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They became the best of friends.

With his still hard rod in her cunt, he squeezed her breast as he locked his lips once again with the young girl lying under him. He could feel his cum oozing out of her cunt and matting her pubes as well as his pubes and pelvis. He moved off her body, pulling out his still hard cock resulting in their mixed cum dribbling out of her hot pot to stain the bed sheet below.

Minutes later Victoria was in Jairam's bathroom; cleaning herself to decency in the as she secretly felt having cheated Aamir who she had hoped to be the first brown man in her life. When she entered the room again she saw Jairam in deep slumber and decided to leave him with his sweet slumber and go back to her room.

As she was about to enter her room, she felt a hand on her shoulder and saw Jairam's father standing there with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand. "Care to join me for a drink young lady," asked Mr. Chandra. Victoria decided that a drink would help her to get over the giant cock that had ravaged soft pussy as well as the inner guilt she felt about cheating on Aamir.

Mr. Chandra invited her to his room, which was well furnished and looked like the one described by Aamir on his net chat. The similarity was all the way to the computer, which like Aamir Mr. Chandra also had an easy access to from his bed. He had a notebook placed on the side table of the bed and the computer was right now on, as she guessed from the sexy striptease screen saver.

Mr. Chandra poured a Martini for Victoria and another whisky for himself; it was then that Victoria noticed that the computer was the same brand, as the one Aamir used.

"So how was it?" asked Mr. Chandra.

"What?" she asked.

"Did you enjoy it with him?"

She spluttered her drink all over the place.

"Pardon?" she asked.

I heard the two of you at it and it sounded like you were having a great time," he laughed.

"Have you ever done it with an older man?" He asked very slyly.

Victoria was too shocked to say anything. There was no doubt to the fact that Chandra was an attractive man, and the more she thought about him in that sexual aspect the more she got attracted to him and the more horny she felt for him. And, there he was proposing her for a fuck.

"Well, young lady if you wish you could..."

Before he could complete what he wanted to say, Victoria was all over him. She began to kiss him all over his face and her hand made its way in his pajama to hold on to his wrinkled but hard manhood. She caressed his member through his nightgown with great care as she soul kissed him and got him horny. With her hand she had sized him and was sure that unlike his son Jairam, Chandra was an average man with an average sized cock. She was sure that she would not have any problem to satisfy this mid-aged man so she lied down on the bed and pulled up her flowing evening gown all the way to the waist and pulled off her knickers down to her knees and begged Chandra to take her as hard as he could.

Chandra looked at her young and innocent womanhood as he pulled of her knickers all the way off her body, and then getting between her legs he positioned himself above the half covered girl for the carnal act. Victoria took his hard cock between her delicate fingers and guided it to that soft opening between her thighs that had been fucked and widened just minutes before by a giant cannon belonging to the son of this man who was on her body now. She came virtually the second he was completely inside her; it was because of the unexpected and the excitement of doing it with a more seasoned lover. It did not take Chandra too long either but he definitely came with grunts after some hard stabbing with his instrument in the deep recesses of her womanhood.

After having shared the carnal pleasure, Chandra kissed Victori

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