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Knowing that there was another all night convenience store on the way and then asked if she wanted to stop again. Not in our neighbourhood was her only response. As I pulled into the next store I was disappointed to find that the cash was not located up front along the glass. I was about to leave when I noticed a man walking across the street towards the parking lot. Taking a gamble I hoped out of the car again leaving the dome light on and hurried into the store. Browsing the isle by the window, I watched as a young man in his late teens or early twenties walk up to the store and then stop dead in his tracks as he got to our car. Heather was staring at her young admirer and from the movement of her lips was obviously speaking to him. As I watched he slowly approached the car until he was standing at Heather's open window, hands on the car looking down at my naked wife. As I headed for the door I could see his hands leave the roof of the car as he bent over through the open window.

As I left the store I was greeted to the site of this young man, bending though the car window, kissing my wife and feeling her tits. He started to pull away as I approached the car but Heather quickly grabbed his hand and I could hear her say that it was ok as she tried pulling him back down. I smiled at him at told him that he should just do whatever she wanted. As I walked around the car he was again kissing Heather and feeling her tits. As I stood there beside them, Heather took his hand from her tit and pulled it down to her pussy. The wetness of her cunt and what was left of my sperm in her made it easy for his fingers to slide into her as he started feeling then finger fucking her in front of me. Soon Heather was holding tight to his arm as she came, then pulled his hand from her pussy and started sucking her juice from his fingers.

I looked down at that point and noticed a very nice bulge in his shorts. I mentioned it to Heather and asked her if she wanted to leave or was she going to help him with it. Still sucking on his fingers she asked me how big his cock was. The young man tried pulling down his zipper with one hand but couldn't quite manage the job and Heather didn't seem to want to let go of his other hand until she had finished sucking his fingers clean. Reaching down I undid the tab on his shorts and then pulled his zipper down, rubbing the palm of my hand along the length of his cock in the process. Reaching in I pulled a very nice 7" thick cock from his underwear. I could feel the precum dripping from his cock onto my hand and started slowly stroking him, feeling the heat of his cock, the velvet smooth skin and the steel like hardness of him. We both stepped back as Heather opened the car door to get a good look at his cock. Standing there stroking him as she watched I could feel his cock growing thicker in my hand and knew that he would not last very long before cumming. Heather beckoned him closer and asked me to stand between them and the street, blocking the view from any passing cars as she reached out and pulled his cock to her. Turning sideways in the seat she bent slightly and started running her tongue over the head of his cock before opening her mouth and swallowing about 4" of hard cock in front of me. Almost immediately he began groaning and pumping his cock into her mouth. I remember how beautiful she looked with that cock in her mouth, how excited I was to see her blow this stranger in front of me. Within 5 minutes he was cumming in Heather's mouth. I could see her throat swallowing but still cum was dripping out of her mouth, around his fat cock and running down her chin. She continued sucking his cock for a few more minutes until he stopped thrusting, draining the last of his cum from him.

She kept his cock in her hand when she finally pulled her mouth off of his cock, stroking him softly, staring at the cock in her hand, which was still large.

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