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A shower and a realization.

We began kissing, and my hands went right down to her bare ass. Her teddy was thonged in the back, exposing her very warm, tight curves. As I explored her new body Kristy was pulling my own shirt over my head, then nuzzling her face into my neck. We fell onto the bed together kissing and touching, and the exploration continued.

This was the coolest part about me and Kristy - there were never any expectiations between us. Even after three years there was no small talk... no need for questions or pretend conversation. Each time we got together the goal was always the same: fucking each other's brains out. Nothing else mattered except getting naked and getting down to business... something I was immediately reminded of as Kristy swallowed my aching cock.

The blowjob felt immensely good. It wasn't so much that Kristy was good at it as that I hadn't been blown in a long while. She positioned herself sideways so I could reach her pussy, which I began playing with as she continued sucking me off. Kristy moaned on my cock as she ground herself into my fingers, and then added some of her own fingers to help manipulate her clit.

Pushing her back, I spread Kristy out on the bed. In the dim light of the TV, legs spread wide, she looked totally amazing. She'd undone the snap crotch of her teddy, and Kristy was sawing two glistening fingers in and out of her pussy. With her free hand she'd shoved my own fingers into her mouth - the ones I'd been using on her only moments ago. As she licked and sucked them clean, I told her what a hot little slut she was. She nodded, smiling.

Burying my face between her legs, I eagerly devoured her. Kristy ground her hips downward, pushing herself into my mouth. My tongue traced long, flat strokes up and down the sides of her pussy while my thumb gently manipulated her clit. I moved her own hand aside and put two fingers inside her, feeling how impossibly warm and wet she was. Kristy began pulling on her tits and moaning, and I increased the pressure of both my tongue and fingers.

Way before I was ready, Kristy pulled me up and over her body. My face was smeared with her juices and she wickedly began licking it off my lips. I thrust upward and felt my cock go deep inside her, but the penetration wasn't complete until Kristy had jammed her hips down upon me, impaling herself the rest of the way. Now buried to the hilt I watched her eyes go wide, and she grinned fiendishly as we began to fuck in a slow, steady rhythym.

"You know I fucked that guy before he left", Kristy said to me matter-of-factly. "Right now you're getting sloppy seconds."

"You wish", I told her, echoing her words to me from earlier. I was 90% sure she was lying, and 10% terrified she wasn't.

Kristy laughed. "No, but I could've. I could've fucked him if I really wanted to."

"Oh I'm sure you wanted to", I told her. "You always want to. You can't get enough."

"Nah, he was an asshole", she said. Then, seductively: "But if he wasn't, I might've asked him to stay."

I believed her on this one. And knowing how horny I was? The sight of Kristy in bed with some other guy probably wouldn't have scared me off. One way or the other, I was nailing her pussy that night. Whether it was a solo mission or a team effort, I really wouldn't have cared.

After fucking for some time with her legs wrapped firmly around me, Kristy flipped over on all fours. I buried my cock in her pussy and began pounding her doggie-style, leaning her forward until her face was buried in the pillow. For a long time we fucked. I was both astonished and pleased at how long I lasted, initally thinking it was going to be a short night for me. We finally switched up to her favorite position; Kristy squatting down over my cock. She rode it up and down until she was ready to cum, then shoved it all the way in and rocked forward and back.

As usual, Kristy was grinding down on my cock as her release came.

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