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Having to apologize to Molly turns out to be not so bad.

He was smiling. From then on he would brag about making me spit up, I knew, but I was determined at that moment to bring him off. I opened my mouth. He stabbed his dick back in, but I was prepared. I closed my lips around him and began to suck hungrily, and his motions eventually slowed as he gave himself over to the sheer pleasure of my mouth. From then on he was under my control. It wasn't long before I heard his sudden intake of breath, and then there was a sweet explosion on my tongue, followed by his quick thrusting as he tried to flood my mouth. There wasn't that much, but from the sounds he was making you'd have thought he was emptying his entire body inside me! I moaned my appreciation, for the others, mostly, and allowed him to jack a few more drops onto my tongue.

His moment of glory was over, but I still had quite a few left to enjoy. As James stepped back, I turned and looked pointedly at Randy, who quickly stood up, smiling. "You're up," I said, and I never felt more like a slut than I did at that moment! It wasn't an entirely unpleasant feeling.

Keith asked if I needed anything to drink, which I thought was sweet, but I said I was okay. I licked some of James's residue off the corners of my mouth as Randy came forward and took his place. He asked, "Mind if I sit down?" and I said I didn't. Randy apparently didn't have a problem with my pleasing him, on my own terms. He dropped his cut-off jeans and boxers and sat. That was my first view of his dick. It was standing straight up before me, as thick as my wrist, with a fat, swollen head that looked like a cotton-mouth moccasin's. Even James muttered something under his breath. My body reacted viscerally. I licked my lips again, this time to moisten them, but I'm sure it looked like I was only hungry for the slab of meat before me...and in truth, I was!

I reached tentatively for Randy's cock. My fingers closed around it, but they didn't meet on the other side. It was hot, practically burning under my touch, and it throbbed like some beast. As for length, it wasn't much longer than the other two's, but it just seemed more...massive. I licked my lips again. Randy leaned forward, watching me as I hiked up on my knees before him. I looked up into his eyes just before my lips closed around it, and I knew there was another climax in my near future. Then I sunk onto it, letting my tongue slide down the underside as my lips caressed their way down its length. My hair fell over his legs, enclosing my face behind its curtain as I went about my work.

It was pleasant work, for both of us. Randy, perhaps aware of the fact that he was so much better endowed than his friends, remained completely passive, allowing me to control the pace of his pleasure. And where I let James use my mouth as he pleased, I was able to [i]make love[/i] to Randy's massive member with my lips and tongue. I was writhing as I did, grinding my hips and relishing the way my labia slipped and slid against one another. I wanted to cum again, badly, this time where I could enjoy the tremors my orgasm produced inside my body. [i]And Randy's dick tasted so good[/i], I realized! Perhaps he had applied some sort of balm, or what? I tried to analyze the flavor, but couldn't put my finger on it - no pun intended. As to my fingers, my right were still wrapped around his dick, right down at the base where I couldn't possibly get my mouth to; my left were sliding under my t-shirt and inside the band of my panties. I couldn't help it. My pussy was demanding attention in the worst way!

It only took one circular motion.

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