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A sweet little revenge story.

She explained that that the way that complete detatchment from the outside surroundings was achieved, so that the client focused soully on the massage, was through the use of an eye mask, and ear phones through which music was played. I heard Sarah ask Belle to remove her robe when ready, and lie face down on the table. After a moment one of the girls opened the door to my room and beckoned to me. She then led me next door and let me into the room with an excited smile, a soft pat on my butt and then closed the door. I saw my Bitch, my Kitten that I love so much, naked, apart from a small towel that barely covered the curves of her delicious buttocks, face down on the table. Her arms hanging loosely by her side, her still wet hair tied up in a pony tail, and her legs slightly parted as Sarah was beginning the massage at her feet. Sarah smiled at me, and when I pointed at my Kitten and then my ears with raised eyebrows, Sarah shook her head and softly said,

"she cannot hear a thing".

I walked over to Sarah, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said,

"You have been amazing so far, thank you very much. Now lets see what we can do about making her faint with pleasure!"

I then moved and sat down on the Chaise lounge in the corner to watch the show.

Sarahs forearms rippled as her hands softly manipulated the muscles and ligaments in the feet and legs of my kitten. The towel she had originally placed over Belle was now lying on the floor. As Sarah massaged higher I could see Belle ease her legs wider apart on the bed. She was such an insatiable minx. I was interested to see how far she would let her masseuse go before she felt the need to stop her. She knew that she always had to ask my permission before she was allowed to orgasm.

Belle gasped and I saw her fingers flex when Sarahs hands were clearly brushing ever so lightly against her swollen pussy lips at the top of her thighs. I was softly stroking my cock through the thin weave of my pants, and I could feel that there was a wet patch forming in my tight boxers underneath from the pre-cum leaking out of my cock. I caught Sarahs twinkling eyes moving between watching the fluid dripping out of my Kittens gorgeous cunt, to watching my fingers lightly stroking my cock. Her breathing quickened, she bit her lip, her eyes glassed over briefly and I saw her knees and thighs tremble, before she continued he massage.

"Sarah, did you just cum?"

I asked her softly. She was still breathing heavily through parted lips, as she nodded and glanced down to draw my attention to the fluid that was dripping down the insides of her legs. My cock throbbed and I almost came on the spot. My kitten still oblivious to what was going on had begun to lightly whimper every time Sarah's hands brushed the tops of her thighs.

I stood up behind Sarah and gently stroked her tight butt through her skirt as I watched her skilled hands move up my Bitch's buttocks. She gently squeezed and kneaded Belles butt and ever so gently stroked closer and closer to her winking anus. I had already informed Sarah that my Kitten adored arse play to which she had simply replied,


Sarah was blatantly stroking Belles arse hole now, and in between strokes was blowing gently directly on it, making her moan and causing copious juice to flow from her pussy. Sarah continued this until Belles moans became more urgent, louder, her whole body trembled on the bed, and then tensed in spasm as her whole body shook with the strength of the orgasm that took her. I did not care that she had cum withouth permission. How could she resist the spectacular treatment she was being subjected to?

Sarah stopped her ministrations, took my hand and led me around to my Bitch's head, placed my hand back on her own butt, and continued her massage of Belles shoulders, neck and back.

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