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My petite wife finally indulges in my cuckold nylon fetish.

He moved slowly in and out, claiming a little more of my ass each time, slowly, almost sweetly, definitely teasing as he let my ass and the tight sphincter muscle adjust to his invading cock. I was writhing and moaning, enjoying the sweet, sweet penetration I had been yearning for, but I wanted, no NEEDED more.

"Fuck me," I begged, "PLEASE, use me! Fuck me hard!"

"Your wish," he said and then rammed his cock HARD into me, "is my command."

He thrust hard, in and out of me, his balls slapping against mine and his thighs slapping against my ass. His hands gripped my hips and with each powerful stroke, he would pull my young, tiny body back towards him.

I felt my head being lifted and my face pointed forwards as another cock was pushed against my lips. I opened my mouth and the cock was shoved in. The two cocks fucked me from both ends, sawing away at each end.

The man in front continued as the man in back pulled out and spread my ass.

"She's opening up just fine," he said and then heard and felt him spit on my slightly gaping ass before pushing back in. I felt the cock in my mouth pull all the way out and then slide back in till he was buried fully in my throat before pulling out and doing it again and again. All the way out, my mouth felt empty, all the way in, filling my throat.

They got into a good rhythm, both of them pulling all the way out of me leaving me completely empty and then both bottoming out in their respective holes. The feeling was amazing, truly blissful.

They both exited my body and I heard some shuffling and then two new cocks took their place and started ramming into their little cum-bucket.

They all switched two more times, each of them getting a go at each of my extremely willing holes. Then they began to really have fun. While one was roughly fucking my tight, young ass, the other three would try to shove their cocks into my mouth, sometimes one, sometimes two, occasionally I would have all three vying for a place in my hot mouth. They were grabbing me by the ponytail, shoving them in and laughing. The guy in my ass was grabbing my cheeks, spanking them, and then he would pull out and join his buddies up front while one of them would take position at my ass and start ramming away.

It became too much and with three cocks trying to all get in my mouth and one slamming into my ass, my body started uncontrollably shaking and I came for what seemed like eons onto the leather ottoman.

"The bitch is squirting," said the guy in my ass. They all laughed and even cheered before pulling out and guiding my face to where I had just cum.

"Clean up your mess, little piggy," said my master and without hesitation, I began licking around blindly, licking up my cum. They guided my face around ensuring I didn't miss any and when they were satisfied I'd fully cleaned up after myself, I was lifted into the air.

The sight deprivation mixed with the alcohol was exhilarating and my body was tingling in post-orgasm bliss.

When I was put back down I realized I was now straddling one of the men. I felt his cock being aligned with my ass and I, like the good girl I wanna be, pushed back impaling myself on the glorious piece of meat.

His hands grabbed my hips and began rocking me up and down on his cock. Meanwhile, I had two of the other cocks presented to my face and I opened up to allow them entrance.

A few minutes later, I felt a cool liquid being poured over my gaping hole as it was being pounding making the pleasure even more enjoyable and amazing. The guys fucking my mouth were either jointly shoving their cocks in, jointly smacking my face or doing both simultaneously. They were all talking shit about me, their little slut or laughing at something the other one said about the cock-whore they were currently defiling.

They man I was riding moved his arms around me and wrapped me tight, slowing my bucking and the two plowing my face stopped what they were doing.

"You ready baby girl," said the guy under me.

How sweet! He was about to cum and was making sure

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