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What is a poor slave to do?

Tapping the director on the shoulder, they singled him to cut.

"Cut!" yelled the director.

"What the fuck? We're in the middle of having sex," exclaimed Violet.

"Well murder doesn't have time to wait," said Sam stepping onto stage.

"Violet Jefferson, you're under arrest for the murder of Staff Sergeant Tyler Jefferson and Vivian Jefferson," said Kensi as she grabbed Violets scattered clothes and handed them to her.

"Excuse me, Miss. Don't you touch Violet," came the deep voice of George.

"George, please calm down because you too are under arrest for the Murder of Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson," said Sam unhinging his hand cuffs.

"Excuse me! I don't think so," George swung at Sam, but he ducked and grabbed Georges extended arm and brought him to the ground.

Placing a knee against his neck, Sam locked the cuffs on his wrist and pulled him to his feet. Callen had come strolling in with McGee and saw the suspects apprehended. Violet looked over and noticed McGee and showed fear.

"Shit it's that guy from the hotel," said Violet.

Callen and McGee took George and Violet off Sam and Kensis hands. Everyone had exited the set except for Sam and Kensi. They had taken a seat on the couch while taking out their ear wigs and placing them on the coffee table. They seemed to exhale simultaneously.

"I take it your glad we didn't do it?" said Sam Breaking the long silence.

"At first I was afraid to do it, but I knew if the job called for it, I'd have to anyway," said Kensi looking over at Sam. "So you really were an amateur porn star?"

"Well, ninety-seven to ninety-nine; I was an amateur, but for a little bit in two-thousand I was a legit professional porn star, but that was for only five months until I joined the Navy at 21."

"That's quite amazing, if I must say so myself. So were you pretty good as a professional?"

"Of course I was and am still," Kensi's eyes flickered down to his crotch. Once she felt a presence in air that was causing her senses to become excited."Seems our camera man forgot to shut down his equipment," he nodded towards the camera which its red light blinked.

"I guess we're going to have to confiscate it for evidence and such." She playfully rubbed his arms.

"Indeed we will and of course the laptop that is being used to store the data from the video," He watched as her hand drifted from his arm to his thigh.

"So tell me, would you've gone on and fucked me?" The question caught Sam of guard and he looked at her. His eyes glare seem to captivate her as unannounced to him, Sarah slapped a pheromone patch on his neck.

"If it was for a deep cover yeah I would, but only if you wanted me to," Her massaging hand had widened it's massage closer to his growing member.

" I definitely felt a little unease about it, but I sort of warmed up to the idea."

"Ah that's cool," Sam nodded his head and twitched as her hand felt the head of his cock. She seemed to feel the shock of the contact from the feeling of his cock and glared at the Camera. Her mind took in the thought of the fact a camera was not only pointed at them, but recording their every movement. She eased her head towards Sam.

"Sam, how would you of fucked me?" He was startled by the question, afraid as to where this was going.

"Well...In the scene we were going to depict, I'd bend you over a mover's box and just have at it." He felt confident for his answer.

Kensis body was prickling all over as she stared at him. Her breathing became shallow as the strain of her breast against her shirt caused a slight excitement from her rubbing nipples. Their heads came closer as if attracting like opposites and with a slight tilt from Kensi their lips became locked.

As they held onto their kiss, both seem to become over whelmed.

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