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Sister Sabine meets Eredwal the Goblinsbane.

"Are you ok, angel?"

Happily I nodded and curled back up against his chest with a contented sigh. He wrapped his arms around me again, holding me close. "How does home and takeout sound? Unless you want to go out to eat?"

I glanced up and shook my head, "No, home sounds wonderful. Takeout is fine."

He smiled down at me, "Home it is then. God, I love you so much."

I melted inside, leaning up and kissing him lightly. "And I love you," I smiled back into those gorgeous eyes.

He helped me pick up my skirt and jacket, and then gently guided me around to the car door.

"You sit down and relax while I pick things up, ok?" He reached out and grabbed a bottle of spring water, handing it to me after taking the cap off. "You thirsty, angel? Here."

I took the water gratefully, taking a deep drink while giving him a surprised look, "I can help, love."

He shook his head, "No, its ok baby, I don't want you getting cold. However ..." He got his typical mischievous gleam and ran a hand down my side, "Don't forget to put that chain and strap back in place for the ride home. I have plans for dessert."

I grinned, handing him back the rest of the water and working to comply with his instructions while watching him move around the car and pick things up, carefully putting them back in the bag. I let myself just enjoy watching him a moment before I slowly refastened the chain, then the strap, and pulled on my skirt. The hoodie went on last, zipped up just halfway.

I climbed back into the car as he was finishing up, my breath catching as the chain tightened over my sensitized skin. He heard me and looked up with a grin. Putting the packed bag in the back seat, he leaned in my car door, reaching in to run a hand through my hair.

"Enjoying that chain?"

"Its ... very noticeable," I answered, squirming a bit, then quickly added, "Yes, Master."

He chuckled and trailed his hand down my throat and across my chest to pull the zipper down a bit more on the hoodie. His hand slid under the soft fabric to cup one breast, fingers teasing the nipple through the cut opening. I groaned slightly, shifting in my seat again, as he teased it hard and erect.

His other hand came up and that's when I noticed the clips he was holding. He carefully fastened the clip over the first nipple before turning to tease the other one erect as well. He took his time applying the second clip and gazing at them appreciatively for a moment while I gasped and squirmed in my seat, feeling myself growing wet again.

He flicked his fingers over both nipples a few times, then fastened a chain between the clips and reached down to attach it to the chain running between my legs, just taut enough for me to feel it. He slid his hand into the loose waistband of the skirt and under the leather strap, running a finger along the already slick chain and pressing it more firmly against my sex.

"There. That should make the car ride fun for you, don't you think?" He grinned evilly as he pulled his hand back, zipping the hoodie back up halfway and fastening my seat belt over me.

"Yes," I moaned softly, "Thank you Master."

"My pleasure, love," he said, pleased, and leaned back in to kiss me thoroughly before closing my door. He was still grinning when he got in his side of the car and started it up. He reached over and lightly tugged on the chains through the hoodie, making me gasp before he put the car in gear and pulled out to drive us home.

The first few bumps over the rough dirt road had me moaning before we were even well on our way.


During the drive home, he occasionally ran a hand over my hyper-sensitive nipples, or lightly tugged the chain, though mostly he just drove and stole amused glances at my discomfort as I moaned and writhed in my seat.

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