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Katie travels to The Farm seeking Travis.

Once inside, the girls all prepared themselves for bed, wiping off makeup, drinking plenty of water (they hadn't exactly held back on the alcohol) and brushing teeth and stuff. The bathroom was crowded and there was plenty of good-natured pushing and shoving. They all said their good nights and Cindy headed off with Megan to her room, with some suspicious glances and hurried whispers between Melissa and Vanessa who made their own way to the latter's room.

Megan and Cindy quickly discarded their clothes as soon as the door closed behind them and tumbled into bed together, skin brushing skin and hands beginning to eagerly explore each other's bodies.

"Do you think Vanessa is going to be ok?" asked Cindy.

"Well, she knows you are gay, I guess its just going to take some time for her to get used to the idea that her sister is as well. Its hard to judge exactly how she is going to take it. I would have liked to have had the chance to tell her before just kissing you like that, but that's the way it goes. I was too horny at that point to do anything but kiss you! We'll get through it."

"Its funny that I ended up with you here because I've always thought Vanessa was gorgeous and often wondered how it might be taken if I made a move on her. But I guess her actions with Pete give some idea how it might have gone over," Cindy told Megan.

"You know, I never really paid much attention to the way that my sister looks before, but since I decided that I like women so much more than men, I came home and her sexuality hit me big time. You're right that she's gorgeous and there is this innocence about her that drives me crazy." Megan replied.

"Too bad she's your sister then. But I guess that's good for me at least! Otherwise I might not have got a look in," laughed Cindy, her hand beginning to explore between Megan's legs.

"mmm," murmured Megan, drifting off in thought from the conversation as the pleasure that was being applied started to work its magic on her. Megan relaxed, laying back as Cindy's hand caressed her, fingers running through her pubic hair, dancing along her lips, teasing her slit.

Cindy's mouth closed over Megan's nipple sucking and pulling on it, drawing it out to attention, Megan moaning as she felt herself penetrated by Cindy's hand. Cindy knelt up so that she could suck Megan's other breast and apply more pressure with her hand, two fingers exploring inside her whilst her thumb rubbed against her clit. Megan's hands found Cindy's breasts and kneaded them, squeezing them together, spreading them, pulling them down towards her, pinching the nipples.

Cindy moaned before releasing Megan's breast from her mouth with a 'plop' and a smile. She moved over the top of Megan, kissing her, their erect nipples crushed within each other's embrace. Then Cindy began the slide down to Megan's pussy, trailing her tongue over her lover's body as she went, her crotch rubbing its way down her leg, a trail of slime marking its passing.

She reached the centre of Megan's pleasure zone and plunged her tongue within the folds of her pussy lips, drawing out the nectar that she sought, eliciting gasps of pleasure from Megan at the same time. Then she settled into pleasuring her friend.

The trace of Cindy's tongue about her clitoris sent spears of pleasure through her body. She felt Cindy slide a finger into her hole to be quickly accompanied by a second as her clit was engulfed by Cindy's sucking mouth. She tweaked her nipples, enjoying the sharp pain that it sent through her, contrasting with the intensity of the pleasure being applied to her pussy.

Cindy thrust her fingers hard in and out of Megan's pussy and sucked hard at her clit, driving her over the edge into her orgasm.

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