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Kerith and Kamilka, woman and trans-woman continue.

When he finished with me he stood and wiped himself on my bare butt. I felt him slap my rear so hard it made me cry out.

"Good, very good. He was right. You are a sexy little bitch. And my wife never wears anything remotely as hot as what you are wearing. I like this. I do. You'll do just fine."

He was talking almost to himself as he pulled his pants back up. I stayed over the back of the couch, my face pressed to the cushions. I felt myself start to drip his cum heavily, felt it pouring out of me. It ran down my inner thighs to the tops of my ankle sox on both legs. I felt him take my arm and pull me up off the back of the couch and turn me to face him. I looked to the floor.

"He told me you'd be hotter than any woman I've ever fucked and I think he may have been right. I've never had a sissy boy ass before. He told me to think of you as a 'third sex'."

He laughed loud when he said that.

I felt my face go red. I looked up at him, saw him smile.

"Uh, uh, uh. Don't you look at me, you little whore. You did it right the first time. You look down when I have you."

He slapped my face. I felt tears come to my eyes.

"And when I come back next time you say nothing to me. You just be at the door looking at the floor as cute as you are now or cuter. I know you don't want me to complain about you. I know that. He told me you'd work hard to not have that happen."

He laughed hard, took his hand off of my arm and walked to my door ignoring me.

"I'll probably be seeing you at least once a week. That ass is too sweet not to use. Your boyfriend has good taste in faggot bitches."

He laughed as he left my house.

I stood with my skirt up over my butt, dripping his cum for at least ten minutes, staring at myself in my hall mirror. I could not think of anything I'd ever done that was hotter than what had just happened to me. I knew I could not masturbate but wanted to desperately. I knew another man would be at my door in just a little over two hours, per my boyfriend's 'scheduling' instructions. I hurried up to my girly girl prep room and started getting ready for my next 'guest', as he referred to them. The first two men my boyfriend said he was sending to my house, sending for me to please, no questions asked. I was going to make my next guest very happy, I thought to myself as I stripped and hurried to the shower to clean myself.

When my next visitor pulled into my drive I was made up much the same but did a completely different look for him. I had on 3" spike heel ankle strap open-toe shoes showing off my pink toenail polish, thigh high fishnet lace top stockings, a black ribbon tied in a bow up around my tiny balls tight, big bow on top pushing my soft penis and balls out and up. All of it showing off my little thing and highlighting me for the sissy I am. I had on a sheer lace-top bustier with a lace neck choker. I had deep bright red lipstick and black lip liner to accent my Cleopatra-like pointy mascara eye makeup. My hair was down over one eye, pulled to the side with a big black bow in my hair at the back.

When he rang my bell I felt my soft little thing bounce under the bow on top as I minced to the door to open it I could feel my butt throb from my last guest. I liked that.

"Well, well."

He spoke before I could say anything.

"You're beyond hot. He was right. Wow. Adorable, actually."

He came right up to me as I closed the door behind him and pinned me to the wall. He was an inch from my face.

"I think this is going to be better than I thought it would be."

I felt his hand go to my penis.

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