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Jessica is taken into the Dungeon by Adrian.

The surfer finally got all his penis in me and held still, smiling at me. "Really like it dude?"

"Fuck yes I do. Fuck me now. Fuck me good."

"You got it dude." And he did, pulling his dick out, then going back in. He started to speed up, going faster and faster. The sensations were getting better and better. He was holding my ankles and thrusting into me like a piledriver.

"Fuck me, man, fuck me." I said. And he was. He was going strong, and my dick was throbbing as it hit my stomach. "Cum in me. Shoot that wad."

"Righteous dude, so righteous." He kept fucking, screwing my ass. Finally he shot in my ass with an animalistic cry. Amazingly, he continued to pump in and out of me, slowing from his rapid pace. Then he pulled his softening dick out of me, and I extracted myself from my position.

"Now it's time to fuck you." My dick was hard and wanted to fuck something. The surfer was great looking and this was going to be fantastic. I rolled him on the bed so his legs were up. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him. I wasted no time getting my prick in him. His legs on my shoulders, I pushed in, going deep until I was up against his ass. I moved in and out, his hole gripping my cock, "Fuck, your ass feels great."

"Fuck me dude." I complied, using his hole with my dick like a battering ram. I was rougher than with any other guy I'd been with, and he seemed to be loving it. That just spurred me on to go harder. My cock was rock solid, and I felt the cum boiling in my balls. I went even faster, shouting when the cum shot out of my cock into his ass. I just left my dick in there, not moving while I breathed deeply. Then I lay on the bed. The surfer came up to lay next to me. "Dude, that was intense."

"Sure was. Never been fucked so good man." He had fucked me better than ever before. We were both covered in sweat.

"You're done with me. I'll leave you now." The surfer said, leaning over to kiss me. He got up and headed out the bedroom door. I watched his naked ass as he left.

The genie appeared, "You enjoyed that."

"I fucking did."

"Lots more just like it to come as well, Master."

"Cum for sure. I'm tapped out. He was fucking great."

"Funny Master. Do you know what you want next?"

"God no, too many options. I can take a break some."

"Of course. Would you like dinner?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry. Say, can I wish for dinner served by a couple of hot guys who stay and massage my feet?"

"Of course, what sort of men do you want?"

"Twinks? Hmm, no, how about hairy-chested bodybuilders?"

"Yes, Master." The genie paused, then made a motion, indicating the door. There were a couple of naked, hairy-chested muscled men there. "They're brothers". They looked like it, favoring each other. And they were hung. And hard. It was an afterthought that I noticed one was holding a tray and the other a drink.

They approached me, smiling. I realized I was naked, but I didn't care. I scooted up, propping my back on the headboard. They set the tray before me and the drink on the nightstand. I could barely believe when they both went for my feet, rubbing them softly at first, then with more force. I was enjoying a nice dinner while they worked. Shortly after starting, they brought their mouths in on the action, licking my toes while kneading me with their hands. Such bliss. The food was good too. I was thinking I could easily get used to this. Constant sexual service, of any kind I desired. The boys seemed really into it. The genie really went all out.

When I finished, they did as well, taking the tray and empty glass out the door. Their asses were fine as well.

Genie reappeared. "Satisfied?"

"Very. I'm amazed at how easy this is for me."

"It's easy for me too. It's my purpose in existence."

"I still seem to be getting the better end of the bargain." I pulled a pair of shorts on. I felt weird being naked while Genie had clothes on. I added a t-shirt. "Can I do anything for you? Just wishing for men is great, but I'm feeling like I'm going into debt."

"Not really, you polished up my lamp, and I'm out o

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