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Cassie has unexpected company.

Now all I could think of was...with her tongue practically down my throat, I hope the elevator doesn't stop before we get to my floor.

When we got to the floor, the doors opened and she said " give me your key " and hurried down the hall pulling me along with her.

As she unlocked the door with the big brass key, she walked in looked around and said " these are nice rooms, guess I made the right choice."

Then she pulled me to the bed and said, "come here and kiss me some more. You are so cute, you kiss like a dream, and I've been waiting to do this for such a long time, that I could just eat you up."

Once again she began kissing me passionately and soon had her tongue in my mouth again while we held each other tightly and I rubbed my hands up and down her back and accross her tight little rear. Before long I had pulled the zipper down on her dress to rub her bare skin and she quickly stood up and pulled it off saying.......

"man you're making me hot."

Wow, what a gorgeous girl, with a tall slender body, a great tan, and brief red lace underwear barely covering the white skin areas that could only have resulted from tanning in a very small bikini. I couldn't believe she had basically seduced me and was now lying on my bed in her underwear and pantyhose.

We continued to kiss and I rubbed my hands all over her neck, back and tight ass. As we gasped and kissed, I began licking and kissing her neck and then one-handed her tiny bra as my mouth watered for her succulent breasts. While they weren't huge, they looked wonderful on her lithe body and I guessed that they were about 34C size. They were conical in shape, like old fashioned ice cream cones, but with pointed areolas and nipples, and I just couldn't wait to lick them and to get one in my mouth.

I think Wanda was used to having boys play with her tits while making-out, but not with some-onee making the effort to really give her breasts the attention they deserved. I took my time and tongued circles around her pretty pink nipples, then slowly worked my way to first suck one nipple then the other, and she panted and gasped........ "Oh John, kiss my titties....that feels so good, nobody ever kissed them like that before, Oh my god, Oh, Oh, Oh that's so wonderful, suck them harder, suck them baby."

When I lightly bit one, she squealed and I thought she might cum just from nipple play. Back and forth I went, sucking and nibbling them and I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it more, but her breathing was becoming ragged.

She writhed on the bed while I sucked her breasts and I began to gently rub her stomach while still sucking her chest. Soon I began to try to push down her pantyhose and panties and the first time she pushed my hand away, so I waited a minute or two while rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose and panties until I felt it getting wet through both layers.

Attacking two erogenous zones at once was getting to her and this caused her to moaned into my mouth......

"Oh my god you are turning me on so much, that feels sooooo good."

Again I tried in vain to push her panties and nylons down, and this time she said, "NO honey, let me do you," and began easing her body down mine stopping long enough to cares the inside of my navel with the tip of her pink tongue.

She undid my belt, pulled down my pants and underwear, and put her mouth over the end of my dick; but unlike other women I'd known, didn't continue by swallowing my thick rod, but rather began messaging the tender and sensitive underside of my dick with her hand while sucking the big crown. She was slurping on the red and rock-hard end, while basically giving me a hand-job at the same time, which frustrated me and reminded me of college girls who wanted to express their ardor to their boyfriends, while maintaining their virginity.

However, because she had been so aggressive up until then.

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