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A mother and son become more that just room mates.

Today we have of the example of one such person. Let's have a look into it now shall we..." And taking that as que, Adi played the DVD.

Priya, now scared like hell, was trying to gather her hair. She did that motion as always, but didn't feel any hair. She was panicking..

Then she saw on TV what the news reporter was saying.. Karma? Did Karma do this to her? Was this the punishment given to her by god for the lie she said 10 years ago? Then she saw on TV. The 4 men who were on the news were in it, along with a fifth man. The fifth man looked like someone she knew. What were they doing, who was the one on the stool in the video?

The woman on the stool had her hair length the same as that of Priya, it's below knee length, same as Priya's is. She further saw in the video that the men had started cutting the woman's hair and her hair is being cut by these 5 men. As the video continued playing, the men were mercilessly cutting the woman's hair. The voice of the woman sounded familiar to Priya.

Was this someone she knew?, she wondered.

The men in the video then got out some papers and got the woman's signature into them. Priya was horrified to hear a woman asking men to fuck her! She wondered how low a person can fall. She was surprised how long and thick were the penis of the men in the group. Priya's eyes widened on seeing the foot long penis of the fifth man. She wanted that penis inside her.

Priya felt like the woman derived to be fucked like that, for the attitude she had shown, underestimating the men's penis size. Priya was getting excited herself. Priya said," That woman deserves the way she lost her virginity to these men, brute and fast. I want to lose my virginity in a gentle and passion way, not unlike this woman."

Adi and Ajay were still muffling their laughter, but Priya was so engrossed in the video, she didn't notice those sounds. Priya was getting excited seeing the video. She wanted the foot long dick. She liked the way the woman squirmed when the dick would enter her. Priya started wetting herself.

Then the view of the camera, Priya could see that the woman's front was being shown in this but the face of woman was not visible, it was covered by her hair. Priya shouted at the TV," Cummon cut all her hair off.. Show that bitch's face." Adi handed over the handy cam to Ajay and closed his mouth with both his hands to control his laughter. This was too much for him.. Priya had turned out to be so dumb.. She couldn't recognise herself on the TV.

After another few minutes and some more fucking later, Priya saw that the hair on the woman's face was at nose level in the front. The woman had a mole on her cheek, right above her lip on the right side. Priya blurted," Hey, even I have a mole on the exact place. What are the odds."

The men were ready to cut the remaining hair covering the woman's face, and just as the scissors slid at crown level to expose the face, the camera's angle changed and Priya got more frustrated.

Ajay whispered," Great editing work Adi, it'll be funny to see the expression on her fac when Priya sees her face in the end."

Priya was getting nervous. She dearly wanted to see the face of the woman who was experiencing this much atrocities, but Priya was getting excited seeing the developments in the video where another round of cutting had started. Her excitement increased and she felt wetness increase between her thighs.

Priya was now on the verge of climax. The woman was being fucked like a animal and Priya had enjoyed seeing it. Just a last bit of hair remained on the woman's head and the men holstered the woman upside down and lit her hair on fire! Priya yelled," Yeah! Burn it off! Shave it all off! That bitch deserves it.. Burn the bitch's past.. Show her the place where she belongs.. Show me that bitches face..."

No longer as Priya said those last four words, the woman's face was shown on the screen.

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