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Steve beds a cute blonde and engages in group sex.

"Turn around," I encouraged her.

Cindy rotated around and straddled my face. I lifted my head to get my tongue on her clit. We stayed in the 69 position until I ejaculated in her mouth. Cindy swallowed every drop and let my cock soften in her mouth. She managed another orgasm and I tasted her juices. We eventually moved to a spoon position and I draped my arm over her body and cupped her breast.

"Can you take me home? I should get going," she whispered.

"You're welcome to stay her but if you want to leave now I'll drive you home," I told her.

"Yes, it will be better if I get home early," she replied.

We got up and got dressed and I drove her back to her parent's house. I paid close attention to all the street names and turns so that I could find my way back to the main drag. As we drove Cindy told me that she was glad that she tried anal sex but she wasn't sure if she would do it again. Her bottom was still a little sore and she felt constipated. I told her that she would feel that way for a few days and then it would pass. I explained that the sphincter was stretched and it was designed to push things out not to take things in. She nodded that she understood.

I dropped Cindy off and we never exchanged contact information. I wasn't sure if I would ever get back to Cedar Rapids anyway. I managed to find the main drag without getting lost and made my way back to the hotel. My flight home was scheduled for that morning but I changed it to an afternoon flight so I could sleep in. It was very easy those days to change flights without a hassle.


I had changed jobs in 1976 and I was working for another manufacturing company located in Ohio. In 1978 I played on the IT team in the company intramural volley league. The teams were coed and we had to have at least two girls on the court at all times. One of our players Toni was a recent college graduate and an entry level programmer in our department. She was an attractive young woman but by no means a head turner. She was 6'0" tall and weighed about 145 pounds. Toni had a very straight line figure with medium size breasts. The one thing she had that many tall girls don't have was a nicely shaped ass.

Toni was conscious of her appearance at work and she always wore long loose fitting clothes. On the volleyball court it was different as she wore shorts and a tee shirt. That's when I noticed her curvy ass. I had never even given a thought to having sex with Toni as I was currently seeing two other girls who did not work at the company. One evening after one of our games some of us joined Toni by her Volkswagen van for a beer. I had supplied the beer and the cooler was stored in Toni's van.

After a couple of beers everyone else left leaving Toni and I alone with the beer. The bugs were getting to be a pest so she suggested we sit in her van and finish our beer. As it turned out we had a few more beers and I was starting to think about getting some pants that night. Toni leaned over her seat to fish two more beers out of the cooler and as she did she put her fine ass on display. I could not resist and I ran my hand over her firm butt.

"Nice," I said.

"I'll give you an hour to stop that," she said slurring her words slightly with a giggle.

"Game on!" I thought to myself and I continued to fondle her shapely buttocks.

"Let's get in back," she said in a hurried raspy voice.

I suspected that she was horny and in the mood for sex. I climbed in back with her and we lay on the floor of the van. I took her in my arms and kissed her and she kissed me back. Next our hands were fumbling with the other's clothing and I had her tee and bra pushed up baring her cute firm titties. I mouthed them and sucked gently on her nipples as I slipped one hand between her legs and rubbed her snatch through the shorts. I kept my mouth fastened to her tits as I pushed her shorts and panties down below her pussy. I fingered her quim and found it soaking wet with desire.

"Shit, shit, oh shit," Toni whispered as I worked on her.

I removed my mouth and moved down s

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