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Moving into a 'relationship'.

His big clit projected down following the angle of the arch of his back. It was so hot beholding him in this total "fuck me now" position. I was taking my mental snapshots for when I would be stroking to this encounter later in the near future.

His pussy was spread open and his sweet little asshole tightened and released as he anticipated the penetration to come. We both really love doggy, but Sam REALLY loves it! He looked back at me over his shoulder with his wry smile. I got his message sans words, "You know you want to fuck me as bad as I want you to".

"No", I thought, "even more, Babe."

I was rock hard and oozing precum (of which, I make a lot) as I stood behind him close. I could feel the heat radiating from his pussy and I rubbed my hand against his wetness spreading it from his enormous and delicious clit to his sweet asshole. He moaned with pleasure from the sensation, as did I, and soon after I pushed my mushroom head past his wet lips and deep into him. The action only stopping when our pelvises met and I was at full depth. I gave a little cry at the sensation of penetrating him which he reciprocated adding a breathy "Fuck, Babe" as well.

My left hand clamped down on his left hip tightly as I began to fuck him slowly. His right hand found his clit and he worked it as my cock began working his hot hole. Smooth slow strokes in and out. He stretched out and caressed my balls occasionally which I really love! I looked down to see my pussy soaked cock slide in and out of him. I loved seeing how his inner lips gripped me on the upstroke like they were begging me to stay within him. It was simply incredible and I once again I counted my blessings that this gorgeous man wanted and desired me. That he was giving himself to me and wanted my load inside him. For me, every time with Sam always begins with a bit of a surprised amazement that this sexy 5'6 Adonis could possibly want me! Sam is the lover you dream about as the sex keeps getting better and hotter every time.

I picked up the pace and both of us increased our breathing and moaning and panting. My right hand slapped his ass hard as my left kneaded his hip and he loved it. Sam likes some pain with his pleasure and I was rewarded with an eruption of cries from the clash of the two familial forces. My right hand worked up his muscular back which began to shine with sweat his skin blushing redder. I grasped the back of his neck and squeeze and he issued a load moan while I continued to doggy fuck him harder.

I could feel my balls begin to swing lightly with each collision of our genitals. My right hand worked its way into his thick black hair. Sam has great hair...thick and soft. He keeps it short, but long enough on top for a handful, which is something he tells his stylist when describing its desired length. Hot!! My hand grabbed a handful and I pulled his head back and the action sent him over the edge and I felt him cum.

He cried out "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" and I felt his pussy gush and pulsate with his orgasm as I control him through a handful of his hair and the vice grip I had on his hip. I thrusted harder while he came and I heard with every thrust how wet his release had made him by the wet slapping sound of our fucking. I grunted and growled with his cries of ecstasy and sweat ran down my body as I listened to him.

I released his head from my grasp and he fell forward.

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