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He meets his love for the first time.

Suzi didn't object, in fact she looked thrilled as she posed willingly, delighted to show her hot body to the camera lens.

"Turn around and show me the sexy slut asshole I've just spunked in!"

Suzi visibly shook with excitement, hearing him speak in such a manner.

Obeying his request, she turned around, arched her back as she bent over slightly, holding her taut buttocks apart, she spread her ass for the camera.

She half turned her head, smiling at the camera as her new squeeze clicked dozens of pics of her raw asshole, still smeared with his spunk.

"Come on you'll need to leave, my husband will be home soon!" she said ushering him out of the door.

"Thanks for the best fuck ever!" he smiled "If you want me to fuck you again, just call me!" he said as he walked out the front door.

Suzi gave him a soft gentle kiss as he squeezed her breast for one last time.

"I'll definitely be phoning you! That cock will be inside me soon and I'll be wearing anything sexy you want me to!" Suzi smiled, confirming her slut status to him once more.

Suzi closed the door behind him and walked into the kitchen.

Lighting a menthol cigarette, she slowly walked across the kitchen, toward the door which adjoins the integral garage.

Suzi knocked on the door three times and giggled.

"I've some holes that need licked and fucked!" she laughed, waiting for the door to open.

I unlocked the door and walked out to find Suzi squeezing her left breast and rubbing her shaved pussy with her right hand.

"I'm still horny babe!" she smiled " Lick me and fuck me please!" she asked affectionately yet subserviently. It would appear that my slut wife enjoyed a little domination from what I'd just witnessed, and with her looks, lingerie and body she could basically get a man to do whatever she wanted.

I decided to try the dominating master role to see how it went.

"Listen slut, you can finger your ass and pussy and get all of the spunk out of you!" I snarled as Suzi's eyes opened, squirming at my response.

"If that's what you want, I'll do that for you!" she smiled sexily as she beckoned me in to the lounge. She lay on the sofa with her legs wide apart. Holding her pussy open, she dipped three fingers inside her creamy cunt. Spunk smeared her fingers as she moved the fingers to her mouth and hungrily licked her lovers spunk off her fingers. She repeated this three times until there was no more spunk to remove. She turned on to her stomach with her stockinged knees of the floor. Her ass was raised and her back arched as her magnificent breasts swung freely. She placed both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks wide. Her asshole was well creamed with spunk, with her puckered ring looking slightly swollen from the pounding it had just received.

She stroked her long fingernails around the rim of her ass, moaning softly as she did so. Her legs were shaking as her fingernails scraped her asshole gently. Sliding two fingers inside her ass slowly, she began to move them around in a rotating fashion. Some of her lovers spunk squeezed out of her asshole as she pushed her fingers deeper. She fucked her ass for a few strokes then took out her fingers, drenched in her lovers cum, placing them on her soft lips, she let the spunk run into her mouth. Her eyes were half closed with sheer lust, as she licked the spunk off her fingers seductively.

She repeated this process a few times, giving herself a nice panting anal orgasm, as every drop of his spunk vacated her asshole.

"Oh! His cock was so good!" She whispered fingering her ass "He made me cum so much!" She purred closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure her fingers were providing.

"Were you a nice dirty fuck slut for him!" I said in a stern voice.

"I let him do whatever he wanted. He will fuck me again, but you cant watch. I'm keeping him to myself!" She giggled.

I smiled inwardly, pleased with myself for recording the whole session.

"You can fuck him again

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