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A brand new life for Hailey.

She was getting so turned on and her clit was begging for attention but she wouldn't dare move her hands to brush against it. Not until he told her to.

"Look at me," he addressed her. She looked up at him and saw that he had a red dildo in his hand. "Mmm, you want this inside that wet little pussy," he asked her. He brought the dildo up to his lips and his tongue darted out to lick the top of it.

"Please," she begged. Her wetness was dripping down her thighs now.

"Mmm, it's a real big dildo," he brought it past his lips and began sucking on it, watching her intently.

She moaned, still holding her wet pussy lips as her body tensed up and imagined what that would feel like inside of her. Her nipples with the heavy little clamps on them seemed to hurt even more.

"All lubed up." He pulled the dildo out of his mouth and ran it between her legs. Her pussy was aching to brush against it. Her body arched as she felt the shiver of the soft dildo running along her thigh.

Without warning he fucked it up into her hole. It ran uncomfortably past her fingers and she had to struggle not to fall backwards. It was a big dildo and it hurt going into her but when he started to fuck it inside her she nearly fell to the floor moaning.

He stopped fucking the dildo inside her and asked her how it felt. "I feel..very full" she told him. "That's exactly what I wanted," he responded with.

He was sitting on the bed now. She was standing there with the dildo shoved up in her pussy, using her strong muscles there to keep it inside her like she knew he would want her to. Her nipples were aching.

"I want you on your knees, lovely." He spoke the words calmly but she could hear the excitement in his voice. "Don't lose the dildo," he added sternly.

She slowly bent to her knees, holding her lower muscles clenched so the dildo remained inside her. It fell out a little but was big enough to stay more than half way inside her wet depths. It hurt to bend down and have the dildo inside her at that angle.

"Look at me, sweets" he commanded to her, once she was stationed on the floor, her knees pressed against the hard wood and her thighs held open. Her eyes ran upwards to look at him. He was unbuttoning his pants, sliding them down to reveal his nice long hardened cock. As she saw his cock the only thing she could think of was the feel of that dildo fucking into her.

"I want you to suck me off while you keep that nice thick dildo inside your tight little pussy," he then told her, stroking his cock lightly in his hands. "Can you do that, little girl, can you give me a nice blow job while keeping your pussy muscles clenched along that hard dildo?" His hands were moving up and down his cock faster as he asked her this in his husky sing song voice.

"I can do it," she told him. And she would do it. It would be difficult to keep the dildo up inside her, and it was hurting her to keep it in but she wanted to please him. She liked a good challenge.

She slowly moved herself forward and with her small hands took his cock into them. "Mmm, baby," he was already moaning just as she started to stroke him lightly, adjusting her lower muscles to accommodate the dildo as she would lean her mouth over his cock.

As her tongue darted out to lick along his head, she felt the dildo slide down a little out of her pussy. Just that little movement inside her felt good and she let out a full deep breath of warm air against his cock.

She was feeling like a wicked little slut, on her knees like this before him, with her nipples tightly clamped, aching, and her pussy stuffed full of the thick red dildo. She delighted in the feel of his hard cock twitching in her mouth as she took him in deeper. Using her hands she guided his cock inside her mouth to rub along the inside of her smooth cheek.

He fucked his hips up and his cock was filling her mouth even farther, running past the inside of her cheek, going down the back of her throat.

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