good and well I loved it without saying so and just continued working his shaft and head over with my mouth and hands.

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