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She'd rode a Harley once before, but he wasn't any good.

"You're brother?"

"Yes, he's a cop. Kinda high up too, I guess."

"Why couldn't he have seen to it that you got a get out of jail free card?" I asked.

"He has in the past, but this last time: well, a couple of reasons. One, it was my third arrest. Two, he wanted to teach me a lesson. The judge who got my case had the same idea," she said. "Anyway, I might be able to find out a few things about your wife's situation if you care."

I didn't say anything. I just looked away. I didn't want her to see my eyes misting over. I thought about Claire every day, but for some reason, Ann, I mean Abigail, bringing her up was different. Abby was sure right about one thing, I had been and remained, humiliated beyond the pale.

After dinner, I had taken her home and she had given me a sympathetic look. "I'll call Merle in the morning," she said. "Relax, you're certainly going to be no worse off than you are now, and maybe you'll be better off."

She'd asked me in for a cup of tea, but I'd demurred. I needed time to think. Meeting Abigail was almost too unbelievable to be believed, but it had happened. Helluva a coincidence. The odd thing was that I kinda liked her-as a woman!

Thinking about her, I assessed the situation. Here was a small woman, a little on the short side at maybe five-two. Her brown hair was middle-of-the-back in length, fluffy, and wavy. She had nice breasts and a great looking butt. I could imagine that she could have brought a high price on an exclusive call girl market. So why, I wondered had she gone the way she had. If any kind of a relationship between us were to ensue, I'd be asking her about that; it didn't make sense, but then, my assessment was based only on what little I knew, and that was little.


She watched as her Hugh as he lay sleeping. He snored lightly, did Hugh. Well, he'd had a hard night fucking her; she could understand the deep sleep that possessed him. Why him and not her husband was the question that continually assailed her. But she knew: it was simply a matter of cock size and the skills that went along with it. Hugh had both size and skill; Gary had neither. Hugh was an understated seven and a half; Gary was an overstated five and a half. Hugh could go ten minutes nonstop; Gary, had no endurance, and blew his load uniformly in less than two minutes. There was no comparison.

Still she loved Gary and did not love Hugh. Hugh was an arrogant asshole. Oh he had his charming moments, but mostly he was self-centered and generally selfish, except in bed; there, he seemed to get it, what a woman needed.

He stirred on the bed. She looked over at him once again.

"Hey there woman, got breakfast ready yet," he said. He wasn't kidding.

"It's your turn to make the meal," she said. I did put the coffee on." He grimaced.

"Okay," he said. "I'll be down to take care of it in a minute; just let me grab a quick shower.

She was waiting for him when he showed up fifteen minutes later. She stirred the whitener in her coffee, as he pulled out the makins of breakfast.

"You look tired," he said, as he worked at the cooking.

"No, just thinking," she said. He stopped and looked at her seriously.

"Is he ever going to be history with you, with us? He dumped you a year ago. He's made no attempt to contact you or to apologize for his sudden departure. He's over, Claire; I'm your man now. You gotta divorce the guy and marry me. You know it and I know it," said Hugh.

"Hah! Him apologize? We killed his heart, you and I, why should he apologize to me," she said. "Besides, I won't marry you till you get a job; which is another thing Gary has over you; he supported me; I support you."

"Yeah yeah, Even so, if he were a man; he'd understand, and at the very least let you explain, and give you another chance. He ain't no man," said Hugh.

"He is a man, and I wish you'd stop talking smack about him. He never did anything to you. You on the other hand have commandeered his wife's body." said Claire.

"Okay, okay, I get it. You still love the-oaf," he said.

"Thank you," she said.

"Claire?" he s

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