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Bella is a new alpha with five mates to satisfy.

The way her nose turned up just so slightly it made her think of an elfin maiden or something. Fantasy books were another of her favorite things. She envied the ease with which sexual matters could be expressed in books. If only things in the real world were more like that. In books it never seemed to matter if a character liked men or women or both. Love was love, simple as that. If anyone took issue with it, they would be defeated before the story was through and all would be well again. She did idle things things the whole afternoon and was becoming very bored. Day melted into evening and she still hadn't done anything productive.

Unable to concentrate Raven gave in. She was ready to do some snooping. Despite being completely alone in the big house she still felt she should be careful. So when she entered the master bedroom she locked the door behind her. The bed had been changed since her mother's death. She was thankful for that because it tempered her shame at her growing arousal as she felt the silk comforter. She imagined clothes falling to the floor and bodies filling the sheets. The new bed was considerably larger than the old one. A closer look revealed that there were actually drawers worked into the sides of the bed. This could be interesting she thought. There are two dressers in here. A thought came to her. Maybe this is where Liz keeps that toy she came back for.

She opened it up. Hmm nothing crazy she thought... a few videos - what seemed to be run of the mill pornos and a box of condoms. Oh wait - this is dad's side of the bed. Ewww. But why would he need condoms? He'd had a vasectomy years ago and there was no way Liz had anything he'd have to worry about catching. She was suddenly very worried but at the same time intrigued. Could there be someone else after all? The Willie Loman jokes seemed too real now - this only made the whole marriage that much more confusing.

She considered leaving the room then but thought twice. She still hadn't gotten a look in Liz's bedside drawer. When she went to open it she saw there was a tiny keyhole, but in a haste to leave Liz had apparently forgotten to re-lock it because it was slightly ajar. Raven was in luck. What she saw there absolutely shocked her. There was a treasure trove of sex toys. A few small vibes like she'd used herself. Something similar but also alien it was small and had a small tip with a wider base. Could this be a butt-plug? She was unsure having never seen one up close but when she held it in her hands she was almost certain that's what it had to be. She put it back and was about to close the drawer for good until she spotted something even more curious. It was the biggest dildo she'd seen in her life. Not freakish mind you, just big compared to the little pocket rockets she'd had experience with. What was even stranger was that it had straps on it like a belt or something. Straps! It was a strap-on. But those were for lesbians right? Unless dad... oh no she refused to let that line of thought continue. Especially with the more pleasant thoughts it brought up about Liz.

Raven made herself a frozen pizza for dinner.

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