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The fight to save earth's women begins and ends quickly.

He could see a dark spot on her pants, just below the waistline. His first thought was that she had pee'd on herself in the collision. If that was the case, the wetness could bring a chill to her that could prevent more problems.

He had to figure out what to do. He still could only elicit a moan from her when he tried to shake her. He moved her arms and was able to free her coat away from her body. He gently laid her back down, but this time he stretched her across the seat.

He grabbed the waistband of her pants and pulled them down her legs. Once they were off, he grabbed her panties and pulled them downward too. When he had removed them from her middle torso area, she started to squirm a bit, and he called her name, but still she did not respond. He finished removing them and the vision of his daughter naked from the waist down suddenly awakened his mind.

She was a volleyball player in high school, and she had continued to keep herself fit while in college. She was gifted with her mom's breasts, and the 36's that rose up toward him now only briefly drew his eye from what lay beneath them.

The shaven mound that proudly displayed the lips still glistened slightly from the dampness, and he reached in his pocket and pulled out his handkerchief. He rubbed it softly over her vaginal area, enjoying the feel of the tightness of private area as his fingers rolled along the edges. His middle finger dipped in-between the folds and he moved the cloth from top to bottom.

He rested his hand for a moment, wanting to explore the depths even more, but knowing that he shouldn't. Instead, he decided that she was dry enough for now, and he laid down with is back against the rear of the seat, so that his full weight was not upon her.

He leaned over until he could cover at least half of her with his body, and he spread the coat across his back and around her body as best he could.

With nothing on his body but his boxers, his manhood lay dangerously close to her privates. The thought of the young nubile body pressing against his caused his cock to stretch out, as a forked stick would do in search of water and dampness.

He tried to think of anything. Go over the to-do list that he had left at work. Anything but the scene that lay around him now.

However, it didn't work. And the open slit in the boxers didn't help any, as his manhood found its way out, still in search of the prize before it.

She groaned now, and shivered some more. He weighed at least 20 pounds more than she did, and he worried that his weight would impede her breathing, but he knew she had to stay warm to keep from going into shock.

He pulled himself on top of her, being cautious so that the coat did not slide away and lose the body heat that they had built up already. He was sure that having this so close to his practically naked torso was the cause for his rise in temperature. He hoped that it would be enough to sustain them until they were found.

His cock was still outside of his underwear when he moved his body on top of hers, and it struck the outer folds of her vagina. Almost as if snagged, it quickly stopped its movement, causing him to jerk a moment at the sudden ceasing of movement.

He could feel the tip as it barely slipped between her folds. The desire was becoming overwhelming, and he decided that he had to experience at least a little bit of her nubile body, but still allow her some dignity.

He started to hunch his back, allowing his cock to rub up and down across her vagina. The feeling of her soft skin against the hardness of his cock brought it to a raging fullness. He continued his motion for a short while, but the sight of her breasts drew his attention more at the moment. He stopped what he was doing and propped himself up with one hand and arm outstretched toward the seat, the other one headed for the heaving flesh before him.

She never wore a bra since she left for college.

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