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A party after the Christmas party is a present in itself.

She did one better; she took Polaroid pictures of my cock with a ruler showing my length and thickness. (For the young reading this story, a Polaroid picture was an instant photo that developed on its own in about 60 seconds.) All her girlfriends had seen the pictures and knew for certain what I had in the cock department.

"Do you think he is too big for my pussy Stephanie?"

"I think it will take a little getting used to but I am sure you can take his cock!" I had no idea why I was encouraging her to let Honor__ fuck her with his super sized cock.

"Now that you have decided that Honor__ has a large enough cock to please me Stephanie, perhaps you can ask him again to make love to me?"

"Honor__, would you please make love to Miss Rachel with your large cock?"

"I am not sure that your really mean what you ask Stephanie." Honor__ replied.

"Please Honor__ I beg you to make love to Miss Rachel tonight and let her enjoy your long fat cock!" I was still slowly jacking off his cock as I begged him to fuck my wife.

"I have decided to help you out Stephanie and fill in for you as your wife's lover because you are incapable of making love to her like a beautiful women deservers!" Honor__ announced.

Miss Rachel got up from the couch as Honor__ stood up and they hugged for the first time in a sexual way. Honor__ was pulling Rachel close as they kissed and now she was the one with a hand wrapped around his erect cock. Miss Rachel pulled on Honor__'s erection and used it as a lead to take him to our bedroom.

Once we reached the master bedroom Miss Rachel lit several candles in the room and turned off the electric lighting. This was just the way she liked it when we made love, gentle candle light and the dancing shadows that candle light produces. Honor__ took his shirt off while Miss Rachel and I turned down the bed. Next I put both of our robes on lingerie hangers as Miss Rachel slid the slip portion of her peignoir off her shoulders just like I had practiced earlier and I hung that up also.

"Stephanie, please remove my panties so Honor__ can make love to me."

"Yes Miss Rachel." I answered as I knelt and slid her panties off of her legs, folded them and set them on the dresser.

Once that was done Miss Rachel said. "Get my pussy wet for Honor__'s big cock Stephanie."

Miss Rachel sat on the side of the bed and opened her legs. I knelt in front of my wife and began to make love to her pussy. I had spent so much time giving oral pleasure to the women in my life these past weeks that I didn't need much direction. As I licked her pussy lips and snaked my tongue into her open vagina I could tell that she was already very wet in anticipation of Honor__'s big cock and lovemaking. Honor__ had taken a seat in our bedroom chair and was slowly jacking his cock while I made Miss Rachel's pussy ready for his enjoyment. It is hard to explain but I was feeling pride that Honor__ found Miss Rachel desirable and that he would see how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife. I also felt pride in my ability to give Miss Rachel pleasure with my mouth. I knew my oral skills were very good; perhaps I had become a world class expert at cunnilingus over the last 3 weeks. I had licked more pussy than most men would taste in a lifetime.

"I think I am ready." Miss Rachel said to me signaling that she was ready to move on to actually fucking Honor__.

"The first time it is best if I lay down and you control how much of my cock you can take and then when you are ready let your body slide down my shaft a bit more." Honor__ suggested.

Honor__ lay on our bed and Miss Rachel asked me if his cock was still hard. I used my hands to play with his shaft and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to lick around his cock head and then sucked the end back into my mouth several times.

"Honor__ is very hard Miss Rachel." I announced.

It never was my thing to put Honor__'s or anybody else's cock in my mouth but somehow I had built up to this and it felt like another barrier had been brok

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