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Single man's letter to his older part-time lover.

" Mason lost it a little at that, loving her attention to the etiquette of the super villain. "Prepare for your punishment."

Katey went first, it being her rope. She knelt and started licking his cock as she gripped the top of her bustier and pulled it down so her tits finally spilled free, causing Mason to groan.

"You're wondering how this is supposed to be torture?" Cybil asked him with a wicked smile. "Well, each of these lovelies is going to get a five-minute turn sucking your fat cock, with about a minute's reprieve between them. If one of us makes you cum, you'll spend the rest of your pitiful life as our slave. But if you can hold out, you might just get that chance at vengeance." Mason looked around him at all the hungry eyes, and prayed for strength.

Brigid sat back and watched as the girls took their turns, absently peeling the irritating pasties off her stiff nipples. Her Mase had certainly found a life since leaving home, much of the credit going to the little hellion Cybil in her opinion, but a life far beyond what she'd imagined. She figured she'd just enjoy the show since she'd already had her taste.

Mason sighed inwardly as Becky followed Katey. He'd been a little weirded out by the idea of Becky and Marcus, but had been assured by both Brigid and Cybil, that Becky was a big girl. He'd avoided the subject with Marcus, just as he was sure Marcus was avoiding the subject of Brigid and him. Her enthusiastic attack on his cock did a lot to quiet any last worries though, and left him wondering if he could hold out.

Ardella went to her knees with every intention of claiming a victory. It had been a while since they had spent time together, and she was going to enjoy her five minutes. His cock was so hard she had to pull down on it to get her lips around the head. Purring as she took him as deep as she could and leaned her forehead against his stomach. One hand holding the exposed shaft as the other fingered his balls. Then keeping her head against him, she started rocking and rolling it, her tongue working the ridge at the bottom of it as her hand around the shaft started rapidly traveling the extra inch of space it had, almost bouncing back and forth between her chin and his pelvis.

Mason didn't even notice how hard the back of his head hit the pole as he jerked, sucking in a deep breath and staring at a cluster of neon lights. Anything to keep from looking at her, knowing to do so would be to lose it. By the time Cybil called time, he was shaking, and he knew Cybil was going to have an easy time finishing him.

The break was too short, his balls still feeling tight, when Cybil surprised him and looked to Brigid next, but was told she had already had hers. It was the first time she'd ever turned down a chance to play with him, and he was torn. But a smile and a wink from her set him at ease. That left Cybil.

When Cybil turned to Shelby and got an emphatic nod and a grin to the question. "Are you in?" Mason found himself holding his breath. "It's all yours then sweetheart." And she stepped aside.

Shelby had literally been dreaming about this, waking up mornings with the memory of how his cock had felt in her mouth. She'd paid close attention to the girl talk any time sucking cocks came up and filed all the tidbits away to try, even steering conversations around to the subject. Now she wasted no time going to her knees, filling her hand with the thick base, finding it harder than she remembered from her brief exposure. Her mind going over the litany of things she wanted to try as she wrapped her lips around just his head.

Mason quickly found himself in trouble, this wasn't the almost fearful touch he remembered. Her slender fingers were gripping the base of his cock almost painfully tight, and he could feel the head of it swelling in her mouth, becoming more sensitive to her rasping tongue. When she started humming he moaned and his toes curled. When she looked up at him through her bangs, he started sweating and felt his jaw clench as he fought to stay in control.


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