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Iris and Opal are the attractions at a deranged carnival...

Niglio breathed inwardly, and then he lightly swatted me with the paddle. But I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not going to stop being a good slave if you just do it that lightly." And I winked at him.

Then he became a bit temperamental, and the swats came down faster and harder.

Finally he tossed the wooden paddle down and rubbed my full cheeks, which were quite pink now, growing reddish in some places.

(I have quite a complacent bottom though-it's been through so much.)

And he sat down, and I crawled on his lap, taking down my little lingerie demi bra. "Master Niglio, I am so sorry I displeased you, Sir...can I make it up to you?"

He is now a devoted client!

He comes whenever he passes through Santa Monica, and his visits have grown ever more violent. He canes my breasts, shoves burning candles up my ass. I am very pleased with his success.

Pasquale runs an illegal gambling casino in his basement-

Texas Hold-Em, poker, blackjack and a little bit of coke dealing, and some nights he gets me for three hours, and I serve as naked human furniture.

The high rollers get to sit on me, as a bench! Or, I will stay very still and they balance their big ashtrays on my back.

When one of them is angry, they can whip my naked ass until they feel better, or pinch my breasts.

I had another client who wanted to shave my head, but I thought that was going a little too far.

Wylie liked watching me pee into a bowl and then drink it...sometimes he would drink it was almost like a cocktail sharing experience. I'll do anything for five portraits of Dr. Franklin, right?

Jeremiah takes me into the woods, "camping". But I wait on him in the nude, or sometimes wearing one of those adorable leopard skins. (Fake, of course, I'm a PETA fanatic!)

Jeremiah is a big one for whipping me with thorny tree branches, or shoving pinecones up my cunt. What's hilarious about Jeremiah is, you'd think he'd be this big Tarzan type, but he looks like the ultimate Mortimer Snerd.

Actually, when a bear came out of its cave, Jeremiah ran and hid while I scared the bear away, and then when I came back, he became the big, bad, Master again.

Howie likes taking me to TGIF, and telling me what to order at the salad bar. I have to say, with downcast eyes "Whatever you want, Master Thomas."

And then he orders me to go to the bathroom and bring him back my undies.

Severinus and Madge are a couple who like hiring me to serve takes the sting away from Severinus's former adultery, I guess.

Madge knows that I was Severinus's (paid) slave, and so she is allowed to take out some of her frustrations on me, making me hold a telephone book in each hand for an hour, or beating me with a sawed off broom handle.

Incidentally, Severinus and Madge are child psychologists. That's interesting, isn't it?

Floyd enjoys humiliation. He makes me RollerBlade on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley-we drive over there, and he is clothed, and I'm naked, except for the skates.

I'm quite a good Rollerblader, so it makes for quite a show, especially when he skates after me, whipping at me with his rubber cane!

Ernie likes to have me blow him under the table in fancy restaurants. We have been thrown out of every good eatery in California, it seems.

He tells the headwaiter that I can't control myself because he is so attractive. I wonder if they believe this.

Then there are the fifteen minute wonders-

No, they don't have a lot of cash, but they drop by and give me what they have, and pull my jeans and panties down for a quick hairbrush spanking. I simulate crying after twelve minutes, then there's a quick cuddle, and perhaps a hand-job and they're on their way.

Not all my clients are male. I was just with Jade yesterday.

She is one angry dyke, let me tell you.

She has a young pretty lover who she just can't control, so then she must do something or burst. Jade comes in, plunks down the fee, and begins slapping me across the face, before yanking up my shirt, and twisting my nipples until I nearly black out.


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